An Overview about Riverclan (SPOILER ALERT) by Kindheart


Kindheart does another overview on RiverClan

Hello blogclan!! hey there’s something fishy going on here! get it- it’s about riverclan and fish? *awkward silence* *hangs head in sadness and mutters can’t get anyone that understands my puns anymore…* anywhoo As you know i have done an overview on shadowclan and windclan! now its riverclan so all you fish lovers (me included) lets get started. oh wait one more thing! hopefully you saw my last article (the thank you article) if so! i meant ti okay?! good now lets actually start!!

Riverclan is classified as fish-lovers, soft bellied and in human terms snobs. so lets see. the stereotype is that riverclan always has something to eat because of the river. however we see that that is not true. without the river riverclan can’t feed. when the river is polluted riverclan goes hungry. when the river is blocked riverclan goes hungry, when the water goes down riverclan go hungry. see my point?! riverclan relies on the river so when it fails so do they. however they are not soft bellied in fact they are quite intelligent. they use the river to their advantage i mean have you seen some of those battle moves. they all incorporate the river. they even make dens so that if it floods they don’t sink! these cats are obviously highly intelligent. so if that’s true how come they have these stereotypes? i dunno its the same as shadowclan (you had better seen that article or else the cupcake saw will come to get you) Now lets go farther back. Riverstar was their first leader and out of the bunch he was the smartest and understanding. riverclan has inherited that trait (obviously) so all in all riverclan is the smart tough yet understanding clan. we see this many times. but they also get an effect from the stereotypes COUGH leopardstar & blackclaw COUGH. but what clan hasn’t felt these stereotypes? So thats this overview i hope you enjoyed it and i will do the next one Thunderclan then skyclan! (the old and the new!!! BE THERE!!!) apart from that i am done sooooo. until the next article Cyo! 😉