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    I’m aware it took me forever to post this I’m sorry 😛

    Chapter 2

    “Now, in today’s fifth battle, we have Luna on one side and Soleil on the other!” The announcer said loudly into the microphone. Next to him, Lusamine observed the battles with a careful eye. Across the battlefield, however, Luna’s opponent stood confidently. She wore a denim vest and a pale yellow t-shirt with denim shorts and white converse. She had orange glasses and pale, dirty blond hair. Soleil watched the referee as he raised his flag and swiped it downwards, and the battle begun. Luna hoped Soleil would send out a Pokemon first, but didn’t have such luck. She went with plan B, and chose Valor as her first Pokemon.

    “Valor, time to shine!” She yelled, throwing a Ultra ball into the air. Her swellow appeared with a cry and flew in a tight circle in the air, before landing on the ground.

    “Great! Emolga, go!” Soleil called out the electric mouse pokemon, smirking. All right. She’s got the type advantage, and Valor will have a hard time dealing with a discharge or thunderbolt. So… she pondered her options. “Emolga, discharge!” Soleil commanded.

    “No! I won’t let you!” Luna yelled. “Valor, use U-Turn, quick!” The Swellow darted towards Emolga, swerving around the discharge bolts and landing a direct U-Turn attack on the opposing Emolga. Valor was then returned to his pokeball, as that was the added part of the attack.

    “Oh my! Luna’s swellow is very fast!” The announcer exclaimed. The crowd cheered. Luna’s heart rate began to speed up – this is what she lived for. The adrenaline and power she felt when she battled. The spirit, teamwork, and pressure. She crowd made her better. Now, she was pumped. They think Valor’s fast? Well, how about this one? Luna knew her swellow was fast, but this next one would shock them.

    “Fleet, time to shine!” Luna quickly released her Absol from his moon ball and it landed with a shake of its sparkling white fur, its front legs overlapping in an elegant fashion. “Night slash!” She commanded.

    “Ab-sol!” Fleet darted at Emolga, its magnificent dark blue horn forming into a long, black blade.

    “Dodge it!” Soleil yelled desperately. Emolga did it’s best, but was too late, and was hit hard before crumpling to the ground. “No! Emolga! Get up, please!” She pleaded. Emolga struggled to its feet, still strong. Luna admired it’s persistence. “Great! Use hidden power, into the ground!” She commanded. Emolga obeyed, and Luna was confused. Then, the battlefield became shrouded in a cloud of dust. “Do you like our makeshift sandstorm? Don’t think you’ll be moving so fast anymore!” She snickered. “Discharge, now!” Emolga let loose a large electric blast that spread all across the battlefield. Fleet tried to dodge them, but the sand hindered him, and he was hit.

    “No! Fleet!” Luna yelled. “Fleet, if you’re all right, use razor wind and clear away the dust!” She thought, quickly. The battlefield cleared, and Fleet was panting in front of Luna. Soleil glared at her. “Fleet…” Luna called out to her Pokemon and turned her bracelet to face herself, a rainbow stone in place of a watch face. Her Absol nodded to her. Part of what made Pokemon battles work for her and Fleet was the silent communication they seemed to have developed over the years. After being raised on her parent’s breeding farm, both she and Fleet had known each other for much longer than most trainers and pokemon. “Fine. Let’s do it.” She raised her wrist to the sky, a shining light enveloping the teen. “Beyond your power, speed, and strength, become your best self and mega evolve!” She yelled. Fleet’s left front leg had a silver anklet and the dark blue stone on it began to glow. The light between the pair began to connect, and Fleet’s form shone with the colors of a rainbow, mysterious shapes forming on his back. As it all disappeared, Fleet had a longer, twisted horn and his white fur hung majestically over his eyes. A beautiful set of white wings formed on his back, and the light disappeared with a flash around them. Soleil gasped.

    “Emolga, dis-” Soleil started. Luna shook her head.

