Yellowfang vs Mapleshade (Clan Civil War #1)

Laurelpaw looks at the differences between Mapleshade and Yellowfang.

Hello! My name is Laurelpaw and I would like to introduce my first edition of what I hope to become a series of articles describing the differences between Clan cats (especially those within the same Clan). This is my first BlogClan article, so please bear with me….


First I will introduce Yellowfang, a fierce ShadowClan medicine cat who was the mother of the infamous Brokenstar. She fell in love with Raggedstar as a warrior apprentice, but was not able to give up her feelings after becoming a medicine cat apprentice. She gave birth to Raggedstar’s three kits, with Brokenstar being the only survivor (one died at birth and another soon after). Brokenstar was given to Lizardstripe so as to keep his real mother’s identity a secret (he was known to be Raggedstar’s son). After seeing how badly Lizardstripe treated Brokenstar, she regretted giving him up, and for what she thought was his own good, Yellowfang watched him grow up with little interference.

Yellowfang Facts:
~Her father was Brackenfoot, and her mother was Brightflower.
~She was a mentor to both Runningnose and Cinderpelt
~She was formerly a warrior apprentice.
~She had three kits, but two died.
~She had the unique ability to feel the pain of other cats (which made them easier to diagnose). This was why Sagewhisker convinced her to become a medicine cat.

Commentary: She is one of my all-time favorite Warriors cats.

Next I would like to introduce Mapleshade, a former ThunderClan warrior and traitor. Mapleshade started out as your average ThunderClan warrior (though she was a kit and an apprentice first of course!) One fateful day, she met a RiverClan warrior named Appledusk. They became close friends after moons of secret meetings and then later, mates. Soon ThunderClan realized that she was expecting kits. They were led to believe that they were Birchface’s kits (though he was dead at the time) and she did not deny it when they confronted her. She named them Larchkit, Petalkit, and Patchkit.

Mapleshade Facts:
~She had an illegal RiverClan mate. (Appledusk)
~She had three kits.
~It was believed that Birchface was her mate.

Commentary: Her story makes me cry every time.

Now what did happen to these two rule-breakers with their illegal love stories? Well….

Yellowfang was never suspected of her crime of love by anyone but her mentor, Sagewhisker. She lived her life (though miserable), unable to show any affection towards her (former) mate or her own kit. When Raggedstar appointed Brokenstar as his deputy/successor, and Brokenstar murdered him for power, her life was turned inside-out and backwards once again….. PLOT TWIST! Yellowfang’s mother, Brightflower, gave birth to two more kits (Marigoldkit and Mintkit). They both mysteriously went missing, and Yellowfang sets out to find them. Both kits were found dead, and were obviously killed by a fox. Yellowfang curled around them to morn for her siblings and was discovered by Brokenstar. Brokenstar accused her of murder (her scent covered that of the fox), and exiled her from ShadowClan. She later joined ThunderClan as their new medicine cat and killed her own son to save them (by feeding him deathberries). She died from smoke inhalation during a fire after helping to clear the ThunderClan camp.

Mapleshade’s kits were discovered to look very much like Appledusk of RiverClan, causing controversy in ThunderClan. She had to flee with her kits to RiverClan to seek sanctuary. The only way to the camp was to cross the river….. (prepare for the sad part) Mapleshade tried to help her kits to cross the river, but it was too strong for them. They both floated from her grasp and went under. When she got to the other side, hoping for the comfort of Appledusk, she was met by nothing but horror and betrayal. Appledusk blamed her for the death of his kits and sent her away. RiverClan wanted nothing to do with her. She became a loner and then a rogue, stewing all of her anger and hatred for the Clans. Later (after her death) she influences Crookedstar in order to get revenge on the Clans.

These two cats both faced the horrors of illegal love first hand/paw. They both saw the deaths of their own kits and experienced the utter betrayal of their mates and Clans. Now for the Clan Civil War Awards!

First Award: Best Backstory……. *drumroll* YELLOWFANG
Second Award: Best Revenge……. *drumroll* MAPLESHADE
Third Award: Best Return……. *drumroll* YELLOWFANG
Forth Award: Best Villain……. *drumroll* MAPLESHADE
Fifth Award: Most Hardships……. *drumroll* (HAHAHA! You actually thought that I was going to tell you?!)

Thank you so much for reading! I hope to follow this up with other backstory-matches soon! May StarClan light your paths.

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