ThunderClan Leaders by Lionsky

Cat36Lionsky tells us what she thinks of ThunderClan’s leaders

First we will start with leaders and then with medicine cats. (Tell me if you want me to do this with ShadowClan.)
1. ThunderStar-ThunderStar is finder of ThunderClan.He was a good leader.Well you know he is a finder of ThuderClan,he made ThunderClan so that is why i love him and i think he is the best ThunderClan leader.
2. OwlStar-He is the second leader of ThunderClan.Nothing else to say.
3. OakStar-THE WORST THUNDERCLAN LEADER EVER!I hate him but actually i think he was heartbrokend.Like his son died and MapleShade said that her kits are BirchFace’s kits.I know that he was evil when he exiled innocent kits but i think he was so mad at MapleShade and he just din’t want to see that kits again.Just see what he said to MapleShade and whole clan when he exield her:Have you forgotten that AppleDusk murdered BirchFace and FlowerPaw.(In my imagination he was like angry and sad.)Of all cats,why did you have to choose him?(He was full of hatred here.)You cannot possibly expect my forgiveness.You have betrayed the warrior code and lied to your Clanmates.We will not raise this kits within the walls of our camp,nor the boundaries of our territory.Take them and leave.You are no longer a warrior of ThunderClan.He was full of hatred.
4. DoeStar-She was a good leader.
5. PineStar-He was a great leader until he said that he will be a kittypet.
6. SunStar-He is the best leader of ThunderClan.And one of my favorite.He was wise,good,he knew what is a bad choice and what is a good choice.His deputys where good and he was great.
7. BlueStar-What can i say she was exellent leader.She was always so calm and she knew how to lead her clan,but when she went crazy all of that was lost and that is why i don’t like her so much.
8. FireStar-He was an exellent leader.

I won’t tell you anything about BrambleStar because he just became a leader.

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