    “Fleet, use sucker punch,” she said calmly with a snap of her fingers. Fleet darted forwards and hit the opposing Emolga with a dark claw before it could use it’s attack. The electric rodent fell to the ground in defeat, and was deemed unable to battle. Soleil returned it to it’s pokeball and released her next Pokemon.

    Breathing heavily, Luna waved to the crowd. She had defeated Soleil’s Roserade, and was advancing to the next round. She walked off of the platform where the trainers stood, and began to walk down the tunnel to meet her friends. Silv and Ottie ran up to her and hugged her tightly at the end of the tunnel as she exited the arena, giving their congratulations.

    “Luna?” A sharp voice came from behind her, and Luna whipped around to see a familiar face. “Nice battle. Let’s see just how far you get before I crush you.” Gladion said, looking her dead in the eye. Why is he talking to me? I barely know him. Last thing I knew, he was stalking away from me after telling me to get out of his business, Luna thought, confused.

    “Thanks, Gladion,” the teenager replied bluntly. Luna was trying her best to hold back any emotion – she could only imagine how Silv would be teasing her later. “Good luck,” she added. Gladion nodded, and then continued down into the arena tunnel.

    “No way!” Silv exclaimed, as soon as Gladion became out of earshot. “Are you in love?” She demanded. Luna glared at her.

    “No, I barely even know him,” she replied snarkily.

    “Sure,” Ottie rolled her eyes in reply. “That’s a stupid excuse,” she pointed out. Luna sighed.

    “For real, though. Can you not?” The trainer said, exasperated. Friends were great – but also annoying at times. Silv and Ottie exchanged a glance before deciding to comply, and didn’t bring it up again.

    “Oh, hey Luna,” a voice said. Gladion sat down next to her. Luna fixed her gaze firmly on the battlefield, where Silv and her Meganium, Sakura, were battling a Wartortle.

    “Hi.” Luna decided not to say much – she didn’t have much to add, either. Gladion was an acquaintance at the most, and she wasn’t sure why he had spoken at all to her.

    “So… that’s your sister, right?” Gladion asked, trying to make conversation. Luna dug her fingernails into her palm. Now he was trying to talk to her? Seriously? He didn’t make any sense. But if he was rude to her, and she was going to be rude to him.

    “Yes,” Luna replied bluntly. Not another word escaped her lips. Gladion clenched his fists are his failed attempt, but Luna wouldn’t know that. She was too busy “focusing” on Silv’s battle, as Wartortle dodged a petal blizzard from Sakura.

    “Are you always this rude?” Gladion asked bluntly. Luna didn’t know what to say for a moment, before coming up with a response.

    “It doesn’t seem like you’re always this friendly,” she snapped back. Gladion bit his lip in frustration. They remained silent for a few moments, Gladion without a witty retort for once.

    “Well, I saw you sitting here by yourself, and you looked lonely, so I figured I’d join you,” he said. It was an excuse, truly, but Luna didn’t see too far past it.

    “Really.” It may have been a question, but Luna said it more like a doubtful statement. “That’s not super rude and edgy of you like normal, huh?” She retorted. Gladion sighed.

    “You know what? Fine. You don’t want me here, so I’ll just leave now. Just thought I’d try and be nice for once, since I couldn’t stop thinking about you last night, but -” Gladion froze as he stood up. “Shoot. What did I just say? Actually, I’m gonna go now, I -” Hurriedly, he began to scramble away.

    “Wait!” Luna called out behind him. She felt relief flutter in her chest when the boy turned to look at her over his shoulder, his gaze questioning. “First of all, no, I’m not always this rude. Just giving you a taste of your own medicine. Second of all, there’s something you aren’t telling me. And third, you suck at making small talk.” She retorted. Gladion sighed. Reluctantly, he sat back down next to Luna.

