LGBTQ+ Cats in Warriors by Cometpaw

Cometpaw discusses pairings in Warriors supporting the LGBTQ+ Community.

Before I begin, I’d like to say something. I’m aware that homosexuality, bisexuality, and other queer identities are a controversial topic, especially in children’s media. With that in mind, I’d like to ask for everyone to respect opposing opinions. I myself support the LGBTQ+ community and even identify under a queer identity, but I will remain respectful of others’ opinions. Despite this, I will likely write from a supporter’s stance.

The Erins appear to be either tolerant or supporting of the LGBTQ community, based on what they’ve said in the past. Barley and Ravenpaw have been confirmed as a couple at least by Victoria Holmes, and from my understanding, Kate Cary has also said that they can be seen either way. Ravenpaw’s Farewell shyed away from straight out confirming it, but there was much evidence in favor of this pairing, and any further confirmation would have stirred up controversy anyway. Regardless of how you feel about the pairing and queer people in general, this isn’t the first male and male couple to be semi-confirmed by several authors.

The pairing of Tallstar and Jake was also semi-confirmed by Kate, and heavily hinted at by Vicky. This pairing had less evidence within the books, but I personally consider it a semi-canon couple. It was stated that Tallstar never took a mate, and Kate said that he,’Wasn’t really into she-cats anyway,’ hinting that he is homosexual.

Given these two couples, it’s possible that more semi-canon LGBTQ couples could be in the books. Interestingly, I don’t believe that a female and female pairing has ever had much evidence or confirmation by any author, but this could occur in the future.

Opinions against the LGBTQ community prevent any non-heterosexual couple from being confirmed or overtly hinted within the books, and I believe it will remain this way. However, I hope more hinted representation for the LGBTQ+ community will appear within the books and that these relationships are respected and looked upon positively, despite the controversy and despite the fact that these are fictional cats.


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  • It’s funny how Dovewing has been shipped with the three B’s (Briarlight, Blossomfall, and Bumblestripe).

    I ship Dovewing and Briarlight out of all of them.

    • That’s pretty cool. On Wattpad, I am shipping a bunch of cats. I have 27 gay male couples and 21 lesbian couples. Can you give me some examples of lesbian couples so I can even out the number? What I have for the lesbian couples so far is:
      Sandstorm and Spottedleaf
      Graystripe (MtF) and Bluestar
      Sandstorm and Bluestar
      Spottedleaf and Bluestar
      Mousefur and Spottedleaf
      Squirrelflight and Feathertail
      Leopardstar and Mistyfoot
      Leopardstar and Bluestar
      Brightheart and Bluestar
      Silverstream and Leopardstar
      Sasha and Sandstorm
      Yellowfang and Bluestar
      Brightheart and Spottedleaf
      Holleyleaf and Spottedleaf
      Mapleshade and Spotted leaf
      Cinderpelt and Spottedleaf
      Cinderpelt and Leafpool
      Silverstream and Leopardstar
      Squirrelflight and Silverstream
      Cinderpelt and Yellowfang
      Tawnypelt and Mistyfoot
      Leopardstar and Sasha

    In all honesty, if The Erins add more homosexual/bisexual content in Warriors, it would ruin it for me. I mean, its alright if there’s only one gay couple, but if there are three or more, it would get a little annoying. I don’t fully support the LGBTQ community, but I accept them. It wouldn’t hurt you if you wrote a series without a gay couple in there and it fully annoys me when more authors and creators these days are adding this type of content into shows or books because they’re scared of getting sued by the LGBTQ community (who I don’t think are going to sue anyone). I’m asking people not to add stuff like this into childrens’ books or shows just to please the people. If people don’t like it, then who cares, you still have many other fans supporting you!

    • Uh, I don’t think people are adding more LGBT characters because they’re scared of getting sued. I think they’re adding them because it’s a good thing to represent people in media, especially when they’re under-represented. It wouldn’t hurt anyone if people wrote characters /with/ gay couples and other LGBT characters either, and it actually help LGBT readers feel better about themselves to see themselves represented in media. Everyone deserves representation – imagine being an LGBT kid in a world that is rather prejudiced against you, getting to see a character like you in a show or series you love, and realizing that there are people out there that accept you. And why should the number of LGBT characters in anything be limited? There’s no limit on straight characters. That’s like saying “I’m alright if they have one or a few non-white characters in a show, but more is just annoying, they shouldn’t add in more just to please people.” Same kind of prejudice.

      • Its great that people are trying to make those people feel better about themselves, but I don’t think adding content like this into children’s books is a bit appropriate. Some families are highly cultural and don’t support these kinds of things, and I don’t think they would want their children reading or watching these kinds of things. Besides, I don’t think it’s necessary since more people determine their sexuality at an older age than that, so it would be more appropriate to add this content into stuff that arent exactly stuff for children. I’ve never heard of a young child who was gay/lesbian/bisexual. Since transgender is still being debated on to this day, it would be a bit controversial to add them into a book or a t.v show. I guess I can kind of relate to the community since I’m part of a religion that is looked down upon today and I can never go through the day without hearing at least one racist remark.

        • What’s so inappropriate about it? It’s people in love. We have that all the time in Warriors. It’s no better or worse than straight couples and straight characters which, again, we see all the time in Warriors.

          I don’t think people being culturally against being LGBT is any kind of reason to keep it out of media. It’s still prejudice and judging people for just being who they are, and I don’t think that’s okay. People probably said the same thing about interracial marriage fifty years ago, that it wasn’t appropriate to show in movies or TV, that it wasn’t appropriate for children to see, blah blah – culture didn’t excuse that prejudice then, and it doesn’t excuse it now.

