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Kindheart discusses some possible theories about Mapleshade

HELLO BLOGCLAN!!!!! welcome to another theory article this one is all about mapleshade!!!!! yay!!! okay soo before we begin SPOILER ALERTS you have been warned. now that thats out of the way lets begin.

1.Mapleshade was a good warrior she was loyal. then she fell in love with another cat. now as we look over the rest of the series this has happened and cats have found out yet i don’t recall any other cat being exiled. they either left themselves or stayed and endured. so that means that mapleshade was the only cat to be exiled… the reason? (mapleshade steps forth) “I was exiled because the kits belonged to the cat who killed the leaders son!” thank you mapleshade. so there is that really fair? i mean really?!

2. now mapleshade could have lived with being exiled just fine as long as she knew her kits would be safe. but nope i-can-do-anything-i-want-because-you-deserve-it-star (oakstar) also exiled HER KITS!!!! KITS WHY KITS the kits didn’t do anything in fact that was one of the reasons leading to mapleshade killing the cats she killed. lets look at her mate from another clan. he is cozening up to another female from his clan. yet he promised mapleshade that he would love her. only her. sooo when mapleshade came to visit and ask for help first her kits drowned then when she saw her love he basically dissed her and rubbed it in with his NEW BETTER MATE! then to make it worse she heard from an apprentice that a warrior (sorry i forgot her name and am to lazy to go look it up) could have saved her kits but didn’t.

3. now here is where it gets complicated. she keeps seeing her kits in pain because they can not rest easy. they must be avenged. now there are two things this could be. either starclan is telling her that she should do it or she has schizophrenia. now the starclan one does make sense and it doesn’t because technically starclan is the only one who can really penetrate cats thoughts but then it would mean that she should have gone to starclan instead of the dark forest. with the schizophrenia theory it would explain a lot. it would explain why starclan didn’t let her come because they hadn’t sent her the dreams and visions. it also makes sense that she would have it about that. OUT OF HER ENTIRE LIFE THAT WAS THE MOST TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE SHE HAD so it would make sense that she sees the things she most loved and them suffering telling her to avenge them. it also explains a theory of mines. is your mind ready to be blown?! its the reason why mapleshade can walk in dreams! we see that no other dark forest cat can do it until they all gather could it be that mapleshade taught them this talent?!

let me know your opinion in the comment section below so until the next article! cyo 😉

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  • I ranted on her because she killed spotty, but when I looked at her past, I took it back. Poor maple

  • I really love these theories, but I just wanna say something about the first one.
    Why was Mapleshade the only one punished for forbidden love? WHY?
    Apparently if ThunderClan knew about Leafpool’s affair earlier, they would’ve banished her even though Firestar would’ve done anything to let her stay. Then she would probably run away with Crowfeather or whatevs. Somehow that sounds really interesting.

  • Cool! I actually have my own theory about Mapleshade’s kits, which is also part of a larger theory about the prophecy of the Three.

    Okay, so here’s what we know:

    Jayfeather could travel through time to his previous incarnation, with Dove’s Wing and (sorry, I forgot Lionblaze’s Ancients name). Thus, we know that the Three have lived before… but why?

    We know that the prophecy of the Three came from an ancient power that not even StarClan knows about, nor Rock, who is, if I understand correctly, the oldest cat who still has access to the living.

    And, all known Clan-like societies of cats so far seem to have their own spirit ancestors (I’m not counting Blood”Clan” or any rogue groups that might be superficially similar, but do not have the same kind of developed culture and morals)

    And, how this ties in with Mapleshade…

    She was basically the one who organized the Dark Forest into its attack, who found other cats and started training them…

    She got into the Dark Forest because she killed three cats, which I don’t think she would have done if she hadn’t hallucinated her kits calling out to her.

    So, here’s my theory:

    There is an ancient evil force, that has lived as long as there was any semblance of Clan-related things, perhaps even longer. When circumstances and mentalities permit, it gives visions to living cats, trying to corrupt them to do its bidding in one way or another, such as with Mapleshade and her kits. This allows these corrupted cats to corrupt even more cats, which will eventually strengthen and uprise, as in the Great Battle, against the society of the living cats. The ancient spirits of the dead saw signs of the first uprising, and created a safeguard: the Three. With their powers, they could stop the uprising of corrupted cats. A part of this safeguard is their ability to reincarnate, as in the time of Jay’s Wing, Half Moon, etc, whenever another evil uprising is soon to occur.