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Warriors Shippings by Amberstorm


Amberstorm discusses ships in Warriors.

sandstorm_and_firestar_by_wolvescatsandcrowsHello guys, I’m here with another article which I have created in boredom. This time, this article is about random shippings I’ve had. Whether you agree or disagree with them, well they may get strange.

I’ve seen Runningwind, like his name, as a very energetic, possibly hyper warrior like fire. This would be in contrast to Cinderpelt who is calm, collect and more like water. I believe these two would balance each other out and would’ve made a good paring. Perhaps they would go through some trouble considering their differences, but I’d think that they’d make it through nearly every situation together. However there is the age problem. I think it might’ve worked, but who knows.

Foxleap is obviously energetic while Roseptal is less so. I think, much like Cinderpelt and Runningwind, could’ve balanced each other out with these traits. I believe they would’ve made a good couple by helping one another out and just staying loyal to each other. Who knows, maybe even being another Dustpelt and Ferncloud. It was a silly reason for why this couple couldn’t exist.

Icecloud was always kind, caring and sweet. Mousewhisker seemed more shy, quiet and friendly. Due to their similar personalities, I believe they would’ve made a great couple. I believe Icecloud would’ve been the more confident of the two, while Mousehwisker the more watchful(Honestly couldn’t think of a better describing word here). I believe they would’ve made a cute couple if very few of the younger cats had lived.

Hazeltail, to me, seems like a more hyperactive cat while Rainwhisker seemed calmer. Now, pretending he isn’t dead for a moment, I have to say, I really love this couple. Like Cinderpelt and Runningwind, I see these two as water and fire. Rainwhisker, like his name, is more like water while Hazltail is similar to fire. Much like Firestar and Sandstorm, I would think these two may start out hating each other. Rainwhisker being the more mature, serious and calm warrior while Hazeltail being the inexperienced, hyper and bouncy warrior, they wouldn’t mix well. I’d think it wouldn’t be until they tell each other their feelings or something that they would connect and fall in love.

Ashfur is well, a character I really hate and Poppyfrost is more of a background character to me. Pretending that Ashfur is not only alive but all of that drama in Po3 didn’t happen with him, as well as Honeyfern still being alive, I have to say, I like these two together. I believe Poppyfrost is the type of cat who would bring out the good in others. I believe that after Squirrelflight told Ashfur she didn’t love him, he eventually found love with Poppyfrost. Not only would these two most likely make a good couple, but I find them cute together. I like to think it’s two cats who love someone else, eventually found love in each other. Kind of a bittersweet deal.

Ivypool is a very confident and loyal warrior who deserves more while Toadstep was more just there. True he did have some personality to him like probably being more shy or quiet, though I could be wrong since I haven’t read OotS in a while, but I don’t remember much of him. I think that these two would make a good couple because Ivypool is this grand warrior and Toadstep is just another Clan cat. It’s sort of be like the underdog gets the girl kind of thing, but less cheesy. Also, I think Ivypool would do well with someone like him.

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you for reading. Are there any odd couple you have? What about unpopular shippings you like?

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