an overveiw about Windclan (spoiler alert) by Kindheart


Kindheart explores WindClan’s past and cats

hello blogclan hopefully you have seen my article an overview about shadowclan. this one will be like that except about Windclan!!!! 🙂 so lets go.

Windclan has always been a tough clan to figure out and probably one of the most interesting. lets start of with the facts.

we see that windclan used to have tunnelers cats who would tunnel underground to hunt and fight. yet many of the clan that where runners (above ground cats) disapproved that meant that there was a lot of tension in the clan. it went as far as kits teasing each other a lot harder than any other clan. i mean remember “wormkit?” even after he became a leader he still had the nickname “wormstar” just because his parents where tunnelers also he almost BECAME a tunneler. then there is the fact that heatherstar had promised the tunnelers an apprentice when tallstar would become tallpaw. yet she decided not to. this was greeted by shocked meows and hisses. finally it was outlawed no more tunneling. they lost a valuable skill and became a bit more defensive. it makes you think. if they had still had tunneling when brokenstar attacked then could they have survived through the tunnels. another thing about windclan they seem to be the underdogs, every clan sometimes even thunderclan sees them as a joke. yet they are a really amazing clan. no other clan can catch rabbits or run that fast. in tallstar’s revenge we heard how it felt for them to run. no other clan posses this skill. yet the other clans see this as a weak skill so they think windclan is weak. which would explain why they are always so defensive and sharp. as well as uhh crowfeather! so you see windclan is like the underclan yet they have power. not only that but it seems that they can survive through leaf-bare in a gorse camp with no fire or any of that warmth! how can they do this? out of all the clans windclan has to suffer more hardship and the hardest leaf-bares. yet they pull through. most likely the other clans couldn’t survive a leaf-bare with windclan. its quite something to ponder.

thats all for today! thanks so much for all the comments and likes until the next article cyo! 😉

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