          People are born with their sexuality. Sure, young kids probably don’t rationalize it as complexly as older people do, but they probably get crushes on people of whatever gender or think they’re pretty and feel it at that level. It would definitely help them to feel less alone and to be able to rationalize their feelings to themselves if they see people like themselves represented in media. Just like young people of different races probably don’t understand the implications of racism as complexly as adults do, but it’s still good for them to see people like them represented in media and not just a bunch of white people. And how is being transgender being “debated” on? It’s as valid as any other identity.

          • Oh! Love is appropriate! What I meant was that since children don’t determine their sexuality at such a young age, it wouldnt exactly be necessary to put that kind of stuff. It would be better if it was put in something that kids a bit older would read and watch. Warriors is a totally different matter. Since people of all ages read Warriors, despite it being a book for children, it would be fine to put at least, one or two gay/lesbian relationships in there, since its not exactly for young children.

            Children experience crushes by the end of Elementary because that’s just a part of growing up, sort of like a phase. There is no reason for them to feel left out because there are millions of people who are homosexual, you don’t need to include it in a book or a show to prove it. If people are bullying them because of it, then that has nothing to do with there being less gay stuff in media. That’s simply because of opinions.

            Transgender isn’t exactly accepted, there are lots of people out there who are against it. I heard of this one person who was abused and bullied for being transgender. Right now isn’t the time to be putting this stuff into the media, especially when most of the people are riled up about it.

            • What “kind of stuff?” It’s fine for children to see LGBT people, there’s not hing inappropriate about it. And it is necessary, because even if children don’t understand the full implications of sexuality, they are born with it, and young children do develop crushes.

              Yes, you do need to include it. Don’t you think kids of different races felt left out before they were portrayed in media, even though there are plenty of minorities in reality? No, portraying minorities and LGBT people well in media doesn’t mean that people will suddenly start accepting them. But it certainly won’t hurt at normalizing it in people’s eyes.

              No, it’s not entirely accepted, and that is exactly why we need positive portrayals of transgender people in the media. Seeing transgender people portrayed as normal people (which of course they are) in the media makes it seem more normalized to the people watching. That’s the point of representation in the media, well, one of the points.

              • That’s the problem. They won’t simply understand it. Children at a young age shouldnt even be thinking of sexuality and dating, they’re too young for that stuff. Media already implied to people that in order to be happy, you need to be in a relationship because of that, people are forcing themselves into relationships that only last for a month! That’s because the majority of media contains love. The same thing will happen if there is too much gay relationships posted on media. People will end up forcing upon themselves to become gay because media told them that everyone else is doing it and once they’re in a relationship, they’ll realize that this wasn’t the right sexuality for them and so they break up! When I was in Elementary, Kindergarteners were dating, kids at the age of 5! That’s because almost everything they watch contained some sort of romance.

                I can count a handful of religions that were never portrayed on a TV show or a book. There are no traces of this religion (which I’m not saying the name of) at all because of the disrespect given to those people. The same thing goes with LGTB community, not everyone supports them, yet they are still featured in a bunch of TV shows and books. I find that a bit unfair. They’re both people and are both different from everyone else. Why should one of them get most of the attention while the other one isn’t?

                No matter what, the LGTB community will never be normal in everyone’s eyes. I find the community to be normal people, you find the community to be normal people, but not everyone will ever find them normal. Normal in their definition is two people of the opposite gender falling in love. It has been this way for decades and is a part of survival. Love isn’t. If that was the fact then you would find animals of the same gender falling in love.

                • Please, like straight people don’t try to push straight relationships on children all the time. There are straight couples and straight people and relationships and all of that in children’s media all the time. The plot of basically every Disney movie ever is two people falling in love and getting married, and it’s in plenty of other children’s media. What’s the difference between straight people doing it and the LGBT community doing it? I agree with the point that there’s too much romance in the media already, I totally agree on that point. But hold straight relationships and LGBT relationships to the same standard, don’t just demand the LGBT relationships get toned down and don’t demand the same of straight relationships.

                  Forcing themselves to be gay? What on earth… that’s just completely ridiculous. No one “forces” themselves to be any sexuality, you’re born with your sexuality. If anything, LGBT people are “forcing” themselves to be straight, either by staying in the closet and lying about their identity to others to be safe because other people are dangerously bigoted, or lying to themselves and trying to believe they’re straight because they think it’s wrong to be LGBT. And even if people try out being one sexuality or try out one label and figure out that it doesn’t fit them… so what? They move and and figure out what label fits them. Who cares? It’s the same stupid idea that boys doing girly things like wearing dresses or playing with dolls can “turn them gay.” It’s ridiculous and prejudiced. Seeing gay couples in media is not going to turn anyone gay. The only thing it’s likely to do is make an already gay person realize what their sexuality is, and make straight people see it as a more normal thing.

                  I’m not even sure what you’re talking about with religion not getting represented while LGBT people are. I think everyone should get representation.

                  Excuse me? Why on earth should the LGBT community not be seen as normal? That’s like saying we shouldn’t try to get people to see interracial marriage as normal because it’s never going to be social accepted, so there’s no point in trying. Societal prejudice has come a long way in terms of minorities (we’ve gone from literally enslaving people of certain races to them mostly having the same rights as any other race). I’m not saying everything is perfect on that front, because it isn’t, but there has been enormous progress. Progress like that is possible, but only through people trying to make change happen. Also, it’s not true that LGBT people were never seen as normal in history before or that only straight people or couples were ever seen as normal, but I’m too tired to look for sources right now.

