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Russetfeather adds to their famous article Unpopular opinions in today’s article

So this is part two of my series called Unpopular Opinions. My last article seemed to be a success. I think…anyway part two. Let’s go!

1. Feathertail – Oh boy! I am going to stir up trouble with this one. I don’t like Feathertail *gasps of horror* *cats faint* I’m sorry. I know she saved the Tribe and the other travelers but she’s just so…perfect. I feel the same way about her as I do with Spottedleaf. She’s fine when she’s alive but when she dies she becomes this perfect angel that saves everyone. I don’t know why that bugs me but it really does.

2. Hollyleaf – I’m going to the destroyed in the comments. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Hollyleaf. What makes me dislike Hollyleaf is her constant concern for the code. And you know that’s completely fine for the first couple books but then it just becomes repetitive. Lionblaze and Jayfeather would try and do something and Hollyleaf would be all, “But the code!!! We have to follow the code!! What about the code?” I agree that following the code is important but it’s ok to break it if it’s for the right reasons. That’s all her brothers were trying to do when they wanted to do something that required them to break the code. I know that’s just her character but it annoyed me.

3. Slate – this is mostly just about her and Gray Wing’s relationship but also a little bit about her. First off, their relationship seemed way too rushed. She talks to Gray Wing about her brother when he first shows up at Wind Runner’s camp, takes him to her “secret hideaway”, saves him from a fox and then BOOM! Guess what? I’m expecting your kits. Ok…? I mean when did this happen? They talked like four times!? And after Gray Wing dies she just seems to implode upon herself. She has to rest half the day. I know it’s hard to lose loved ones and she has a right to grieve but I feel like that’s all we saw of her after PoS was, “Woe is me…I’m gonna take a nap now.” I guess I just wish that we had gotten more development for her and her relationship.

4. JayxIce – Um…uh…I don’t really know how to explain this. I guess it boils down to I think that Jayfeather and Icecloud would be good together and I hardcore shipped them until she died. 😢

5. LeafxCrow – I hate this pairing. I never felt like they were right for each other. Again, it just kinda came out of nowhere and then they ran off with each other. It just seemed like StarClan decided there wasn’t enough trouble going on in the Clans so they decided…”Hey! Let’s make another forbidden romance! Sounds like fun!” Plus I never like Crowfeather before hand so I’m probably being really biased.

Well that was fun! Tell me how I did!

All debates, agreements, disagreements, and arguments welcome!


  • I agree with all of this.
    For Feathertail: You shouldn’t be able to make a character THAT perfect! She’s just a cat!
    For Hollyleaf: She cool and all, but didn’t really know how to break rules for good. She did everything according to the code!
    For Slate: Who just rushes into a relationship?! Slate does. How can she have kits with Gray Wing if they barely met?
    For Jay X Ice: It would have been good, but you know, Jay’s a medicine cat.
    For Leaf X Crow: They can’t just run away from everything!

    • I dunno, sometimes I wish Leafpool and Crowfeather actually had run away together. They might have been happier as rogues living together.

        • I always imagined that if Leaf and Crow left to be rogues, they’d raise the kits to either adulthood or apprentice age, and then StarClan would send Jay a message telling him that he and his siblings belong in the Clans. Then, they’d leave their parents to join the Clans (maybe all joining ThunderClan, or each one joining a different Clan – wouldn’t that have been interesting. ^^)

          • That would be very interesting, but it would change a lot of things. Not saying it’s bad, though. First of all, Leafpool got the sign for Bramble and Squrriel to be though in Sunset, so she wouldn’t have been able to tell Squrriel that she should be with Bramble, so Squrriel might be with Ashfur because she thought she should be with Bramble.

            But that’s just a theory, A WARRIORS Theory! XD

            • Did she ever actually tell Squirrelflight about that sign? I can’t even remember anymore. 😛 Too long since I read TNP. Either way, I’m pretty sure it was Squirrelflight’s own feelings that made her make that decision, not just Leafpool telling her about the sign.

              • Which sign? I might remember if Leaf told Squirrel. It hasn’t been too long since I read TNP 😛

                • The sign that’s on the cover. ^^ Leafpool was hanging out by the lake and saw a trail of starry pawprints, the pawprints of two cats, and at the end of the trail was Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight, walking so close together it was hard to tell one cat from the other. At least, that’s what I remember it being, someone correct me if I’m wrong. 😛

              • I remeber her telling her and Leafpool being like, “OH MY GERD, U AND BRAMBLE ARE PERFECT TOGETHER!!!! I SOOOOOO SHIP YOU TWO!!!!!!!!!!!”
                But anyways, yes I do believe that Squirrelflight’s own feelings played a big role in her choosing Bramble.

      • Same here, I also wished Leaf and Crow ran away together.

        Anyway, I also disliked Crowfeather, because it seemed he immedietly took on another mate. At least he had part of Feather’s memory though in his suffix… Although I love Hollyleaf too because of the warrior code obsession, since she does care deeply about it and was loyal.

        • It’s not his fault he fell in love again. People are allowed to fall in love again after a loved one has died. 😛 And we did see how he struggled with his love for Leafpool and his grief for Feathertail, and how he felt he was betraying her memory by falling in love again so soon.

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