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  1. M0nkEyfUrPAW 2020🧸
    July 4, 2020 at 9:17 am

    Who do you think is stronger? like who would be able to win if they were to battle?
    Cynthia – champion of sinnoh
    Leon – champion of galar
    So Cynthia is said to be undefeated I think and in the games, she is the absolute strongest champion…
    and Leon is Galar’s champion and is the champion of the world championships (in the anime? i don’t know for the games😛)

    So… who would win?

    i see moky

    • Bloompaw
      July 4, 2020 at 4:09 pm

      That is tough to say, but here is the random stuff I could find. Leon has many different teams, depending on which starter you pick, so I’ll be going through all of them. Sorry for butchering some of the spelling for these names. Cynthia’s platinum team, which I will be using, has a Spiritoumb, Rosarade, Togekiss, which for this team we will be treating as a fairy type, though it wasn’t in her game it is now, Lucario, Milotic, and the ever so powerful Garchomp. For Leon’s Grooky team (as in if the player chose Grooky) he has Ageslash Dragapult, Haxorus, Siesmatoad, Cinderace, and Charizard. Going through this I realized that this team of Leon’s doesn’t have that much type diversity, having two ghost types, two dragon types, and two fire types. Cynthia’s Spiritoumb can have super effective stab against both Ageslash and Dragapult, Roserade demolishes Siesmatoad, Togekiss beats Dragapult and Haxorus with its newfound fairy typing, Milotic beats Cinderace and Charizard, and Garchomp, while risky, could beat Haxorus and Dragapult. Leon’ Ageslash beats Cynthia’s Togekiss, his Dragapult, while risky, could beat her Garchomp, and Haxorus can do the same. Cinderace beats both Roserade and Lucario, and his Charizard does the same. For this battle I would have to give it to Cynthia, as she has a counter for every pokemon on Leon’s team, while Leon doesn’t. I’ll analyze Leon’s Scorbunny and Sobble teams later. Also, sorry if I missed anything, feel free to correct me if I am wrong about anything I said here 😛. also, as you’ve probably realized already, I’m not taking coverage into account, as that would take way too long


      • Bloompaw
        July 4, 2020 at 6:00 pm

        Next up, his Scorbunny team. In this team he has his Ageslash, Dragapult, Haxorus, the new addition of Mr. Rime and Inteleon, and his Charizard. Cynthia has the same team. For this, Cynthia’s Spiritoumb beats his Ageslash, Mr. Rime and Dragapult, her Roserade beats Leon’s Inteleon, Togekiss beats Dragapult and Haxorus, Lucario beats Mr. Rime with its steel moves, Milotic beats Charizard, and Garchomp, while risky, can beat Dragapult and Haxorus. Leon’s Ageslash beats Togekiss, his Dragapult, while risky, can beat Garchomp, and Haxorus can do the same. Mr. Rime destroys Garchomp and beats Roserade and Togekiss, and Charizard beats Roserade and Lucario. This one is harder to determine a victor, as Mr. Rime is very useful, but I’d still have to give the win to Cynthia. Nobody on Leon’s team can do super effective damage to Milotic or Spiritoumb, but Cynthia again, has an answer for everything Leon can use. We could just call it a day and say that 2 out of three times Cynthia will win, but that’s no fun, so I’ll be doing Leon’s Sobble team next. Again, I forget many things and am not really the most credible source, so feel free to correct me on anything I got wrong


        • Bloompaw
          July 4, 2020 at 8:06 pm

          In Leon’s Sobble team, he has Ageslash Dragapult and Haxorus, along with the new Rhydon and Rilaboom, and his Charizard. Cynthia’s Spiritoumb beats Ageslash and Dragapult, her Roserade destroys Rhydon, and Rilaboom, Togekiss beats Dragapult and Haxorus like always, but also beats Rilaboom, Lucario beats Rhydon, though it is risky, Milotic beats Charizard, and Garchomp beats Dragapult and Haxorus, though it’s risky, and it also beats Rhydon, and this entire time I’m pretty sure I’ve been forgetting to add Ageslash to this list, though this doesn’t change the end results for any of the other things. Leon’s Ageslash beats Togekiss, Dragapult and Haxorus beat Garchomp, Rhydon beats Lucario and Togekiss, and Rilaboom beats Milotic. Leon’s team this time around still doesn’t have a counter for all of Cynthia’s pokemon, and Cynthia has an answer for all of Leon’s pokemon so, once again, according to me, Cynthia would win in a battle against Leon, no matter what Leon brings to the fight. This is just using their in-game teams, and results could vary if you used Cynthia’s Diamond and Pearl team, but I already had enough teams to take into account so, Cynthia, would win against Leon until someone proves me wrong 😛


          • M0nkEyfUrPAW 2020🧸
            July 5, 2020 at 9:00 am

            OOOF but you’ve totally persuaded me!
            yep i think cynthia would definitely win then😛

            i see moky

            • Bloompaw
              July 5, 2020 at 11:09 pm

              Thank you! And we can both say that Cynthia is the harder champion to beat 😛

              THERE IS NO BLOOMPAW

    • July 4, 2020 at 7:40 pm

      literally what bloompaw said, my apprentice beat me too it 😛

      💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

      • Bloompaw
        July 4, 2020 at 7:50 pm

        my speed was to great 😛


        • July 4, 2020 at 8:53 pm

          or rather, i slept in too late 😛

          💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

          • Bloompaw
            July 4, 2020 at 11:46 pm



    • July 5, 2020 at 1:04 am

      why not both

      those fricken chickens

  2. July 4, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    k so idk if anybody apart from bloompaw has seen it, and normally i’d wait until at least one more person comments under it to post the next chapter, but it’s on the last page, so i’m just gonna say – this is chapter 8. if you have not read chapter 7, posted yesterday, please go back one page and do that first. thank you! 😀

    and with that out of the way… internats, here we come! 😀

    Chapter 8: First Impression

    For some reason, it doesn’t feel real yet. It didn’t feel real when Luna was packing her suitcase, and it didn’t feel real when she said goodbye to Silv. Now she’s on the plane, and it still hasn’t hit her. She’s been repeating it in her head all day – I’m going to Z3IC. I’m going to the Zone 3 International Championships – but for some reason, she isn’t feeling the butterflies she usually would prior to such a large competition.

    Luna has no clue what to expect. It’s actually her first Internats, despite her multiple years of experience playing. She can expect it’s like Worlds, almost. Maybe a little smaller, but similar. Certainly bigger than Regionals.

    As she waits for her plane to take off, she decides to pull out her phone and send off one last quick message before she loses signal for the next five hours.

    Luna: i’m on the plane, taking off in like 10 minutes

    Hau: YAY

    Gladion: have a safe flight

    Luna: thanks
    i’m excited

    Hau: me too 😀
    let us know when you get here and we can meet up!!