                • There isn’t anything wrong, it’s just that the media can rile up people. I was thinking that maybe if we normalize it in a different way without getting involved with the media. Then it wouldn’t be a problem to support them through media.

                  • I mean, it’s not just media, it’s normalizing it through changing the laws, raising people to be more accepting, and other such things as well as media.

                • Media isn’t a bad way of normalising things, I didn’t think – there’s been an announcement that an established Supergirl character is going to be LGBT in the next series, and the only responses that I have seen to that have been positive. And that’s going to be immeasurably valuable to a young person watching that show who is also LGBT, and has something that shows them that they’re normal – I think that’s worth the risk of a couple of people’s disapproval?

              • If you add more LGTB to the media, you’re basically adding more love. Too much love in the media is the last thing we need. It’s absolutely disgusting that children at the young age of 5 are in relationships, straight or not! I just heard of a young child starting university at age 5 and graduating at age 10. We need more children like that, NOT lovesick idiots who spend their days fantasizing about love. They shouldn’t even be thinking about that, they are simply too young. If you want to put love, you should put it in the young adults section.

                You just made my point, media can force another sexuality upon another person. If LGTB people are forcing this upon themselves, then it’s their faults for not being proud of who they are, NOT the media.

                • I’m sorry. No. It’s not their fault for not “being proud.” Many people are told from a young age they being gay is bad or that they’re “just going through a phase” and they believe that because that’s the only thing they’ve ever been taught because they don’t see accurate representation of LGBT in the media. So no, it is not their fault and it is close-minded and ignorant to think so.

                • What we need is more platonic relationships between men and women in media (because the media seems to have this weird idea that men and women can’t just be friends without something romantic being involved), but for the romances that there are (because /no/ romances isn’t the solution either, just less of them), a better balance of straight and LGBT relationships, not /just/ straight relationships. And I never said that children that young are in relationships or should be. I just said that they probably feel attraction of a sort, like a childish crush, or just thinking that someone of whatever gender is pretty. I wasn’t advocating people dating that young.

                  Excuse me? I’m sorry, but how dare you blame LGBT people for not being proud of who they are like it’s their own fault. It’s the fault of a society which only a few short years ago made it illegal for LGBT people in love to get married, which allows LGBT people to be disowned by their parents if they come out of the closet, which allows them to be fired from their jobs if they come out of the closet, and which even sometimes allows them to be killed or driven to suicide by bigoted people without much protest just for being who they are.

                  I’m not saying the media is entirely responsible for fixing this, at all. It’s the job of our society, raising people and teaching people to be more accepting, changing laws to give LGBT people the same rights as anyone else, and challenging prejudice where we see it. And that includes positive media portrayals. It won’t fix the problem, but it sure as heck won’t hurt it, and could even help. If you have that much of a problem with LGBT people getting representation in the media, I would honestly urge you to take another look at your priorities.

                  And media cannot force people to be gay. That is a ridiculous and quite frankly insulting idea. And even if it could, who on earth cares? Who cares if someone is “made” gay, which they can’t be, but even if they could… who cares? As long as people are happy with who they are, who the heck cares what their gender orientation or sexuality is?

                • I completely agree, there should at least be some books or shows that presents the idea of platonic relationships. When I was younger, I used to love this one cartoon that presented no forms of romantic relationships whatsoever. However, it was soon cancelled because not many people liked it. I heard from someone a few years later that it was because there was no romance in the plot, only action and adventure and nobody liked that. It was probably because of something else, but it’s still a good example of people these days who are totally obsessed with the idea of romance.

                  Wait? Parents disowned their chi!dren for being gay? Now that, is a completely different case. I can see why they wouldn’t be proud of who they were. However, if their parents totally support the fact that they are LGTB, then they have no excuse to say that nobody supported them.

                  That was a few years ago, however things change. Now, more people support the LGTB community, there are more homosexual people, it’s not considered horrible to be part of the LGTB community. Not every state finds it illegal to be part of the LGTB community. LGTB people should not be fired for being gay, that’s totally unacceptable. If they are in a state that doesn’t find it illegal, then they can sue the boss for firing them for no proper reason.

                  I never said that it was their fault for being gay. I said that it was their fault for not being happy that they are gay. If they take the opinions that seriously, then we have a problem. They shouldn’t be commuting suicide because they are a sexuality that isn’t exactly liked. Look at Islam, that religion is hated by way more people. It’s never represented in media in a positive way AT ALL. They go after stereotypes and pretty soon every Muslim is treated like they are a criminal. However, they don’t commit suicide for being hated, instead most of the people ignore the opinions. The LGTB community should do the same, IGNORE the opinions and live on with their lives.

                  It is insulting and it happened to someone I know. They told me that they wanted to be gay because everyone on the internet was gay. They even told be that being straight was boring! This is an example of media changing that person for who they are.

                  • Yes, there are parents who disown their children, or kick them out of the house, or send them to conversion therapy, if they find out their children are LGBT. And even if someone’s parents are supportive, there are still relatives who can be prejudiced and hateful, as well as peers, teachers, employers, etc. There are plenty of other people who can be unsupportive in someone’s life that can be damaging.

                    The LGBT community is definitely more accepted these days. But it’s naive to think that they are entirely accepted or that they don’t face any prejudice or oppression.

