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  • My eyes,Wrenkit thought. I can’t see. She felt the body of a larger cat. She looked up,trying to make out who it was,but everything was dark. She curled up again,staring into the blank blackness. After a while that had seemed like moons,her eyes adjusted to the darkness. Looking around,she realized she was in a small cave,with the tom blocking the entrance. She sniffed the air. She scented an herby tang . . . and Robinsky! Wrenkit shuffled closer to Robinsky,only to hear her unsteady breathing. She looked around the cave,trying to find some herbs that would help,but she couldn’t make out the herbs she was looking for,so she got up,full of pain,and crept over to the corner. She heard a pawstep,and looking back,she saw the tom gazing around the cave. Luckily,he didn’t spot Wrenkit. Now that she was closer to an herb patch,Wrenkit could make out a few herbs. She silently stripped off some coltsfoot,poppy seeds,comfrey root,and thyme. When she had brought the herbs to Robinsky,she roused her. Stirring,Robinsky muttered sleepily. “What?” She lifted her head. “Where am I?” She looked around and spotted Wrenkit. Wrenkit whispered”eat this coltsfoot. And this thyme. Does anything hurt?” Robinsky gazed at her. “My leg.” She started eating while Wrenkit rubbed a poultice of comfrey root on her leg. Once Robinsky had finished eating,Wrenkit gave her the poppy seeds. Robinsky quickly licked them up. Wrenkit huddled on the cave floor,and Robinsky curled around her. “I will protect you,” Robinsky whispered into Wrenkit’s ear as they both fell into an uneasy sleep.
    Wrenkit awoke to hear pawsteps. She felt jaws in her scruff. Opening her eyes and twisting in the strong teeth,she spotted the tom that had held her and Robinsky captive carrying her. He threw her into a corner where a ginger she-cat was standing. “Are you sure I shouldn’t be helping to get the flea-pelted Clan cat here,Smoke?” Smoke shook his head. “No,Thrush. Blaze and Fire can handle it.” He turned to Wrenkit while Thrush held Wrenkit by keeping her paw on her tail. “Its almost sunset,and you haven’t told me anything. Tell me now,or die,” Smoke growled,taking a step closer. Wrenkit felt the urge to tell these rouges something,but what could she say that would protect RainClan? “I . . . something is . . . a secret is . . .”

  • Bluefire jerks upright. “Ahhhhh!”
    “Woah, calm down.” A dark brown tabby tom stands over her, his icy eyes gleaming.
    “Hawk, it’s just you. Where am I?” Bluefire asks. “I had a horrible dream, my clanmates were captured–”
    “It wasn’t a dream. I got you out before the twolegs could cage you.” Hawk sits, wrapping his fluffy tail around his paws. “You’re at my den.” Bluefire looks around at the tiny abandoned twoleg den.
    “I have to rescue my clanmates,” she gasps.
    “Okay.” Hawk nods. “I’ll help you.”
    “Really?” Bluefire gasps.
    “Of course. And I have a plan.”

    • “Bluefire! Bluefire!” Moonbreeze paced the forest nervously. Her clanmate’s scent had lead her to an abandoned Twoleg nest, but a strange cat’s scent was mixed with it. After taking a deep breath, Moonbreeze entered the den.

      “Bluefire!!” She exclaims. “What are you doing?” The blue she-cat whips around.

      “Moonbreeze! Thank StarClan!” Bluefire’s face is creased with both worry and excitement. “The twolegs took our clanmates!” Shock flashed across Moonbreeze’s face.

      “When? We need to rescue them!” The silver she-cat asked.

      “While you were hunting,” Bluefire replied.

      “Wait. Who are you???” Moonbreeze pointed her tail at Hawk, teeth bared in a snarl. “What are you doing here?”

      “Oh! This is Hawk! He helped me escape from the Twolegs,” Bluefire interrupted. “Leave him alone,” she meowed. Moonbreeze growled under her breath. A rogue. Just what RainClan needed.