    Luna stops breathing. Of course. There was only so much she could expect if she was going to the same live event as both Gladion and Hau. The latter would definitely want to meet, regardless of what either Luna or Gladion thought. Her feelings are mixed. She knows Gladion and her are getting better – closer, for sure. Friends, almost, even if not quite. But Luna can still vividly remember the last time she saw him, and the last time they met. If that were to happen again, there would be no more second chances. If you were to ask her, she firmly believes she still has the right to hold the grudge she has against him. It’s the sole reason it takes her so long to reply. After all, she doesn’t have any other friends in VGC. In the past, she could be seen with Locust and his group. But Luna knew she didn’t fit in, and they aren’t exactly an option this time around. So unless she wanted to be alone for the rest of the weekend, she didn’t exactly have any other choices.

    Luna: okay
    gonna turn my phone off now, bye!

    Hau: bye!

    Gladion: bye luna

    Luna places her phone into her backpack, which she then pushes it underneath the seat in front of her. She then pulls out the book she’s been reading, and cracks it open. She’ll practice with her team later. For now, she’s going to sit down, push Internats (and Gladion) out of her mind, and let herself relax. She has five hours to burn.

    By the time Luna arrives in Heahea City, it’s early in the afternoon. Her and her father hurry off to the hotel, and as they walk through the lobby, it can’t help but remind her of Worlds. On a smaller scale, sure, but there are people sitting all throughout the room, battling each other or laying out TCG Playmats on the ground. They relax for a while – for Alan, it means taking a nap, after they woke up at 4 am to head out. For Luna, it means drilling her team over and over again in the Battle Tree and Battle Spot. At 4:30, her father stays in the room, telling her to go off and go to check in, which begins at 5.

    Her mind drifts briefly to Hau and Gladion, and what she was supposed to tell them, but she quickly ignores it and continues her walk to the convention center. The doors are open, and Luna pauses in the entryway. It isn’t too busy, but that’s because it’s early and she isn’t even in the main area yet. There’s a giant Pikachu inflatable right in the center, and she takes a right, following the signs. Then she sees it.

    On her left is the check in. Beyond it, there’s a line that weaves in and out and then stretches miles long – not literally, but it sure seems so to Luna. She struggles to find the end and finds herself walking down the convention center quickly. But it continues to stretch farther and farther, to seemingly no end. In fact, she finds herself doubting she’d even make it through the line in the 3 hour time period allotted. Then Luna’s phone buzzes, and she wants to smack herself. Hau was expecting her to at least say she’d landed, and she certainly had not.

    Hau: Luna!!
    are you here yet?????

    Luna: shoot sorry
    yeah i’m here
    just searching for the end of the line
    how long is this thing??

    Gladion: it moves fast

    Luna: oh okay

    Hau: come meet us and we can wait together 😀

    Luna stops for a moment. She stops, frozen right in the middle of the walkway. Does she really want to meet Gladion again? To be honest, she doesn’t. But she knows it’s going to happen at some point this weekend, so… I guess I should just get it done with. Maybe when Hau meets me for real, he’ll realize it isn’t worth his time. But inside, she knows that won’t happen. In fact, Hau wouldn’t think that about anyone. Regardless, she forces herself to reply.

    Luna: sure, where are you?

    Hau: vgc orange pod

    Luna frowns. That is… not helpful. To be honest, she has no clue where the VGC Orange Pod is. That isn’t to say she doesn’t have a few guesses, but still. So she enters the main hall, and freezes.

    There’s a giant Pikachu float hanging on the ceiling, and banners displaying various Pokemon are scattered throughout the hall. She sees the vendors setting up their booths for the next day, along with the main stage at the end of the hall. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of chairs set up in large sections. It takes her a long moment to take everything in, and it seems to finally hit her. She’s at the Zone 3 International Championships, and she actually stands a shot – a long one, sure – at winning. That’s when her stomach starts to churn, and she quickly looks down at her phone once more, rereading Hau’s message again. VGC, Orange Pod. She finds the VGC sign, and then the area fenced off in orange. She can only assume that’s it.

    She has a vague idea of what Hau looks like, and she obviously remembers Gladion. It’s impossible for her not to. She quickly looks around the area, and fails to spot either of them. Huh. That’s weird. She finds herself wandering throughout the area, making herself look distracted by fixing her gaze on her phone screen most of the time, looking up occasionally. There are other people, for sure. They’re sitting in the various chairs, either on their phones or 3DS’s. In the TCG section there are a few people who have set out their playmats and decks, and are practicing with their friends.

    Suddenly, Luna bumps into something. Or someone. And the very last someone she wanted to see. She’d recognize those eyes anywhere. She freezes, and puts her phone down.


    “It’s fine,” he says coldly. Luna bites her lip, and looks down. Gladion’s gaze is cold and unfriendly, and a little too much like she remembers. And she almost bolts. She really, really, does not want to be there. His glare brings back a few unpleasant memories she did not want to recall. But then Hau comes in.

    “Luna!” Well, they’re both taller than her. She’s not used to that. Hau looks exactly like she had imagined. He looks the same as he does on stream, and the same as he does in any photos. “Finally!” Hau puts up a hand, and Luna hesitantly gives him a high five. He grins. “How was your flight? Are you ready for tomorrow?” He asks her a barrage of questions, and Luna struggles to remember them all.

    She finds her gaze drifting to look at Gladion again. His gaze may be unmistakable, but there’s something different too. He still has the same, oddly cut, pale blond hair, and piercing emerald eyes. But suddenly, they remind her a little too much of somebody else. It’s… unfortunate, to say the least. But there’s more. There’s something different about him that she can’t quite place. Her mind runs through everything – everything about Gladion that could possibly be the source of the off putting sense she feels. And then… Oh my god. Stop, Luna. She scolds herself inwardly, and suddenly, Luna’s got it. No. Stop. You cannot – you cannot find Gladion Aether physically attractive. You do not think he’s hot. What the heck is wrong with you, Luna? But Hau has finally stopped asking questions, and Luna forces herself to focus.


    “Let’s go,” Gladion interrupts. Luna stops, and gives a small nod. She has to push any of her previous thoughts out of her mind. Gladion doesn’t wait for a reply from Hau, and instead turns on his heel quickly and begins to walk off. Hau shoots Luna an apologetic look, and they follow him.

    “He’s not always like this,” Hau whispers.

    “Heard that.” Gladion doesn’t turn around, and instead walks faster.

    “Sorry.” Luna finds herself apologizing for no particular reason. Gladion just shrugs.

    “Nothing to apologize for.” Luna knows that, so she doesn’t know why she said anything. She decides to keep her mouth shut for the next two minutes, as they find the end of the line. She vaguely pays attention to Hau rattling on about this and that – the upcoming rounds, the team locking the next morning, the side events, whatever. For some reason, she finds herself trying to look Gladion in the eye, but he instead turns away, shoving his hand in his pockets.

    “Come on, Glads! Why are you being so rude? You’re the one who added Luna to the group chat, anyways!” Hau complains. Gladion rolls his eyes.

    “I’m just thinking, Hau,” he says icily. Luna looks away.

    “Well, Luna, is this your first Internats?” Hau asks her. She nods. “Oooh! Gladion, how many years for you?” The other boy sighs, and finally turns around.