                    But it isn’t their fault for not being proud of their identity, and honestly it’s extremely rude to say that it is. We’re not talking about a bit of teasing that can be easily brushed off. LGBT people are often told that their identity is invalid and they’re wrong for being who they really are, that they’re disgusting, they can even be attacked for just holding hands with their partner in public. That kind of stuff is really damaging, and it’s really insulting for you to say these people should just get over it. Did you hear about the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando not all that long ago, a well known gay nightclub that was attacked by a shooter? Almost 50 people died, and some of the families refused to claim the bodies of their killed family member because they’d found out they were LGBT. Someone went into a gay nightclub and shot something like 100 people and killed 50, probably just because they’re LGBT. That’s the sort of fear that LGBT people have to live with, that they’ll be rejected or even be hurt by people if they tell them who they really are.

                    I… okay, so this person you know felt pressured to be a certain sexuality. That sucks. Now they know how LGBT people often feel because of how being LGBT is often demonized and isn’t considered normal. Why don’t we make all sexualities more normalized through positive media portrayals and other such efforts so no one is pressured to think that any one sexuality or identity is any more “boring” or normal than any other?

                • “We’re not talking about a bit of teasing that can be easily brushed off. LGBT people are often told that their identity is invalid and they’re wrong for being who they really are, that they’re disgusting, they can even be attacked for just holding hands with their partner in public.” <—————- My mom was at Pride Parade the other day, and she saw a protester go up to this little girl whose parents were a lesbian couple and say something along the lines of, "You're the Devil's spawn" and the little girl burst out crying. (I haven't read your guy's entire conversation, but when I read that line by Jayie I wanted to provide a real-life example.)

                  • Yeah. In fact, some countries have a death sentence if your gay. Like 5 or so, and in most countries it is illegal.

                • Now the whole families not claiming the bodies of their own family members is pretty messed up. People will be people and they will never get used to something like this. Take Hitler for example. Germans were under the stereotypes of being part of the Nazi and it still happens to this day. A friend of mine is German and she was called “Mini Hitler” by this one guy. If people can’t get over something that happened about 70 years ago, I doubt they’ll get over the LGTB community. No matter what we do, even if we make everything homosexual related, it won’t die down.

                  Life isn’t filled with praise and respect. It’s meant to be harsh and cruel. I won’t blame them for not being proud of who they are, but they should at least know that life isn’t fair. There is absolutely no way to stop harassment, it’s illegal, yet people still do it. Honestly, what did they expect? Did they expect that two people of the same gender was going to be accepted right away? That something so unusual wouldnt be considered weird?

                  I respect the LGTB community and I don’t find them disgusting. I find homosexuality a bit odd, but I’m cool with it.

                  • Again, we’ve gone from literally enslaving people of different races to them mostly having the same rights. People and society can get better and become more accepting. We’ve seen it happen, again and again. Our country (if you’re American) has gone from “Only white men who own property have rights” to “Pretty much everyone has rights.” It can happen, so just saying “Well it’s never going to change so stop trying” is really not a great philosophy.

                    That’s ridiculous. So, just because life is hard, we should make it harder for people? That’s a horrible philosophy to have! And is that meant to be any kind of excuse for people acting horribly, because LGBT people should have expected it in the first place? So, they should just roll over and let harassment happen? And yes, there is ways to stop harassment – normalizing being LGBT to society. Which, again, is where media portrayals come in. Do you really think things haven’t gotten any better than they used to be? And that they can’t get even better?

                    Then what is the problem with just wanting them to have some positive representation in the media?

                • I’m not saying that there is no point in trying. I’m saying that we should try to make the LGTB community accepted, but not everyone will accept them.

                  What? NO! That wasn’t what I meant. What I meant was that life can be cruel. It may blow over after a few years or it may not. We have to look from both sides of the possibilities instead of just one. We’ll never know. I never said that since life is hard, we should make it harder for people. No! That’s totally ridiculous!

                  The problem is that not everyone will accept it. Some people will be disgusted and others will be cruel. There can be another way to normalize the LGTB community. Like making a petition or something. People are mostly affected by media and it’s not mostly in a positive way.

                  I want to help these people I really do, but there are other ways to normalize things without getting involved with something as complex and dangerous as the media. 😜

    • Everybody deserves representation. I know that everyone has different opinions and there is no way to make everyone happy. But the LGBTQ+ community is a part of our society and they need to be represented fairly.

      • Very true. Thank you. I’m a gay guy and I would like all lgbtq+ people to be normalized, especially in the media. The media is the quickest way.

    • Read over your comment. Read it again. Now, imagine how you would feel if I wrote this.

      In all honesty, if The Erins add more straight content in Warriors, it would ruin it for me. I mean, its alright if there’s only one straight couple, but if there are three or more, it would get a little annoying. I don’t fully support the straight community, but I accept them. It wouldn’t hurt you if you wrote a series without a straight couple in there and it fully annoys me when more authors and creators these days are adding this type of content into shows or books because they’re scared of getting sued by the heterosexual community (who I don’t think are going to sue anyone). I’m asking people not to add stuff like this into childrens’ books or shows just to please the people. If people don’t like it, then who cares, you still have many other fans supporting you!”

      • Yeah Cyp I totally agree! I think it’s so annoying that straight people are in books all the time. Like, what are they trying to force kids to be straight? Do they want people to think they could have their own independent thoughts? Like seriously. I hate how people think that political correctness is something that should be applied throughout forms of media. What’s wrong with just having the same cliche romances they never get old! And they do have that one straight friend that’s always doing their taxes and being miserable about their life. What more could you ask for?!