    “I realize you’re smart,” he remarked. Nervously, Luna picked at the dirt in her fingernails. This is… a little awkward. Or like really awkward, the trainer thought anxiously. “And yes, you’re right. There’s more to it than me just seeing you alone.” Gladion didn’t say anymore, and Luna didn’t know what to say next.

    “Um… okay?” She replied, confused. “What’s the problem? You’re so in love with me you just had to talk to me?” Luna remarked sarcastically. Gladion bit his lip.

    “No,” he retorted bluntly. “You know what? Fine. It’s all too complicated. I should go, Luna,” the trainer snapped. “I’ll see you around.” Quickly, he stood up and strode away from Luna. She had nothing to keep him anymore – but why did she want to? Somehow, it hurt her to see him go.

    “Air slash!” Ottie yelled, as Jubilee soared elegantly through the air, unharmed, unlike the opponent’s Dartrix, who was struggling to look up at his opponent. Without hesitation, the Togekiss launched a white blade from her wings, which raced towards Dartrix.

    “Dartrix!” Mae screamed, clutching her hat in her right hand. The force from Jubilee’s air slash sent a rippling gust of wind throughout the arena, as the opponent’s dark brown hair fluttered behind her. Dartrix was unable to do anything as the air slash hit him, a cloud of dust exploding around him. The crowd held its breath as Jubilee landed calmly back in front of Ottie, folding her white wings are her sides. Ottie stood tensely watching for the dust to clear, to see if that air slash had been enough to knock out Dartrix. If so, her friend be in a great position to sweep Mae 2-0. As the arena remained silent, the dust began to clear away.

    There’s no way Dartrix is still standing after that air slash – Ottie has this completely in the bag. Luna felt like the only one in the stadium who was still calm, unlike the rest of the tension filled audience. It may be her friend battling, but she had faith in Jubilee.

    “Dartrix is unable to battle! Togekiss is the winner!” The referee announced, swiping a red flag towards Mae. The brunette clenched her jaw, looking at Dartrix, who lay unmoving as the dust cloud completely disappeared. Ottie smiled and exchanged a knowing nod with Jubilee.

    “Dartrix, return,” Mae said, sighing. Her Pokemon was absorbed into the red light, which disappeared into the red and white pokeball. “Go, Carbink!” Mae said, calling out her second and final Pokemon. A gray, stone like Pokemon decorated in shimmering diamonds appeared on the battlefield. “Ancient power!” She commanded, without hesitation. A group of stones decorated in fossils surrounded Carbink and were hurled at Jubilee. The opponent knew she hard to turn the tides quickly, because Ottie was ahead by a mile – Togekiss had taken almost no damage.

    “Dodge it, Jubilee!” Ottie ordered. Gracefully, the Togekiss soared into the air, the attack whizzing below her. Ottie, who did like to play things safe and strategically, held up a heal ball. “And return!” She yelled. The red light enveloped Jubilee, who returned to her pokeball. “Blossom, you’re up!” Ottie announced, tossing a pokeball into the air. A spring form Sawsback appeared, pink flowers and buds dotting her antlers. Blossom landed carefully on the hard battlefield, and looked at the opposing Carbink, determination fixed in both her and Ottie’s eyes.

    “Tackle!” Mae commanded, thrusting her arm forward. Obediently, Carbink rushed towards the Sawsbuck. Ottie remained calm as the opponent approached.

    “To the left, and then horn leech,” Ottie instructed. Quickly, Blossom leapt to the left of Carbink’s attack, which missed. Immediately after, raising her head, her horns glowed green, sucking green energy out of Carbink, who fell backwards. It got up quickly, both its defenses high. “Energy ball!” Ottie added quickly. A concentrated green ball formed in front of Blossom, and launched itself at the opponent.

