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    this is the chapter i hate

    Chapter 14: Confusion


    Gladion: thanks

    Moon: congratulations!

    Gladion: uh thanks again

    Hau: why aren’t you more excited????

    Gladion: its just an mss

    Hau: dude
    you frickin won

    Gladion: ik that

    Moon: I know it isn’t the most exciting thing on earth, but you could act a little happier
    What’s up?

    Gladion: the sky

    Moon: no, seriously?

    Gladion: nothing, why?

    Moon: if you say so

    Hau: wait
    where’s luna?

    Gladion: oh
    the power company in pabay is shutting off power to reduce wildfire risk
    she told me she won’t be getting hers back for a few days
    so no wifi

    Hau: NO WIFI???

    Gladion: nope

    Hau: aww man that sucks

    Moon: I see
    Didn’t know you guys were so close

    Gladion: ??

    Moon: nvm

    Gladion: honestly, idk why she told me either
    if thats what youre wondering

    Moon: oh okay

    Gladion: you okay?

    Moon: why wouldn’t I be?

    Gladion: you know why, moon
    dont try and play dumb with me

    Moon: oh
    I’m fine, okay? Can you drop it?

    Gladion: sorry

    Moon: great, well, i gtg, so ttyl

    Hau: bye Moon!

    Gladion: bye

    It had officially been the most boring 24 hours Luna could remember. Her 3DS had died hours ago, and her phone was at 50%, left charged only in case of emergencies. Not that she could call anyone from her house, anyway. She’d already watched all her downloaded Netflix episodes and read an entire novel. And after spending the past two hours attempting to draw Pokemon, she was done.

    Luna sighs, and pushes herself back from her desk. Putting down her pencil, she stands up, and opens the door to her room, glancing at the hallway. It was empty, meaning everyone was likely downstairs.

    “Luna!” Silv yells from the living room.

    “Yeah?” Luna replies. She walks to the edge of the staircase, leaning on the railing. On the lower floor, Silv is looking up, phone in hand.

    “We’re going into town to get a cell signal, wanna come?” Luna nods frantically. Wifi? Finally! She thinks.

    “Absolutely!” She says. “Be there in a sec!” Quickly, she turns and runs back to her room, snatching her phone, 3DS, and charging cord. The car is the only place she can get power. Then she sprints downstairs, devices in hand.

    Then Luna finds her mind drifting to a very specific group chat – and mostly, a single person. Because she can finally get an answer or two, and stop thinking about him.

    Gladion. How did the MSS go? She didn’t get a chance to ask or watch the stream before she lost her internet. And what about the whole car accident? Is he okay? Has anybody on the group chat missed her? Did they even notice she was gone? Shoot. Come on, Luna. Stop, she scolded herself. But Luna can’t help but wonder – what has even happened in the 24 hours of her absence?

    She wants to believe that Gladion isn’t the source of her worries. She wants to believe that yeah, she cares about Hau and Moon. And she does – but Luna knows that they’re just friends, and she knows she feels more for Gladion then she does for either of the other two. And she hates it. She utterly hates the fact she likes Gladion Aether the way she does, and she’s given up pretending her feelings don’t exist. But… What can she do about it? Tell herself she doesn’t like him? Stop messaging him? Because Luna knows that would break her.

    Yet at the same time, there’s nobody she can talk to about this kind of stuff. Definitely not her parents, and certainly not her sister. Luna wants to think it would help her if she just let her feelings off her chest, but she has no clue how to do it. So she gives in. She lets herself wonder. After all, pushing away any feelings she has isn’t really helping, is it? And what’s the harm in merely thinking?

    Luna: hey guys

    Hau: LUNAAAAAA!!!!

    She stifles her laughter, and Silv turns to look at her suspiciously. Luna shoots her sister a warning glare. Not now, Silv. Not now.

    Luna: my family drove downtown to get some wifi signal and all, charging my 3ds in the car too

    Hau: YAYYYY

    Gladion: hey luna

    Luna bites her lip. This is what she wanted, right? So why is she having such a hard time talking to him? Why doesn’t she know how to reply? You’re the one who messaged him last night about the blackout. He’s the one who told you about the car accident. Why can’t you get it together and talk like friends again? Because you’re scared? What is wrong with you, Luna? She thinks. All she knows is that the more she thinks about how she feels, the worse things seem to get.

    Luna: hi gladion!
    congrats on the mss!

    Gladion: thanks

    Hau: lunaaaa

    Luna: what?

    Hau: when do you get your power back?

    Luna: supposedly in three days but idk

    Hau: WHAT???

    Gladion: you heard her

    Hau: that sucks 🙁

    She almost laughs. You wouldn’t believe it, Hau. You wouldn’t believe it, she thinks, shaking her head.

    Luna: i’m aware

    Luna pauses for a moment, fingers hovering over the keyboard. She doesn’t know why she’s hesitating. After all, she’s just curious, right?

    Luna: gladion, did the car thing end up okay?

    Gladion: yeah
    im just a lot poorer now

    Luna: rip

    Gladion: ikr


    Luna laughs, and Silv shoots her an amused look.

    “What is it this time?” Silv asks. Luna sighs.

    “If I tell you, are you gonna tease me about it?” She retorts. Silv pouts, but shakes her head. “Basically, one of my…” Luna pauses. Shoot. Rival? Friend? Is Gladion a friend at this point? “…friends, accidentally ran a red light and crashed their car, so now everyone is making fun of him,” she says.

    “Who?” Silv replies. Luna bites her lip and looks down at her phone screen again.

    “Nobody you’d know,” she says in reply. “Nobody you’d know.”

    Gladion: im aware

    Luna: well at least you’re okay

    Gladion: yeah

    Luna: well, anything else I missed?

    Gladion: id just read the chat

    Luna: okay

    Quickly, Luna scrolls back up to the most recent message she can remember, and begins to read from there on out. There isn’t a lot – a few good lucks and congratulations from the mss, a few questions about her absence, and the occasional VGC meme. But there’s nothing particularly interesting. But Luna can’t help but notice something. Moon isn’t around that often. And when she does send a message, it sounds… off. Disappointed. Dismissive. Luna can’t quite place it, but Luna doesn’t remember Moon usually acting that way. Since when did she have “oh” or “um” in her messages? The girl was a stickler for clear, proper grammar. So what was wrong? Quickly, Luna does the calculation in her head. Stupid time zones were so confusing, but Moon should be awake by now. Come on, Luna. You’re friends. Why are you hesitating? She clicks on Moon’s bio, and then the message button.

    Luna: hey
    you okay?

    Moon doesn’t reply, and she isn’t online. Shoot. This is a stupid idea. In fact, Moon probably has better stuff to be doing… Then her phone buzzes.

    Moon: ?
    Yeah, I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?

    Luna: uh well idk how to say this, but…
    you seem a little off, I guess? Maybe a little down or upset?

    Moon: oh
    Is Gladion rubbing off on you?

    Luna: what?

    Moon: idk, he just said the exact same thing
    And you’re pretty close

    Luna’s eyes widen in surprise. Close? With Gladion? That was… questionable.

    Luna: huh? Not really…
    i mean i guess we’re kinda friends, but like still

    Moon: oh i see

    Luna: see? That’s kinda what i mean. Why all the “ohs” and “ums” lately?

    Moon sees it. Luna knows that. Yet she doesn’t reply, and the two spend a long second in silence before Moon even begins typing.

    Moon: have I been doing that a lot?

    Luna can’t help but feel disappointed. That isn’t… an answer. Far from one, in fact.

