LGBTQ+ Cats in Warriors by Cometpaw

Cometpaw discusses pairings in Warriors supporting the LGBTQ+ Community.

Before I begin, I’d like to say something. I’m aware that homosexuality, bisexuality, and other queer identities are a controversial topic, especially in children’s media. With that in mind, I’d like to ask for everyone to respect opposing opinions. I myself support the LGBTQ+ community and even identify under a queer identity, but I will remain respectful of others’ opinions. Despite this, I will likely write from a supporter’s stance.

The Erins appear to be either tolerant or supporting of the LGBTQ community, based on what they’ve said in the past. Barley and Ravenpaw have been confirmed as a couple at least by Victoria Holmes, and from my understanding, Kate Cary has also said that they can be seen either way. Ravenpaw’s Farewell shyed away from straight out confirming it, but there was much evidence in favor of this pairing, and any further confirmation would have stirred up controversy anyway. Regardless of how you feel about the pairing and queer people in general, this isn’t the first male and male couple to be semi-confirmed by several authors.

The pairing of Tallstar and Jake was also semi-confirmed by Kate, and heavily hinted at by Vicky. This pairing had less evidence within the books, but I personally consider it a semi-canon couple. It was stated that Tallstar never took a mate, and Kate said that he,’Wasn’t really into she-cats anyway,’ hinting that he is homosexual.

Given these two couples, it’s possible that more semi-canon LGBTQ couples could be in the books. Interestingly, I don’t believe that a female and female pairing has ever had much evidence or confirmation by any author, but this could occur in the future.

Opinions against the LGBTQ community prevent any non-heterosexual couple from being confirmed or overtly hinted within the books, and I believe it will remain this way. However, I hope more hinted representation for the LGBTQ+ community will appear within the books and that these relationships are respected and looked upon positively, despite the controversy and despite the fact that these are fictional cats.


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  • Awesome! 😀 I think that homosexual couples should be included in Warriors, too 🙂

  • I agree 101% and support! The reason it’s not mentioned entierly in the books and full-canon due to the fact that some countries where Warriors books are sold are against this topic.

  • Nice article, Cometpaw! I think that it’d be a great idea to introduce LGBTQ+ couple of relationships into Warriors to make it more diverse and parallel to our own world!

  • Being pansexual, I really appreciate stuff like this in books and media. I ship RavenxBarley really hard too 😛

  • I wouldn’t mind at all these ships in Warriors. While I’m not against LGBTQ+, it’s harder to put ships like that in Children’s media. However, its already been done by Steven Universe (one of thier chacters is LBGTQ+), so who knows? Maybe Warriors could be the next pioneers in having LGBTQ+ characters in children’s books?

  • I think the trouble would be trying to put these in a children’s media. Some young people who don’t know about it could be confused, or rubbed the wrong way (not to homosexuality. That is not a wrong way, just a different one. I mean to begin to think it is ‘weird’ though it most definitely is not, true colors will be revealed later in life) I tried my best not to offend anybody, as I have no meaning too.

  • A lot of religions don’t support it and don’t want that opinion in everything they see. Honestly, I prefer just not mentioning it. It doesn’t even make sense for cats anyway.

    • Actually, I think homosexuality has been observed in cats. Either way, cats don’t mate for life or live in large groups, or do a bunch of other things that we see them doing in Warriors, so it’s not like this is any more unrealistic than anything else we see in Warriors.

      • It would be extremely rare, but not impossible. I’m not against it or anything, but I’ve seen studies saying that chimps and others primates are the only animals that exhibit it other than humans, which makes since, considering their brain capacity, then again, not a lot of research has been done on the subject.

        • I’m pretty sure that it’s been seen in other animals that mate for life, including certain birds like geese and hawks. I think there was a reported mated pair of hawks (both male) who took eggs from another hawk’s nest to raise. But I don’t recall for sure.

          • Meh. I’m not a biologist (but I hope to be one if my author plan doesn’t work out) so I can’t really say for sure, but I guess that’s pretty much a slap in the face to people who say that being gay is not natural lol.

    • ya, i agree with jayie, plus, why should someone not liking it mean someone else cant agree, i’m religious, and a LGBTQ supporter