    “Dodge it!” Mae yelled, as Carbink swerved to the right. The energy ball whizzed past it, but narrowly hit the bottom of Carbink, ramming hard into the diamond on the end. Carbink was sent spinning backwards and came close to hitting the arena wall before regaining its balance. “Now use ancient power!” Mae called. As the set of rocks flew towards Blossom, Luna could see Ottie contemplate her next move. If her friend had one weakness, it was that she took a while to choose the most strategic move. The rocks hit Blossom hard, who skidded backwards, crying out. Her hooves skid across the ground, dust flying up around the Pokemon.

    “Blossom!” Ottie yelled, as the Sawsbuck stood shakily on her hooves. “Use jump kick!” She commanded. Her Sawsbuck loyally leapt at the Carbink, ignoring any pain she might have felt. Smart move, Ottie! Luna thought. She couldn’t underestimate her rival, and took a few mental notes in preparation for their next battle. She had to keep up her winning streak – the past two times the friends had battled, Luna had one. And she couldn’t let that streak break, because, well… Luna got a little competitive sometimes. Suddenly, she jerked herself back to reality, as Carbink was sent tumbling backwards by the strength of Blossom’s kick. As the Sawsbuck turned proudly to watch the opponent crash to the ground, Ottie asked for one last attack – solar beam. Slowly, as Carbink struggling to get off the ground, Blossom was absorbing energy from the sun, golden orbs growing around her horns.

    “Sawsbuck is absorbing energy to finish off Carbink!” The announcer yelled. Luna sighed – sometimes he didn’t say a word, but was sometimes exceptionally obnoxious. Not the best at his job, if you wanted Luna’s opinion.

    “Get up, Carbink!” Mae yelled desperately, as Sawsbuck stood regally on the other end of the battlefield, Ottie calm and ready for whatever came next. Slowly, Carbink rose into the air. But it was too late.

    “Go, Blossom!” Ottie commanded. A glowing yellow beam shot out from between Sawsbuck’s horns, glowing with immense power.

    “What a powerful solar beam!” The announced remarked loudly, grasping the microphone. The crowd erupted in cheers. “Is this it for Carbink?” He asked, as if the answer wasn’t clear – or maybe it wasn’t to most people, but Luna knew it was over. Her own Pokemon had taken a fair share of solar beams, usually crumpling in defeat after one landed successfully. The beam smashed into Carbink, who slammed into the stone wall, which crumbled around it. Just like that, Ottie would be joining Luna and Silv in the second round.

    Yay so new stuff like battles and scenes and stuff I hope you liked it 😛 Chapter 3 hopefully soon and I’m currently wrapping up the last scene. Thoughts so far? I hope you agree it’s much better than the original 😛

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    So… SM146 is apparently the last episode of SM…
    i’m dying you guyss nooo
    i swear i’m going to cry when it airs and everyone says goodbye… :(((
    how am i going to handle this nooooo
    also, there’s no Mohn arc or anything about Shaymin and Magearna
    I guess they wanted it to be resolved in the new anime or a special, but I’m still just so… impatient? dreading? I can’t really find the words. And the last 4 episodes just really made me emotional about it and oh shoot i didn’t think i would be so… unready to leave SM when the time came
    Ash’s matches between Gladion and Kukui have been absolutely epic though, can’t wait for Pikachu vs Tapu Koko
    oh heck I just realized I’m a little salty about Kukui’s battle with Ash having more importance and time and Pokemon and development and etc than Gladion’s 😛
    Although I’ll miss SM a bunch, There’s a bunch more info on the new anime, and I’m pretty excited 😀

    View post on imgur.com

    sooo after that emotional dump, what are your thoughts on what’s happening with the Pokemon anime in general?

    I am procrastinating

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    I should really get a schedule for these, shouldn’t I?