    Luna: idk it seems like it

    Moon: oh
    Shoot I just did it again didn’t I?

    Luna: yes lol

    Moon: i guess you’re right

    Luna doesn’t know what to say to that, and begins to wonder if Moon even plans on answering her question. But then the other girl starts typing, and Luna begins to wait.

    Moon: well
    I guess it’s just odd
    I’ve known Gladion for a long time, and he doesn’t usually get this close to anybody, let alone so quickly.
    Or what I’ve been trying to say is that it’s just kinda off putting to see Gladion like this, if that makes sense.

    Luna doesn’t know what to make of that. She knows Gladion isn’t the most extroverted or friendly person – she learned that at Worlds last year. And it makes sense that his current behavior might be unusual to Moon. She’d just… never thought about it that way before. After all, it seemed to have taken the two of them long enough to even begin messaging each other. And why did Moon seem so… disappointed? Her messages didn’t seem confused, and instead seemed… Luna didn’t know exactly how to put it into words. But she couldn’t help but feel she was missing a part of the story, she was glad Moon was willing to talk to her. She was making friends with Moon Fuyuki – slowly, yes, but Moon Fuyuki. She was practically famous among any and all VGC players in Zone 3, and to call her a friend? 6 months ago, she never would have believed it.

    Luna: i see
    yeah i guess he’s been a lot more… idk what the word is
    not friendly, but like…
    less emo and edgy? 😛

    Moon: EXACTLY 😛
    And I’ve never seen him like that before around anybody, except for me, Hau, and Lillie

    Luna: Lillie?

    Moon: his sister

    Luna: oh i see

    She feels oddly relieved, and she knows why. Not that she likes it – in fact, it’s annoying. She shouldn’t be worrying like that over each and every little thing.

    Moon: yeah
    They’re pretty close, and Lillie’s really nice

    Luna: gotcha

    Moon: But anyways, thanks for checking in on me
    It means a lot <3

    Luna smiles.

    Luna: of course!

    Moon doesn’t reply, but Luna isn’t disappointed. She’s just glad she got an answer – or at least part of one. Because she can now maybe stop worrying so much about other people, and focus on herself. She can focus on what the heck she’s going to do about Gladion, focus on figuring out how she really feels, and focus on how she wants to deal with it.

    And she can also stop letting him consume her life. If she can figure this all out, maybe she can move on. She can decide if she actually likes him as a person, or if she forget all about him. All that matters is that she gets herself some answers and stops letting herself obsess over him. After all, the last time she let a crush do that to her… it didn’t end well.

    And this time, it’s either going to be different, or Luna’s done with the pathetic feeling people call “love.”

    k so few things
    a) this is based on real life experiences because PSPS’s are a thing and it’s basically when the electric people shut off power so that there’s nothing running through the lines, so that the wildfire risk is lower. idk. they’re the most boring things ever, i went through a multi day one back in october. sucks. absolutely sucks. that’s why this chapter ALSO sucks 😛
    b) i was forcing myself through writers block at this point, so that’s also probably part of the reason it sucks. if that helps at all.

    and now only two more chapters left until worlds? with the triple post from yesterday, all this filler is going really fast 😛

    💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

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      “nobody you’d know” *brooding mode activates* XD

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      It must be so boring to have no power or wifi


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      spoilers please
      Aww, Moon’s jealous, big oof. WHY THO I WANT ANSWERS!!!!
      *screams into pillow because she wants to know and not have till wait until tomorrow unless theres a double post like last time cuz if so the Larkie would be happy*

      ˜Lark/Larkie - WATCH BNHA!

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        not… jealous, exactly. just… weirded out 😛 next chapter you might get some, if you can put all the hints together! 😀

        (and i’ll try and get another chapter up later!)

        💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

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          Ok hmmm, idk.
          And weirded out, bruh, I’d be happy if my anti social friend found a new friend

          ˜Lark/Larkie - WATCH BNHA!

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        Moon said we would get answers in chapter fifteen. Or at least I think she did.

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          ˜Lark/Larkie - WATCH BNHA!

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          yes, but i’m not flat out gonna say “yo this is why moon thinks this is weird” or “this is why they are a little bit odd around one another,” i’m just making it a lot more obvious 😛 so you still have to figure it out, it’s just… a lot easier 😛

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      ooof id be super bored and hot if the power went out in the whole city😛

      i see moky

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    hey guys, sorry I missed the double post today – was going to try to, but I got a little caught up in other stuff. I’ll try and get two chapters up tomorrow though! 😀

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      <3333 you know you're spoiling us

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      Don’t worry! also I probably wouldn’t have been able to see it because my I pad was sucking


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      hehe don’t worry you’re already really ahead of your original schedule i think😛

      i see moky

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    guys the long awaited chapter 15 is here and after this PLEASE stop pestering me with questions about moon and gladion thanks 😛 oh, and bonus points to anybody who can guess WHY i named this chapter what i did.

    Chapter 15: Perish Song

    “Hey, Lillie?” Gladion doesn’t even know what he’s doing, and his sister looks up, surprised. They’re sitting at the kitchen table, Gladion continuing work on his Worlds team. Across the table, Lillie is eating a snack. The two siblings usually spend their time together in comfortable silence – after all, Gladion doesn’t talk much. So he doesn’t know why he’s doing it now. But he has to say it now before he loses his nerve. “I think…” He pauses. “I think I like someone.”

    There. It was out. Gladion looks down, avoiding his sister’s eyes. Lillie’s jaw drops.

    “What? Who?” She demands. Gladion sighs.

    “Do you expect me to tell you?” Lillie bites her lip. “I’m just… I just needed to get it off my chest. What should I be doing?” He asks.

    “I’m your sister, Gladion. You can trust me,” Lillie replies. He shoots her a glare.

    “You’re gonna give me a hard time for it, I know. Don’t try me.” Lillie rolls her eyes.

    “Okay, well… what have you done about it?” She asks. Gladion doesn’t reply. What have I done about Luna? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. What am I supposed to do? He thinks.

    “Nothing,” he says finally. Lillie frowns. “Look, I’m trying, okay? It’s not the same as -”

    “Don’t start, Gladion. Don’t start.” Gladion’s eyes widen at the sudden change in Lillie’s tone. But he should have known better. He can’t mention Moon around Lillie in this kind of conversation. “I’m going to be honest with you. If you won’t tell me who this girl is, I won’t be able to do anything. Spill it.” Gladion glares at her. Nice try, Lillie. You’re not getting anything out of me like that, he thinks. Mostly, he’s afraid. He’s afraid that Lillie’s going to tease him, and he’s afraid that she won’t understand. After all, he’s met Luna only twice. He shouldn’t be this… absorbed. Attracted. Whatever the heck this is.

    But at this point, the more Gladion thinks about it, the worse things get. In fact, he can’t even be quite sure how real these feelings are. But he was so desperate for an answer on why he felt the way he did around her back at Internats, that once he thought maybe he actually likes Luna, he accepted that as the truth without question.

    “Nice try, Lillie. But you’re not getting a name,” he snaps. “Look. All I want is an idea. What do I do at this point?”

    “Why are you asking me?” Lillie replies. “I’ve never had a boyfriend, and…” She shoots Gladion a knowing glance, and he sighs. “A year, Gladion. Yet you still don’t know what to do about a little crush?” She questions.

    “I didn’t come to you for a scolding, Lillie. And I know I should be better than this,” he says. “But I need help, and I don’t know who else to ask.” Lillie rolls her eyes.

    “Okay, fine.” His sister pauses before continuing. “Are you… really that desperate to move on?” Gladion freezes, and forces himself to take a deep breath. He doesn’t reply for a long moment, and the tension between the two siblings begins to grow.

