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    My search engine totally knows about Pokémon! Yep, no mistakes or wrong information at all.

    Why won’t you play the game?

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    Guys, Chapter 13 is on the last page, got buried at the bottom 🙂 Sooner you read, sooner I can post the next chapter (aka the best one in the entire thing 😛 )!

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    i made this i’m not sorry

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    and one where player character spots are based on the manga but only Misty will understand 😛

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    those fricken chickens

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    Few series names options:
    – Lunar Rising
    – Lunar Wishes
    – Lunar Heart
    – Moonlit Wishes
    – Lunar Hope
    – Lunar Whispers

    idk 😛

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    Hey Monkey! Because you’re the only one here that would like to be involved with the next story that isn’t already, do you have a Discord or other forms of communication? Ideally a safe email, so you can be added to the group chat, but if not that’s fine 🙂

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      hmm i can create a gmail account for this or would a secret page work?

      i see moky

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        Hm… a gmail would definitely be easier and faster, and allows for real time communication, but I’m not quite sure if we’re allowed to share even safe emails on the Blog 🙁 Mods?

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          Mods, are we allowed to share safe emails on the Blog? (No real names or personal info, of course)

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            We typicallyy prefer that emails remain off the blog. ^^

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      not monkey, but hey 😛

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    Let the drama return 😛

    Chapter 14: Locust, Part 1 – A Cold Surprise

    Nothing – well, except for maybe the research Luna had not done – could have prepared her for this. Nothing could have prepared Luna for what she would see, stepping into that first chamber.

    After entering the gray Pokemon League building, Luna had been faced with a long, bridge passageway, leading her above a large expanse of water. The first chamber was on the left, with glowing green lights leading up to it. Grass type, Luna had thought confidently. That was nothing too trippy, was it? Sure, she regretted not bringing a fire type like Reckless, but it was a basic type, and Luna would be fine. Totally, 100% fine.

    Yeah, that was a big, fat, lie. Luna pressed a green button next to the chamber entrance, her heart racing. The doors slowly swung open, and the trainer was greeted by numerous vines peeling back to reveal the battlefield. Luna tensed up, as did her friends behind her. A tall, spiky, brown haired figure had his back to the newcomers. The first member of the Elite Four. And then the figure spun around, and Luna screamed. It would no longer be fine, and the false illusion of calm and hope was most definitely gone.

    She almost ran out at that exact moment. She almost crumpled to the ground, and almost let herself burst into tears. Luna began to stumble backwards, unable to speak. The urge to scream was gone, and instead her eyes were fixed wide open as if she’d seen a ghost, unable to scream. She felt Gladion’s hands on her shoulders once more, and she stopped. Oh no. I… I can’t do this anymore. Get out, Luna. Get out. I… That was it, and Luna crumpled to the ground, falling on her knees. Leaning on her hands in front of her, she found herself breathing heavily. Oh my Arceus. Luna, get the hell out of here, she thought. Shutting her eyes, her breath shook, and Gladion was in front of her in a second.

    “Luna. Luna, listen to me. What’s the problem? Are you okay?” He asked, shaking her shoulders violently. Luna opened her eyes, but refused to meet Gladion’s gaze. Don’t let him see how close you are to crying again, Luna. Get it together. It’s a Pokemon battle, nothing more, she told herself. Luna blinked once, and then twice rapidly. “Luna!” Gladion yelled finally.

    “Gladion…” Silv walked up behind the boy, and grasped his shoulder, spinning him towards her. Gladion glared up at her, and Luna let her gaze flirt up for a second to watch the scene. “I…” Silv bit her lip, and sighed. “Luna.” Luna heard her name, and looked up at her sister. Silv’s eyes betrayed a sense of hurt and worry. “You never told Gladion, did you?” Luna inhaled shakily, her eyes growing wet. She shook her head, not wanting to speak. She could only imagine the figure was watching the scene, either terribly pleased with himself or confused.

