Possibilities for AVS (SPOILERS) by Shadesong

violetpaw____by_xxtikitikixx-d5vgs7sShadesong speculates on what might happen in A Vision of Shadows.

Hello! I am her to discuss the possibilities and hopes for a Vision of Shadows. I have put a lot of research into this and have looked at many articles on Warriors and I hope no body thinks that I am crazy after I explain my ideas. (Some of these ideas were thought up on other websites, I just provided evidence and expanded on them.)
I am thinking, for AVS, that the Ancients – our favorite friends – will play a part. Or the early settlers, at least. I mean, I think there was more of a point to DotC the. To just show us how the Val s started. We already had the overview on how the clans started, right? Why a whole series, in the middle of Warriors, unless they were to play a larger part?

I am looking back on the prophecy. “Embrace what you find in the shadows.” Hey guys, remember our little friend Broken Shadow? She had kits, and her kits drowned. Broken Shadow, though in the Tribe of Endless Hunting or whatever, may still grieve that her kits never got to grow up. She apparently had unnamed kits. They could have died. Violetkit and Twigkit in the shadows? That were embraced? That’s a bit weird to me.
Some other cats have similarities to the characters we know now. Dawn River was a tortoiseshell medicine cat with amber eyes that fell in love with the equivalent of an apprentice. Does that not sound like someone we know? Spottedleaf anyone? I am actually thinking this could play into Spottedleaf’s Heart, the new novella that will be coming out. Gray Wing was a gray tom with Amber eyes. Graystripe? And what’s even weirder, they both had a kit or two that were silver tabbies with blue or green eyes! Remember, they do not have to look specific. Cinderheart did not look exactly like Cinderpelt, now, did she.
Now, I think there is another plane above Starclan. When cats face from Starclan or are killed in Starclan, they go to another plane above Starclan. Moonclan? I don’t know. But I think that’s wher the ancient settlers have faded to.. Until now. They are now too old for that plane. I think that when they fade from that plane, they are reincarnated and their spirit is forced to be part of the new body, instead of separating like Cinderpelt did. Then the whole cycle repeats again.
It actually is not as complex of it seems. And not that crazy, either. These are my theories on what will happen in AVS and in Spottedleaf’s heart.

Names for the second plane speculations:

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