Shadowclan Being Mean, Evil and Insulting Wasn’t their Fault by Kindheart


Kindheart explains how ShadowClan being seen as evil may not have been their fault.

okay so if you have read my article on an overview of ShadowClan you know that I hinted about this article if you have not read it. GET OUT OF HERE AND GO READ IT!!!!! thank you.

Now Shadowclan is known as the mean clan the evil clan but it doesn’t make any sense. I explained that in an overview of ShadowClan, and now I’m gonna explain why I think it might not be that way. So we see that the other clans have a stereotype for Shadowclan as evil no good meanies, yet we also see that they are far from that. Maybe the reason ShadowClan is so mean and evil is that they have felt the pressure of the label. My guess is that at some point they decided that no matter how kind they were to the other clans they were still labeled as mean.

If you have seen Zootopia you would know who I am talking about, but if you haven’t, hopefully you still get the message I am trying to send!

Nick the fox said “They see a fox and expect something sly, mean, and sneaky why should i pretend to be anything else?”

Well these are not the exact words but its the basic idea that counts. I think ShadowClan is facing the same problem- they have been labeled as something they really aren’t but they feel too much pressure like whatever they do they can’t change that stereotype. That would also explain why they are always putting down the other Clans so much. They want to show the other Clans how much it hurts to have something said about you that isn’t true! It would also explain why they had changed so much!

Do you think this is the reason ShadowClan is so mean? Do you think this is completely crazy? Will you never read another of my articles because of the brain damage i have cause you? well i sure hope not! XD

“you can’t cause someone to get that much brain damage no matter how bad your writing is!” LOGIC CAT!!!! GET OUT OF HERE YOU MOUSE BRAIN!!!!!!

“fine fine i’m going i’m going!”

anyways i hope you enjoyed this article and kate if your reading this is my theory close to right? could it be possible?! XD anyways come on say it with me until the next article cyo! 😉

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  • Awesome article! I think it’s actually more about perspective. ShadowClan just happens to be the Clan with the two evil leaders. But in Yellowfang’s Secret, which is mainly from ShadowClan perspective, ShadowClan is a good Clan like every other. Brokenstar is the villain there, and rightfully so. WindClan is also shown as a villain, since they’re enemies. In Tallstar’s Revenge, a WindClan POV, ShadowClan is shown as a villain, but not the main one. Most of the POVs have been from ThunderClan, the Clan that neighbors ShadowClan and is the “kittypet Clan,” which ShadowClan obviously doesn’t approve of. ShadowClan may have had some bad cats. But they’re not a bad Clan in general. Flametail’s POV, Tawnypelt, Yellowfang’s Secret, and when Ivypool had to stay in the ShadowClan camp have told us otherwise. So will the ShadowClan POV in TaS, hopefully.

  • I think what made the Clan…less likeable was the fact that they had both Brokenstar and Tigerstar as leaders. Since they were leaders, the young kits of the Clan would look up to them because they’re the allpowerful cats in their Clan. It’s pretty much a case of “Monkey see, monkey do”. The kits see Brokenstar and Tigerstar as their role models; if they see the two leaders being mean and bullying others, the kits will think “Hey, every leader does this and Brokenstar and Tigerstar are so powerful and the best in the Clan and they’re leaders, so I’m going to do it too so I can be leader!”. You could say that this might be a case of brainwashing, as the way that the two leaders were acting were being imitating by the kits.

    Whew, that was long.

  • Good point. People make stereotypes about all different people as well. Labeling other beings because of a few needs to stop.

  • Awesome! 😀 ShadowClan is my favorite Clan, and I think the reason why most people see it as evil is because it had two evil leaders and people and the other Clans judged them for having evil leaders.

    • Yeah! I totally agree! ShadowClan and RiverClan are tied for my favorites, and even though Leopardstar sided with Tigerstar, she is still a good cat, and her Clan is still a good Clan. Even though Tigerstar and Brokenstar bullied the ShadowClan cats, the ShadowClan cats are still good cats and their Clan is still a good Clan. Just because there was a pair of evil leaders in ShadowClan doesn’t mean that ShadowClan is evil. It means that the pair of evil leaders are evil. The Clan is not evil. Not at all. Just some cats were, and that doesn’t mean that ShadowClan itself is evil. Grrrrrrr, ThunderClan, RiverClan, and WindClan, for being mean to poor ShadowClan. I say again: SHADOWCLAN IS NOT EVIL!!!!!

  • I like this! ShadowClan is my second favorite clan and if you read about it ,(Yellowfang’s Secret for example), they’re not that bad. They’re just like any other clan. It’s like what Emberpaw said^^, most people probably think they’re evil because they had Tigerstar and Brokenstar as a leader. For example, lets say the books were in ShadowClan’s point of view. People might think ThunderClan was evil because they try to take over sometimes, or because they had some evil cats in their clan.

  • I love ShadowCLan (It’s my favorite clan) and I feel the reason ShadowClan is called ‘evil’ is because evil cats have came from it. Like just because some cats from ShadowClan are a bit eevil and koo-koo doesn’t mean the whole clan is evil. 🙂 It’s like a Gryffindor-Slytherin type thing. We always see ThunderClan POVs and good cats from it, same with Gryffindor, then ShadowClan we’ve only had few POVs of and evil cats have came from it like Slytherin, so they are stereotyped evil just as ShadowClan, though as we will soon get a POV of ShadowClan to say otherwise, and one of Harry’s kids in The Cursed Child will be in Slytherin, (Albus I think) so hopefully we will see more Slytherin POV 🙂

    • I made an article comparing Warrior Clans to Harry Potter houses (my favortite series 🙂 on the old blog! I love to see that others think like me here!

      And yasss I’m so hyped for The Cursed Child!!

      ^ true, and if you’ve read Dawn of the Clans you know ShadowClan didn’t start out evil. Then, SkyClan was “the evil one”, but only because of perspective. Hyped for Thunder and Shadow because it might show a ShadowClan cat’s PoV and side of the story 😉