Tallstar, Brokenstar, Crookedstar, & Breezepelt: Mother Neglection? by Harepaw


Today Harepaw will be sharing her opinion on some cats, at some point in their life, have been neglected by their mothers.
To get to my point here, let’s start with Palebird: Tallstar’s mother. She was pretty good to him at kithood, though she was a little distant because she was still in grief over Finchkit, his late sister. Maybe she should’ve gotten over it, like Ferncloud and Yellowfang. After she started a new family with Woollytail, I don’t blame Talltail/star for being slightly angry. I have a stepfather too, and I was kinda mad at my mom for it. But Palebird barely noticed Talltail/star after she had Woollytail’s kits, and sometimes pretended that he wasn’t her son, or that he wasn’t there. I know that she suffered post-traumatic stress after losing her kit, but she still had Tallstar! She should’ve treated him just as she treated Woollytail’s kits, with motherly affection. She didn’t pay much attention to him after her second litter was born.

Next, I won’t be talking about Yellowfang, Brokenstar’s REAL mother, but Lizardstripe, his foster mother and the main reason he did everything that he did. Lizardstripe did everything she could to make Brokenkit/star feel unwelcome, unneeded, and unnecessary. She should’ve treated him as if he were her own kit(although she didn’t treat her real kits very well either, since she never wanted any kits), with motherly love, like Lilyheart, Squirrelflight, Mosspelt, Brindleface, and Hawk Swoop. Since she was kind of aggressive and rude, her habits rubbed off on Brokenkit which led him to think that he had to use violence to win the respect of his Clanmates. I truly think that Brokenstar could’ve been a great warrior if Lizardstripe had been more affectionate.

Third, I will talk about Rainflower, Crookedstar’s mother. Rainflower was truly and probably the worst mother in all of known Clan history. She neglected her son just because he had a broken jaw. She said that it was his fault, and that he’d still be her “handsome little warrior” if he hadn’t had his accident(technically it was Goosefeather’s fault, since he was the one who chased Stormkit/Crookedstar). Even if he was crippled, she should’ve treated him just the same. Apparently the broken jaw “ruined his looks”, but Willowbreeze happened to not mind. She(Rainflower) picked Oakheart as her favorite(and parents should never pick child favorites!), and basically acted like Crookedkit/star wasn’t her son. I feel bad for Crookedkit, and luckily Shellheart had some thoughts on Rainflower’s mistreatment of Crookedkit. He should’ve been treated the same as Oakkit/heart, with motherly love, like I said earlier.

And finally, Nightcloud: Breezepelt’s mother. She should’ve let Breezepelt prove himself, and not try to defend him every time someone spoke against him. She was a bit too ruthless, and kinda made a big deal out of everything. She should’ve been proud of the son she had, and not encourage him that his father hated him. Even if Crowfeather didn’t truly love Nightcloud, she should’ve just accepted it, and not be all threatening to Leafpool(be more like Squirrelflight about Jessy, Nightcloud).

Anyways, that concludes my article on the mother neglection of some cats.Be sure to tell me your thoughts in the comments!




  • Great Job! Not sure why anybody hasn’t posted yet… Wait, I do. Cause It’s too Awesome!!!! Great Job Now I Must Go Before I Repeat Myself! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Lol srry am really tired :P)

  • Great article Harepaw! I agree with everything here! And I just noticed this, most of the people here were talking about is leaders. Tallstar, Crookedstar, Brokenstar, and if Breezepelt and Brokenstar’s mom (foster mom for Brokenstar) had been better Brokenstar and Breezepelt probably would’ve been A LOT better. Maybe Breezepelt wouldn’t have nearly killed Poppyfrost and Jayfeather. Also Breezepelt isn’t really that “evil” just misunderstoood.

  • Great article Harepaw! Rainflower is indeed the worst mother ever. She should’ve loved poor Crookedkit for who he was, not what he looked like. It’s the character inside that matters. Once again, great article!

    • If anything, Rainflower should of loved Stormkit more, because he was special.
      What did this mean, be more like Squirrelflight about Jessy, Nightcloud?

      • Or she should love both kits equally and not neglect and abuse one kit because he’s suddenly not handsome anymore. 😛

  • This is random, but I’ve noticed most of them are leaders . . . . perhaps we might see Breezepelt become one? Just a little thought, but I’m not sure about it, after all he is “evil” 😛

  • I do agree child favourites should never happen. I do concede parents will probably have one when their time as a parent goes on but when you ask “Who wants ice cream?” and you give one ice cream and the other broccoli, that is not on. Oakheart should’ve never gotten the extra affection. Never.

  • That was a great article. I personally think that you should never pick favorites, hate, or anger a child (or kit). But Yellowfang kinda had no choice. It was ether give up her kit, or most likely be exiled.

  • Loved it. I’m thinking about Pinestar with Tigerstar. He just abandoned his clan and his kit! He didn’t mistreat Tigerstar but he abandoned him and his clan. TO BE A KITTYPET! It was also hard on Leoardfoot (Tigerstar’s mother). Btw I loved it. Loved the style of writing and the layout. A MASTERPIECE! LOL. I hope you make more articles.

  • Crookedkit was the one anyway to leave camp. I wonder if he had stayed in camp, his jaw wouldn’t be broken.
    Anyway great article! Totally agree the one about Brokenstar. Lizardstripe was just mean.

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