• Ok, I’m gonna rant a little bit.

    Lets start, I don’t ship Leo X Calypso, here is why… I LOVED LEO AS THE 7TH WHEEL! He was perfect, and I just don’t really like Calypso that much, sorry to people who like Caleo.

    I also don’t ship Jason X Piper, there relationship just didn’t work out, and I was fine with it. All my friends are mad at me, because I don’t ship Jasper, or Caleo, I have only read up to Trials Of Apollo The Burning Maze, so Idk what happens next

    Who do you ship?

    1. Percabeth (Percy X Annabeth) YES
    2. Jasper (Jason X Piper) Um…
    3. Caleo (Leo X Calypso) No 🙂
    4. Frazel (Frank X Hazel) Yep
    5. Solangelo (Nico X Will) Yes

    • Percabeth- yep!
      Jasper (i thought it was Jiper?)- …i actually do ship it
      Caleo- meh
      Frazel- meh, it’s ok, though i like it a bit more than Caleo
      Solangelo- yes

    • let me tell you that when I read heroes of olympus for the first time I was OBSESSED with caleo and then I realized that a lot of people in the fandom were talking about how underdeveloped it was and I was like hmmm… you know maybe they have a point. but I did reread blood of olympus and I still found caleo extremely entertaining so I guess it’s just a guilty pleasure at this point 😛 and as for jason and piper I don’t really mind them together but I really vibe with the idea of piper as a lesbian and her feelings for jason all being compulsive heteronormativity because they really didn’t seem to have all that much chemistry so it makes way more sense

    • 1. Yes, duh
      2. Meh, kinda ig
      3. Not really
      4. Yeee
      5. Yeee
      K, when I first read hoo I was okay with caleo. I was mostly meh about it but I decently liked it and thought it was kinda cute. But then I started thinking that it felt too rushed? Like Leo went to the island, stayed for a week and they just…fell in love. Then Leo sweared on Styx which is a bit dramatic for someone you just met. But at least we get to see more of caleo in ToA. Oh and I actually find Leo and echo kinda cute as well.

    • Percabeth-YES
      Jasper-a little, not really but i kinda ship it
      solangelo- YES YES YES MY OTP

  • How would you rate the seven from 1-10?
    Annabeth- 9.5
    Leo- 9.5
    Percy- 9
    Hazel- 8.5
    Frank- 8.5
    Piper- 8
    Jason- 8
    That’s how I’d rate them 🙂

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