    “It’s been 10 months, Lillie. I wouldn’t call this desperate,” he finally retorts. “If you have nothing better to say, then I’ll just shut up and we can pretend this never happened.” Lillie frowns.

    “Okay, let’s take a chill pill.” Gladion glares at her. She knows that gets on his nerves. “Let’s start nice and slow. Does -” She stops. Gladion knows what’s coming, and he hates it. “I’m sorry.” Lillie looks down. “But it has to be said. Does…” Her voice grows quiet – shy, almost. It’s all too similar to the way she acted just a couple of years ago, and Gladion doesn’t like it. “Does Moon know?” She finally says it, and Gladion clenches his jaw. He knew it was coming. Yet…

    “Why should she?” He snaps. Lillie flinches, and Gladion can’t help but feel slightly bad. He shouldn’t be so upset over such a comment. Yet… his current relationship with Moon isn’t what it once was. No. Lillie is wrong. She doesn’t need to know – in fact, she wouldn’t care. It won’t change things. But he isn’t sure he actually believes himself.

    “I think…” Lillie starts. She sighs. “I think she deserves to know, whether you like it or not. I know what happened, and I know that you two aren’t on… the best of terms. But all of people, she’s the last person you should be hiding this from. And we both know why.”

    Gladion doesn’t want to admit it. He doesn’t want to admit the fact that Lillie isn’t wrong, and he doesn’t want to admit that this isn’t something he can keep a secret forever. But in the end, he’s so hesitant because he’s scared. He’s scared of how Moon will react, and he’s scared of what will happen if he ends up hurting her again. Because regardless of what happened, Gladion knows she doesn’t deserve pain like that.

    But in the end, it’s not like he has a choice. When his battle ends, he opens the messenger on his phone. Her number is at the bottom of his recents, and he opens it for the first time in almost ten months. Before he can back out, he hits send.

    Gladion: hey

    It takes no time for Moon to reply, much to his surprise. In fact, he’s shocked she even reads it.

    Moon: you kept my number

    He’s insulted, almost, but knows better than to be. It isn’t her fault.

    Gladion: yeah

    Moon: what do you want?

    He pauses. He can’t flat out say it yet, can he?

    Gladion: im sorry

    Moon doesn’t reply for a moment, and Gladion feels his heart speed up.

    Moon: funny you say that now

    Moon doesn’t understand that Gladion knows he screwed up. He screwed up big time. And he still feels guilty. But Moon… she can’t seem to move on, and it irks him.

    Gladion: fine

    Moon: what’s your point?

    He isn’t surprised at her bluntless. In fact, he doesn’t blame her for being so short with him. They’re friends, sure, but their relationship has been stretched to its limit over the past few months. The distance did nothing to help them.

    Gladion: i wasnt kidding
    i really am sorry

    Moon: great

    He grits his teeth at her sarcasm.

    Gladion: you dont need to forgive me

    Moon: I wasn’t going to, but okay

    Gladion can’t even be sure what he even expected out of this exchange.

    Gladion: you know
    its kinda funny

    Moon: what?

    Gladion: the group chat
    we’re like
    almost friends
    can you believe that?

    He’s stalling, and he knows that. But he isn’t wrong, either. They both pretend nothing ever happened when they’re around Luna and Hau. For all Gladion cares, Luna doesn’t need to know. And Hau’s come a little too close to hitting a nerve with a few of his comments. Thankfully, it only took a single reminder for him to stop. From there on out, they haven’t talked about it, and probably for the better. So why is he bringing it back now?

    Moon: yeah
    its cause of luna, isn’t it?
    why do you care so much about keeping us a secret?

    Gladion grits his teeth. He doesn’t have a response to that.

    Gladion: its not an “us” anymore

    And it hasn’t been for a long time.

    Moon: True
    But you get my memo

    He doesn’t have any more excuses.

    Gladion: yeah

    Moon: so, the question?

    Gladion: idk

    Moon: Seriously? That’s all you have to say?

    It’s the truth, even if Moon doesn’t understand that.

    Gladion: im being honest with you

    Moon: fine
    What’s your point?

    Gladion: wdym?

    More stalling.

    Moon: We haven’t talked in months
    Don’t play dumb with me – why message me now?

    Great. She’s called him out. And now, Gladion doesn’t have any other options but to tell the truth. Yet at the same time, Gladion doesn’t reply for a solid two minutes. Instead, he types and retypes his message over and over again. How should he even begin to say what he wants to say? Finally, he decides he has to take the dive. He has to be bold, and just get things over with.

    Gladion: how would you feel if i told you i liked someone?

    It was out. Gladion waits, and Moon doesn’t reply for a long moment.

    Moon: do you?

    Shoot. That… wasn’t what he wanted.

    Gladion: you didnt answer my question

    Moon: Well idk
    Now answer mine.

    He forces himself to take a deep breath, clenching his jaw. It shouldn’t take him so long to type a single word, but he somehow spends a long moment with fingers hovering over the keyboard. Then he forces himself to hit send, and waits.

    Gladion: yes

    There’s no reply, and Gladion tries to be patient. He’s nervous, too. He doesn’t notice, but his heart begins to race, palms growing sweaty. He doesn’t know what to expect, and he can’t help but be afraid. Then Moon replies.

    Moon: So that makes two of us.

    Gladion freezes, and suddenly, he has no clue what to think. Moon. Moon… likes someone. He doesn’t know why he’s so surprised, but he can’t reply, and he doesn’t know what to say. This time, he isn’t even stalling on purpose when it takes him five minutes to formulate something to say. He truly, utterly, has no clue what to do.

    Gladion: i guess so

    He hides his surprise. Moon doesn’t need to know how he froze up, and she doesn’t need to know how he sat, fingers shaking, for so long.

    Moon: yeah

    And now, Gladion’s out of there. He got his answer.

    Gladion: well then
    i need to get going

    He really doesn’t.

    Moon: bye

    Moon doesn’t protest, and he isn’t surprised. Neither of them can deny how awkward this situation is.

    Gladion: bye

    He’s done, and puts his phone down. Then he begins to think.

    Moon likes someone, and so does he. And does that mean Gladion can safely assume things are over? That he’s free to do what he wants without hurting her? Because that’s what he’s been terrified of for the past 10 months. He hated seeing Moon cry, and he hated when she left, because he knew he’d just destroyed anything they possibly still had. Now, what are they? Barely even friends. Rivals, sure – but he finds himself struggling to strike up a conversation, and he’s struggling to keep up the illusion of amicability around Hau and Luna.

    Luna. It’s not her fault this mess has become what it is. In fact, Gladion needs to stop dwelling on this. Even if he wishes it isn’t the case, he can be pretty sure Luna isn’t attracted to him the way he is to her. And saying something at this point would more than likely put their entire relationship on the line. They’re friends – finally. Even if neither of them has said it out right, Gladion can be pretty sure they’re friends. And he likes that. But for the first time in 10 months, he can finally sure it’s time to move on. And… maybe Luna is a good first step. All he has to do is figure out where to begin, and that – that’s the hard part.

    okay so like this chapter was the most terrible thing to code but oh well at least you guys were excited for it. and you probably have one of two reactions:
    1) ohhhhh that’s what happened
    2) how the heck was this supposed to give me answers???

    i’d assume most of you are number 1 😛 if you DO know what happened, preferably DON’T say it out in the replies, bc if anybody doesn’t know yet, we don’t want spoilers 😛 and like i said, i never flat out said what happened, but you should hopefully be able to connect all the dots and make a good, likely correct guess 😛

    anyways so i hope you enjoyed! i’m not gonna be answering any more questions relating to gladion and moon bc i don’t want to spoil anything, but because of how… focused you guys have been on this, i’m wondering if you’ve been ignoring all the other hints, possibly even name drops, on the other POV…

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      …does moon like luna?