    “Luna, tell me what’s going on!” Gladion whipped around, and glared at her. Luna flinched. “Oh shoot… I’m sorry. Luna, what’s wrong? Talk to me,” he pleaded. Luna’s breath was coming in gasps now, her hands shaking. I need to get out of here. What was I thinking? I’m so unprepared… She fretted. Suddenly, Luna shook her head, pushing herself to her feet. What are you doing, Luna? Get up, and do the stupid battle, she scolded herself. “Luna, what’s going on? Why won’t you talk to me?” She ignored Gladion’s voice, which was growing angrier, and fixed her gaze on the other boy in the room, her eyes fiery. Silv cast a worried, nervous glance at her sister, and Gladion watched her, frustrated. Ottie whispered something in his ear, pulling him aside.

    Balling her fists, Luna stalked down the chamber. She paused and looked down when she reached her end of the battlefield, kicking the dirt gently with her sneakers. Snapping her gaze, up, Luna met her opponent’s eyes with anger and revenge on her mind. Gladion, Silv, and Ottie all looked at her with concern, before walking off to the side of the battlefield.

    “Nice to see you again, Luna.” Her opponent’s tone was cool, calm, collected, and hostile. He spat her name, and Luna gritted her teeth, her breath shallow. Don’t let him get to you, Luna, she thought coldly. Clenching and unclenching her fists, Luna felt her palms get sweaty. She forced her gaze even colder, glaring. The teenager’s lips were dry, and she racked her brain for what to say. Pursing her lips, Luna inhaled sharply.

    “You’re going down, Locust.”

    The battle was on, and Luna was already down 2-1. She wasn’t stupid – she knew Delcetean was going to perform terribly, considering she’s a water type, so she threw her in against Chesnaught, hoping her fairy typing would help her pull off something. If a draw is considered “something,” Luna certainly got that. Now Valor was out too, which was just lovely. Gritting her teeth, Luna pushed on.

    “Gallant, time to shine!” Luna yelled. As her Pokemon emerged, Luna caught Locust’s gaze. His expression was smug and calm, and Luna felt her blood boil. “Close combat, now!” She commanded. Without any hesitation, Gallant surged forwards, aiming for Abomasnow’s bulky figure.

    “Leech seed.” Locust seemed unfazed, despite Abomasnow’s extreme weakness to fighting type moves like close combat. Suddenly, spiky vines sprung out of the ground, wrapping around Gallant’s leg. The Gallade struggled to break free, and was dragged to the ground, his attack stopped in his tracks. Luna gritted her teeth and cursed multiple times under her breath. “If you’re done yelling at me, let’s play a little game,” Locust smirked. You deserved it, Locust. You have no idea how much you screwed up my life, Luna thought bitterly. She clenched her fists. What makes me think I’ll play your little game? Still, Luna found herself agreeing.

    “What do you want?” She snapped. Locust crossed his arms confidently. “Gallant, use leaf blade, and cut through the vines! And then use close combat again!” Luna ordered, casting a brief glance at her Gallade before turning back to Locust.

    “It’s simple. We take turns asking a yes or no question – no passing, no skips, no lying,” he proposed. Luna pursed her lips. How do I know you won’t lie? She thought angrily. “Blizzard, Abomasnow!” A chilly wind swept through the arena, hail flying in its tracks. Gallant was stopped once more, and sent flying backwards across the arena. Luna was so tempted to refuse the game – after all, it would merely distract her from the battle. When she looked over at Gladion, he clearly thought the same. Still, Luna couldn’t help herself from nodding yes. There were so many questions Locust had left unanswered when he broke up with her – or did Luna break up with him? The clearest memory she had of that night was the shattered lamp and light bulb that matched exactly how her heart felt as she watched him storm out the door, and the tears that were running down her face violently.

