My Top 10 Favorite Warrior Cats by Sunheart


Sunheart explores some great cats’ characters

Alright, this is my first writing so I hope it goes well! Let’s get started :3
[ Runner Ups – Sorreltail, Mudclaw, Brackenfur, Jayfeather, Ferncloud, Leopardstar, Littlecloud, and Brook ]

10- Russetfur
I don’t really know why I like her so much. I just think that she’s a very loyal cat with a good heart. She went from being a loner/rouge to a warrior cat. She proved herself really worthy of being in the clans, and I think it was really sad when she died.

9- Mistystar
I really love Mistystar! She is one of the best leaders in my opinion, even though she was half clan, she proved herself to be completely loyal to Riverclan. She forgave Leopardstar, even though she let Tigerstar kill her brother. She is forgiving, loyal, and overall a really good cat. And I think that she needs more love.

8- Mapleshade
I know that a lot of people don’t like Mapleshade, but I think that her story was really sad. Appledusk had no right to reject her for Reedshine ( or whatever her name was ). Oakstar was an idiot for banishing her. She only wanted to be loved by her clan, and her mate. Than she lost her kits, and everything she loved. It wasn’t her fault she turned evil, it was everyone who made her suffer in her life. I think she was a very interesting character, and that her character was very well written.

7- Ashfur
I know, I know that a lot of people don’t like Ashfur, but I honestly loved his character. ( Don’t hate me ) I honestly think that Ashfur and Squirrelflight were cute together, and that it was sad and frustrating when Squirrelflight rejected him. I hate Squirrelflight in general actually. Ashfur and her were cute together and it really annoyed me when she left him for Bramblestar. For I don’t like them together. He was a loyal warrior and would have been a great leader. If only things had been different, than hopefully people would have liked him a lot more.

6- Leafpool
I think that Leafpool was a really kind and Dedicated cat to her clan. She couldn’t help falling in live with someone, and it was sad how things didn’t work out between her and Crowfeather, because I ship them so hard! She tried her best to keep her secret, and she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I was really mad at Hollyleaf when she tried to kill her. She was a good cat, and doesn’t deserve all the hate. I hope her and Crowfeather get together in StarClan :).

5- Ivypool
First off, I applaud Ivypool for dealing with all off Dovewings crap. I absolutely hate Dovewing, she is dumb and stupid XD. Ivypool is so much better in my opinion. She was kewl since the beginning. She only wanted the attention of her clan. She is extremely loyal to her clan, ( even though I ship her with Hawkfrost ). I love her personality. And that’s why she is my 5th spot on my list.

4- Bluestar
I know a lot of people don’t like her…..but I just wanna give Bluestar a hug. She lost so much…her mother, her sister, her mate, her kits. EVERYTHING. And she still stayed strong in the end. Sure she went a bit crazy, but she didn’t cause herself to go crazy. She was an awesome leader, and deserves love :).

3- Firestar
Yes, the one and only….Firestar! I don’t know why to be honest, but I have loved this cat ever since the first chapter. His story is just so amazing, his character development is outstanding, and he is a very interesting character. He gets a lot of hate, because he seems to be in “every prophecy.” That’s just crap. This is the first cat you meet, and get to know. This is the cat you follow for the most time! This legendary leader of Thunderclan is and will always be one of my favorites. His character is one that we can all relate to. Not being excepted, and going through lots of struggles. Firestar is an amazing leader, he is loyal, and kind. He deserves to be loved more than any cat.

2- Spottedleaf
I can already feel the hate from all of you burning my chest, but this is just my opinion. Spottedleaf has always been one of my very fav cats. I love her relationship with Firestar, and I think she died an unfair death. I can relate to her more than any cat. Losing the one you love, and even dying so young. She was wise, kind, and overall an amazing cat. She shouldn’t get so much hate because she fell in love with Firestar. They are meant for eachother, and she is an amazingly written character.

1- Daisy
I know that a lot of people don’t like, or even HATE Daisy. I even hated her when she first came to Thunderclan! But she is an amazing cat, that truly earned my number one spot on my list. She cares for the kits, supports the queens, and helps out in the nursery. Everyone is always like, “She has too many kits!” But without kits, the clans wouldn’t have any cats! She is kind, sweet, and an amazing cat.

Hope you enjoyed!

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  • What?! I HATE Spottedleaf!! How can ANYONE LIKE HER?! Fire x Spotted is like… the one thing in the world I HATE the most. Literally. First of all, she’s just bland and annoying. Her character is just… UGH! Even Bluestaar doesn’t approve them together! ANOTHER THING: She’s a pure mary-sue Can’t she just realize that Firestar already loves Sandstorm and leave him alone?? It’s just creepy how Firestar just says: ‘her sweet scent’. Dude, just GIVE UP on SPOTTEDLEAF!! That is the one thing I HATE about Firestar!!
    Another thing. Why do so many people hate DOVEWING? I love Dovewing much more than Ivypool! Everyone just says that she is a mary-sue. She’s not! She has a relation with Tigerheart, which is a ShadowClan cat.
    And Ashfur. NO WAY. He tried to kill Firestar! Not to mention Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze! If he actually loved Squirrelflight, he would have just tried to make her see that he is better than Brambleclaw. Not trying to kill the things she loves.

    • Yes, I hate Spottedleaf too! It makes me very angry with her! i hate the ship Spotted x fire! I also hate Ashfur for the same reasons as you! I just disagree with you on the Ivypool and Dovewing part. Dovewing is not a Mary-sue … but she is boring, annoying, crying and has done almost no brave act for the clan! She was awful with bumblestripe !! poor him! I prefer Ivypool more! in my opinion, Dovewing is the worst! Remembering that it is my opinion!

    1. If Spottedleaf was a sharp-tongued warrior I would have liked her. In my opinion, I was like, YES! when she died. She became…Boring! Jayfeather is my fav cat. Love his sharp tongue!!
  • Nice article though. I just…really like…sharp tongued, rude, bossy characters. Also evil ones with good backstorys!!

  • I’m sorry, but- Ashfur? He literally went insane and tried to kill Squirrelflight’s kits because she REJECTED HIM. That’s not love, that’s obsession. His actions shouldn’t be excused because he was “driven mad with love-” they weren’t even mates! Other cats get rejected, and they get over it! And the thing that made me so mad… he’s NOT A LOYAL WARRIOR! He tried to get Brambleclaw to murder Firestar just so Squirrelflight would date him! Let me rephrase: He tried to get his ex-girlfriend’s mate to kill her dad so she would date him. That’s not love. He’s willing to see her broken, grieving, and unable to trust so he can be with her. I’m okay with the other members on this list, but please reconsider about Ashfur.

  • I honestly agree with you on Mapleshade, She was Amazing before her kits drowned, but I like Squirrelflight in general, it’s not her fault she wasn’t in love with Ashfur [spoiler title=”My opinion”] [/spoiler]

  • All y’alls opinions are amazing (I disagree with some but to lazy to get into it) My favorite cat gotta be Jayfeather or prehaps Ivpool or Hollyleaf (I despise Spottedleaf) Anyways great article ^^

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