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        why did I have the same thought….


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        OMG but no lol

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          but whyyyy XDD

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            …moon is very much straight, and she likes a character i haven’t introduced yet 😛

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              alright alright XD now to suspensefully wait for this character’s introduction >:P

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                except that i screwed up his character in this fic, even though i have a far better personality in my head i’m just too lazy to fix it and yeah 😛

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          yes it definitely does


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      Im 1 and 2 if thats makes sense…
      double post for us

      Perish Song because their friendship is ending slowly, or perishing, and its taking a painfully long time, like perish song, (even tho its only three turns but it feels a lot longer than that XD)

      ˜Lark/Larkie - WATCH BNHA!

      • July 8, 2020 at 10:50 pm

        absolutely right on the name thing – but i count this chapter as the third turn of perish song, and it’s not really just their “friendship,” it’s… the other stuff 😛

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          WAIT……. so they WERE DATING at some point?

          this is what i mean by im 1 AND 2

          as u can see im still a little bit confused but you told us to stop asking questions so ill stop now

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            thank you for not asking questions, i appreciate it 😛

            and it’s okay to be a little confused! that’s kinda the idea, and you get full, spoken confirmation in chapter 19 😀

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    I go to Ballonlea (the most ascetically pleasing town in all of pokemon by far), and I go to the pokemon center. Then I go and try once again to get something to evolve Milcery. I fail at the first cafe, and then I fail again at the second. WWWWWHHHHHYYYYYYY! Then I go back to Ballonlea and run into Marnie, and then she leaves. I buy some potions and enter the gym. I have some confusion trouble with the first and second trainer, but I beat all the trainers with Soren and Whiplash. Now it’s time for the gym leader. I lead with Whiplash against Wheezing, and she takes it out. I send out Faolan against Togekiss, and the question about her favorite color makes SO SENSE. But I take out Togekiss and send out Jackie against Mawile. Pyro ball misses twice in a row, but Jackie soon takes it out. Then I keep Jackie out so he can use the quiz boost to one shot Alcreme. The gym leader rambles on about how she needs someone else to be gym leader and then I stand in the entrance to the gym.

    That’s it for now! Time to get back to playing pokemon quest and watching YouTube…..


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    I’m super bored so time for more Wonderlocke!
    Leaving the gym, Opal takes me to Hammerlocke, and goes away. Bede just won’t give up, and then Opal goes crazy about pink. I run away but get interrupted by Sonia, but then something explodes. I get to ignore it though, and Hau The Second, oh-I mean Hop, interrupts me AGAIN. He battles me, and I beat Trevenant with Whiplash, Cinderace with Faolan, who learns crunch, Snorlax with Heart Attack, Boltund with Soren, and Heatmor with Faolan. I catch my next pokemon, and trade it to get a Weavile. I like my team right now (except Milcery but that will change once it evolves RIGHT!!! Also it was my starter so I won’t ditch it) and when trying to catch my route 8 encounter, Whiplash dies. Yup…..wasn’t ready for that…..WHY!!!!!! I catch the pokemon, name it MURDERER and trade it away, getting a Morgrem. Whiplash…..I’ll miss you….. this is all I can take for now, so that’s it.

    What pokemon should I replace Whiplash with? The pokemon I could replace it with are Popplio, Trash the Magikarp, Weavile, and Morgrem. I’m thinking either Popplio or Weavile….why am I so bad at pokemon?


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      ooof whiplash😭

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        Whiplash……😭 and ok! Out of those two I’d probably want to use Magikarp


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      i vote popplio or weavile too – what’s your team rn, and what gets you better type coverage?

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      • Bloompaw’s Ghost
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        Right now my team is Desidueye, Cinderace, Milcery, Lichenrock, and Dreepy. Out of those two I would probably pick Popplio because there’s a rock gym coming up


        • July 9, 2020 at 7:03 pm

          okay, well – i did some calculations, and weavile allows you to have something that can hit ghost types super effectively without using a ghost of your own, since that can be pretty risky. however, while you do have a cinderace to take care of them (typically), that would give you three pokemon all weak to steel type moves. on the other hand, primarina doesn’t give you any of the coverage that you specifically need, but it doesn’t add on to your weaknesses either. you could also teach it shadow ball via tr/tm (not remembering which one it is) to cover ghost types, but it won’t be STAB 🙂 so i’d say it’s up to you!

          also, rock is weak to ice, so weavile would do well in gordie’s gym too – you’ll just want to use lycanroc against his coalossal, since it’s good against both of your regular rock type counters 🙂

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          • Bloompaw’s Ghost
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            Wait, rock is weak to ice? I thought that ice was weak to rock and rock was good against ice? And thanks for doing that! And yeah, I probably will use Lichenrock against Coalossal


            • Mistystream
              July 10, 2020 at 3:34 pm

              well yeah ice IS weak to rock 😛 I believe moon made a mistake 😛

              • July 10, 2020 at 7:42 pm

                oh wait, sorry, for some reason the source i was using was wrong, clearly google is not to be trusted 😛

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                  Yup, google cannot be trusted 😛

                  THERE IS NO BLOOMPAW

    • Dewfrost
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      hmm… Popplio or Weavile could both be really helpful, but I like Popplio better :p

      • Bloompaw’s Ghost
        July 9, 2020 at 5:15 pm

        I’m probably going to use Popplio because there is a rock gym coming up


  6. July 9, 2020 at 8:01 pm

    sorry no double post yesterday, but oh well 😛 last pre-worlds chapter, somehow???

    Chapter 16: Helping Hand

    One month, Luna. One month. And Luna isn’t sure if she’s looking forward to it or not. On one hand, it’s Worlds. The Pokemon World Championships. Shouldn’t she be excited? It’s all she’s been working towards for the past 11 months – all her games and hours of practice, leading up to a single weekend. And last year, she had been. But this time, Luna’s afraid. She’s afraid that what happened last year will happen again, and she’s afraid that her confidence will disappear all like it did last time. She’s also anxious – the last thing Luna wants to do is mess up again, or fail to perform as well as she did at Internats. She’d only be letting herself down. And most of all, she isn’t sure how to feel about the fact that Gladion will definitely be there.

    Luna knows she likes him, and she knows it all too well. She needs to get it off her chest, badly, before it ends up consuming her even more. She’s barely been able to think about anything else since Internats, and it isn’t good for her.

    Truly, there’s only one person Luna feels she could even begin to talk to. That certain somebody has just walked into the room, and she forces herself to speak.

    “Hey, Ottie?” Her friend looks up, surprised. Luna leans against the wall of the tack room, and Ottie places her saddle down on a rack. “Do you think… I could talk to you for a second?” Luna feels her palms get sweaty, and Ottie shrugs.

    “Sure! What’s up!” The brunette walks over to Luna’s side, and looks her friend in the eye. Luna bites her lip, and doesn’t reply for a moment. Not because she’s forgotten what she wants to say, but because she’s worried. But it’s too late to turn back now.

    “I think…” Luna pauses, looking down. “I think I like someone.” Ottie freezes, and nobody speaks for a long moment.

    “Oh… wow,” Ottie replies. That’s all she says, and the silence returns.

