A Warriors Theory: Bob is secretly Firestar reincarnated! by Coyote’s Song


Coyote’s Song explains a theory they have on Firestar.


Hi guys! Coyote’s Song here. I am now an apprentice, and I’ve changed my name from Hazelkit to Coyote’s Song!
Now anyway, I’d like to prove that Bob is secretly Firestar reincarnated! You don’t believe me? Well, I have some proof.
Everything begins in “The Apprentice’s Quest.”
“‘Hi,’ the large-eared kittypet responded, startled out of his doze. ‘How can I help you?’

‘We’re Clan cats, and we’re lost,’ Needlepaw explained. ‘We need to get back to our territories, and to do that we have to cross the river. Do you know the way?’

Alderpaw was surprised, and a little disturbed, that Needlepaw was giving the kittypet so much information. He was also disturbed that the kittypet looked so much like Firestar. We don’t know this cat. But then, he reassured himself, he probably has no idea what she’s meowing about. At that moment, the kittypet turned his bright emerald-green eyes on him, as if he could read Alderpaw’s thoughts. Or does he?

The flame-colored ginger tom stretched his jaws in a huge yawn like a leader would yawn like, his muscles rippling under his thick pelt. ‘Do you have anything to do with those three cats who were here at sunrise?’ he asked.
A bit later………..
“At last Needlepaw and the Firestar-looking kittypet reappeared from the monster’s den. Needlepaw was swiping her tongue around her jaws with satisfaction. ‘That was great.’ she mewed.

‘Thanks, Bob.’

Bob? Alderpaw thought. The kittypet’s name is Bob? Weird! For some odd reason, I thought it was Rusty!

‘Yeah, thanks, Bob,’ he repeated. ‘You’ve been really helpful.’

‘Glad to,’ Bob responded, touching noses with Needlepaw. ‘Good luck on your journey.'”
And so, this excerpt from The Apprentice’s Quest shows that Bob is really Firestar’s reincarnation as a kittypet, so he could finish his life out as “Rusty” once more.

But, my theory is shared by many other people, and it’s not JUST me. Many people on the Warrior Cat Forum have made topics regarding Bob. Hopefully it will be proved in Hawkwing’s Journey, or Thunder and Shadow. So anyway, thanks guys for reading! And <3 Warriors “furever”!

Thanks guys!

– Coyote’s Song

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  • Coyote’s Song. Good Prank. You guys. All the comments about him looking like Firestar or a leader or named rusty were added in by Coyote’s Song. I read TAQ 3 or 4 times. That was never there. Good prank Coyote’s Song. 🙂 😛

    • Yeah, aparently the book never even mentioned much about this kittypet. I doubt he’s even named Bob.

  • Bob definitely isn’t because Firestar appears in StarClan when he delivered the prophecies in TAQ and I read that in the warriors once a cat goes to StarClan they can’t be reincarnated. but great theory