Top 3 Most Brutal Moments In The First Series by Silverwillow

Snowkits death

Silverwillow tells their opinion about the worst moments in The Prophecies Begin

Top 3 Most Brutal Moments In The First Series

Note: There are several first series spoilers.

The first most brutal moment is in Forest of Secrets: When Silverstream goes to meet Graystripe at Sunningrocks, she starts kitting, but something is wrong. Graystripe yowls to Fireheart, who’s standing nearby, to go fetch Yellowfang. Tigerclaw sees Fireheart and asks him what is happening. When Fireheart brings Cinderpaw she tells Fireheart and Tigerclaw to lick the kits and warm them up while she works on Silverstream. Cinderpaw then manages to save the two kits, named Featherkit and Stormkit, but Silverstream dies from loss of blood, telling Graystripe good-bye, that she loves him and that he should take care of their kits. Graystripe is depressed beyond belief and doesn’t know that his kits are still alive. He asks Fireheart to bury the kits with Silverstream, but when Fireheart tells him they are alive, he is overjoyed momentarily. As you can see this is a very brutal moment because, well… A mother of one of the main character’s kits dies from loss of blood while giving birth and pretty much no-one except Greystripe and Crookedstar care!

The second most brutal moment is in A Dangerous Path: Snowkit’s death. I really thought that he could be someone special in the book, like someone prophesied or something, maybe a medicine cat since he was deaf, I mean *SPOILER* Jayfeather is a medicine cat and he is blind. I can’t believe that he died! It was so sad, it bit right through my heart! I think it really added something to the book for you to think about a lot, but it was just so mean and sad. It really made that chapter painfully sad. It did the book some good but didn’t do any good for Snowkit or the super sad feeling thinking about him. It’s not the worst, it’s the SADDEST!

The third most brutal moment is is also in A Dangerous Path: Brindleface is murdered by Tigerstar to give the dog pack a taste for cat blood. Her body is left slaughtered just outside ThunderClan’s camp at the end of the trail of rabbits. She is carried back to camp by Sandstorm and Cloudtail. Her kits, Ashpaw, and Fernpaw, are devastated when she dies, as well as her foster son, Cloudtail; Cloudtail even suggests a raid on ShadowClan’s camp in revenge for the death of Brindleface. Her kits avenge her death by helping to drive the dogs into the gorge. It is so sad!


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