My Top 10 Cats that should be Clan Leaders by Sunheart


Sunheart decides who should be Clan leaders

Hai People! Today I’m going to discuss 10 cats that I think should be clan leaders!
Let’s Get started with some honorable mentions: Tawnypelt, Graystripe, Cloudtail, and Stonefur.

#10 – Bumblestripe
Bumblestripe is one of my favorite cats. He is kind, and I think that as a clan leader, he woule make good decisions. He wouldn’t always resort to violence, he would be a chill, wise leader in my opinion. Maybe he should go kill Onestar and lead Windclan, maybe then I might respect Windclan more xD.

#9 – Dustpelt
I don’t know why, but I have always liked Dustpelt, and I feel that he would be a good leader. He wouldn’t be completely calm, but he would show the other clans who’s boss >:3. I want a Duststar in our history, but sadly *SPOILERS* that can’t happen because he’s dead ~ I cry ~

#8- Russetfur
Are you kidding, I barely need to explain. Russetfur was an amazing cat, and when Lionblaze killed her I was heartbroken. I mean, she was old. But she was loyal, strong, and had all the things needed to be a great leader! I will forever grieve for Russetfur not being a leader.

#7- Brightheart
Brightheart has all the qualities of a great leader. She is wise, makes good choices, and knows how to lead in my opinion. I have always seen some kind of leader in Brightheart. Just because she has a damaged eye and stuff, doesn’t mean she can’t be like every other cat. Plus, as a bonus, Brightstar would sound REALLY awesome.

#6 – Cinderheart
Cinderheart is awesome. She deserves to lead a clan, a lot. She’s been through a lot, and would be a similar to Bluestar in leading in my opinion. ( Besides going crazy ). Though she probably won’t become a leader, I wish she would. It would make me scream with joy hug my book. ( No joke ). PLUS she’s not dead :3

#5- Shellheart
Omg he was such an amazing deputy! During all of Crookedstars promise, I really wanted Hailstar to die ( no offensive Hailstar xD ) so I could see a Shellstar. But sadly that never did happen. Oh well, he would have been an amazing leader with almost no flaws. Probably one of the best leaders ever. Crookedstar takes after him A LOT.

#4- Ivypool
Ivypool is one of my favorite Warrior Cats, and will always be. I hate Dovewing so much, Ivypool is about 100 times better. I want Ivystar, really bad. She is brave, and extremely loyal. I can’t think of many other cats that would be as good of a leader than she would. She dealt with Dovewings crap for a long time, and I admire her for that.

#3- Mudclaw
WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY DIDNT WE HAVE MUDSTAR INSTEAD IF DUMB ONESTAR! I love Tallstar, but making Onestar leader was one of the worst choices in the hole warriors series. Mudclaw was a loyal and strong cat. He would have made an outstanding leader, and I felt so bad for him when Onestar was made deputy. Imagine doing all that work, being deputy for more moons then you can count, than having the person who you thought trusted you most betray you. I can imagine how much that hurt him. I’m so glad the Erin’s put him in StarClan, because that’s what he deserved.

#2- Whitestorm
I don’t have to explain much for this one. We all saw Whitestorms amazing leader qualities. It was obvious. I wish he was leader, so bad. At least he got to be deputy for a little while before DUMB BONE killed him. ;(

#1- Brackenfur
Brackenfur is one of my top three favorite cats. He lost so much in his life, but he still was loyal to his clan. He stayed strong, and did all he could for his clan. He deserves to be leader more than anyone else on this list in my opinion. Look back on his backstory, and you will see why he serves to be named Brackenstar. He would be wise, and would make good choices with little bloodshed. There is still time….for Brackenstar. Thunderclan should open their eyes and chose Brackenfur to lead.

Hope you enjoyed! :3

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  • What about Ashfoot or Tornear, or Sharpclaw or Blackclaw, or Mosspelt, or Tawnypelt, or Oakfur, or Cloudtail?

  • I’m might make my own article of top ten cats who should become deputy.
    Anyway that was a great article. Guess what. I made my name by mixing Brackenfur and Whitestorm so I really like Brackenfur and Whitestorm. GOOOOOOOO Brackenstar.

  • What about Cinderpelt? I was devastated when her leg was crippled. If she had never been hit by the monster, then I’d bet you anything she’d be Cinderstar, and Bramblestar would remain Brambleclaw.