    Chapter 3

    After Ottie defeated her opponent easily in the first round, and Silv managing to push past her opponent’s Wartortle and Girafarig, Gladion shredded his opponent’s Golbat and Salazzle. And as the next matchups were announced, Luna was paired with a girl named Storm, Ottie with a trainer named Aster, and Silv with somebody called Adrian. Luna forced herself not to look at who Gladion was up against – she needed to stop thinking of him, because his smug attitude got on her nerves. As the hours went by, her last conversation with the boy kept making her more and more angry. He had just left without explaining anything. Luna was supposedly researching Storm in the computer lab, while Ottie decided to take a shower, and Silv had stayed behind to wait for her. But back to Gladion – like, seriously? She remembered all her questions she had on the first day – so many of them unanswered. Who was the girl he was talking to before? Who was Moon? Were they the same? Why was he here? Somehow, it seemed a lot like Gladion to leave her wondering.

    “Hey Luna.” Gladion tapped her on the shoulder. The teenager whipped around in both surprise and annoyance. Again? She didn’t want to admit she had been thinking about him, but she obviously had been. He always had to approach her, leave her questions unanswered, and leave her wondering and frustrated. It was starting to get on her nerves. “Before I regret this, you’re coming with me and maybe getting a few answers,” he ordered. Luna turned back to the computer, on which she had Storm’s profile open. Sighing, she closed the application and logged out. This was finally her chance, and however possessively Gladion had put the offer, she knew she couldn’t let the opportunity slip out of her fingertips.

    “Fine,” she replied, pushing her chair out and standing up. “Where are we going?” Luna asked. Gladion didn’t respond, as he left the computer lab. Luna jogged to catch up. “Hello? You wanted me to come with you, so are you going to talk to me?” She snapped. Is this for real? He convinces me to go with him, and then decides not to speak to me? What the hell? Luna thought, frustrated. They walked down the halls of Aether Paradise in silence, heading towards the lobby.

    “What do you want, Luna?” Gladion finally replied, exasperated. “What do you want from me?” He spun around, looking Luna dead in the eye. Suddenly, Luna felt herself question everything she had thought about for the past two days. Why did Gladion matter to her? Who cared who Moon was? What did she keep chasing after Gladion for? “You want something from me, from my family. Why do we matter to you?” He snapped. “There’s something in your eyes I can’t place, but I can tell you’re determined to get it. You’re confusing, Luna. You’re like…” Gladion shut his mouth before he could say anything else. What was he about to say? He had to cut off then, didn’t he? Luna thought angrily.

    “You know what?” Luna replied, tired. “I don’t know. I don’t know why I think about you, I don’t know why I care so much, I don’t know why I care about you, I don’t know why I have so many questions. I don’t know anything, okay?” The teenager said angrily. “But I need answers, and you’re going to give them to me,” Luna snapped, glaring at Gladion. He was a couple of inches taller than her – something she hadn’t really noticed before – but she felt herself looking up to meet his eyes.

    “I owe you nothing, Luna,” Gladion retorted, letting out a frustrated breath. “I’m willing to give you answers, you realize that, right? But you’re always angry, always upset. I don’t know what I ever did to you. But maybe if you considered that maybe something’s bothering me too, than you’d just shut up and let me explain things to you,” he snapped. Luna clenched her fists.

    “Excuse me? You asked me a question, I gave you an answer,” Luna said. “If anything, you owe me. You’ve been chasing after me every day ever since you told me to stay out of your business and being super rude to me, so you better answer my questions.” Gladion bit his lip. Luna had proved him wrong, right?

    “Fine, Luna. I’m done arguing,” Gladion sighed. “What do you want? Ask me a question, I’ll answer. I’m sick and tired of this,” he said, exasperated once more. Luna felt a little proud – he gave up. In a way, she felt like she’d one her second round battle already. If she could outwit Gladion, she could for sure outwit Storm. Sighing, Luna tried to control herself. One question at a time, not to be overwhelming. She had finally got him to open up a little, she didn’t need herself to screw this all up now.

    “Who’s Moon?” Luna asked finally, deciding on her question. She’s been wondering ever since she found the letter, and it was messing with her big time. Gladion froze, something dark in his eyes. He didn’t respond immediately.

