Marvel warrior cats

Mossball gives Marvel heroes warrior names

Helloooooo since I am such a marvel fan and I can’t wait two years for infinity war I’m going to make all marvel superheroes and villains and people I can recall into warriors!!! ( this is manly for the avengers films there my favourite)

Captainstar ( Captain America) a white Tom with blue eyes

Irontwoleg ( ironman) a lithe grey Tom with red eyes

Hawksight ( hawk-eye) a black Tom with brown eyes

Ironpaw ( Bucky) a brown Tom with a silver paw

Redpaw ( scarlet witch) a burgundy she cat

Quickpaw ( quicksilver 😥) a Silver Tom brother of redpaw

Antkit ( ant man) a Silver Tom

Visionwing ( vision) a yellow eyed Tom

Blackspider ( black widow) a black she cat

Spiderkit(Spiderman) a black Tom With a White Spiderweb pattern

Silverpelt( war machine) a silver Tom

Pantherclaw ( black panther ) a black Tom with abnormally long claws

Falconwing ( falcon) a burgundy Tom

Lightningstrike ( Thor ) a stormy grey Tom

Greenpelt ( hulk ) a greenish grey Tom

Furystar ( nick fury ) a brown Tom with one blind eye

Floatfoot ( shield ) a Tom

Trickpaw ( Loki ) a tricky Tom

String ( ultron XD) a silver loner

Snake ( hydra ) a black loner with acid green eyes

Ummmm need more words…

I know lets write a short story! ( SPOILER)

Captainstar and his deputy irontwoleg had a fight over keeping a cat called ironpaw that was once a kit of snake the loner so they spilt up and create two new clans. In ironclan there is visionwing, blackspider, spiderkit, silverpelt and pantherclaw. In Americaclan there is hawksight, ironpaw, redpaw, quickpaw, antkit, and falconwing. String the loner teams up with trickpaw and string kills quickpaw causing redpaw to scream and go nuts killing everything within a 10 mile radius. Trickpaw brings bloodclan back into the forest and there is snake the loner who tells iron paw stuff and he goes crazy for a while. Then lightingstrike and greenpelt go and kill all the bloodclan cats and furystar gives them there own territory so they don’t take place in The ironclan and americaclan war. It turns out that when ironpaw was crazy he killed irontwoleg parents so irontwoleg goes nuts and attacks ironpaw and captainstar on his own and then everything is good again except for silverpelt who lost use of his hind paws when visionflight cut a tendon there but then pantherclaw lets ironpaw hide in his secret clan camp and everyone is happy.



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