Character Analysis- Graystripe: Part One by Lakepaw


Lakepaw analyzes Graystripe’s character.

I may or may not be doing this in order of character appearance. But anyway, time for everyone’s favorite prey loving, fluffy tom- GRAYSTRIPE! Anyway, let’s get to the point. (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD)

The Prophecies Begin Arc
Graystripe was the first warrior Firestar/ Fireheart/ Firepaw/ Rusty happened to meet. And luckily, he didn’t try to kill him, turning Rusty into a homicidal psychopath (*Cough* TIGERSTAR *cough*) Although Graystripe, then Graypaw, tried to chase Rusty away, he was just doing his job. And then they ended up being best bros. When Bluestar caught him with his newfound friend, he was sheepish, worried that she would be angry. But, she was like “cool this kittypet can join the clan.” Graypaw was very happy with this, and blissfully unaware of the sacrifice Rusty was making. But why do you think he was so willing to be friends with Rusty? He barely knew him, right? Well, if you look at his friendships, it seems like he was only friends with Ravenpaw, and probably close with his mentor, Lionheart. And looking at the allegiances of “Into the Wild” only his mother, Willowpelt, is listed. Patchpelt, his father wasn’t listed at all. Because of this, we can assume that he is super dead. Having no father can really affect him emotionally. He didn’t even have any direct siblings. (Although plenty of half siblings.) Without any siblings to compete with, or a father to learn whatever his mother didn’t teach him from, he probably had trouble interacting with other cats. So when Rusty came along, and was being treated as an outcast, he finally had a chance to make another friend. When Ravenpaw had to leave ThunderClan, he was supportive and willing to help his friend, even though he knew he might never see him again.

In the second book (oh my dear lord this will be a loooooooong article) he went on the quest to save WindClan with Fireheart. Then they save WindClan, and I don’t really care about that because we didn’t get to see more of this character. But soon after that, he meets Silverstream. Then the only ever forbidden relationship I ever shipped begins. A lot of stuff happens that people rarely talk about. Fireheart begins to question his loyalty, and Graystripe gets annoyed. Annoyed to the point where he openly attacks Fireheart and only stops when Bluestar tells him to. At one point, during a battle, he actually saves Fireheart’s life from Clawface, and MURDERS HIM. Well, I guess Tigerstar was temporarily his mentor at one point. Graystripe however, is not like Tigerstar and regrets killing Clawface. Later, when ThunderClan and RiverClan are fighting (probably over the Sunningrocks or something) Silverstream attacks Fireheart. Graystripe is like “Please don’t” and Silverstream stops attacking Fireheart. Fireheart, however, pins Silverstream down. (AND YOU THOUGHT HE WAS A GARY STU, HAHAHAHAHAHA I’M NOT CRAZY.) And when Fireheart lets go of her, Graystripe goes after her. Later, returning to the camp, Fireheart and Graystripe decide to stop fighting and continue to be besties.

In book three, when the river starts rising and stuff, Graystripe wants to check on Silverstream. He notices some kits in the water and saves them. They end up being Mistyfoot’s kits. Crookedstar is like “thanks and stuff but you can’t help us anymore.” BUT Graystripe’s a rebel. With the help of Graypool, he convinces the leader to let him and Fireheart hunt for RiverClan so they don’t die. Then when they are bringing prey into RiverClan one day, he finds out that Silverstream is pregnant. Obviously, he is very happy about this. He probably wants to be the father that he never had. The very next day, Silverstream’s kits come out early. Fireheart tries to get Yellowfang and Cinderpaw there in time but then… Silverstream dies. And it was really sad. Obviously, Graystripe is devastated. So he tries to raise his kits in ThunderClan. It seemed like it would actually work out. But then RiverClan had to RUIN IT ALL and demanded the kits back. Not wanting his own kits to suffer without a father like he did, he went to RiverClan with them to raise them.

In book four, he isn’t exactly seen much. (Which makes writing this a heck of a lot easier) When he is seen, he is struggling to stay loyal to his clan. When he sees Fireheart, he brags about how well his kits are doing. However, when he gets a chance to help ThunderClan repair stuff, Bluestar is like “AINT NO WAY I GONNA LET YOU DO THAT.” And he is very sad about this.

In book five, he is still trying to stay loyal to RiverClan. But according to Leapordheart, “he will always be a ThunderClan warrior.” Later, Graystripe teases Fireheart about Sandstorm across the border (which is both adorable and hilarious) He also warns Fireheart about how Tigerstar became a leader and stuff, and then leaves, but not before catching a fish for Fireheart. Another time, he warns Fireheart about Leapordstar trying to take the Sunningrocks. (Which happens like all the time so honestly I don’t think he needed a warning.) When the battle actually happens, he can’t bring himself to fight his old clan. When Leapordstar orders him to attack Fireheart he’s like “AH TO NAH AH TO NAH NO NO NOOOO” and doesn’t fight his old friend. So then he gets kicked out of RiverClan. So he rejoins ThunderClan. Later, he notes Fireheart’s suspicion of Bramblekit and Tawnykit and scolds him for it. He may of been reminded to how he didn’t have a father himself, and didn’t want the kits to have to deal with prejudice along with that pain.

In book six, he would’ve been the first deputy, but wasn’t trusted by the clan. When Fireheart explained that to him, he was totally cool with that. He wasn’t exactly ambitious. Later, he attacks Darkstripe when he attempts to kill Sorrelkit (who is actually his half sister, and Darkstripe is his half brother.) And ends up gaining respect and trust from the clan. Later, he goes on a mission to TigerClan to save his half clan kits, along with Bluestar’s. The mission is a success, and he mentors his own son, Stormpaw for a little while. He is very happy about this, but when RiverClan is RiverClan again, his kits return to their clan. When BloodClan attacks, when Darkstripe attacks Firestar, Graystripe kills Darkstripe. Then he gives a well known line “one less traitor in the forest.” When Whitestorm dies, he is appointed as deputy. He is happy about this, although unsure at first. When the battle ends, he says goodbye to his kits.

This took so long lol. I started writing this two hours ago. Part two will be on the rest of the series, because he isn’t in the rest nearly as much as this arc. Now I shall give my fingers a rest.

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