    “Do you really want to know?” Gladion said, hesitantly. Luna nodded. “It’s a long, and somewhat emotional story,” he said. Luna wanted to say something, but she held it back. She wouldn’t let her big mouth get in the way of this. “She’s Alola’s champion. I met her a few years ago and she’s my rival. Moon’s great – I despised her at first, because she’s my Lillie’s friend – Lillie’s my sister, you saw me with her the other day – but I don’t know anymore. I challenged her many times throughout my journey, and lost almost every time. She and her other rival, Hau, they got on my nerves, so I battled her. I lost so badly, and I kept training. One day, she walked into my hotel room and I told her to get out. The same room you were in on Akala. I think that was the first time I had seen a part of her that wasn’t her happy-go-lucky self. She learned about me, more than I’d ever like anybody to know. About my past, my family, my secrets. She saved my mother, Lusamine,” he rattled on. Now that Luna thought about it, the two bared a striking resemblance in their narrow eyes and pale, defined hair. “And she made Lillie… something I couldn’t. Lillie left and became a trainer herself, even after being scared of Pokemon her whole life. Moon brought out something in her I couldn’t, even though I’m her older brother. I was supposed to protect her, and I failed. But Moon did it for me. For that, I will always be grateful. But then when I battled her one last time, on Mount Lanakila, right as she was going to begin the climb to the Pokemon League, I finally beat her. But I didn’t feel satisfied – I’m not satisfied. But I saw her care for her Pokemon in a way I haven’t. She rushed to the Pokemon center, clutching their Pokeballs, and she cried for them. And then when she challenged me again, the next day, and she won, I told her that we weren’t enemies anymore, nor friends. It was hard to admit that, because I felt like I was admitting defeat. She looked at me with her kind gray eyes, and I almost said more. But I didn’t. And now she’s gone, off to Kanto. I don’t know when I’ll next see her, but I know she became more than a friend to me. I’m so sorry, Luna,” he apologized, his voice cracking. It had the tone where when you heard it, you could tell somebody was on the verge of tears. Luna could tell Gladion has trying to push it back, and to hide it, though he was failing. “But you remind me so much of her, and not just your name.” Gladion attempted to crack a weak smile. Luna stood in front of him, shocked, and shaken.

    “Gladion… it’s okay. I’m sorry for you,” Luna replied quietly, taken aback by his story. “I shouldn’t have asked. You don’t have to say anything else, I should stop. I should go. I should -” the trainer stopped. “I’m sorry.” She apologized once more. Gladion had turned away from her – he wasn’t crying or anything, but he couldn’t quite meet Luna’s gaze.

    “I’ll go back to the computer lab with you,” Gladion said. Luna looked at him in surprise. “You’ve heard almost nothing of my story – almost nothing. And I think you deserve to know.”

    It was second round time, and unfortunately, Luna’s mind was completely on Gladion. Like totally 100% on Gladion. Not because she liked him (or did she? She couldn’t quite figure it out. They weren’t super close or anything, and Luna kept telling herself she was jumping too far ahead), but because of what he had said to her on the way to the computer lab. He had been really open… it was odd. Which doesn’t include how she couldn’t take her mind off his story – it was quite a bit darker than that of anybody else’s that she knew or had ever heard.