    “I just… I just don’t know what to do about it,” Luna finally says. And she isn’t lying. “I don’t know if I like him just because he’s attractive or cute or whatever, or if I actually like being around him. I mean, I think I do. I like talking to him. A lot. But I don’t get what I’m supposed to do, if that makes sense,” she rants. She opens her mouth to continue, but Ottie interrupts.

    “No, I get it. I totally do. Just… give me a second.” Luna nods, and waits. She looks over at her friend, who looks lost in thought. “Okay, well, what I’m picking up here is that you like some guy and you need advice on what you should be doing next, correct?” Luna nods. “Well, I’m not sure I’m the person to ask, but…” She pauses.

    “I know. I feel like I should be better than this,” Luna says, a hint of bitterness in her tone.

    “Don’t worry about it, Luna,” Ottie replies. Right. Don’t go there, Luna. Just don’t. She bites her lip and nods. “I guess… if you don’t mind me asking, who is it?” Luna freezes. She knew it was coming, yet… Come on, Luna. Get it together.

    “I…” Her voice begins to waver, and she stops again. “I’m sorry,” she says quietly. She doesn’t know what she’s even apologizing for.

    “Well, you don’t have to. I was just wondering and all…” Ottie says quickly. “I was just thinking that maybe it would help a little, you know? To just get it out there?” She’s right, Luna. Wasn’t that the whole point? Luna thinks, scolding herself. “But no pressure. I get that it can be hard and all, so don’t -”

    “Gladion,” she says suddenly. It’s both bold and quiet, hesitant and definitive. Everything falls silent.

    Shoot. Come on, Luna. What as that? Luna thinks, frustrated. But at least it was out there, right? Ottie doesn’t reply for a long second, and Luna feels herself tense up.

    “Shoot.” It’s all Ottie is able to say, and Luna tries to laugh it off.

    “Exactly,” she replies. “So, what the heck am I supposed to do?” She feels something inside of her crack, and she clenches her fists.

    “Hey, it’s okay, Luna!” Ottie says quickly. Luna grits her teeth. Come on, Luna. Stop getting so frustrated, she scolds herself. It doesn’t help. “Okay, well, let’s see. I’m figuring you’re stressed because Worlds is in a month, correct?” Luna nods. “Shoot. I’m really not good with this type of stuff. Well…” Ottie’s voice trails off, growing quieter and quieter as she thinks.

    “You like Gladion??????” Shoot. Silv barges in, and Luna curses under her breath. Her sister’s eyes are bright, and she forces herself to take a deep breath. Okay, Luna. Maybe you can play it off. Maybe you can… She knows it’s hopeless. Silv heard what she heard, and her sister isn’t the type to let go so easily. “I knew it!” Silv squeals, giving a small hop. She stops in front of Luna, grinning. Luna looks down. “See? I shipped you all the way back in, like, springtime!” It’s all too accurate.

    “Silv, please stop.” Luna’s voice cracks, and she’s unable to meet her sister in the eyes. Her mind and heart are both racing, and she hates it. Silv pouts.

    “Awww! But this is so exciting!” She says brightly, completely undeterred. “You went from your whole “he’s an absolute jerk” mentality to “he’s so cute and hot and-”

    “Silv, I meant it. Just shut up.” Any control Luna formerly had is gone, and she looks up, glaring at her sister. Silv merely rolls her eyes.

    “But don’t you see, Luna? This is a big deal!” Silv says teasingly. “And Worlds is in just a month! That would be a perfect time for you two to finally get together!” There’s more running through Luna’s head than just her frustration. “You could have your first date, you could…” Luna forces herself to ignore her sister. All she knows is that her heart is racing faster than it has in a long time, and she knows exactly why. Because all she can think about is one specific person who she never wanted to bring up again.

    Silv shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Her sister doesn’t realize that she’s gone way too far. And now, Luna only knows one way to get her to stop. One name – that’s all it would take. And all Luna has to do is think about him, and she crumbles.

    “Don’t you get it, Silv???” Luna screams finally. She’s cracked, and her sister freezes. “It’s going to end up like -” Luna chokes, and then she crumples to the ground, sliding against the wall.

    The name goes fully without saying. Silv stops, and Ottie winces. Luna sits, crouched on the ground, and lets herself cry. It’s out there, and now she’s done. Nobody says anything.

    “I’m sorry.” Silv breaks the silence, and crouches at her sister’s side. Luna forces herself to look up. “I didn’t mean to…”

    “Take it that far?” Ottie interrupts. Silv sighs and nods, and Luna’s breath shakes. The tears stop flowing as hard, and she wipes a single drop from beneath her left eye. “Hey, Luna? Silv didn’t mean it, I promise. Please don’t be upset, okay?”

    “I’m not,” Luna whispers. “At least, not at Silv. But I’m just… scared. I’m scared of it happening all over again. I’m scared, because if anything like that happens again, it would completely shatter me.” Silv looks down.

    “I’m really sorry, Luna. I can’t say that enough,” she says slowly. “I don’t want you to feel like you can’t talk to me about all of this. I know I tease you, and I know I said some stuff that’s hurt you, but don’t be afraid. I’m your sister, okay?” Luna gives a small nod.

    “We’re here to help you. Please understand that. I get this has got to be really hard for you, and I want you to know that I’m always here,” Ottie says.

    “I… thanks,” Luna replies quietly. She forces herself to stand up, brushing herself off. “I’m just… terrified. I’m tired of being hurt like that, and I’ve got a month to get myself together. You saw me. I was an absolute wreck. I told myself I would never let something like that happen again. Yet here we are, and I have no clue what to think. It’s been a month of this, and I can’t decide if I believe the part of me that wants to give up and move on, or the part that tells me that this is something worth pursuing,” she says.

    “Luna, if you truly do like him, you can’t just do nothing-” Silv starts. Luna opens her mouth to speak, but then bites her lip. Silv doesn’t need you to lash out at her again. Control yourself, Luna! She thinks bitterly.

    “I know, Silv. But it’s hard,” Luna interrupts. She forces herself to take a deep breath. “I shouldn’t be having so much trouble with this. I don’t know why I can’t just get myself together. But mostly, I needed to get it off my chest. It’s been weighing me down for too long,” she admits.

    “I don’t know what we can do, but I promise we’ll do everything we can, okay?” Ottie asks. Luna nods, pacing small circles around the room. Right. Of course. What else did you expect? And why did you wait so long to do this? She thinks.

    “And Luna?” She looks up, pausing for a second, to meet Silv’s eyes. Her sister smiles, and Luna feels herself relax. “If he ever breaks your heart, I will personally hunt him down. Nobody messes with my sister and gets away with it.”

    And that in itself makes Luna feel a little better.

    It’s August 14th, and Luna can’t sleep. For a good reason. Worlds. Tomorrow. Gladion. Tomorrow. Everything is coming together, and she can’t handle it anymore. She lays, awake, staring up at the ceiling. She has been, for the past two hours. It’s natural – she’s stressed. But it’s getting to the point of extreme.

    It’s a year later, and Luna still remembers. She still remembers how it felt to lose to Gladion that very first time. And she never wants it to happen again. Over the past year, she’s tried so hard. She’s tried so hard to move on and forget. In fact, she’s gone from positively hating him to liking him to the point where it consumes her at an unhealthy level. They’re friends now. But somehow, it’s still not gone. The sting of defeat isn’t gone, and neither is the image of his cold, emerald eyes. All those memories she made are completely intact. And now, they’re more vivid than ever.