      • As Smoke carried Wrenkit to the cliff,Wrenkit slid her claws out and picked up some poppy seeds and needles. She threw them up and the needles showered Smoke and Thrush. The rouges flinched and accidentally dropped Wrenkit. Wrenkit stalked a bush and looked like she had caught something. Then she padded over to Smoke and Thrush. “Eat this mouse that I caught,” she said to the rouges who were lying on their side. They opened their mouth and swallowed the poppy seeds.

        When the rouges had fallen asleep,Wrenkit rolled around so her scent would not be found. She cast one final glance before leaving and said”whatever happens to Robinsky,I’ll know it was you who did it. I know where to find you and her.” Wrenkit raced off to RainClan territory.

        Wrenkit galloped through the forest, wind blowing at her fur,until she reached the cliff face that was the border of the territory. She climbed up to the top and looked back. “Goodbye,my friend.” Wrenkit felt a pang of guilt. I should’ve gone back and saved her. But there was no time now. The camp is far away,and its almost moonhigh. I should rest in the abondoned twoleg nest,she thought. Wrenkit padded to the nest and scented the air. There was a scent of RainClan cats,and also a strange cat. Cautiously,she looked inside and called”hello?” Wrenkit saw movement. “Wrenkit? Is that you?” The voice was Bluefire’s. “Bluefire,what are you doing here?” A new voice spoke”two legs captured the Clan and we escaped here.” That was Moonbreeze. “Come and rest.” Wrenkit slunk inside and curled up next to Moonbreeze.

        • Bluefire, Moonbreeze, Hawk, and Wrenkit sneak through the dark forest towards the cages the twolegs had stacked full of cats next to a twoleg monster gathering place (parking lot). “There they are,” Bluefire whispers, pointing with her tail at their clanmates. Some are clawing at the bars, still trying to get out. Hawk slinks forwards, quickly unlatching one of the lower cages. Ebonystar tumbles out. “Who are you?” She asks.
          “I am Hawk,” he replies. Bluefire, Moonbreeze, and Wrenkit step out of the forest.
          “He’s here to help,” Bluefire states. Ebonystar gives her a weird look, but nods. The cats quickly free their clanmates, and just in time. The twolegs are coming back!
          “Run!” Hawk shouts. The RainClan cats scramble for the woods, disappearing into the trees. Bluefire and Hawk are about to follow when they are trapped by the twolegs and shoved into cages. The cages are thrust into one of the monsters before either cat can make sense of what just happened. As the moster rumbles to life, Bluefire sees Moonbreeze standing at the edge of the forest, Wrenkit at her side. That image stays in Bluefire’s head as the monster picks up speed, racing away from the only home Bluefire had ever known.

            • Sunmarks (hours) passed inside the monster. Bluefire and Hawk huddled together in the wire cage, waiting. They knew they couldn’t escape while the monster was moving. Other cats, loners most likely, crowd some of the cages. Three take notice of the two, recognising Hawk. One, a sleek white she-cat with amber eyes, speaks.
              “I thought you were uncagable, Hawk,” she sneered.
              “Lay off, Shard,” another cat, a russet tom with blue eyes, said.
              “Shut it, Red,” Shard snarled. She turned back to Hawk. “Isn’t that what you said?”
              “I wasn’t alone this time,” Hawk replied calmly. “And things change.”
              “The uncagable is caged. The unbeateble are beaten,” the third cat, an orange-and-white patched tom with pale hazel eyes mused. “My name is Perch, by the way. Shard’s my sister.”
              “I’ve heard of you three before, actually,” Hawk remembered. “Shard, her mate, Red, and her brother, Perch.”
              Bluefire stirred. “Why do you talk to your mate like that?” Shard seemed caught off guard by the question.
              “That’s just how she is,” Red sighed. “She didn’t used to be like this.”
              “Yeah, she was more fun when we were kits,” Perch added. Snarling, Shard turned on them.
              “If we weren’t in different cages, I would shred you.”
              “Ya know, we might be more wary if you actually followed through with your threats,” Perch yawned. Bluefire purred with amusement.
              “Well, I hope we can all escape soon,” she said. “I have a feeling we’ll be better off as a group.”
              “What, you don’t want to go back to your clan?” Shard asked, seeming honestly confused.
              “Someday, but at the rate we’re traveling, I might never get back. Besides, I’d rather be with Hawk,” Bluefire answered.
              “I’d join your clan, you know,” Hawk reminded.
              “Clan life isn’t for you,” Bluefire teased. “All those rules. You’d never survive.”
              “Maybe we can start our own clan,” Red said suddenly. “Make our own rules.”
              “Huh.” Bluefire mulled over the idea. “Maybe.” They lapsed into silence, processing the idea.
              “So long as I’m still leader,” Shard declared, causing the others to burst into laughter.