        But in all seriousness, great point. That shouldn’t be seen as acceptable and neither should saying LGBTQ+ shaming. Nor should any shaming be acceptable.

      • I’d feel a bit annoyed, but not offended. I would say, “It’s your opinion” and move on. However, I have to admit my comment was a bit harsh. Sorry.

        • Yes, but you don’t have to deal with a bunch of people saying it all the time, and already not being represented in media. Do you really not see why it’s valid for people to be upset about things like this and wanting to be represented just like anyone else?

          • I can see why they would be upset. There are people who like gay stuff(but they aren’t homosexual) and they gave it a bad name. That’s why I’m not too fond of homosexual content, but I guess I should’ve looked at the people instead of the content. I honestly did not think that my comment would be offensive, but I guess it was.

        • I believe Cypresswind was just flipping the usual arguments against LGBT relationships on straight relationships to make a point. 😛

          And if it was /only/ gay cats, then maybe not. But if we’re just going with non-straight cats, then sure it could. There could be bi and pan cats who could have same-sex mates to have kits with, there could be trans cats, and so on.

          • As I mentioned to Wavepaw, I wasn’t considering trans/bi/pan/non-binary, etc. cats in this. I fully mean two cats of the same gender loving each other. Realistically, a Clan full of gay cats would not survive. I’m not even factoring in if there’s a non-binary cat or a trans cat. If they want their Clan to keep on going on, they’d have to find kits to help populate their Clan. It’s not a bad idea, however there are some things that won’t help it thrive through the ages. Also, that’d actually make an interesting fanfic. A Clan full of bi/pan/gay/trans/non-binary cats.

          • I know, but realistically, a Clan full of gay cats would not survive. I’m not even factoring in if there’s a non-binary cat or a trans cat. If they want their Clan to keep on going on, they’d have to find kits to help populate their Clan. It’s not a bad idea, however there are some things that won’t help it thrive through the ages.. Also, that’d actually make an interesting fanfic. A Clan full of bi/pan/gay/trans/non-binary cats.

    • I think LGBTQ is nice, I’m not one of them but I do disagree with your comment

  • Why don’t they put LGBT+ couples in Warriors? I mean, really? All the excuses given from the Erin’s or the publishers seem just like that . . . excuses. (I think the most popular one being: “Warriors is marketed to countries that don’t support the LGBT+ community?”) Which is really ridiculous. I mean, not that that isn’t true, but I’ve read so many books these days with gay couples . . . For example, doesn’t Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus feature two guys in a relationship? (I’m not positive!) And I know that book series is just as popular and sold worldwide. Either way, times are changing, and like others have said, it really doesn’t make any sense that the LGBT+ community doesn’t get the representation they deserve in the media. Period. 🙂 Besides, if nobody speaks up for love and equality, who will? Warriors should be a trailblazer by including it, rather than waiting til it gets fully accepted by the rest of the world. Nothing good gets done if people just sit and wait for change instead of actively seeking it out.

    • Some publishers are strangely shy about displaying black people on book covers too, I’ve noticed. And Sundance, you’re right. No community should be left out. It’s basically a sort of neo-racism (I’m sorry, but I have to use that term. I saw practically nothing except racist comments and attacks on those commenters a few moths ago on a Hamilton video) But I’m not trying to sound like a know it all or something. Warriors is read by different age groups and that can upset some families. But waiting around for change won’t work. It never changes. I don’t know what the origin of the reply ‘Be patient, your turn will come’ or something like it, is, but in this day and age it just isn’t true. It isn’t just equality movements and others who should promote equality, people who can make a stand against inequality can do it. And that means authors, illustrators, artists, bloggers, journalists and many, many more others.

      This probably sounds weird because I just got up.

  • Wow… Just reading these comments people have posted me realise how passionate BlogClanners are about their opinions and what’s good for the world!

  • LGBTQ should be integrated into media to the point of normalcy. It shouldn’t be “Guess what guys! This book has *gasp* AN LGBTQ CHARACTER! BURN THE BRIDGES! HIDE THE CHILDREN!” it should be “This book has an LGBTQ character. That’s chill.”

    LGBTQ love isn’t “dirtier” than straight love. They’re both love, the same thing. LGBTQ people being represented in the media is another step towards an equal society.

    • I completely agree. I guess the reason people think it’s dirtier is because of either religious beliefs (which I could totally respect) or because LGBTQ+ love is not often shown though out media

    • LGBTQ should be represented much more in media. Some kids think that LGBTQ is “weird” because pretty much all characters in children’s books are straight. Putting LGBTQ in media would get much more people to understand and accept it.

    • Agreed. If I come across a LGBTQ character. I take mildly, like ‘Cool’, whereas just about everyone I know except my dad will start acting like the book came to life and threatened to kill someone or something like that. And once when I asked my mom why, the answer was RELIGION. Which is, by the way, a ridiculous answer because the religion we follow actually promotes equality. I pointed that out, and got a scolding in reply about how I act like a know it all and pretend to know more than I do (which is the answer I always get when my mom can’t make a strong argument).
      LGBTQ is perfectly fine. If it feels normal to you, then it’s okay. Nobody else’s feelings matter in that. And if others can’t take off their rose tinted glasses, they should find a way to get used to it. One that doesn’t involve verbal abuse.

      This is probably all wrong because I just got up, and also Cypresspaw? Wasn’t that like last year?

    • I agree. However, everyone is entitled to their opinions, supportive or not. They just don’t need to voice the un supportive ones.

