Starclans confusing powers (can it make sense?!) (spoilers) by Kindheart


Kindheart discusses StarClan’s powers

HELLO BLOGCLAN!!!!! and welcome to another of my articles today i will look over starclans power! it makes almost no sense i think lets find out!! so yeah i am certain that it makes no sense! and we have a guest appearance logic cat!! you will see her later. no on with the show. “well technically its an article!” NOT YET LOGIC CAT!!!!!!! “sorry sorry.”

so starclan can send prophecies and signs to the medicine cats. yet that must mean that they can see the future because these prophecies and omens etc. basically tell what will happen so starclan must have at least a little bit of power over seeing the future. yet in leafpools wish leafpool says and i quote exactly “Starclan has never seen the future in the moonpool before.” WHAT THE HECK!!!!! HOW DOES THAT WORK!!! IF THEY CAN’T SEE THE FUTURE THEY CAN’T GIVE THEM PROPHECY’S AND OMENS!!!! like in goosefeathers curse. he sees that the clan will have no food that came from starclan! THAT IS A SIGN THAT THEY CAN SEE THE FUTURE!!!!!.

now i hope you will excuse my rant but its true. moving on they can also bring back a cats spirit. (cinderpelt cinderheart)yet wouldn’t that be trapping the cats spirit in a completely different cat?! i mean when cinderheart found out it WRECKED HER!!! I MEAN HONESTLY STARCLAN YOU CAN’T DO THAT well technically they can.. GET OUT OF HERE LOGIC CAT!!! okay okay sorry geez temper… now they can also apparently affect the weather and they can’t. because they can send clouds to cover the moon yet they can’t stop a storm from flooding the entire forest and nearly destroying the clans for life. in other words starclan you confuse me… you say you can do something yet you can’t…..MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! GAH!!! THEN IF THEY ARE NOT REMEMBERED THEY FADE AWAY soooo technically REDSTAR SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GIVE LEAFSTAR HER LIFE AS WELL AS THE OTHER LEADERS!!!! i will end this article here because i am getting brain damage. sooo yeah until the next article cyo! 😉


  • URMAGURSH!!!!, YAS!!!! DEY ALSO SENT THE LIGHTNING TO HIT THE TREE THAT KILLED MUDCLAW!!!! HOW DOES THAT WORK?!?! Starclan are always saying they can only give guidance to cats, they can’t control their lives. SO HOW DOES THAT WORK?!?!

    • StarClan didn’t send the Lightning. It was a coincidence. The live cats merely believed that they did so.

  • and also goosefeather and bluestar (bluefur at the time) received a prophecy that was like, “blabbidy blah blah water will destroy you”. Later in the series, Bluestar lost her last life when she drowned.

    • What happened with the prophecy thing was, word for word: ‘Suddenly Goosefeather leaned closer. “Like fire, you will blaze through the forest,” he hissed. “What?” Bluepaw flinched away. Had he gone mad? “The burning branch was a sign from StarClan.” His eyes glittered. “You are fire, Bluepaw, and you will blaze through the forest.” Alarmed, Bluepaw backed away. What was he talking about? “But beware!” She stiffened. “Even the most powerful flames can be destroyed by water.”‘ Goosefeather is so creepy in that part, am I right?

        • I certainly do still blame him after Goosefeather’s Curse. 😛 The unfortunate circumstances of his early years does not excuse all the horrible things he does later in life.

  • Those were some very good points made in your article. Starclan is very confusing…..

    (BTW Hey guys! I was bored so I decided to check up on Blogclan and found the new website! Idk if anyone remembers me either xD)

  • What if they don’t control the weather and things? Like it’s just natural stuff that happens and they take advantage of that time to send a message? Also, “Starclan has never seen the future in the *Moonpool* *before*” could mean that they’ve seen it somewhere else and are now finally seeing it AT the Moonpool? (I could be totally wrong, I haven’t read Leafpools Wish yet lol)

  • an overview of StarClan by me:
    Are mere clouds really weather?No rain,no snow,no hail,no storm.I doubt StarClan controls storms,but clouds?

    Future.I do not think even StarClan sees the future,or knows the meanings of the omens and prophecies.I think they see a prophecy themselves and give it to the Clans.But who gives StarClan these prophecies?Where do faded cats go?Maybe they fade into another Clan,one that CAN see the future….

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