    “I accept,” Luna snarled. Gladion bit his lip, and Luna glared at Locust. I’m playing on your terms, Locust. This better not be a trap, she thought angrily. “Gallant, you all right?” She yelled. Her Gallade valiantly shook himself out, standing once more. If I can’t get close, how am I going to defeat Abomasnow? Gallant only knows physical attacks… Luna inwardly smacked herself. I’m so stupid. Why didn’t I think of that before? “Quickly, use psycho cut!” She ordered. Gallant launched a glowing purple blade towards the opponent, and Luna held her breath.

    “Wood hammer!” Locust commanded. As Abomasnow swung one of his bulky, green arms at the attack, Luna gave another command.

    “Jump, Gallant! And use close combat again!” She yelled. The Gallade leapt off of the battlefield, lunging at Abomasnow. After slicing the psycho cut in half, the grass type had no time to do anything as Gallant hit him, his arms moving in a violent flurry of attacks. Luna grinned as Abomasnow crumpled to the ground and fainted.

    “Good move, Luna,” Locust said calmly. He returned his Pokemon to its pokeball. “Now, why don’t you ask the first question?” He carelessly tossed a pokeball into the air, and a Venusaur emerged. It glared at Gallant with narrow red eyes. For a moment, Luna thought. The first question – yes or no. Might as well let it out, she thought.

    “Gallant, use psycho cut!” Luna ordered. Pokemon battle first, yelling at Locust second, she reminded herself. As the purple blade flew towards Venusaur, Luna glared at Locust and asked him a simple question. “Are you still a lying, cheating, excuse for a boyfriend?”

    “In your mind, probably,” he said, shrugging. Recklessly, Locust did nothing as he let the psycho cut hit Venusaur. “Growth, Venusaur. My turn now, Luna.” The girl clenched her fists. “Hm…” Locust pretended to ponder the thought, though Luna could bet he knew what he was going to ask ever since he proposed this “game.”

    “Close combat,” Luna ordered quickly. Gallant followed her orders without any hesitation, clearly understanding the stakes of the battle.

    “Energy ball!” Venusaur sent a glowing green orb spiraling towards the Gallade, and Luna froze.

    “Leaf blade, Gallant, and slice it through!” It was an odd order, sure, but Gallant understood immediately. The grass type move was cut directly through the center with impeccable accuracy. “And keep going for a close combat!” Luna added quickly.

    “Is the emo kid your boyfriend?” Locust asked. Luna stopped breathing. By emo kid, she could assume he meant Gladion – speaking of him, Luna saw him ball his fists and clench his jaw angrily. “Energy ball again, Venusaur!” Luna whipped her head around and saw Gallant sent flying backwards, presumably hit by a very close range energy ball. To think she’d been so close to getting a hit in… Frustrated, Luna remembered the question. Shoot. I’m sorry, Gladion. Don’t hate me…

    “No,” Luna spat icily. Gladion bit his lip, and Silv looked at Luna with concern. “Gallant, if you’re okay, I want repeated psycho cuts,” she commanded. Gallant nodded, and lashed out with his arms, glowing purple blades slicing through the air one after another. Venusaur braced itself. “Are you still dating Angelica?” Angelica. What’s so special about her? Luna thought angrily.

    “Protect yourself with energy balls,” Locust ordered. “And no.” Luna flinched. The psycho cuts deflected off of the glowing green orbs surrounding Venusaur – it reminded Luna of the way she and Sylph were using swift to protect her.

    “You jerk,” Luna muttered. “So you cheat on me with Angelica and then break up with her two weeks later?” She snapped, suddenly speaking loudly again. Suddenly, it seemed Gladion finally put it together. Took him long enough, in Luna’s opinion. His jaw dropped.

    “It’s not your turn to ask a question,” Locust replied, smirking. Luna felt her face tense up. “Venusaur, sludge wave!” He commanded. A purple wave came surging over the battlefield, and Gallant looked up at, putting his arms out in front of him in a defensive stance. “Were you actually that surprised I was cheating on you?” That did it. Luna cracked, and so did Gladion.