    Of course, Luna had to keep her head in the game for her battle against Storm, but was feeling pretty great after her talk with Gladion earlier. The trainer walked down the tunnel quickly, to assure she’d arrive in time for her battle. As she walked through the lobby for waiting trainers back behind the scenes, she saw a girl in a dark gray hoodie headed down the other tunnel. It was Storm, she could assume, but brought her focus back to herself. As she walked briskly down the hall, she could hear the rush in the crowd. Luna loved battling, for the adrenaline and focus that pumped through her body. She could only imagine the rush that would come as she won the tournament and crushed Lusamine, in return for all she did to ruin her family. Wait, no… not back to Gladion. Nope, stop thinking about Gladion. Think battle. Battle. Think about the battle. Who are you sending out first? Who do you think Storm will choose first? Luna tried to focus again, forcing Gladion out of her mind. Instead, she ran over her battle plan. Storm’s team lacked coverage against ground types, so she’s send out Jet, her Garchomp, first. Without question. If Jet could sweep Storm’s two picks, that would be ideal. If not, Iris, her Sylveon, was a good backup. In the beginning, opening with an earthquake would put on the pressure immediately. Most likely, Storm would try and dodge it, take at least some damage, and try to attack. That attack would likely be a normal type move, since electric wouldn’t work on Jet, and almost all of Storm’s pokemon were electric types. But Jet was really fast, and would be in the sky already, ready to attack. That would be a good place for a stab dragon rush. As Luna’s mind regained it’s focus, her arms swinging self consciously at her sides, she saw the light at the end of the tunnel grow exceptionally bright. Squinting, the trainer stepped into the light, as the crowd roared. Half the trainers in the tournament had been eliminated, and the battles should be getting increasingly more intense. Luna let her brown gaze flirt across the arena, and found Silv and Ottie sitting in the stands, giving her a thumbs up. And then Lusamine, who calmly sat in her room above the stadium. She didn’t look Luna in the eye, and instead glanced across the entire arena with a bored look in her emerald eyes. Lusamine. Luna really, really wanted to crush her right about now. Of course that wasn’t possible, but…

    “In the third second round battle, we have Luna and Storm!” The announcer said, his voice booming across the arena. He had interrupted her thoughts. Taking a deep breath, Luna refocused herself as she watched as Storm came out of her tunnel. As expected, she had been the girl with the gray hoodie, and she had medium length brown hair, which rippled around her shoulders, messy, and the ends in need of a trim. “Luna fought easily past the first round, with a decisive battle. Her mega evolved Absol made quick work of her opponent, Soleil’s, Pokemon. Storm engaged in an exciting battle against Clover, barely edging her way to the second round with the help of her Luxio. Who will emerge victorious?” The announcer asked, giving a quick runthrough of the trainers’ past battles.

    “Are you ready?” Without waiting for a response, the announcer looked at both trainers, and then swiped his flag downwards. “Battle begin!” He announced. Without hesitation, Luna grasped Jet’s ultra ball in her right hand, and threw it violently forwards. There was no need to wait and see Storm’s Pokemon – her strategy was crystal clear, and completely flawless.

    “Jet!” Luna yelled. Her Garchomp erupted from the red light of his capsule, roaring. He landed on the ground with a thud, slamming a blade arm into the ground. Jet was a show off, and loved to prove just how powerful he was.

    “Ampharos, time for battle!” Storm yelled, tossing a pokeball straight into the air. As it fell, she caught it neatly in her left hand, as her Ampharos appeared on the battlefield. Jet looked his opponent in the eye, with no fear. Just like his trainer, he was in his element – both were confident, and ready.

    “Earthquake, Jet!” Luna commanded. The Garchomp followed her command eagerly, as the ground shook violently, cracks spreading all across the battlefield.

    “Jump, and dragon pulse!” Storm yelled, watching the powerful ground type attack approach her Pokemon. Ampharos did as ordered, and leapt into the air. It leaned forwards, a purple light swirling around it. Not a normal type move, huh? Dragon, which is super effective. That’s annoying, Luna thought, frustrated. But it didn’t matter.

    “Dodge it to the right, and then dragon rush!” Luna ordered, knowing exactly what she wanted to do. As Ampharos sent a piercing purple beam towards Jet, the dragon type leapt into the air to the right as the teenager instructed, and as he flew around behind Ampharos, he glowed with the power of a dragon rush attack.

    “Luna and Garchomp are using his incredible speed to their advantage!” The announcer yelled. Luna blocked him out, and watched as Jet rammed into Ampharos’ back, sending it crashing into the ground.

