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Firepup16 tells some of the things they want to happen in the future of Warriors

You’re probably thinking, oh not another one of these topics, but I decided to join the bandwagon and list my hopes and headcannons for the Warriors series. Feel free to share some of yours as well. (: I’ll list my hopes for the future first and my headcannons after those. Enjoy! c:

– Lilyheart to become Thunderclan’s next leader with Rosepetal as deputy.
– I would like Reedwhisker to become Riverclan’s next leader with Mistystar having a well-written onscreen death. Petalfur should become deputy.
– Sedgewhisker to become Windclan’s next leader. I don’t really care who becomes deputy, but I hope that Onestar gets an onscreen death as well.
– I don’t mind Crowfrost becoming Shadowclan’s next leader, but I want Shadowclan to get some development so I can like more of their cats.
– Each clan to get a POV in A Vision of Shadows including Skyclan.
– I’d love for Skyclan to move to the Lake, but I don’t want there to be too much drama because of them. I also don’t mind the Clans coming together as one as long as that’s written well.
– I really want an official timeline of Warriors and if not that then a few short stories in between DOTC and TPB. That time period is so unknown, but also somewhat dark but interesting.
– I want Dovewing to move to Shadowclan to becomes mates with Tigerheart, and if she really has to, I want Ivypool to become mates with Fernsong.

– Fuzzypelt and Robinwing always loved each other, but then Robinwing started to flirt with Patchpelt causing Fuzzypelt to be jealous with resulted in them breaking up for a short time. After Robinwing had Longtail, she realized how much Fuzzypelt and they got back together and had Dustpelt and Ravenpaw. They died shortly before Rusty came to the forest in a battle with Riverclan.
– Crowfeather only loved Feathertail and Leafpool, but he tried to like Nightcloud only to realize they were better of as friends. He loves both of his kits equally even if he doesn’t show his love in the best ways.
– Mistystar became mates with Blackclaw and had Reedwhisker, Pikepaw, Primrosepaw, and Perchkit. Unfortunately all but Reedwhisker survived to being warriors and she always did her best to look after her kit so she wouldn’t loose him too. They have a special mother-son bond and that’s why she announced him as her deputy.
– Foxleap and Bumblestripe both always had feelings for Dovewing and Ivypool, but after Foxleap realized Dovewing and Bumblestripe had a thing, he developed feelings for Ivypool only to die in the battle with the Dark Forest before he shared the news. Bumblestripe liked Ivypool first, but then after Dovewing went on a quest to save the Lake, he began to like her romantically. Dovewing tried to like him back, but Tigerheart always stayed on her mind.
– During The Last Hope, Princess went to go and check up on Cloudtail and her brother Firestar after having a nightmare of a disaster. After realizing that the Clans had been gone for some time, she went back to the Twoleg place where she lived a couple of months until dying from old age. She has traveled to Starclan once where she visited with Firestar and watched over her kits, grandkits, and now great-grandkits.
– Mapleshade was the first Clan cat to go to the Dark Forest, after One-Eye and his followers. Maggottail, Silverhawk, Sparrowfeather, Shredtail, and Snowtuft soon followed.
– Bluestar didn’t actually chase Thistleclaw out of Starclan. A group of Dark Forest cats came to Starclan and demanded for Thistleclaw to join their ranks because of his fighting skills and previous history with the place. Thistleclaw willingly went there and that’s when Mapleshade started planning the attack on the Clan cats.
– The Clans exiled Skyclan from the Forest before Mapleshade’s Vengeance took place, but a lot of the cats from Cloudstar’s Journey are in MV including Birdflight, Spottedpelt, Gorseclaw, etc. This actually does make sense since we know that Shellheart’s grandmother was one of Reedshine’s kits and three generations over the course of 20 years make perfect sense. (It’s been confirmed that Skyclan left the forest 20 years before Bluestar was born and Crookedstar was born around the same time…) Also I believe that Skyclan left the forest 20 years after Dawn of the Clans. I’ve studied the list of leaders for each Clan and the leader’s in MV or CJ were about in the middle of the list. Although nothing is prefect and there are some flaws, I can almost guarantee that my theory is somewhat correct/possible.

Keep in mind I made this topic months ago so some of these headcannons have changed. Thank you for reading my topic. 😀

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