Top 10 Least Favourite Warrior Cats by Jadepaw


Jadepaw gives an opinion on some pretty bad cats in Warriors

– WARNING! Spoiler alert! If you enjoy reading spoilers like me, you’re more than welcome to read on! –

Anybody who reads the Warriors series will have a very long list of their favourite cats, OK cats, and their LEAST favourite cats. Hello, I’m Jadepaw and this is my first article! These are all my opinions, and you may disagree or agree. Okay, now read on!

10. Squirrelflight – I admit, I love the way she looks. But her personality is a totally different story. She has matured, but first impression never leaves me. Like Brambleclaw, I found her as annoying as those loud curtain flies that occasionally drops by to visit your house. In Midnight, she was like, ‘Why do I have to search ticks in the elder’s pelts?!’ I mean, she shouldn’t have been following a patrol in the first place! I’ve never liked Dustpelt much, but for once, I was happy for him to unleash his fury.

9. Firestar – so perfect I’m surprised his pelt isn’t made of stars.

8. Sharpclaw – SkyClan’s deputy, and a love interest of Cherrytail. But really, he should ask for his leader’s approval before actually putting a plan into action.

7. Foxheart – only StarClan knows why she was made deputy. Oh right, to make Yellowfang jealous. The name tells all. She was so rude to Yellowfang, I got so mad! If she was granted nine lives by StarClan… I’m out.

6. Leopardstar – this RiverClan leader obviously had a major crush on Tigerstar. But it went WAY too far. How could she let her own deputy die? I was actually looking forward for Stonefur being Stonestar. Bluestar won’t be too thankful about that.

5. Rainflower – best parent award for generations to come! Renaming her disfigured kit to Crookedkit, and then paying no attention to him. Wow, she’s the best mother! Not.

4. Hawkfrost – greedy for power and status. Yes, Hawkfrost, you’ll be RiverClan’s next leader…

3. Brokenstar – murdering his own father, making tiny kits as apprentices, exiling his own mother – couldn’t get worse. Or could it..?

2. Tigerstar – ah, the infamous villain that had been killed by a rogue, and Bramblestar’s father. In a book, Code of the Clans, I THINK, as a kit, he was saved by a couple of ShadowClan warriors. He was all, ‘ShadowClan will be my best friend forever!’ Aw, how cute! Er – any second thoughts when he ended up actually ruling ShadowClan and making a new TigerClan?

1. Clear Sky – SkyClan’s first leader and Gray Wing’s brother. A she-cat magnet, that’s for sure. First off, Gray Wing develops a tiny – very tiny – crush on Bright Stream. ‘Oh, sorry brother, she’s expecting my kits.’ Crongrats, Clear Sky! That was meant to happen. Then, Gray Wing meets lovely Storm and after a few chapters, – ‘Oh, sorry brother, she’s expecting my kits.’ Then his own son, Thunder, falls in love with Star Flower! But Clear Sky comes along – ‘Oh, sorry son, she’s expecting my kits.’ What the..?! And he began making boundaries, and killed his former Tribemates. ‘Sorry guys, my group is more important than lives.’ And I thought a group of cats were a group. SkyClan is a cool clan, but when they were driven out, it was like payback for what Clear Sky once did all those moons ago. I wonder if Cloudstar was his descendent, which meant Tigerstar is also descended from him.

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