    In under 24 hours, it’ll have begun. The Pokemon World Championships 2019 will have begun. And Luna has never felt more unprepared in her life. She could practice more, sure. She’ll be doing that tomorrow morning. She could run over in her head time and time again how she wants to greet Gladion, and she can picture them meeting all she wants. But there’s nothing more she can do.

    At this point, Luna is nothing but afraid. She doesn’t want to lose again, and she doesn’t want to miss another chance. Her to-do list for the upcoming days is full, for sure. She wants to win. She wants to tell Gladion that she is definitely kinda sorta is attracted to him. She wants to meet Moon. It’s stressful, to say the least. But this weekend has been a year in the making, and it’s time for Luna to take advantage of it. Whether she’d like to admit it or not, she’s about as ready as she’ll ever be.

    Now, all she has to do is wait – and somehow, go to sleep.

    guys okay so after everybody obsessing over whatever was going on in gladion’s pov with moon was nobody paying attention to to the hints and name drops that luna might have a secret too? 😛 it’s pretty clear here – she breaks down completely, for a reason you don’t understand unless you’ve read this fic or secrets before 😛 but worlds starts (kinda) next chapter! hope you’re as excited as i am 😀

    but i do want to say – regardless of how fast these chapters are modded and read, i will not be doing any double posts for worlds – i want it to last a little longer, and keep the suspense running for the entire thing, sorry <3

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          i suck at reading between the lines so luna’s foreshadowed thing hit me like a freight train to the face XD

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      look in the sky

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        ˜Lark/Larkie - WATCH BNHA!

      • July 9, 2020 at 9:41 pm

        the first 16 chapters (so all of them up to this one) are on a wiki page called “Rematch,” but if a lot of people don’t have the wiki, I might be able to do that 🙂 (though you can view the wiki page without an account anyways)

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      L O C U S T
      WHAT DID HE DO TO LUNA?? IF HE WAS REAL I WOULD— hmm, better not to say…

      ˜Lark/Larkie - WATCH BNHA!

      • July 9, 2020 at 9:42 pm

        …you’ll see pretty soon 😛 trust me, i don’t know a single person who actually WOULDN’T punch him in the face. including myself. i just really, really like writing him 😛

        💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

        • Bloompaw’s Ghost
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          Wow Locust must really be a jerk! I can’t wait


        • July 9, 2020 at 11:15 pm

          Also, may i add that whenever i imagine Moon, all i can think of is Hapu. As in i imagine Moon to look AND sound like her. XD Its awful but hilarious at the same time.

          ˜Lark/Larkie - WATCH BNHA!

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          • July 10, 2020 at 8:30 am

            …why, may I ask? 😛 she’s basically just the female player character in pokemon moon, crossed with moon from pokespe 😛 with influence from moon in various lona fics but not the point

            💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

    • Bloompaw’s Ghost
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      Ooooooooohhhhhhhh-drama intensifies. Is the person she liked before Locust? I mean that’s the only male other then the great and amazing Hau I remember actually being mentioned. And I wonder how Moon will react to all of this….


      • July 9, 2020 at 9:43 pm

        i mean you’ll see 😛

        (also if you didn’t see, i did reply above as to whether popplio or weavile is logically a better choice for the nuzlocke 🙂 )

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      ok this is f o r b i d d e n but after viper and bloom shipped moon and luna my immediate thought was “what if moon likes ~unsaid ex~” aNd i’ve read this before

      ✧ vouch for foxie! ✧

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      wait if when ottie said just… give me a second she just left hahaha

      i see moky

      • July 10, 2020 at 8:31 am

        haha but she’s a good friend though so she wouldn’t 😛

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    shadow and silv told me to draw lillie. i drew lillie. i draw lunar hearts characters way too much 😛


    (this is lunar hearts canon lillie, not rematch lillie, hence the dive ball. also i suck at backgrounds but i tried.)

    💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

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      Ooooooh pretty! *has no context for dive ball*


      • July 10, 2020 at 8:31 am

        Thank you! 😀 in the canon, lillie’s ace pokemon (shiron, alolan ninetales) is kept in a dive ball 🙂

        💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

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      ✧ vouch for foxie! ✧

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      OOOO lillie looks so pretty!

      i see moky

      • July 10, 2020 at 8:33 am

        thank you, and I’m sure the entire lunar hearts cast especially hau would agree 😛 (no but like the entire aether family is like… model standards of pretty, it runs in their genes lol)

        💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

    • Mistystream
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      that is a fairly amazing background. and you’ve improved on your shading. i especially like the hair. great job 6.8/10 too much water 10/10 😀

      i think you can add more details to the eyes. maybe try gradients or smaller highlights around the main highlight annnd maybe an iris too 😛

      also i’ve been wondering about this for a long time, but why don’t you hide the figure drawing in your drawings?

      • July 10, 2020 at 7:44 pm

        thank you! 😀

        and ikr, i hate how i do eyes and i wanna add more details but idk how or what exactly to add, so i will try what you suggested 😛

        and just bc i hate my lineart by itself, and i personally like how it looks slightly looser with the sketch underneath, idk 😛 (trust me, it looks worse without it lol)

        💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

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    Sorry, I am so excited right now, I need to put my energy somewhere

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      Furret walk

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      OH MY GOSH THATS AMAZING CONGRATS! What game were you hunting in?


    • July 10, 2020 at 8:35 am

      congrats! 😀 I’m 275 eggs into my shiny eevee hunt, nothing so far 😛

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    yeet here’s a random may:

    View post on imgur.com

    i…hope this is good? 😛

    (hides in corner

    (also moon if you spot anatomy problems tell me

    • Bloompaw’s Ghost
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      Oh that’s beautiful!


    • July 10, 2020 at 7:45 pm

      misty that is incredible! 😀

      (and i am not the person to ask to spot anatomy errors, uh… 😛 )

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  10. July 10, 2020 at 11:02 pm

    worlds let’s goooo

    Chapter 17: Fake Out


    Gladion: hau shut up pls

    Hau: HEY

    Luna: oooh welcome to Pabay!
    wait when did you guys wake up???

    Gladion: uh
    like maybe 4 ish?

    Luna: WHAT

    Hau: that’s why he’s so grumpy D:

    Luna; understood

    Gladion: hau shut up

    Luna: okay well lmk when you reach your hotel!

    Hau: got it 😀

    Hau: we have checked in!!!

    Luna: yay!
    you guys planning on going to the pokemon center today?

    Hau: YES
    but i’m meeing lana and kiawe and those peeps for lunch first

    Luna: fun!

    Hau: 😀

    Luna: gladion?

    Gladion: nope

    Luna: awww why?

    Gladion: practicing

    Luna: wow 😛
    but you’re day 2

    Gladion: so?

    Luna: you literally have all of tomorrow

    Gladion: and?

    Luna: so why are you practicing now?

    Gladion: its called being prepared

    Luna: ugh you’re no fun

    Gladion: and youre turning into hau

    Hau: HEY

    Luna: okay wow that’s a little too far 😛
    Well i’m in line right now you wanna join?

    Gladion: no

    Hau: that was mean 🙁

    Gladion: no its not, im being honest

    Luna: pls?

    Gladion: shouldnt you be practicing

    Luna: i am!
    it’s called i have my 3ds in line and i’m battle spotting off my phone’s mobile hotspot aka being smart

    Gladion: my god

    Hau: that’s actually genius

    Luna: why thank you
    gladion, please?
    i’m gonna be here for three hours by myself it sucks 😛

    Gladion: fine

    Luna: wait really?

    Gladion: i guess

    Luna: yayyyy
    we can practice together!

    Gladion: sure
    i’ll be there in 10

    Luna: okay, see you then!