    “Why do you keep pestering me?” He asks, frustrated. Hau just shrugs and grins. “It’s my 5th.” Hau’s eyes widen in surprise.

    “Fifth? I thought it was your fourth! Then you’re one ahead of me!” Gladion shrugs.

    “I went the year before I became friends with you, anyways,” he says. “Why you ask?”

    “It’s Luna’s first time, and you’ve been the most times. I’m sure she’d appreciate an explanation, right?” Hau shoots Luna a glance that she honestly can’t decipher, and she finds herself nodding for absolutely no reason at all. She really doesn’t need anybody’s help, let alone the one person she’s only just rekindled her distaste for. And the same person you suddenly think is cute. Luna scolds herself once more, and listens in on what said person has to say.

    “Fine.” It’s clear Gladion does not want to argue with Hau, and he sighs. “We’ve got until 8 tonight to check in, and then tomorrow we lock in our teams before 8:45. Round 1 pairings will be posted then, and we’ll be separated into two pods, where we’ll have a player meeting before we start. We have 9 rounds of Swiss, no lunch break, and then Top 32 advance to Day 2. 5 Swiss rounds on Saturday, and then Top Cut for the Top 8. Then obviously finals on Sunday, and we’re last.” Luna doesn’t miss the implication of “we’re,” and that Gladion is set on at least one of them – probably him, if we’re being honest – playing on Sunday. Luna can hope it’ll be her, even if she knows it’s a long shot. But there’ll be at least 9 rounds of Swiss to get through first, and if she makes it to Day 2, a total of 14.

    “Thanks.” Luna doesn’t mention the fact she’d memorized the schedule already while she was on the plane, because at least Gladion finally said something that wasn’t rude in any sort, right?

    “Luna, you should join us for dinner!” Hau pipes. She bites her lip. Not so sure if Gladion would agree to that, she thinks.

    “Don’t be stupid.” Yup. The line moves forwards, and then all step up. “I’m sure she has other friends she’s hanging out with.” Gladion’s tone is dismissive and uninterested, and it’s all too familiar to Luna right now. But if she’s being honest, he’s completely wrong. She doesn’t have friends – not since the thing with Locust happened. Without him, she’s completely alone.

    “Actually… not really,” she mutters. Hau looks at her and then grins.

    “See, Glads?” Having no friends isn’t something I’m proud of, Hau. His voice sounds a little too triumphant for her taste. “You in, Luna?” Oh. I mean… What else am I supposed to do? Her mind drifts to Gladion again, much to her own annoyance. Stop. Luna, focus. You’ll go because you’re friends. Not because you are suddenly and sorta possibly interested in someone, and certainly not because you find him attractive. It’s not like you have an excuse prepared, either. So maybe… Luna’s mind begins to drift. She looks up at Gladion once more, who finally meets her eyes. Maybe things will take a turn for the better. Finally, she replies.

    “I’m in.”

    gladion: *exists*
    luna: oh no he’s hot

    did i mention i love them?

    💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

    • ❄️🐍 Viper That Strikes On Frosty Night (Viperfrostpaw) 🐍❄️
      July 4, 2020 at 7:53 pm

      gladionnn stop being so mean XD

      overthrow bob, ruler and king!

    • Bloompaw
      July 4, 2020 at 8:13 pm

      I see everything 😜. “Having no friends isn’t something to be proud of Hau” another amazing quote. And Hau, like always, was amazing


      • July 4, 2020 at 8:54 pm

        hau is great, i know 😛

        💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

        • Bloompaw
          July 5, 2020 at 12:04 am

          He is


    • M0nkEyfUrPAW 2020🧸
      July 5, 2020 at 10:45 am

      good luck luna! have fun at the dinner and the tournament!😛

      i see moky

    • 🌼 Pineblossom 🦋
      July 6, 2020 at 4:16 pm

      oh no he’s hot

      ✧ running for sw! ✧

  3. July 4, 2020 at 9:54 pm

    i did a thing?

    Lunar Hearts Wings of Fire AU Sketches

    basically there’s a wings of fire AU in my head for the entire lunar hearts cast. yeah. i won’t go into details and bore you all, but basically i just drew some headshots and stuff and i also put which tribes all the characters are and stuff 😛 but if you want explanation on the different characters and stuff i’ll happily provide? shadow and pine really helped me with this, and also somebody but she’s not on the blog anymore 😛

    but also i’m useless without a reference to copy bc i don’t have a lot of recent practice with dragons, so if you want reference credits and links, let me know. i do not claim that these are all completely and totally mine – they aren’t traced, since i did them traditionally, but a lot of them are referenced from something 🙂

    💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

    • ❄️🐍 Viper That Strikes On Frosty Night (Viperfrostpaw) 🐍❄️
      July 4, 2020 at 9:56 pm


      overthrow bob, ruler and king!

      • July 5, 2020 at 1:00 am

        …yes, yes it is 😛

        lusamine is our lovely, manipulative, animus IceWing queen. hooray 😛 mohn, gladion and lillie’s father, who is uh… kinda dead, or at least missing, is a full NightWing, just so I can make gladion black 😛 but to be fully honest, gladion’s just a jet black icewing, and lillie’s just a regular icewing with slightly softer edges, who is also an animus 😛

        💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

        • ❄️🐍 Viper That Strikes On Frosty Night (Viperfrostpaw) 🐍❄️
          July 5, 2020 at 4:30 am

          oh gosh a jet black icewing sounds beautiful 😀 and animusessssss yea XD

          overthrow bob, ruler and king!

        • Bloompaw
          July 5, 2020 at 5:40 am

          Lillie will enchant objects to become pokemon 😛. We know from Fathom that animus dragons can give life, so what’s stopping her 😛


          • July 5, 2020 at 7:34 am

            actually, lusamine would either a) block off her powers with an object she enchanted or b) manipulate her into using her powers for reasons only lusamine wants because she’s evil. and then by the time our gang kills lusamine, lillie will have sworn of using her powers so that she won’t turn insane, with the exception of maybe ONE usage for something really important that would help prevent others from going through what she did. but sure 😛

            💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

            • Bloompaw
              July 5, 2020 at 5:53 pm

              Oh. That makes sense.

              THERE IS NO BLOOMPAW

      • July 5, 2020 at 1:10 am


        those fricken chickens

        • ❄️🐍 Viper That Strikes On Frosty Night (Viperfrostpaw) 🐍❄️
          July 5, 2020 at 4:29 am


          overthrow bob, ruler and king!

          • July 5, 2020 at 7:35 am

            but i can provide one if you want? 😛

            💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

            • ❄️🐍 Viper That Strikes On Frosty Night (Viperfrostpaw) 🐍❄️
              July 5, 2020 at 6:44 pm


              overthrow bob, ruler and king!