  • I think it would be amazing to have LBTQ+ be added to Warriors. Everyone deserves representation, especially these people because they’re hardly represented at all! We already have Moth Flight, who has ADHD. That’s awesome and a step in the right direction. Prejudice can never fully be stopped, but we can come a long way. Look how far we’ve gotten with the prejudice of black people! Amazing! And I think it would make some LBTQ+ people and some straight advocates for this cause (like me) VERY happy. I mean, I would be THRILLED if Kate put an autistic cat in the books! (*gives Kate cute puppy kitty eyes*). The prejudice is a huge issue, and by putting it in Warriors, we can take a step for the better.

    Edit: Thank you Jayie for the extremely quick moderation of this comment.

  • I think it would be amazing to have LBTQ+ be added to Warriors. Everyone deserves representation, especially these people because they’re hardly represented at all! We already have Moth Flight, who has ADHD. That’s awesome and a step in the right direction. Prejudice can never fully be stopped, but we can come a long way. Look how far we’ve gotten with the prejudice of black people! Amazing! And I think it would make some LBTQ+ people and some straight advocates for this cause (like me) VERY happy. I mean, I would be THRILLED if Kate put an autistic cat in the books! (*gives Kate cute puppy kitty eyes*). The prejudice is a huge issue, and by putting it in Warriors, we can take a step for the better.

  • Okay, I have a few things to say about this topic. I’m tired of someone getting bashed/having anger people at them because they don’t agree with such a topic. Now, I’m going to put in my own two cents. I don’t care if you disagree with me, it’s MY opinion. Just like everyone else I’m human. If you don’t agree with me, I don’t want to hear it or deal with a million reasons why my opinion is wrong and someone else’s right. Okay?

    Anyway moving on, I want to talk about a few things here. Firstly, I fully support gay couples. In fact, some of my friend are gay/bi, so I don’t want to hear why I’m supposedly intolerant of gays. Now, I’m going to give a brief overview on what I’m going to talk about. 1, people who support and don’t support the LGBT/gay community. 2, Their representation in media which includes children shows though that will be an argument on its own.

    1. People Who Support an Don’t Support

    So with this I’m, obviously, going to talk about the two sides. First I’m going to talk about those who support it. Now, I’m in this group as well and believe everyone needs some sort of representation media. Like everyone’s been saying, there is an extreme lack of gay characters within books, movies, t.v. shows, etc. The only ones I can name are that one couple from Good Luck Charlie, Will and Neco from Percy Jackson as well as Ravenpaw and Barely(Despite me not really shipping/seeing it, people say the hints are there and it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case) and Jake and Tallstar(Well, I’d say Tallstar is more gay than anything. Again, don’t really ship this couple, but it is cute). And that’s it. In the case of Good Luck Charlie, that episode got a lot of backlash. Not only that, but the kid who played the youngest daughter was getting death threats online. Okay people, seriously? Firstly, oh no there was a gay couple in a show and guess what?! The children aren’t corrupted. Secondly, if you’re immature enough to even write death threats, why go after a then five-year-old girl who had no control over what was written? If you really want to be an immature, disgusting human being, then at least write death threats to the writers of the show. Not a FIVE-YEAR-OLD girl! That’s stupidly negative side to people against the LGBT/gay community. They freak out and act like one mention/image of lesbians/gays will destroy the young minds of their children. Love is love. No matter if it’s between two trans people, two women, two men or the “traditional” man and woman. Love should be love. And I swear if anyone gets offended of my use of “traditional”, don’t whine. I don’t care if you don’t like it, I’m stating my opinion. If you don’t like it, don’t read.

    On the other hand, I can see exactly where the people who don’t support the LGBT/gay community is coming from. I mean, the popularity of being gay/bi/trans has only come up between 2010-2012(Though I think it mostly started in 2012 ish. Granted I don’t exactly remember considering I was between 10-12.) That’s between 4 and 6 years. When the Civil War ended, racism for black Americans/African Americans and even other races didn’t simply end. It was nearly, if not over, 100 YEARS before they got the freedom they deserved. Think about that. It took a century for black Americans/African Americans as well as other races to even go to the same schools as white people. And even use the same waiting areas as them. And after that happened, there was and still is racism in this world. Another thing like this is women’s rights. I’m not trying to sound raciest or rude and I apologize if I am, however former slaves got freedom before women. Just think about that. A slave is someone who serves another and is below them. Former slaves got to vote before women. And even after women got to vote, it was still a struggle for them to get their own rights. And even after both African Americans/Black Americans, women as well as other races got their rights, there were plenty of people who weren’t accepting of the change. It took time for people to accept the world they knew it was changing for the better. And that’s exactly what’s happening now. There were little to no gay characters or representation up until 20010-2012. Perhaps there’d be a stereotype or two in various adult shows, but it wasn’t really covered to my knowledge. Now after gay marriage became legal in the summer2013 or 2014, I forgot the date, though I’m pretty sure it was 2013, do you really expect people to accept something they were taught was wrong their whole life? Of course not! Like with the examples of women’s rights and the right of other races, no one accepted them right away! And, I’m sure some people were confused or conflicted with how they felt. For the first time, women were able to vote alongside men. Meanwhile, whites had to be in the same waiting room as another race. It was a new age of acceptance, kind of, in both cases. And of course, in both cases, not everyone accepted or liked the idea. Whether they warmed up to it or not, everyone is different and has been raised differently. The same thing is going on here. Most people are perfectly fine with the idea, others are unsure or disagree, but respect people’s choices of love and some think that no one should be gay. It’s just how life is. not everyone agrees with someone else’s ideals and it’s unfair to force your beliefs on others. If they don’t like something, they don’t like it. They can changed, but it’s up to the person.