    Gladion: yeah
    you too

    Gladion doesn’t know why he’s doing this. After all, he’s sure the hotel room is a better practice environment than this mile long and definitely not shaded line for the Pokemon Center. But Luna asked, and… at this point, Gladion isn’t sure how to say no to her.

    His eyes drift from left to right, scanning the line, as he walks around the block. He can only hope he’ll recognize her. The sun is shining down intensely, and Gladion begins to regret wearing all black. But then again, that’s just kinda how he rolls. After all, Pabay’s weather isn’t any worse than Alola’s at this time of year – if anything, it’s better. It’s more mild, for sure. Hot, definitely – but Gladion can only remember how sunny it was back in his home region just the day before.

    Despite the weather, Gladion forces himself to focus. It’s not that he doesn’t remember what Luna looks like – in fact, he does, and all too well – but there’s an overwhelmingly large amount of people. The line seems to stretch far into the distance, and he certainly understands why Luna wanted somebody to keep her company. Sure, he wonders why him precisely, but it’s not like he minds… right?

    Gladion wouldn’t want to admit it, but he’s stressed. Stressed, because he’s worried he won’t be able to keep his head straight around Luna whenever they’re alone. Stressed, because he has no clue how to act around Moon. Well, it’s mostly because of Moon. He’s definitely worried about seeing her again – for seeing her, in real life, face to face, for the first time in almost a year. And considering how close they used to be, Gladion isn’t sure how either of them will react. But suddenly, he has to push all thoughts of Moon aside. Because he sees her – it’s Luna, for sure – and she’s talking with some other guy.

    Gladion knows he’s stupid. Just because she’s talking to someone doesn’t mean… He forces himself to walk towards her calmly, and his heart rate begins to pick up. But then he sees the tension in her shoulders and her clenched fists at her sides, and he reassures himself that no, the random guy with spiky brown hair is not Luna’s boyfriend. After all, why would she look like she really wants to punch somebody if that was the case? He pulls out his phone, and fires off a quick message.

    Gladion: see you

    It’s unread, but he isn’t surprised. She isn’t on her phone. But for some reason, it helps to reassure him a little. Just so he can say he at least gave her a fair warning, in case she’s surprised when he appears. Gladion forces himself to keep walking, and Luna doesn’t seem to notice. The person she’s standing with does, and shoots Gladion a glare. But Gladion tells himself there’s nothing wrong, and he taps Luna on the shoulder.

    Luna jumps and whips around, and then breathes a sigh of relief. Gladion forces himself to crack a small smile – or he tries to, at the very least. He doesn’t really smile. But Luna looks relieved, and Gladion feels the same.

    “Hey. Did you get my message?” He asks. Luna bites her lip, and the guy she was talking to just a moment earlier looks at Gladion oddly, his emerald gaze hard to decipher.

    “No, sorry,” she starts. “I was just -”

    “Talking?” Gladion interrupts. She nods. “Well, how’s the practice going?” He’s trying to be friendly – he really is.

    “Fine,” Luna replies. Gladion isn’t sure if she means it or not. Then she turns around, and the brown haired figure shoves his hands in his pockets. “Sorry, Locust, but this lovely conversation will have to end now.” She shoots him an icy glare, and Gladion can hear the sarcasm in her voice. It’s enough to make him flinch, but the other guy doesn’t seem fazed in the slightest. Locust. At least, that’s what Luna called him. Gladion can’t help but wonder who the heck he is.

    “Not a problem,” he says calmly. “I’ll leave you and your -”

    “Don’t.” Luna stops him, her tone bitter and cold. Gladion’s eyes widen. “Sorry, but I’m busy right now. We can talk later.” She glares at him once more, and then grabs Gladion’s arm, pulling him into the line next to her. “Sorry, he’s…” she starts, her voice nearly a whisper.

    “You okay?” Gladion asks. Seriously? Shut up, Gladion. Just shut up. You really aren’t helping, he thinks bitterly. He wants to take back his words, but… it’s a little late, you could say.

    “Why wouldn’t I be?” Luna snaps. Gladion recoils, and Luna bites her lip. “Sorry. I’m just…”

    “Don’t worry about it,” Gladion interrupts. “Who was that guy?” Luna freezes. He feels a small tinge of regret, but… he’s curious. Really curious. And a little upset, because whoever “Locust” is was obviously getting on Luna’s nerves.

    “I’d rather not talk about it,” she replies. Gladion grits his teeth. Come on, Gladion. You don’t need to be pushing her any further. Just shut up. Yet for some reason, he doesn’t listen to himself, and keeps talking.

    “Luna, we’re friends.” Shoot. “I don’t want you to feel like you can’t talk to me.” And… shoot again. What the heck do you think you’re doing, Gladion? “If that dude is getting on your nerves, I’d happily-”

    “Okay, Gladion. What’s the issue?” Luna interrupts. Gladion’s eyes widen. Then she hits the nail right on the head, and Gladion has no clue how to react. “Are you seriously that afraid he’s my boyfriend?” His jaw drops. Yes.

    “No,” he lies. “Why would I be?” Relief crosses Luna’s gaze, and Gladion’s stomach begins to twist. At least she doesn’t see past you, he thinks. Though I’m not sure being good at lying is something to be proud of.

    “You seem… oddly persistent about finding out who this guy is. Why can’t you just drop it?” Gladion knows he’s gone too far. He really wants to stop, he really does. But he knows he likes Luna, and he hated seeing her so… upset. It hurts him that there’s nothing he can do, unless she opens up a little.

    “I’m sorry,” he says. Gladion can’t bring himself to be fully honest with her. “But I’m just-” Suddenly, Luna meets his eyes once and then looks down. Something crosses her face, and it takes Gladion a moment to identify it. But then he gets it. It’s fear. “I’m really sorry,” he says again. “I-”

    “Gladion, just please don’t look at me right now,” Luna whispers. Excuse me? What was that for? I- He clenches his jaw. Her voice is barely audible, but Gladion can hear the desperation in her tone. Stop, Gladion. You’ve already pushed her too far. He forces himself to take a deep breath, and he looks away.

    “I’m sorry. Whatever I did, I didn’t mean to hurt you…” he starts. Crap, Gladion. Stop getting so soft with her. He doesn’t even understand what he’s doing. This is unlike you. You don’t need to…

    “It’s not your fault,” Luna replies quietly. “It’s his.” And Gladion has absolutely no clue what she means.

    He’d noticed Luna had been slightly off. He didn’t know why, but she was… more quiet, and hesitant. And she definitely wasn’t playing her best, either. It’s not like her to lose to some random person in the Battle Spot. But all of that disappeared the second Luna laid her eyes on the Pokemon Center.

    It took two hours, but they were in. And it was at this point Gladion regretted his decision to come. Shopping with Luna was… nearly as bad as shopping with Lillie. Or maybe it’s just because it’s Pokemon – at least, that’s what Gladion wants to think, as he watches Luna grab item after item off the shelves.

    “How many Worlds plush should I get? Because I kinda want all three, but that’s $60, and I have a budget of $150, so…” At least she has a budget, and at least she’s sticking to it, Gladion thinks. “I guess I’ll go Eevee for now – Gladion, aren’t you getting one?” Luna asks. Gladion shrugs. “You have to! It’s Worlds!” He sighs.

    “Fine. I think Lillie would kill me if I didn’t get one, anyways.” That’s Gladion’s excuse for the afternoon, and he reaches out, grabbing a Pikachu out of the basket, shoving it into the clear plastic bag. Luna looks at him triumphantly.