    “And now down, and earthquake,” Luna commanded calmly. This was in the bag. As Jet shot down to the ground, he slammed his blade arms into the arena, shredding the grass battlefield. Just like before, cracks spread throughout the arena, rocks falling. Before Ampharos could get up, it was hit by the super effective move. And when Luna saw that Ampharos was somehow still standing, she was quick to command another attack. “And wrap this up with stone edge!” She yelled, as Jet slammed his right arm into the ground. A row of glowing blue stones erupted out of the ground. Ampharos’ small black eyes lit with fear as a blue stone sprung out of the ground below it, launching it into the air. This time, the opponent did not get up.

    Yeah um Chapter 3, thoughts? I’m honestly pretty happy with this one, and you’ll see that even though Gladion finally opened up a little, he’s not Luna’s biggest fan, so… don’t worry he’s still the edgelord we all know 😛 See you next time! 😀

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    New Pokemon Trailer Reaction:
    (WARNING: Contains possible spoilers for new game trailer)

    I want.

    (Fluffy Eevee as well.)
    (END of Possible Spoilers)

    I'm interested in things.

  5. Mistystream
    October 16, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    okay so more news for sword and shield…

    it’s basically more gigantamax pokemon. charizard gets a form AGAIN, like what? i really like charizard but i think it’s a bit too biased. two megas (something that only mewtwo has if you don’t count charizard) plus a gigantamax form? I still like it though, don’t get me wrong 😛

    also gigantamax pikachu and eevee…they’re cute but the only differences i saw are pikachu’s tail having more zigzags and eevee’s neck fur becoming fluffier 😛

    and gigantamax butterfree! beedrill got a mega so i think butterfree deserved a powered up form 😀

    gigantamax meowth gives me an alolan exeggutor feeling 😛

    annnd that’s it i think. tell me your thoughts on these new gigantamax pokemon 😀

  6. juni
    October 17, 2019 at 2:05 am

    Its p surprising that we havent gotten the evolutions of the starters yet?? Like,, in one month the games r coming out

  7. October 18, 2019 at 2:30 am

    It’s the Pokemon XYZ anime’s bday today~
    Happy birthday XYZ, thanks for an amazing anime!

    (It says i posted this on October 18 dangit but it’s October 17 here)

    I am procrastinating

  8. October 19, 2019 at 3:13 am

    Guys I just went to Target and got myself a Switch 😀

    🍭 Step Into My Candy Store 🍭

    • Mistystream
      October 19, 2019 at 2:44 pm

      Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 😀

    • October 19, 2019 at 2:45 pm

      oooh noice 😀

      he was number one!

    • Shadow
      October 19, 2019 at 11:27 pm

      Yeeeet good for you 😀

    • October 20, 2019 at 3:58 pm

      Is it a Switch Lite, or just a Switch?

      I got my Switch for Pokemon, Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing.

      I'm interested in things.

  9. October 20, 2019 at 4:00 pm

    A Soul/Funk Music cover of the Pokemon Theme (Video Game Title Screen).

    I have a feeling that Kat will really like this. 😛

    I'm interested in things.

  10. October 20, 2019 at 8:19 pm



    Okay, I dare you to come up wit ANYTHING negative about this episode, I DARE YOU.
    This is the most epic battle in the entire series, and towards the end, I may or may not have cried 😛 (most likely nOt……. oh come on tell me you didn’t feel the nostalgia during that flashback, and everyone’s reactions to Ash winning)
    I hecking loved this episode, and Ash’s reaction to winning was pure gold ahahah (Pikachu looked concerned)
    and Ash is sad… probably to leave Alola and ahhhh I feel you Ash I don’t wanna leave Alola either 🙁 🙁 🙁
    i mean i’m hyped for the new anime but ahhhhhhhhh imma miss alola so mucchhhh
    What did you guys think?

    I am procrastinating

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