    • 🏳️‍🌈 Moons 🏳️‍🌈
      July 4, 2020 at 9:58 pm

      i don’t understand what this is like at all but i love it 😛


    • Bloompaw
      July 4, 2020 at 11:45 pm

      1, those are beautiful
      2, Hau is totally a RainWing/MudWing hybrid


      • July 5, 2020 at 1:04 am

        1. thank youuuu

        2. absolutely. he mostly takes after a rainwing, but i wanted hala to be a mudwing, and that way each tribe is represented by a member of the main cast somehow. hau’s one of those rainwings who eats way too much food and loves him some sun time 😛 he’s also moon’s “bodyguard” (or just her best friend), silv’s chaotic assistant (she has a, uh… a future telling booth, where people pay her in food 😛 bc she’s part nightwing, and she has future sight. luna has mind reading) and also the one who eats the food, and sun’s guard after he gets sent to the rainwing kingdom to be kept prisoner, since he was stealing from a bunch of sandwings 😛 but hau just like… befriends him and then lets him out 😛 (that was a very condensed version of what’s in my brain about this AU 😛 )

        💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

        • Bloompaw
          July 5, 2020 at 4:13 am

          Yeah, Hala’s TOTALLY a MudWing, and Hau’s infectious happiness reminds me of a RainWing. And if Luna could actually read minds Glads definitely wouldn’t like that


          • July 5, 2020 at 7:37 am

            yup, so once she finds him in the forest when he’s looking for Moon, she discovers he doesn’t have malicious intent and then yeets a piece of skyfire on him for the rest of the story 😛

            or more realistically, once she realizes his thoughts are too edgy for her and realizes that she’s falling in love, but either way 😛

            💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

            • Bloompaw
              July 5, 2020 at 5:53 pm

              The thoughts are just too edgy for her to handle

              THERE IS NO BLOOMPAW

    • July 5, 2020 at 1:12 am

      “also somebody but she’s not on the blog anymore 😛”
      you can just say ‘silv’ moon, it’s okay

      those fricken chickens

      • July 5, 2020 at 4:02 am

        k, sure, just figured some people might not know who she is 😛

        💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

    • M0nkEyfUrPAW 2020🧸
      July 5, 2020 at 8:43 am

      i love how gladion has a spiky head😛

      i see moky

      • July 5, 2020 at 6:59 pm

        thank you! yup, all icewings have extra spikes along their neck, so the entire aether family does 🙂 (minus mohn, but he’s kinda sorta dead)

        💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

        • Bloompaw
          July 5, 2020 at 7:27 pm

          RIP Mohn


  4. July 5, 2020 at 7:44 am

    no context but also tons of context hours heck yeah

    very mild language warning

    Olive had failed.


    The proof of it was laying in the next room over, body temperature dropping with every minute past the recorded time of death. She’d seen the red hives and the pale pallor of Emma’s skin and she could do nothing.


    It had been one hour since the last breath had been taken and she had moved into the darkened lab 10 minutes ago. She was alone amongst the microscopes and test tubes; the other scientists were giving her space, just like last time.

    It was very strange to experience losing another loved one to the plague. On one hand, she expected to be more prepared in dealing with her emotions since she had gone through it before. On the other hand, she expected to feel more affected since she had been close with Emma. She didn’t feel like crying, but she felt like she should have been. If she listened close enough, she could hear Anabel’s sobs through the wall, just like last time.

    Olive let her gaze wander around the lab, idly wondering when she’d feel the tears start to prickle at her eyes. It finally settled on the glass casing on the far side of the room, the object within being the only source of light present. The bone-like object glittered in the darkness, the blue intermixed with flashes of other colours pulsing faintly along its length, as if it was part of a living body. The antler had been her project as a Pokémon professor, the one thing she was qualified to study, and she had nothing to show.

    She stood up to shuffle closer to the container, frustration rising in her chest. The legends had said that these antlers could help one locate Xerneas, but no amount of studying had helped her understand how that was supposed to work. The composition of the antler hadn’t led them anywhere and keeping it near infected persons didn’t summon it nor heal them. They hadn’t even bothered to keep it beside Emma for the past few days. It seemed about as useful as she could throw it and—

    A wild idea crossed her mind. No. It couldn’t have been that simple, could it? She scrambled towards a nearby window, pulling the blinds to let the light of the setting sun spill onto the desk. She flipped through her notes, skimming the headers and highlighted lines, and unfolded a map of Kalos beside her. The last known location of Xerneas had been in Allearth Forest over a millennia ago and the legends spoke of it retreating into a dormant form, leading to contradictory results with stories that told of the Pokémon aiding and granting power to humans in the early period of modern history, but that had been under the assumption that Xerneas had to have left the forest.

    Her heart thumped loudly in her ears as she pored over the documents, confirming that her hunch had been right; the stories had never said that the Legendary had come to the people, and, if anything, it had been the people who sought it out instead. She turned back to the map, squinting in the growing darkness. They had scouted a probable location for the fabled forest some months ago and found nothing to indicate Xerneas’s presence, but they hadn’t had the antler at the time.

    She glanced at the antler and watched as it shimmered in the last rays of sunlight. She couldn’t waste anymore time, not with a lead like this. She left the lab, confidence building as she made her way to her room, and started to make mental calculations. Would she need supplies? Probably just a flashlight and water, since the site was only an hour outside of Lumiose City. What about her clothing? She would have to change out of her work clothes and bring a bag for the antler. How long would it take? Worst case scenario, all she would have done was waste a few hours of mourning. She could live with that, she decided as she slipped into her room.

    “Esp?” She looked over at her bed, catching Athena in the middle of settling down to sleep. Olive reached out to run her finger over the Espeon’s head, who purred in response.

    “I’m going to take a walk for a bit,” murmured Olive and a pang of guilt ran through her heart. She hated having to lie to her partner like that, but it was partially true. “I need some time alone. To- to process everything that happened today.”

    The Espeon stared at her for a few moments before lightly headbutting her hand, seemingly giving her approval. Olive smiled softly at her, then straightened to shrug off her lab coat. In a few short minutes, she was almost ready to leave. The only thing she needed left was the antler.

    The hallways were quiet as she quickly walked back through the building. Operations must have ended for the day, though she noted that there were a few research rooms with lights on. At least those who could make a difference were doing their best. Olive snuck into the lab and strode over to the antler, opening the main compartment of her bag as she got closer. She gently lifted the top of the casing off and placed the blue object into her bag, glancing quickly at the door. She pulled out her phone, jotting down her notes and marking a location on her map application, and left as quickly as she came.

    It didn’t take long to leave the building and hail a long-distance taxi. Soon enough, she was staring out the window as fields whipped past in the night, moving farther and farther away from Lumiose. She tried not to think about how she just committed an international felony.

    The car rolled to a stop and the driver knocked on the glass separated them. She thanked them, paid, and exited out onto the street of the small town. There were a few residents milling around, but they paid her no mind as she made her way to the outskirts and towards the nearby forest.

    It was here, as she stepped under the canopy cover, that Olive pulled out the antler. It seemed brighter as she held it in her hands and flickers of pale yellow ran along its length as she slowly turned on the spot. If she was right…

    The antler suddenly emitted a large flash of light and it took her a few seconds to realize that a streak of yellow had overtaken the blue momentarily when she had pointed it in a direction further into the forest. She couldn’t believe it—it really was as simple as a homing device.