              • Wrenkit pelted through twolegplace. She turned and twisted and jumped. Suddenly,she stopped,panting. Once Wrenkit had caught her breath,she jumped on to the roof of a twoleg nest and looked around. The forest was far away now.

                Wrenkit sighed. “This is hopeless,”she whispered. Then she jumped back down and started walking.

                A monster appeared out of nowhere. A twoleg came out. Wrenkit took a few pages back. Then,she realized that the monster looked the same as the one that took Vluefire. Then,e twoleg looked the same too, except that it was taller and skinnier.

                If this will take me to the same place as Bluefire . . .

                Wrenkit looked around at her surroundings. Then she warily padded over to the twoleg. It scooped her up and started stroking Wrenkit. It said something in a soothing voice and then put Wrenkit in a cage.

                “Just please take me to the same place as Bluefire,”Wrenkit pleaded as the monster started moving.

        • Robinsky woke up and felt groggy. “Wrenkit… ? ” she managed to mew. Then she was roughly pulled out from her prison-den and forced onto hard ground, with the sun shining in her eyes.
          “Where is that kit we captured?!” hissed one of the rouge cats. “I don’t know,” mewed Robinsky truthfully, although she could scent Wrenkit’s faint scent leading out of the camp. “Well, here’s the deal, we’ll send you back to your camp, as long as you spy for us. If you don’t report to us at moonhigh every day, we’ll kill you. Tell us about your Clan, their strengths, and weaknesses.”
          Robinsky nodded. She would do her best to not spy, and she would attempt to find Wrenkit. “I will.” she mewed with false confidence. “Then you are officially part of the Camp.” mewed the rouge, and ripped her flank with one claw. “Now you know where you are, spy.”

  • *suddenly realise I haven’t been posting secret NTA for a long time*

    Here’s the results of last round 😆!
    Yarrowshine by Ottie!
    Catmintheart by Rainy! (Sorry Wrenkit)
    Dockecho by Wrenkit!
    Chervilleaf by Wrenkit!
    Herbfrost by Ottie!
    Congratulations to everyone 😸!

    Please tell me if anything on the leaderboard goes wrong.

    #Round2– Half-moon gathering!
    1. Nightpaw
    2. Moonpaw
    3. Spiritpaw
    4. Dreampaw
    5. Stonepaw
    6. Poolpaw

    Have fun 😉!

  • Results of last NTA!!!
    Nightmist by Moon 👏👏👏
    Moongleam by Rainy 👏👏👏
    Spiritdance by Wren 👏👏👏
    Dreammist by Wren 👏👏👏
    Stoneswirl by Rainy 👏👏👏
    Pooldapple by Bluefire 👏👏👏
    Congratulations 🎉🎊!!!


    Please tell me if anything goes wrong 😉.

    #Round3– Morning🌄!
    1. Brightpaw
    2. Lightpaw
    3. Sunpaw
    4. Dewpaw
    5. Morningpaw
    6. Sleepypaw 😜

    Have fun 😸!

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