• [spoiler title=”Overrated People”] Remus Lupin is so overrated. Like, to death.
    Sirius Black is again overrated to death.
    Bellatrix Lestrange is so… so… fantasized I hate it.
    Hermione Granger. I can’t stand people who idolize her and treat her like a goddess.
    Draco Malfoy and the rest of the Malfoy/Blacks.
    Luna Lovegood. Her wackiness is viewed as some kind of amazing creative gene that’ll get her the Nobel Prize sometimes.

    Honestly, it’s not like I hate them so I think they’re overrated. I’m just saying… look, Lupin’s a great guy, but I can’t stand how some fans think he’s a god. A GOD, okay? Saying he’s perfect.
    Some are in love with Sirius and Regulus. For Sirius, they claim, and is right about the first, that he’s so handsome and like he’s the best godfather in the world. Like being reckless is an amazing thing, something to look up to. To Regulus, they swoon over him, saying he was so brave to stand up to Voldemort… after volunteering to be in his Inner Circle. He only backed out before Voldemort tried to harm somebody he loved/liked. Sure, he’s good, blah, but I can’t stand how people think he’s a hero, a hero from the start and always.

    Bellatrix Lestrange? She’s a fascinating psychotic character, but some people think she’s so cool and her madness of killings are completely justified and that she’s simply so amazing and awesome and the best character in the HP universe.

    Hermione Granger. I mean, yes, there’re people who hate him, but many many many people around me worship her, thinking she’s Emma Watson. “I mean she’s the PRETTIEST in the HP universe!” “Without her, Harry and Ron wouldn’t’ve survived a DAY!” Yes, they would’ve! She’s a great character, flawed, annoying, but a good character, and I’d enjoy her much more if her fans didn’t forget that she was rather…good at hitting Ronald Weasley. Abuse is a strong word, but honestly, if somebody in Romione doesn’t deserve the other, it’s Hermione not deserving Ron, not “Dumb Ron not deserving Goddess Smart Hermione”. I’m sure there’re perfectly good Hermione fans, but this. This!

    Draco Malfoy – I explained this all somewhere, he’s a coward and a bad person. He’s not Tom Felton, he’s not “the hottest boy to ever have lived”, somebody “who was just abused by Lucius.” and had “no choice”.

    Luna Lovegood, I told you, she’s so sweet, but her wackiness is to be wacky, not to be understood as an amazing creative gene which is going to win her the Nobel Prize.

    Maybe many of these people’s fueled by those incredibly ridiculous fans, but… that’s overrated, isn’t it? Literally? [/spoiler]

  • A lot of people hate Dumbledore.
    [spoiler title=”Dumbledore”] I don’t.
    Raising Harry like a pig for slaughter – that’s harsh. Really. Honestly, that’s bad.
    But really, sometimes the greater good matters more than one life. Harry’s sacrifice would save a few billions. The big picture made more sense.

    In the end, Dumbledore decided to keep the world safe than to keep Harry happy, and Harry understood.

    I like his character in general, how he’s revealed to be flawed, full of guilt in the end. [/spoiler]

  • My top three favorite canon Harry Potter ships:
    1. Harry X Ginny
    2. Ron X Hermione
    3. Bill X Fleur

    My top three favorite non-canon Harry Potter ships:
    1. Sirius X Lupin
    2. Luna X Ginny
    3. Percy X Oliver
    Burr is my fave Hamilton character!

    • ok but like i was reading a MCU and HP crossover fanfiction the other day and PERCY AND OLIVER ARE LIKE MY FAVORITE NON CANON SHIP RN

    • I don’t like the Bill X Fleur ship I feel like it just does not go with the story, and they weren’t dating very long in my mind. I feel this way even though their wedding was VERY important.

    • My opinions
      Canon ships

      1. Agree
      2. Agree
      3. Agree

      Non canon ships

      1. Neutral
      2. Agree
      3. Honestly I don’t ship Percy with anyone
  • I wish there was more of a focus on the emotional and psychological impact of the whole Ginny-being-possessed-by-the-spirit-of-a-diary-she-confided-in-that-turned-out-to-be-Voldemort thing.

    • oh definitely
      im really surprised they never did much with that??

  • My top three least favorite non-canon Harry Potter ships.
    1. Draco X Hermione
    2. Snape X Literally Anyone
    3. Hermione X Pansy
    Burr is my fave Hamilton character!

    • Me forgetting who Lysander Scamander is, and having to look it up on the Harry Potter wiki. Yeah, I think that’s a pretty good ship (assuming you mean Lily, Harry’s daughter)

  • For some reason, Character x Food really bugs me out.
    Like, a lot.
    Ron x Chicken, Draco x Apple, Luna x Pudding?
    They annoy me so much, and when people, I don’t know, say “Astoria was the Apple!” or something ridiculous like that, or that those crackships are canon, I want to bang my head against a wall.
    +For the ships themselves, I probably have nothing against it, but the shippers bug me out when they’re serious

    • I didn’t even know those ships were a thing! 😛
      Aaron Burr, Sir

  • i now hat harry X ginny.
    ginny is interested because he is famous and then suddenly they are in love, but ginny only interacted with him because he was the boy who lived, but then suddenly she is very in love with him.