4 Warriors That Need Their Own Stories by Moonpaw


Moonpaw talks about Warriors that need their own, in-depth, stories.

Hellooooooooo!!!!!!!! Moonkit here (most likely Moonpaw by the time you are reading this) and this is my first article! 🙂 Today I am talking about the four cats that deserve more character development and need more of an in depth look at their stories through short stories, novellas, super editions etc.

4. Spottedleaf: This may come as a surprise but I REALLY do not like Spottedleaf. Then why is she on the list? Well I only really hated her after she died, basically becoming the unofficial “all mighty ruler of StarClan”, and I think many others do too. She was actually a decent character when she was alive (anyone else loved seeing her as a kit in Bluestar’s prophecy?) I feel if we had gotten a little bit more of her when she was alive, and less of her when she was dead, a lot of more people would like her. (I know that there was a short story about her, but that was when she was dead.)

3. Sol: We all want more of him. He was one of the strongest villains in the series and is one of my favorites, behind Mapleshade. I would personally like to see his time with the group of rogues, as we already saw a bit of his time with the five clans.

2. Darkstripe: Here me out. I know he was evil. Be was he really? If you look at it, he was just misguided. I would like to see a story of him falling under Tigerstar influence, falling into the dark side, (or should I say Dark Forest Eh?! *no i’m not funny*).

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

HONORABLE MENTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brightheart: She would be an interesting character to write, but I thought she was pretty bland.

Brightspirit: Brightspirit is actually one of my favorite one-time characters, but she did get her own play, so I left her off the list.

And now…

1. Lionheart: Man, I love him. He was an awesome character. His death was the one of three deaths that actually moved me (the other two were Yellowfang and Bluestar). He is extremely loyal, proved when he went against the warrior code for Pinestar, and was chosen to be deputy after Redtail and before Firestar.

And there you go! I hope you enjoyed my first article! BYEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! (Next up: 5 Misunderstood Warriors and When Does Ravenpaw’s Farewell Take Place? All images belong to me.)

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