    “See? It’s not really an option. Come to Worlds, and you have to get at least of the plush. Even Mr. Edgelord wants one.” He shoots her a glare, and she laughs. “Okay, well… how about the t-shirt? I know you’re all like “I only wear black” or whatever, but…”

    “Fine.” He’s not going to argue with Luna at this point. And in the end, it is dark blue, so… He grabs himself one, and Luna follows suit.

    “Yay!” Luna then grabs a pin set, and shoves that in her bag as well. Gladion rolls his eyes. “What? I like collecting pins, okay?” He sighs.

    “I’m not gonna argue with you,” he replies. Luna grins triumphantly, and then moves onto the next section.

    “Ooooh, I want a hoodie! And this, and this, and this…” Gladion forces himself to take a deep breath, and then he grabs Luna’s arm, pulling her away.

    “Luna, you already got Worlds merch. Let’s move on, please.” He looks briefly over to the shelves, and then looks down at Luna, who frowns.

    “Fine.” He’d feel bad if it weren’t for the slight amusement in her tone. Then she sees a full wall of eeveelution pixel plush, and Gladion’s forced to chase after her all over again.

    “Seriously, Luna?” He asks. She ignores him, and reaches upwards to grab an Espeon. “The psychic types, huh?” She nods. “Do you need help?” Gladion may only be a few inches taller than she is, but suddenly, it all matters. Because most importantly, he can reach the top shelf.

    “Maybe?” Luna replies. They both know the answer is yes, and Gladion grabs the Espeon for her. “You should get one to!” He snorts.

    “Nice try,” he retorts, placing the Espeon in her hand. Luna pouts and shoves it in her bag.

    “Come on, who’s your favorite? Everyone likes the eeveelutions!” Gladion sighs. She isn’t wrong – after all, he still remembers his very first Pokemon playthrough, and when everyone else wanted to use a Leafeon or Glaceon, he chose the dark type, Umbreon. It’s one of his favorite Pokemon to date, but still…

    “No,” he says bluntly. Luna crosses her arms. “It’s Umbreon for me, but that doesn’t mean I need a 20 inch pixel version of it,” he says. Luna sighs.

    “Fine, fine,” she says. “But promise me you’ll actually get stuff? And not just for your sister?” Oops. He really doesn’t want to agree to that. But it’s not like he really has an option, anyway.

    “Deal.” And Gladion has no clue how much trouble he’s just gotten himself into.

    Ten minutes later, Luna has already maxed out her $150. Between her annoying obsession with the pins and Gallery Figures, Gladion isn’t surprised she has no money left. She insists on picking up an eeveelution lanyard and pin set, and somehow convinces him to get a dark blue Umbreon one. Then there’s the Absol Ditto plush she’s thoroughly obsessed with, and the countless Gallery Figures she’s placed in her bag. At least three. Gladion lost count by the time she picked up a Sylveon. Yet somehow, she still wants more.

    “Gladion, we should get this for Moon!” He flinches, and Luna holds up a Rowlet plush keychain. Crap. Moon. Somehow, he hasn’t thought about her for the past hour. That could be a new record. Then he forces himself to focus, and he sighs.

    “Okay, look. That’s cute -” And not just the Rowlet. “- But I assure you, Moon already has every single Rowlet thing to touch this planet.” And then… Shoot. I just called Luna cute. Oh my god Gladion, get it together. But Luna doesn’t seem to see anywhere past his words, and remains oblivious. Thankfully. Instead, she pouts and puts it back on the shelf. “And you’re already over budget,” he points out quickly. He’s all too eager to move on from that.

    “Yeah, I know, but…” Gladion shoots her a glare.

    “No buts,” he says. He pulls out his phone to check the time, and curses under his breath. “Okay, it’s almost four. Gimme your stuff and I’ll check out if you go grab us a spot in the check in line.”

    “Already???” Luna says. Sighing, she hands over her bag. “Fine. See you later, then?” Gladion nods numbly.

    “See you later.” His mind is already elsewhere, and Luna scurries away.

    Once she’s gone, Gladion breathes a frustrated breath in and out. This was a terrible idea. He compares his bag – half empty – to Luna’s – completely full. That’s not a good thing. But Gladion finds himself looking across the store, and his eyes land on a couple of items that remind him a little too much of her. Suddenly, he can’t help himself.

    He moves quickly, avoiding eye contact with nearly everybody. Nobody needs to see him carrying two bags of… stuff. Only for Luna. Only for Luna. He knows he would never offer to do this for anybody else. First, Gladion grabs a Worlds notebook off the shelves. Luna is always writing stuff down during her battles, and he remembers her using last year’s edition at Internats. She’ll need a new one for the next season. Then, because why the heck not, he grabs two of the stupidest looking but also most appropriate plush from a bin along the wall. Luna has used the Xernala core all season, and as ridiculous as the two restricteds look in plush form, he can’t help it. He puts them in his own bag, and he doesn’t know why. If it’s for Luna, then why…? You know why, Gladion. Because you’re too chicken to give anything to her right now, he thinks. He shakes his thoughts away, and focuses. There’s one last thing.

    He makes his way to the pin section and pulls it off the shelf without hesitation. Gladion really needs to stop doubting himself. After all, if he likes Luna…

    Well, he definitely likes Luna. He’s known that for months. And while he can’t be quite sure how real it is, the very least he can do is be a friend. After all, that’s what she’s been doing for him. And if Luna somehow agrees that yes, they’re better together, then this is the most appropriate gift he could have found.

    hi hello welcome to day 0 of worlds, aka the day before the ACTUAL competition. meet locust, the biggest jerk in the entire series if you couldn’t tell but he’s super important and honestly super fun to write. predictions for worlds, out of curiosity? 😛

    💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

    • July 10, 2020 at 11:56 pm

      It gets all the way down to Glads v Luna, and he likes her so much he lets her win.
      IDK, but he’s SO CUTE!! He’s like “Yeah, im Mr. Edgelord, but im buying my unofficial girlfriend stuff she likes. DEAL WITH IT!”
      Also, I REALLY hope he punches Locust. Can we get a cute moment in the near future, like maybe something scares Luna and she grabs Gladion’s hand… or Locust is being a jerk and Gladion defends her or whatever… but prob not cuz all of these are pre written

      ˜Lark/Larkie - WATCH BNHA!

      • July 11, 2020 at 12:16 am

        good prediction, you’ll see 😛

        i love gladion too, he’s buying luna stuff even tho they’re just “friends” and it’s adorable 😛 honestly same and we’re getting there lol there’s gonna be cute stuff, you just gotta give it some time 😛 and yeah everything’s prewritten but i love luna and gladion so much that i’m just throwing cute moment after cute moment during worlds, you’ll see

        💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

        • July 11, 2020 at 12:54 am

          *squeals excitedly*
          Out of curiosity, how many chapters are there?
          Or is this never ending, omg that’d be the best (jk, thats impossible)

          ˜Lark/Larkie - WATCH BNHA!

    • Bloompaw’s Ghost
      July 11, 2020 at 12:52 am

      Welp, I hate Locust already 😛 and if I went there I would want every single plush in there😛


      • July 11, 2020 at 3:05 am


        ˜Lark/Larkie - WATCH BNHA!

      • July 11, 2020 at 5:50 am

        everybody hates him 😛 and sameeee, i watched like 50 vlogs of various competitions – MSS’s, regionals, internats, worlds – just for research for this fic, to make it as accurate as possible, and i found one worlds vlog with a full on tour of the pokemon center store there 😛 they had so much awesome stuff, and that’s when i decided i wanted luna to go there at some point and buy EVERYTHING 😛

        💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

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