Why Medicine Cats Are Potentially The Most Powerful by Mintshade


Mintshade discusses why medicine cats may be the most powerful in the Clans.

At some point you – and many other young kits or apprentices – may have wondered “Why would any cat want to be a medicine cat? All they do is collect plants and sit around in their dens all day.” Whether this is you or not, here is why Medicine Cats have the potential to become one of the most powerful cats in all of the clans.

1 – Herb Knowledge
This first one is the most well-known and self-explanatory. Medicine Cats have extensive knowledge of herbs and their uses, which puts them in a strong position. This itself makes them extremely valuable, as they have the capabilities to heal others and save them from the brink of death. When travelling, they will be able to extend their strength and endurance with herbs. If they meet an injured cat along the way, they can heal them and thus put the other cat in their debt (good deed aside). They can heal themselves while travelling giving them and their party a much better chance of surviving a long journey or difficult season.

2 – Anatomy
Apart from the fact that almost every Medicine Cat is given basic hunting and fighting training, Medicine Cats can make the most lethal fighters and skilled hunters with the determination. Their skills give them vast knowledge of the anatomy of a cat, so when facing an enemy, they can maneuver and aim for the weakest or most lethal areas. They can determine exactly how to break their enemy’s bones or sprain their legs, or even permanently disable them, with the motive. That being said, if a Medicine Cat was to be attacked, they have the potential to easily defeat their opponent if they take the time to study and observe their enemy.

3 – StarClan
Most Medicine Cats (one exception being Mothwing) have connections with StarClan, their dead ancestors. In addition to the immense respect their receive from those who believe in StarClan, Medicine Cats have the option to grow wiser and gain knowledge by talking to StarClan cats. They can receive prophecies and omens to help their group, meet old friends and relatives, and obtain information they would not be able to have otherwise.

4 – No Mate/Kits
Despite the fact that most cats want a mate and kits, this will take an enourmous amount of stress away from a Medicine Cat – if they stay true to this section of their code. They will be free from the potential drama of a mate and the hassle of kits, keeping them much more mentally stable than most (exception: Goosefeather) and physically fit.

5 – Heart of Steel
Having more than once seen blood or nasty injures, encountered dangerous diseases, and raced to save cats on the brink of death, Medicine Cats are not overwhelmed by strange or gruesome sights, nor by stressful situations. They have hearts of steel, pushing themselves and their clanmates forward when they fall behind, and leading them through situations that their companions may be uncomfortable about. They will lift up their heads, square their shoulders, and carefully evaluate the situations before proceeding instead of hanging back with worry, fear, doubt, or disgust. They are driven to complete their goals, because they have been taught to fully cure every cat they can. They will stop at nothing to find the perfect solution, no matter the circumstances (Exception: Jayfeather [at times]).

Still doubtful? Maybe this position just isn’t for you. But never disrespect your Medicine Cats, because they are some of the most wise, brave, kind, and powerful cats you will ever meet.

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  • I’ve always loved medicine cats as they are stereotyped as being kind and gentle, and yet they also hold the weight of prophecies and death. In my Fan Fic, I made a grumpy one (Nightwhisker) that Brightpaw hates after he failed to cure her brother from Greencough. Imagine how much that would have hurt him, to know that a Clanmate doesn’t trust you and insists on opening old wounds of loss, when he failed to keep Aspenkit alive? But since I do it from Brightpaw’s POV, we don’t see his hurt much at all.

  • See, when i was writing Rainstar’s Hope.(an abandoned project) I was going to make Rainpaw a med. cat… But then I wanted things to be more… Interesting.

  • Awesome article! All your reasons are perfectly logical and true. I totally agree with this article- being a medicine cat can be worth it.

  • Amazing article! Unfortunalty, we have to consider the fact that after Yellowfang, almost every single ThunderClan medicine cat has been paired/mated/thought of love (Cinderpelt and Firestar/Littlecloud, Leafpool and Crowfeather [ugh], Jayfeather and Briarlight, and Alderheart and Needletail.) How crazy. B)

  • I have always loved medicine cats from the start, because of most the reasons you listed. Their unique abilities draw me in, and though it would be a hard journey, if I could be any Clan rank it would be a medicine cat. I find this very eye-opening and interesting!