An Overview about Thunderclan (SPOILER ALERT) by Kindheart


Kindheart looks at ThunderClan’s cats and character

HELLO BLOGCLAN!!!!!! you hopefully have already read some of my other overview articles! if not why are you here?! go read them!!! now today we will look over thunderclan!!!!

1. so thunderclan is a very confusing and basic clan. the entire series is built around thunderclan. yet you can’t say its the best clan. because when skyclan was driven out they didn’t help in fact it was the riverclan leader who actually wanted to help! we see thunderclan as a very kind and amazing clan and a ‘perfect clan’ yet that’s probably because through the main series we only get thunderclan cats view. and we see what they had to go through. yet we only see it when firestar is the leader and bluestar and bramblestar but those are all good leaders. my guess is thunderclan must have had bad leaders somewhere in the timeline. the question is where? we see thunderclan as the perfect clan because when we see it from their point of view its with good leaders. while the other clans well we start of with shadowclan having the worst leader possible. then onestar goes mad with rage. and well yeah you get the point.

2.the other clans have thunderclan under the stereotypes of do-gooders and getting in everyone’s business. yet my guess is if shadowclan was changed so has thunderclan. they can’t have always had good leaders. we just never read about bad leaders. no going farther back and in. we see thunderstar the first thunderclan leader we know he is a nice cat and very brave. and another thunderclan leader redstar we see him when skyclan leaves. he agreed they should leave and didn’t defend them sure he took in the queen and kits but just because his med cat suggested it. now here is a good example of a thunderclan leader that wasn’t the best. oakstar. aka the leader who kicked out mapleshade and her KITS!!! but still this is really not a good example because we know he is doing this out of grief but it’s not really against the warrior code. so i have a question for you erins. does thunderclan have an evil leader?! please tell me!

so yeah that concludes my overview of thunderclan i hope you enjoyed and until the next article! cyo 😉

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    In no code: some people do ‘first comment!” Without saying anything else. They just wanna be first in something. I think your article was great, and I 1000% agree with your oakheart theory. (If that was his warrior name)

  • I’d like to see an evil ThunderClan leader! You could do many things with that idea, for example, a good splinter group VS a Bad leader, sort of like the Tigerclaw and Bluestar with the good and evil roles reversed. You know, the deputy is doing the right thing by trying to remove the Clan leader from… “office” I guess you could call it.

  • Awesome! 😀 I do wish that there were some bad ThunderClan leaders, not just because I want some sort of Brokenstar to lead my least favorite Clan, but to also get to see what it’s like inside such a Clan, since most PoVs are in ThunderClan.

  • Awesome Article! I agree that there should be some evil thunderclap leaders, because it seems like they are always the good guys! 🙂

  • what if in a later arc, the thunderclan leader slowly turns evil, and the clan fights against them?

  • Thunderclan having a bad leader is a very clever idea! I like Shadowclan. Idk why. They have been through a lot with bad leaders. I like Blackstar as a leader. Spoiler alert, he dies. Maybe Shadowclan can save Thunderclan’s butt for a change. I really hope Thunderclan switches with Shadowclan. P.S. Am I crazy to like Shadowclan?

    • Yes, you are. I like all the Clans except I got bored with reading from Thunderclans point of view! I see how unfair it is now, If I was in a different clan….why they get the power of three and not my clan!!???

  • Oakstar is a sorta evil leader. He broke rule 8 of the Warrior Code,protect any kit that is in danger or pain,even if it is not from your Clan,or something like that. But I can’t count how many cats broke the Warrior Code.

  • I want a series revolved around WindClan. I’m honestly getting bored of the goody-two- paws ThunderClan. Nice article!