    As a final note I’d like to bring up something Cypresswind said. She mentioned how she doesn’t really like straight couples. As some who is straight, and possibly bi, but I don’t think so, I’m fine with her opinion on this. And I’d like to point out something. If someone who was straight said this, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone talked to them and they’d disagree/give them a reason why they are wrong. Not trying to be rude and I apologize if I am, but I’m just saying.

    2. Representation in Media/In Kid Shows

    I’m going to say it once and once only. There needs to be representation of the LBGT community in media. I don’t care if it’s through songs, stories, shows, movies, etc., but there needs to be more of it. As for being shown in kids shows, I’m torn on this topic.
    For against it, I agree with what someone else said. Sexuality shouldn’t be a point in kids t.v. shows. I mean, they are children! They have all the time to discover who they are and what they’re interested in! There’s no point in having a featured gay/lesbian/trans people if you have a group of main characters going around and solving problems. I mean, why try to put focus on something that mom groups and such would speak up against?

    However on the flip side, like many people have mentioned, it is a good thing to see your race/sexuality/gender, etc. represented in media. I mean, I’ve heard people said that if their race/gender/body type was represented in a t.v. show they watched or something in their childhood while growing up, they’d feel better about themselves. Who says the same thing can’t be said for LGBT shown in children’s programming? In fact, I think it’d be fine! Besides, look at how it’s already been added! Steven Universe has a gay couple, the two officers from Gravity Falls are clearly in love/closer than friends! I also know that Dumbledore is confirmed to be gay! I mean, is that not good? If not that, then something truly positive?

    But the point still stands, sexuality shouldn’t be a concern with children’s shows. Perhaps a way to solve this would be doing what Gravity Falls did. Clearly showing there’s something more than friendship between two guys/two girls. If they want a subtler way of doing it, perhaps they should just show two people who are confirmed not to be related hanging around a lot. Perhaps holding hands and hugging. I mean, don’t they do that already in other shows with non LGBT couples? And do you see why I’m torn on this topic of adding this kind of things into children’s shows?

    Anyway, I apologize if I was being overly rude or anything. I wanted to get my opinion/my own two cents out there. Besides, I’m sick and tired of people who are uncomfortable with the LGBT community being bashed/argued with because of their opinions.

    • I’m pretty sure Cypresswind was joking when she said she didn’t like straight couples, and was just using the usual arguments against LGBT couples on straight couples to prove a point of how ridiculous it sounds when flipped on its head. 😛

      And I don’t want to be rude to anyone, but I will also always speak up in support of the LGBT community on BlogClan and against bigoted opinions. I want this blog to be a safe place for LGBT people, and this isn’t a simple difference of opinion on characters or whatever. It’s about people’s rights, which is why I get passionate about it.

      • I get that, I really do. However, if you want people to be represented and feel safe, it doesn’t help if one group is represented than the other. I get that BlogClan and places like it may be some places where they’re represented, but it’s not fair to everyone and perhaps they can feel bad because they have a different opinion on a topic like this. Seriously, is it fair to make one group uncomfortable for the sake of another? Gay or not? White or not? Male or female? Etc. There needs to be a balance between the two opposites.

        And ah, okay, I see then and that makes sense. She clearly did a good job of that if she were just joking! and I apologize if that was rude by the way.

        • There shouldn’t be a balance between believing that LGBT people should have rights and believing they shouldn’t. The two opinions are not equal. I don’t have to be tolerant of people who are intolerant of the existence of others. I’m not going to be rude to anyone here unless they make me truly angry (which doesn’t happen often), and my goal is to get people to become more open-minded and tolerant, not to make them uncomfortable. But I’m not going to respect an opinion of inequality and intolerance over an opinion of equality and acceptance.

          And no problem. ^^

          • The question is though, what if someone is uncomfortable with it, but openly supports the LGBT community? Is it fair to say their opinion is wrong? It’s just how they were raised. As long as they aren’t being rude or saying how people like that shouldn’t exist, then leave it be. It’s their opinion/how they were raised. One person cannot change how another was brought up, nor can they change their opinion. what’s better? Pretending to agree with someone to make other happy, or speak openly about your thought along as they aren’t hurting anyone? I don’t see how someone saying they’re uncomfortable with the topic/idea mentally hurts someone to the point where they cry. Again, as long as the person isn’t wishing they didn’t exist, making death threats to them, saying how wrong it is, etc. and as long as they at ;east respect it, I don’t see the problem with people having an opinion like they are uncomfrtable with the topic.

            • That’s different, as long as they’re supportive of people’s rights. Like I said, I’m not trying to make anyone uncomfortable or unhappy, and if someone’s just saying they’re uncomfortable but supportive, I’m not gonna nag them. But if someone’s saying that someone else doesn’t deserve rights, that’s when I’ll jump in.

              • Ah okay, I see and I agree. Everyone deserves rights. I don’t care if you’re a gay trans person, you have rights. I don’t care if you’re starlight, you have rights. Everyone has and deserves rights. Sexuality, race, gender, etc. shouldn’t count when considering if someone deserves rights.

