My Top Ten Least Favorite Warrior Cats by Mistleheart


Mistleheart discusses warriors that are DOWNRIGHT AWFUL

Hi! This is my very first article, and I felt like discussing some warriors I think are just downright terrible. TO WARN YOU, THERE ARE A LOT OF SPOILERS!

So I’ll start off with a ‘quite bad’ one…

10. Dawnpelt

I don’t hate her as I hate the other characters listed, but I still despise her. In the Power of Three books, she was pretty much just fine, but around the end of The Forgotten Warrior I really disliked her.

I know she was just maddened over her brother’s death, but in my opinion (which can be unreliable) it’s no excuse to interrupt the Gathering and start accusing Jayfeather of murdering Flametail. She had no proof, just that she saw he was diving after Flametail when he was trying to save him.

But then, she had no way of knowing that, which is washed isn’t further down this list. 😛

9. Rainflower

Let’s just say it straight: I think it’s her fault that Crookedstar broke his jaw. Once Crookedkit and Oakkit snuck out of camp, but Rainflower didn’t scold them, even praised Crookedkit for being so brave. Crookedkit and Oakkit snuck out afterwards, AGAIN, and that’s ahen Goosefeather chased Crookedkit into breaking his jaw.

After that, Rainflower just started rejecting HER OWN KIT, acting as if she didn’t understand that he had feelings. Crookedpaw grew into Crookedjaw, and before he could prove to his mother he was just a good warrior as Oakheart, she hit her head on a stone and died.

8. Tom

Tom is that copper-colored kittypet from Dawn of the Clans that is stupidly selfish, foolish, and abusive. He mistreated Turtle Tail – his own mate – and didn’t care when she died.

Then, he called his kits ‘dumb’ which is even worse than Rainflower’s case. Calling your own kits dumb is just straightforwardly abusive. Not only was he an abusive parent, he made friends with One Eye!

I’ll stop ranting on here. One Eye attacked Tom’s kit, Sparrow Fur, and nearly killed her. Tom tried to stop One Eye…but I think only because he wanted control over his daughter.

7. Oakstar

It all starts during a battle against RiverClan where Appledusk, an enemy warrior, kills Birchface by pushing him into the river. Flowerpaw, Birchface’s apprentice, dives after him and they both die.

Later, Mapleshade has Appledusk’s kits, and before long, the ThunderClan medicine cat, Ravenwing, figures out who the father of her kits was and reports to Oakstar. Oakstar banished Mapleshade for being the mate of the cat who killed his son. I can live with that, but he exiled her kits as well.

Had the kits done anything? They were INNOCENT!!! But Oakstar exiled Petalkit, Patchkit, and Larchkit and they ended up drowning in the river. It was practically Oakstar’s fault three innocent kits died.

6. Willow Tail

I really can’t explain why I hate her so much. Probably because she started an unnecessary war between SkyClan and WindClan. She lied to her own Clan, dragging rabbits across the SkyClan border and claiming that Red Claw and the other cats if SkyClan had been hunting in WindClan territory!

5. Sol

Sol was an abysmal and dreadful character in the story. First he convinced ShadowClan to not believe in StarClan. When Blackstar drove him out, he was furious and told Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze to drag prey across the border and claim that ShadowClan had stolen them.

Then, he started another battle after Hollyleaf came back. He didn’t fight in the battle, just let WindClan attack ThunderClan for him while he strolled around watching.

So personally, I hate Sol because I think he’s lazy, foolish, and way too cunning for his own good.

4. Darkstripe

When Tigerclaw betrayed ThunderClan, Darkstripe was his biggest supporter. He was so excited when Tigerstar came back from the rogue life to rule ShadowClan, and secretly took Bramblekit and Tawnykit to meet their father, although Goldenflower intended NOT to.

But the real part about his treachery is that he fed a curious kit deathberries to kill her, to poison her. Sorrelkit almost died because of Darkstripe, but was saved by Cinderpelt. Darkstripe tried to murder a harmless, curious young kit! Nothing can excuse that kind of tyranny, especially if he was a senior warrior and knew much better than that.

3. Heathertail

Heathertail was awesome as an apprentice – friendly, cheerful…she wasn’t the one that threw aside her friendship with Lionblaze, but she didn’t need to get all angry and upset about it.

Then, later, Heathertail really didn’t care for Lionblaze anymore. She started jabbing him with really mean remarks and hoping he’ll attack her so she can claw him. And then she became the mate of a traitor. She became Breezepelt’s mate, and even had kits with him!

2. Ashfur

I just hate this cat. I do feel sorry for him, but I hate him. I’m almost glad Hollyleaf got him in the end, even if it made her super guilty. He wanted to make Squirrelflight hurt because she became Brambleclaw’s mate instead of his, and then threatened to kill her ‘kits’ , telling her he’d even kill his own apprentice!

He basically took advantage of Brambleclaw’s distance during Twilight to take Squirrelflight! And then he grew so upset when she rejected him. He could’ve found someone else to have kits with, but no, he didn’t do that. He couldn’t even see that Squirrelflight had been Brambleclaw’s mate for such a long time, until he finally settled on a vow that he would hurt her as much as he could. Ashfur totally deserved to go to the Dark Forest.

1. Breezepelt

He was always annoying, ungrateful, stupid, arrogant…in Outcast, when Purdy saved him from the dogs, he didn’t even say thank you, just started muttering about him. Yes, I do know that Crowfeather treated him badly, but he had no right to attack an expecting queen that hadn’t done anything! When Jayfeather stopped him, Breezepelt tried to kill both him and Poppyfrost. However, Honeyfern intervened before he could kill the,.

Then, he fought for the Dark Forest during the Dark Battle. He almost killed Lionblaze, but Crowfeather stopped him before he could. He deserved to be kicked out of the Clans, immediately, after the battle ended, but they let him stay!


  • Ok first of all I totally agree with you on these cats. The only “work” Sol did was walking around and starting battles.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