The thank you by Kindheart


Kindheart creatively thanks the Erins for writing Warriors

hello blogclan!!! okay so this article is going to be mostly about well everything. ok just kidding this article is me thanking the Erins, and well you the readers! i have done many articles and i think it’s time i do this one cause it is long overdue

Erins thank you for writing warriors! it’s an amazing series that we all love and can enjoy to read. in our rooms at night at school during lunch after dinner on the couch whenever we have the time. we read these books and laugh and cry and puzzle. it is the reasons we all do so many articles however they are also the reasons for my huge headaches when i do theory articles! XD. speaking of articles i want to thank everyone who has read my articles!!! thank you for all the support and love. we all love warriors and i love making articles but i do ir partly to hear your reactions! so thank you Erins for making warriors and thank you other blogclaners for all the support on my articles! here is something for you WARRIORS!

B- Breath-taking
E- emotional
F-Fictional yet real
J-Jillions of fans
K-kitten power of awesome
N-No words
O- outstanding
Q-Quint in the best of ways
R-Rich in a good way
S-Starclan approves
U-Unbelievable of how good it is
V-valuable (to me)
W- writing at it’s best
X- X marks the best book and this book gets X
Y-yay! warriors!!!
Z- zeal is what i feel when i read these books! (zeal means excitement)
that is my thoughts on warriors! what are yours do you agree? and do you accept my thank you?! i sure hope you do. because without warriors I wouldn’t be writing this article and you wouldn’t be reading it. one more quick thank you! because honestly you all deserve this and Kate i hope you are reading this! if not READ IT!!!!! thats it i hope you enjoyed so this is kindheart saying (come on say it with me) until the next article cyo! 😉

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  • You are awesome, Kindheart! I totally agree! And Erins, don’t you dare stop writing! See? I am making threats because I am scared that you will stop.
    (Don’t take this the wrong way).
    Thank you for writing this article and I totally accept your thanks!

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