                • And sorry back for that as well. Miscommunication sucks. Still, if no one writes a fanfic about a Clan completely made up of gay/bi/trans/non-binary/etc. cat, I’m going to have to write it XD

                • I have too much to write though! Gahh, why have I done it? Then again, if worst comes to worst, I can do a series of slice of life one-shots or something! That’s probably what I’ll end up doing! i like making Clans anyway 😛

    • I was joking about the disliking straight people thing, you know 😛

      And it’s because of arguments like these. Imagine if I said: maybe straight couples should be subtler! Let’s just hint there’s a bit more between a guy and girl. Upsetting the millennialist would be horrible!

      • I know. Jayfrost pointed out to me, Cypresswind 😛

        What does that mean, “arguments like these”? Seriously, I was trying to find a median between the two here. I wasn’t trying to be rude, just stating my opinion/an option. Besides, did you not read what I put before it? The idea of subtly was just an idea.

        • I understand, I simply disagree with you. I will not be content with a median that would satisfy anti-LGBTQ people. If straight people can kiss on the lips in kids shows, so should LGBTQ people. That’s complete equality.

    • I don’t agree with making it “subtle.” That’s like having a token black character in your show to not appear racist. (Okay, maybe not the same thing, but you get my point.) Why can’t gay couples just be featured in children’s shows with the same amount of romantic content as any straight couple would? I mean, I can’t even count how many children’s shows I’ve seen where an entire episode was focused on one character having a crush on another. And plenty of cartoons show a quick kiss, a peck on the cheek, etc. Why can’t homosexual couples get the same? Why should they be reduced to just holding hands and hugging? (I know you were suggesting that as a small step in the right direction (which is good) instead of a great big leap forward, but I still think it’s not enough.) I want less “hinting” and more “showing.” 😀

      Also, people should always speak up against injustices — “we give a voice to those who don’t have one,” – so I’m glad debates happen, as long as both sides are respectful and don’t resort to name calling, etc. Besides, if you’re posting a comment here, you acknowledge that your opinion is controversial and that people might disagree. 🙂 If everything stays civil, I do not feel bad for arguing with those uncomfortable with the LGBT community. They are not the victims. They are not the ones facing years or trials and tribulations, hate and discrimination, death threats and mass shootings.

      And don’t even get me started on how I hate the excuse, “that’s just the way he/she were raised.”

      • Seriously, did no one read this line?!!!!!! “Perhaps a way to solve this would be doing what Gravity Falls did. Clearly showing there’s something more than friendship between two guys/two girls.” I mean, being subtler was an option! An option out of a few I mentioned! Seriously people! I’m sorry to rant to you like this Sunny, but I wasn’t saying people had to do it subtly. It was juts a simple idea. XP

        True they are not, but they’re being hated upon by people who disagree with them. How is it fair for them not to openly dislike/hate something, even if it’s a group of people which I don’t agree with whatsoever, but then the people who are in those groups get to hate on them? Would that not be hypocritical? Of course, it’s not good to hate any group of people. It’s unfair for one group to go after people of the opposite group, then they turn around and do the same. However, this world has hate and it won’t stop. There is still racism and sexism. It just won’t go away which is sad, but true.

    • I know kids shouldn’t be thinking of their sexuality that young, but there are so many straight relationships in kids’ shows and books that they’re going to grow up thinking that gay is wrong and weird. Of course they may change their opinion as they grow up and learn more about it, but if it’s represented early on, they’re going to learn that it’s okay and that’ll be a step in the right direction. Warriors is a book mostly aimed (or at least that’s where the biggest fanbase is) at middle school-aged kids. But people younger and older read it as well. I bet there are a lot of LGBTQ+ people who read the books, and representation in a series they like will help them feel better about themselves and their sexuality.

  • We need completely equal representation of LGBTQ and uh, I guess just straight. And skin color and identification and how much money–we’re all equal! Whether old and dying, young and healthy, scared, happy, rude, snarky, we all need to be ourselves and be shown that way, no less no more.

    We need equal LGBTQ along with straight couples. Kids shouldn’t have to feel they need to like the opposite gender, and they shoudn’t feel they HAVE to like the same. They should feel what their heart says, when they figure it out! 😀 no one must force them, let them figure it out on their own in time, and then teach them to be respectful of any other identification!

    It’s not tat hard to do this, just do it right when you can–well, it’s never too late.

    Always be yourself, and let yourself decide who you want to be.

  • I love this article!one of my favourite ships is ravenpaw and barley.and thank you for putting this out there,one of my friends is bisexual and he is made fun of for that adn i dont understand why.personally i belive that those sort of things shouldnt change your opinion of someone.

  • I know this was published like, four years ago. So this may not get read.But I just want to say that there should absolutely be LGBTQ+ characters in Warriors. Here are the ones I head canon: Redtail: Transgender tom. Brindleface: Pansexual. Blossomfall: Lesbian. Hazeltail: Lesbian. Blackstar: Queer. Sol: Gay. Needletail: Transgender she- cat. Violetshine: Bisexual. Sasha: Bisexual. Russetfur: Transgender she- cat and lesbian. Purdy: Bisexual. Longtail: Asexual. Riverstar: Gay. Ivypool: Queer. Hawkfrost: Bisexual. Leopardstar: Bisexual. Leafpool: Pansexual. Mothwing: Lesbian and transgender. Rain: Transgender and gay. Rowanclaw: Non-binary. Puddleshine: Gay. Willowshine: Lesbian. Bumble: Lesbian. Cody: Bisexual. So yeah. Warriors should have LGBTQ+ characters, because people who are LGBTQ+ exist. We shouldn’t pretend they don’t. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