    Olive started to stumble through the forest, following the guidance of the artifact, and she vaguely became aware of the moon shining through the treetops. She walked deeper and deeper into the forest, looking around when she noticed a faint roar echoing through the night. She pressed forward, eventually emerging into a clearing, and stopped.

    Before her was one of the most beautiful scenes she’d ever seen. The clearing stretched out into a riverbank stemming from a peculiarly-shaped waterfall; idly, she noted that its curved ledges matched descriptions of the waterfalls in Allearth Forest. There were nocturnal Pokémon resting alongside the river, some gazing curiously at her and others continuing to frolic among the nearby plants.

    The most prominent part of the scenery was a large tree off to one side, its blue trunk smooth and seemingly pulsing with energy. As she drew closer, the antler grew warmer in her hands and colours began to glimmer on the pale yellow surface. She had finally found it.

    “Xerneas?” whispered Olive and the forest fell silent around her. Moments passed by and the branches of the tree shook in an unseen wind. “Please, if you’re here and you can hear me, Kalos needs your help.”

    The silence stretched on and her shoulders fell. Was the Pokémon not here after all? She clutched the antler to her chest, barely registering how the air began to hum around her. She looked up at the tree as it started to glow, squeezing her eyes shut against the light.

    “It has been some time since a mortal last came here.” A voice echoed in her mind, young and old, ignorant and wise, tired and rejuvenated all at once. When she opened her eyes again, all of the air in her lungs left in a breathless exhale. Xerneas—the actual, real Xerneas—towered above her, a curious look in its eyes. “And it has been even longer since one has asked me for assistance.”

    The deer-like Pokémon bent its head down closer to her and Olive could see how the blue colour of its antlers looked the same as the one she held in her hands had been just a few hours ago. “Tell me, little one: what has happened that would give cause to a mortal to seek my presence?”

    “Well, there’s a plague across Kalos. It’s infected both Pokémon and”—Olive swallowed—”humans. We think it’s caused by Yveltal.”

    A tense stillness settled in the clearing. Wild Pokémon fidgeted in their spots, looking up at their guardian and chittering quietly to each other. Olive suppressed a shudder—it had felt wrong to say the other creature’s name here.

    “And why do you think so?” prodded Xerneas. She couldn’t tell if it was bothered by its counterpart or not.

    “There’s been a lot of sightings around the region. Especially on nights with full moons, like tonight.” She gestured to the moon starting to make its way across the sky. “And, well, we’ve never seen anything like it. Not a single one of the diseases we’ve discovered in the past can compare to the one we’re dealing with. We- we can’t do it alone.”

    “The last mortal I helped was a king, who was heralded as the King of Miracles.” Olive’s thoughts reeled at the name. Kalos’ François XIV, the Miracle King, had talked with Xerneas? She refocused on it as it continued, “What kind of person are you to ask me to save this land?”

    “I’m… not really anyone,” she said, letting her gaze fall to the ground. “I’m not an expert in medicine or biology, and I’m not truly an expert at Pokémon either. To top it all off, I’m not even from Kalos.”

    She closed her eyes and the images of the lab and the people she left behind there plastered themselves in her mind. “Maybe I won’t make a difference in stopping all the deaths. Maybe I won’t be the one to convince you to help stop Yveltal, but the least I can do is try.” Her voice dropped to a whisper so quiet that she was unsure if the Legendary could hear it. “Even if it ultimately ends up being a waste of time, at least I would have done something.

    In the minutes that followed, it was Xerneas who broke the silence. “At this moment, is your greatest wish to save Kalos from its plight?”

    “Yes.” She was sure of it as she met its gaze.

    “But there is a second wish in your heart, is there not?”

    “…Yes.” The words came out shakily. “My cousin, Emma, she- she died earlier today from the plague.”

    “And you wish to bring her back.” It was not a question, but rather a statement. Olive nodded mutely. The Pokémon fell silent for a few moments. “I have slept throughout these long years. It is within my power to save those currently afflicted and do away with Yveltal until another age, but I cannot currently muster the power to save this person you cherish.”

    “But, there has to be some way for you to do it, right?” She was becoming desperate now. The chance to save Emma, to undo her failure, was so close.

    “Correct, but the cost is high. I will be able to heal those who live among nature, but I require a vessel of sorts to help the humans. You will guide me to the epicenter and direct me towards Yveltal.” Xerneas looked away briefly. “In order to fulfill your second wish, I will have to take something from you. Are you still willing to do all that you can for your duty and your kin?”

    “Yes, I am.” There was no hesitation or waver in her voice. She wasn’t going to lose anyone anymore. Not again.

    Xerneas considered her for a bit longer, then motioned with its head. “Then come closer, little one. Your kin approaches and we do not have much time.”

    She stepped closer as the Legendary Pokémon dipped its head further to press the top of its snout to her forehead. “How will I know what to do?”

    The small antler hummed in her hands and her surroundings started to melt away. “You will know when the time has come, little one.”

    Olive wasn’t quite sure how long she’d been lying in the grass, but she noticed when opening her eyes that the full moon was nearing its zenith.

    “—live!” She squinted, eyes focusing on a figure right beside her who was shaking her shoulder.

    “Anabel?” she murmured, slowly moving into a sitting position.

    “Arceus, you had me worried sick!” The lilac-haired woman drew her into a tight hug which she returned. There was a small tremor in her cousin’s movements when they separated. “When Athena came looking for me, making a fuss and panicking, I knew something was wrong. What the hell were you doing out here?!”

    “I was,” she started and stopped abruptly as something caught her eye. The oddly-shaped waterfall was now a regular stream of water roaring down a cliff and the tree—the great, blue tree that had been Xerneas—was gone. She swallowed heavily. “I was following a lead.”

    Anabel didn’t seem satisfied with that answer. “In the middle of nowhere during the night? Are you insane? You didn’t even take Athena with you!”

    Olive patted the grass around her, hand closing around the antler. “But I found something,” she protested weakly.

    “Is that- is that the antler? You were the one who took it?” Her cousin didn’t sound as surprised as her words did.

    “Yes,” she said and she met Anabel’s gaze. “And I found it, Bell. I found Xerneas.


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      anyways olive is cool
      xerneas is just like all the other gods
      espeon is cool

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    Chapter 9: Tailwind

    Gladion doesn’t ever recall saying yes to this. In fact, he can faintly recall himself making any and every excuse he could come up with as to why Luna should not come to dinner with them. But Hau was all over the idea, which is how he ended up sitting – extremely awkwardly, you might add – across the table from Luna Kajiba. Neither of them has spoken to the other all evening. Gladion isn’t surprised – Luna has made it perfectly clear she still despises him for beating her at Worlds, and while they can both admit they’re getting… better, they aren’t “friends” yet. So instead, Gladion distracts himself by running through his Battle Team for the next day. He runs his fingers over his 3DS in his pocket, and questions whether it’s a bad idea to pull it out right then. He decides it probably would be, and instead settles on reviewing every Pokemon on his team, along with their movesets, EVs, and Natures. But then a familiar voice breaks his concentration, and he clenches his fists under the table.

