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Wolfpaw discusses some GOOD cats in Warriors

So, I’m really doing this as an introduction to ME, but i guess you could look at this any way you want.

It’s going to be ranked as 5 being the least and 1 being the best.

Also, a note is that i haven’t read all of the books. I’m currently on Eclipse, so the cats will be from then and before then.

Also, just realized that i mentioned design in, like, every single one of these. But it’s not my fault, because i really like designs of all these cats!

5. Onewhisker- He was a nice cat, but when he became Onestar he went downhill. (i think most agree with me, so yea) I liked how he and Firestar interacted, because they were chill dudes together. Also, he has a cool design.

4.Yellowfang- I really like her for a reason. She sacrificed so much to be with Raggedstar, but in the end Brokenstar was a bad bad boy. (Cri :’C) Also, her name is nice and i like her design.

3. Lionblaze- I dont know why, but he’s always been my favorite of the trio. Maybe it’s because i like fighting and duals? idk. Also, lions are pretty cool and i liked Lionheart.

2. Tigerstar- I feel like we can all learn a lesson from Mr. Tigerstar. Don’t let your ambitions get the best of you. Tigerstar was a great warrior- He was loyal and hardworking. Thistleclaw is a jerk tho. So yea, he’s cool and a great warrior and has a great story overall. And a cool design, mind you. His scar is a nice addition.


1. Hawkfrost!- There is no reason. But Hawky has just stood out to me for some reason. I like his character and I ship him with Leafpool. Too bad he had to die (CRY). He marks my third fictional crush as well, just after Sirius Black. (we’re not going to talk about the first one His design is nice and it matches his fathers which is a plus. Also, Hawkfrost, Tigerstar, and Lionblaze are all connected. That’s a pretty cool thing i didn’t notice until now.

and yea i guess that’s it

now move on with your day, you have more important stuff to do

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