Reflection on Warriors by Iceclaw

sun trail

Iceclaw tells the story of how they became a Warriors fan

Warriors have always been my favorite book. I remember the very first that I read was the sun trail. I remember that I wasn’t very interested in this series at all but suddenly I changed my mind. The very first warrior books I had in my house was into the wild and the untold stories. I got it from the library because they were selling books.

That’s when I started to like warriors. I love the carefully planned plots of warriors. How Rusty became Firestar, cats moving into a different place because of twolegs, The three, the journey to the dark forest battle, and the new series, vision of shadows. When I read it, it gives me all types of emotions. Annoyance, happiness, frustration, anger, excitement, etc. Sometimes when I read it, I put myself into the shoes of the cat. I remember the time where I read Sign of the moon, I think and it was the time where Millie treated Blossomfall unfairly. I was angry. If I was Blossomfall, I would scold Millie.

As I look deeper, I realize that this book is not just for enjoyment. It teaches you lessons. Sacrifice, love, confidence etc. But for me a major lesson is love. Love is sometimes hard. Sometimes love can lead you to the wrong path but maybe that’s the only way to know what’s wrong and what’s right. I also like the “follow your heart” lesson too. It sticks in my mind. It was when Leafpool followed her heart.

She ran off with Crowfeather. Sometimes your heart can lead you to the wrong path like love, but that’s the only way to know if you’re right or not. I never thought of why I like warriors. What is the exact reason? When I try to answer I realize that I can’t. I guess maybe there are lots of answers to it. My family was telling me to read different books but I’m just too obsessed with it. If I finish the series, I’ll read it again. I kind of have worry problems but when I read it, I calm down. This series helps me a lot in different ways. Warriors will always inspire me.


  • Same with me! only I started with The fourth Apprentice :p Great article!

  • That’s kinda how I started getting into the series too! My grandma bought me Into the Wild for Christmas, and I read it and got obsessed. Now I have read every single book in the Warriors series.

  • The first time i read warriors: But mom, i dont wanna read it! It isn’t even the first book! (my mom got me the fourth apprentice) After reading the book: MOM YOU MUST FIND ME THE FIRST BOOK I HAVE TO KNOW!!!!! 😛 After reading the first series: NOOO!!! BLUESTAR NOOO!!! Poor Yellowfang. WHY SPOTTEDLEAF??? Firestar and Sandstorm are perfect. I HATE YOU TIGERSTAR!!! Stupid Scourge. REALLY LEOPARDSTAR? YOU FALL FOR HIM??? Poor Silverstream.(and so on) Me after reading all 5 series twice: Mom, i dont feel well, can i go to the medicine cat? What do you mean? What are you meowing about? You mouse-brained fool! Watch out for monsters! WHAT IF ONE LEAVES THE THUNDERPATH??? lol now i am an obsessed freak, i know every herb by heart, and what they do. I know how to stalk prey, half of thunderclan’s fighting moves, and I know all of thunderclan’s leaders since Thunderstar.

  • Awesome article, Iceclaw! Personally, I first got into Warriors because I found it in the library and I read the summary on the back. But I read Fire and Ice first because I always have horrible luck and find the second, third, or even last book but NEVER the first!

    • My bff, goldenkit, she always finds the book after the one she finished! She’s so lucky! I started with…I can’t remember!? Midnight…? No, was it itw? Idk. Anyway, I give luck from her!

  • I read Survivors which is Dogs instead of cats, and it was great so I tried Warriors which was even better and I read all the Warriors books. Starting with Into the Wild.

  • At first I thought the Warriors series would just be about cats doing dumb things. Than (finally) when I outgrew the Spirit Animals series I (since I couldn’t think of anything else at the time) started the Warriors series. I loved it. The Warriors series get me started on reading. The Warriors series will always be part of my life. Yes, there is real life lessons. I loved the story!! FREAKING AWESOME!

  • I don’t know what makes me like the series either….I guess one of my favorite things about the Warriors series is seeing the authors growth throughout the books. The first series for example isn’t as well written as let’s say, apprentices quest. It was rushed at times and there wasn’t much character development. But over time the characters have more developed personalities and it has lovely imagery and details. I have to say Mothflights Vision was the most well written book, it was perfect c:
    (I also have to say that my friends and I were screaming at the top of our lungs when we finished apprentices quest “YUSSS ALDERPAW HAS FLAWS, ITS A MIRACLE YUUUUUUSS”)