    “Hey, everyone!” Hau leaps up from the table, and decides it’s necessary to hug all of the newcomers. Every. Single. One. Across the table, Gladion catches Luna shooting him an amused glance, and he rolls his eyes in return. He can see the surprise that briefly crosses her face, which he ignores. “Guys, this is Luna,” Hau starts. Luna smiles nervously, and runs her fingers through her hair. “Luna, this is…” his voice trails off, as he introduces every one of the Alolan VGC players who had walked into the room. Gladion knows all of them already, of course – he’s been playing for years, so he’s bound to. But somehow, Hau is still talking, and Gladion forces himself to take a deep breath and control his temper. When he looks back over at Luna, he can see the nervousness in her eyes, and he bites his lip.

    “Hau, can you shut up?” He snaps. His friend frowns, but complies. “You guys are overwhelming Luna.” He doesn’t know why he says that, and immediately wants to smack himself. The relief in Luna’s gaze almost makes him feel slightly better, but the teasing glint in Lana’s does the exact opposite.

    “Hold on, Gladion.” She leans across the table to whisper, and he clenches his fists. He knows exactly what’s coming. “Is Luna your new girlfriend?”

    “No.” He’s surprised when Luna shoots her down just as quickly as he does. The rest of the Alolans whip around, interest piqued by the sound of Gladion’s raised voice, and he clenches his jaw.

    “Look, Lana. And everyone else, so you don’t bother asking,” he says coldly. He meets Lana’s eyes with a glare. “I hate to break it to you -” He really doesn’t -. “But I’m pretty darn sure Luna isn’t interested.” Across the table, Luna looks down. Gladion pretends to not notice. “ I kicked her butt at Worlds last year, and I don’t blame her if she still holds a grudge against me. Understood?” Lana rolls her eyes and nods, though Gladion can be pretty sure she doesn’t mean it. He shoots the rest of the Alolans a warning glare.

    After a few goodbyes and good lucks, Hau sits back down next to Gladion. Nobody dares talk about what just happened, and Luna looks lost in thought. That’s totally fine by Gladion – he doesn’t have any interest in talking to her, does he? But at the same time, he can’t help but not understand why they can hold a conversation online but not in person. He almost wants to say something – ask about Valor, her other horses, her team for tomorrow, anything. But he doesn’t, and he isn’t sure why. They spend the rest of the dinner in comfortable silence, minus Hau’s chattering. And for some reason, Gladion can’t help but feel disappointed.

    Gladion doesn’t know what to think. Currently, he’s the only undefeated player in the Orange Pod. He’s 7-0, with two rounds to go. He hasn’t asked Luna or Hau what their records are – they’re both in the Blue Pod, so they won’t be fighting unless they both make it to Day 2. Now, Gladion has had plenty of time to meet them, as he’d breezed through all of his games. But he doesn’t need the distraction. Instead, he finds his table, and opens up a new page in his notebook. He titles it with his opponent’s name, and waits.

    When his opponent arrives, they waste no time in starting Game One. Gladion leads with Tapu Lele and Umbreon, while his opponent chooses Groudon and Yveltal. He knows his opponent will expect a Snarl from Umbreon, and he decides to take a risk. He switches in Salamence, who lowers the opposing Pokemons’ attack with Intimidate. Meanwhile, both Yveltal and Groudon go for Protect. Sadly, it renders Tapu Lele’s Dazzling Gleam useless. But Salamence has done its job by dropping the opponent’s attack, and Gladion brings Umbreon back once more. His opponent switches in Incineroar – that’s fine for him, actually. Unfortunately, Groudon then goes for an Eruption, and Tapu Lele’s HP is reduced to only about 10%. But a few smart plays is enough to bring Gladion back, and he wins Game One.

    In Game Two, both of the players use the same leads as the last round. Gladion takes another risk, and has Umbreon use a Helping Hand into Tapu Lele. But Groudon protects, and Tapu Lele’s boosted Moonblast is rendered useless. The rest of the game continues in a similar fashion, and Gladion can’t help but feel extremely frustrated. He’s able to get some decent damage on the Yveltal, sure, but he ends up losing, as his Umbreon faints to an Earth Power. They’re on to Game Three.

    Sadly, it doesn’t go much better. He doesn’t lose – Gladion manages to pull out a tie, and while he’s still guaranteed a spot in the Top 32 who battle tomorrow, he’s disappointed. He knows very well he could have won. He just got too reckless and his opponent read all of his moves easily, and now he’s frustrated. Still, he forces himself to shake his opponent’s hand, sign the match slip, and drop it into the turn in box. Finally, he shoots the message to the group chat he should have sent long ago.

    Gladion: how are you guys doing?

    His games ran on the longer end, so he’s not surprised when it shows both Hau and Luna are active, meaning their 8th rounds were also complete.

    Hau: 6-2
    if i win the next one i’m in for tomorrow guaranteed

    Gladion: gl

    Hau: thanks 😀

    Gladion: luna?

    She’s been typing for a while, and he doesn’t know why she hasn’t sent anything yet. It’s just a few numbers, isn’t it?

    Luna: 8-0

    He freezes. Luna is 8-0? She’s undefeated, just like he should be. Quit it. Quit beating yourself up over a tie, he thinks bitterly. He clenches his jaw.

    Hau: YES GO LUNA!!!

    Gladion: wow

    It’s all he can muster at the moment. He knew Luna was getting better – he knew she was improving, and he knew the chances of her making it to Day 2 and possibly even Top Cutting here were high. But regardless, he’s shocked. Luna? Undefeated? He isn’t sure why he’s so surprised, yet he is.

    Luna: wbu?

    He doesn’t want to admit that Luna’s doing better than he is, as his competitive side gets the better of him. But it’s stupid, really – 7-0-1 is a great record. And there isn’t anything he can do.

    Gladion: 7-0-1
    last round was really rough

    Luna: no that’s rly good tho

    He knows that.

    Gladion: thanks
    just like… frustrated
    i made so many mistakes

    He doesn’t know why he’s saying these things, and he takes a shaky breath, leaning against a wall. Luna and Hau don’t need to know he’s beating himself up over a tie – a tie, of all things. He’s literally 7-0-1. Why is he so upset? He sighs.

    Luna: i’m sorry

    Gladion: don’t be
    it’s my fault
    you first in blue pod?

    Luna: yeah

    Gladion: idk
    prior to my tie i was

    Luna: oh okay

    Hau: glads don’t be sad :O

    Gladion: i’m not

    Hau: yes you are and you better stop

    Gladion: shut up

    Hau: you know i’m right
    in fact
    i can see you sulking by one of the tcg booths

    Dangit. .

    Gladion: okay fine
    i’m not sad tho
    just like
    really frustrated

    Hau: well go be happy pls

    Gladion: stop

    Hau: if i stop will you be happy

    Gladion: yes

    Luna: you guys are actually so stupid oh my god

    For some reason, despite everything else, Gladion almost laughs. He almost laughs. It’s at these moments he feels like he and Luna actually might enjoy each other’s company. But then he remembers the night before – the silence, the awkward laughter, the odd glances Luna shot him from across the table when she thought he wasn’t looking. He doesn’t understand how they can be so close one second and so distant the next. She’s made it clear she hasn’t put Worlds behind her yet, and he keeps telling himself that’s fair – and it is. But at the same time, he can’t help but wish that they could be something more than rivals. Mostly, Gladion just wishes they could be friends. And he has no clue why.

    Day 1 runs late. In fact, it’s almost 10 pm by the time they return to the hotel. Annoyingly, Hau decides to ask Luna if she wants to join himself and Gladion in eating pizza in their hotel room. And equally annoyingly, she says yes.

    Gladion doesn’t even know why. Whenever he and Luna are in the same room, everything turns cold and silent. But he soon finds himself (secretly) thanking Hau for making the offer. Luna’s excitement is contagious, and only builds off of Hau’s. It’s enough to relieve Gladion of a little bit of the stress that comes from playing 9 rounds of Swiss in a single day.

    When Luna’s excited, she isn’t bouncing off the walls – instead, she retains her more quiet and reserved personality. He likes that. But she smiles, and she talks. Soon enough, Gladion finds himself listening to her recaps of her matches, and how she somehow managed to go 9-0-0, placing her at the very top of the rankings for VGC Masters. It’s insane. And Gladion finds himself unable to sulk over his tie anymore. In fact, he’s 8-0-1, making him third. Never in a million years would he have expected to be third – third place – going into Day 2 of Z3IC. It’s the best he’s ever done at one of these. Now, he’s determined to win – especially with a certain person not in attendance.

    As Luna and Hau continue to talk, Gladion finds himself running through each of his battles in his head. He doesn’t even flinch when he recalls the mistakes he made in his one tied match. Instead, he finally takes a critical, learning viewpoint on his decisions. He’ll be better tomorrow, won’t he? But a voice snaps him out of his thoughts, and he looks up.

    “Gladion, how were the rest of your rounds?” It’s Luna. “I’m sorry, I just keep on talking and talking and talking…”

    “Don’t worry about it.” It comes out colder than he had expected, and Luna winces. “I mean – sorry. You can keep going if you want.” He pauses. “I don’t… I don’t mind.” Something flickers across her face, and Gladion finds his gaze glued to hers. For the first time all weekend, he meets her eyes, and she smiles. It’s not an eye roll, and it’s not a glare. Instead, her eyes are bright, and she continues talking.

    For some reason, he finds himself unable to draw his gaze away from her. His eyes trace the line of her smile, and he takes in the ways her eyes glisten, in a way unlike they have all weekend. Suddenly, he freezes. No. Stop. Gladion cannot be thinking what he’s thinking. But then he remembers Moon, and for some reason, he’s relieved. What happened with Moon is not happening again, and he’s able to tear his gaze away.

    For the rest of the evening, he forces himself not to think about it. He cannot think about Luna. He doesn’t know if it’s because of Moon, but he succeeds. He can only hope he can do the same tomorrow – tomorrow. Then it hits him. What if he faces Luna? In fact, he’s pretty darn positive he’s going to face Luna. She’s the only 9-0 player on the board, and between him and the one other person with his record, one of them is going up against her in the first round of Swiss. And she’s on fire.

    For the first time, Gladion Aether is afraid. He’s afraid of losing to her. Because at this point, she actually stands a chance at winning. In fact, he’s relatively positive he would lose. And that’s the last thing he wants. So he sets himself a goal. It’s only six words. Yet somehow, it carries so much weight that it threatens to crush him if he fails.

    Do not lose to Luna Kajiba.

    oh boy luna’s literally on fire, watch out world 😛

    and gladion’s self depricating over a tie, what else is new lol

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      • July 5, 2020 at 7:29 pm

        yeah, but you gotta wait like.. an entire week for that, sorry 😛 the suspense is part of it muahaha, it’s even more confusing considering you’ve never read secrets
        and that’s accurate, hau is a walking sunshine bomb 😛

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    double post time YEET

    Chapter 10: Double Edge

    Luna: records?

    Hau: 5-1-1

    Luna: yay!

    Hau: wbu?

    Luna: 6-0-1

    Gladion: 7-0

    Luna: nice

    Hau: YAY
    you guys are on fire 😀

    Luna: haha
    hopefully one of us will make finals tomorrow
    we’ve got like 30 minutes, anybody wanna grab some food?
    i had some goldfish for lunch and i’m starving

    Gladion: sure
    why did you eat goldfish for lunch

    Luna: my match ran really long and i didn’t have time to get anything
    i had them in my bag
    dont you dare judge me

    Gladion: im not

    Luna: good 🙂

    Hau: lets go to starbucks

    Luna: thats not food

    Hau: nobody here has malasadas and starbucks cake pops are the next best 😀

    Gladion: wtf

    Hau: HEY
    you judge me for liking cake pops but not luna for eating goldfish for lunch?

    Luna: not my fault
    i’m last row far right by the vgc stream stage come meet me

    Gladion: ok

    Hau: FOOD 😀

    Luna doesn’t know why they chose her over Gladion to stream in the first round, but the pressure is on for her to perform. She’s literally Seed 2. Unfortunately, her opponent is none other than Hilbert Black. Sure, he’s one of – if not the – best players in Unova, but he’s also the person who created the very team Luna has been using all tournament. She’s surprised he Seeded 7, but she goes into her match with her guard high.

    He reaches across the table, and the two players shake hands. Luna takes a deep breath, and Game One begins. Luna sends out Smeargle and Stakataka, while Hilbert chooses Lunala and Smeargle. Luna debates for a moment – her Stakataka could set up a Trick Room easily, but is that what she really wants to do? She decides so, and is unfazed when Lunala sends a Moongeist Beam crashing into the Ultra Beast, and the Trick Room goes up without fail. Next turn, Luna breathes a sigh of relief when Hilbert chooses Crafty Shield over Wide Guard, allowing the Rock Slide to hit, but she fails to get the flinch, and Smeargle is brought down to its Focus Sash with a Psyshock from Lunala. Then Hilbert brings in Incineroar, which lowers Stakataka’s attack with Intimidate, and while Luna gets off some good damage with Rock Slide, it does less than she had hoped. So Luna follows her opponent’s lead, and switches out Stakataka for her own Incineroar. But her Smeargle goes down, and Hilbert brings out his own Stakataka to take advantage of the Trick Room Luna had set up herself just a few minutes prior. Lunala comes in on her side of the field, and Stakataka leaves on Hilbert’s side immediately, while Incineroar comes in once more. The Moongeist Beam does very little to Incineroar, which is frustrating, and Luna clenches her jaw. During the next turn, both Hilbert and herself end up pulling out their Incineroars for Stakataka, and she’s unable to land any damage onto the opponent’s side. The rest of the game continues similarly – they read each other’s moves easily, having developed the same strategy and using the same Pokemon. 7 minutes later, they’re even.

    Then they’re down to one Pokemon each, and Luna barely stifles her laughter, meeting Hilbert’s eyes across the table. It’s Stakataka vs Stakataka. They alternate – Protect, Rock Slide, Protect, Rock Slide. Nobody is able to hit a thing. But slowly but surely, Hilbert’s Stakataka is able to chip away at Luna’s, and it goes down, having started off with less HP to begin with. And suddenly, the clock has drained 15 minutes. Luna can’t help but think that was the most ridiculous battle she’d ever been in. They wasted an entire third of their game clock on two Pokemon, unable to damage one another. And now, Luna has only 20 minutes to make a comeback.

    In Game Two, Luna is determined. She may have lost Game One, but if she can win this round, they’ll go into Game Three. She doesn’t want to lose when she’s come so far. So she leads with Smeargle and Lunala, as Hilbert goes with Tsareena and Lunala. Luna takes a deep breath – there’s one option here that could make or break the game. So she clicks it. A moment later, Hilbert groans and falls backwards in his chair, while Luna can’t help but smirk. Through her headphones, she can faintly hear the crowd cheer. Just like that, the opposing Lunala goes down to a Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom, and Luna is up by one.

    For the rest of Game Two, Hilbert struggles to keep up. Suddenly, Luna’s playing becomes more aggressive – she nails her predictions and sweeps his team easily, and she doesn’t know why. But she’s just breezed through that match like she has in almost every single Swiss round, and Luna’s confident going into Game Three. But what she doesn’t look at is the game clock.

    Game Three kicks off with both players sending out Smeargle and Lunala. But Luna decides to play it safe, and protects her own Lunala. When her Smeargle uses Lovely Kiss into the opposing one, putting it to sleep, she smiles. It’s time to run. She clicks Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom and switches in Xerneas. But Hilbert calls it perfectly, and switches in Incineroar to take the Z-Move. Luna slams her fist into the table and groans. And while she’s able to bring the opposing Smeargle to its Focus Sash, she feels herself tense up. Then she checks the game timer, and her jaw drops. They have 2 minutes left. Hilbert’s Smeargle falls to a Dazzling Gleam, and Incineroar comes in for Lunala, but she can’t stop her heart from racing. She’s clicking moves frantically, and is failing to think them through. She feels the pressure mounting, and she feels the expectations that she should win weighing her down. She becomes reckless – stupid, almost. During the next turn, Hilbert has brought in Stakataka, who can easily land a super effective Gyro Ball into Xerneas. Lunala replaces Incineroar, taking a little bit of chip from Dazzling Gleam, but Luna knows that won’t cut it. They have 30 seconds left.

    When the timer runs out, Luna has just brought out Smeargle to replace Xerneas. They have three more turns left, and whoever has more Pokemon left at the end will be the winner. And Luna knows she can’t mess around anymore. But when she has her Smeargle go for Wide Guard, Hilbert goes for Gyro Ball. Luna’s Pokemon goes down, and the Pokemon count is even. And then she freezes. Hilbert sends a Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom into Luna’s own Lunala. It gets knocked out, and Luna is suddenly losing. Her breathing becomes rapid, and she feels her heart begin to race. All Hilbert has to do is play defensively at this point. He double Protects the next turn, and Luna grits her teeth. She has to knock out at least one Pokemon next turn, or she’s done for.

    She knows it’s over when Hilbert has his Stakataka send a Gyro Ball into Xerneas, and Luna only has Incineroar left. As for Hilbert? Lunala, Incineroar, and Stakataka. It takes a moment for the judges to confirm, but she soon finds herself numbly shaking Hilbert’s hand from across the table. Then it begins to sink in. She just lost. Luna Kajiba, Seed 2, undefeated, just lost. Crap.

    Part of her is frustrated. Angry at herself, for playing so recklessly. Angry, because she should have won. She really should have. But she can’t help but feel at least slightly pleased with herself. She just placed Top 8 – Top 8! It’s her first Internats, and she placed in the Top 8! Sure, she lost on stream, in front of thousands of people, but she played her best. And there’s no shame in losing to Hilbert. So she smiles and ducks off stage, clutching her 3DS in her left hand.

    She isn’t sure how to feel. Upset, bitter, proud, and happy, all at the same time. She’s still lost in thought ten minutes later, when she runs into Hau. He lost his round too. Neither of them is surprised when Gladion is nowhere to be found, and instead sit down and talk about their matches. Luna tries to focus on the positive – she really does. But as time goes on, she can’t help but feel a little deflated. To have done so well but fallen so short nonetheless? Reminds her a little too much of a certain World Championships. Instead, she just nods numbly in agreement to everything Hau says. In fact, she’s barely able to register anything when they watch Gladion lose his Top 4 match on stream. But Hau suggests they go check on him, so they scurry to the exit of the backstage area and wait.

    Gladion emerges a moment later with his hands in his pockets and a scowl on her face. Hau runs up to give him a hug, and Luna looks down.

    “Don’t.” Gladion’s voice is cold, and Hau freezes. No hugs, that’s for sure. Suddenly, Luna finds herself standing there – very awkwardly, too – watching as Gladion stalks away.

    “You okay?” She asks quietly. He stops, and clenches his fists.

    “I’d rather you not talk to me right now,” he replies bluntly. Then he continues walking, and Luna finds herself frozen in place. Shoot. I didn’t think it was that bad. I mean… his match was close, wasn’t it? But at the same time, she understands. That feeling – the feeling of disappointment after losing a battle you were supposed to win – it’s what convinces her to call Hau back when he starts after Gladion.

    “Do you think he’s okay?” Hau asks. Luna looks down.

    “He’ll be fine. I think he’s just… frustrated.” And she can’t help but feel the same. She lost. Gladion lost. Hau lost. All three of them lost, and none of them will be playing in the finals tomorrow. It thoroughly, utterly, sucks.

    But she’s determined to make the best of it. It’s Internats – she’s not spending her final day in Heahea sulking over a loss! In fact, Luna just won $1,000 and 250 CP! So she decides that maybe it’s not all that bad. After all, it frees up a lot of Sunday for the three of them to relax – or just her, depending on if a certain person is still sulking around.

    She’s lying in her hotel room when Gladion’s behavior begins to irk her. She lost before he did – sure, he was Seed 1, but she lost before he did. So if you were to ask her, he has no right to act the way he has. If he’d been silent for an hour, sure. That would have made sense. But he hasn’t talked to anyone since his loss. He hasn’t replied to any messages, instead just deciding to leave them on seen. And Luna makes a promise for tomorrow. She has one more day – one more day, and she’s going to make the most of it. She’s going to start by enjoying all the shops and side events they have in the morning. Then she’ll watch the VGC Finals, and maybe try and learn a thing or two. And ideally, she wants to get in a word with Gladion. She wants to have face to face, solo conversation with Gladion. If you’d asked 2018 Worlds Luna, she would have said no way. But now, she’s dead set on it. For some reason, she wants to get to know him better. A lot better. Because they’re more alike than either of them realize. And maybe if Gladion knew, they could both give each other a chance. They could be friends, and rivals, who had given each other a chance.

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