    *insert Gladion screaming something that I couldn’t censor because it’s very not Blog appropriate and definitely not very nice aka he enters protective mode* Silv said something quietly to him, and Luna could bet that was the only thing that stopped him from tackling Locust right then and there.

    “Stay out of this, Gladion,” Luna said coldly. Don’t yell at him, Luna. He’s trying his best, she told herself. Gladion flinched and looked down. “Gallant!” She screamed suddenly, watching helplessly as her Pokemon collapsed under the sludge wave, staggering once before falling unconscious. She returned him to his pokeball, clenching it tightly before putting it back in her bag. “I gave you the benefit of the doubt, Locust, so yes,” she spat. Locust grinned, and Luna glared at him. “Did you ever regret it?” That was her question. Of course, if he said no, then Luna had every right to punch him in the face, and she was pretty darn tempted to.

    “No.” Shoot. Yeah, I really want to stab you right now, Locust, Luna thought bitterly. Of course you don’t. You’re a self absorbed jerk who doesn’t care who you hurt along your path of getting precisely what you want, what did I expect?

    “Jet, time to shine!” Luna yelled, hiding her anger the best she could. Her Garchomp appeared in a flash of dazzling red light, and roared. This time, Locust would have to make the first move. Luna was getting sick and tired of falling into his traps.

    “Use growth again, Venusaur,” Locust commanded. “Are you over me yet?” Luna froze. She staggered for a moment, and took a step back. Locust smirked at her knowingly. Oh how tempted Luna was to break the rules… “no lying,” he had said. She had to tell the truth – rules were rules.


    I was looking forwards to posting this so much, can’t wait to see how you all react 😛 What were your thoughts, opinions, and assumptions regarding Locust before this chapter? Was this twisty? 😛 There’s definitely more drama coming soon within the next two chapters 😀
    And yes Gladion says something that contains enough curse words that it was easier to completely cut it out than try and replace it, because he is veryyyyyy angry 😛

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      dRaMa yayyyyy also protective gladion is so cute even if all he does is swear 😛

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        Dramaaaaa and yes he is 😛

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      Ahhhhhh drama drama drama ahhhhh

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      Wait… So Luna used to like Locust?
      Ouch oof Gladion, he breaks up to be with Luna and then Luna says that he isn’t her bf. Ouch

      i see moky

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        Locust is Luna’s ex boyfriend, and you’ll learn more soon 🙂
        And yeah… Luna doesn’t quite seem them as “official” yet, but just give them some time… 😛

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      dhfilskjdkk :000

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      drama at its max
      oh wait it gets even MORE DRAMATIC?
      hOw :O

      those fricken chickens

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      The first two were… insanely close, don’t worry 😛 But yeah I’m honestly so happy I FINALLY WON and I ran around telling my entire family after it was over 😛

      10/10 accomplishment though, even though that Salazzle is so incredibly annoying 😛

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      a kind of magic

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    This one is dramatic too 😛

    Chapter 15: Locust, Part 2 – It’s All A Game

    “Sylph, time to shine!” After returning Jet to her Pokeball, Luna had decided her Sylveon would be the best match for the dark, shiny Decidueye in front of her. She knew how much Locust trained this Pokemon up, especially regarding its speed, and Luna didn’t want to take any risks. Time to see how much that training paid off.

    “Start it with leaf blade!” Locust commanded. Sylph braced herself, and Luna felt hundreds of thoughts rushing through her head. No time to think, Luna. Just do it, she scolded herself.

    “Block it with swift!” Luna yelled. Obediently, Sylph surrounded itself with glowing golden stars, bent in a defensive stance. Locust smirked, and watched as the leaf blade sliced directly through the defense. Sylph was sent skidding backwards, crying out. “Sylph!” Luna screamed. “Gosh darnit, Locust,” she muttered. All that training, gone to waste, she thought spitefully. Suddenly, Luna snapped her gaze back up again. She needed to focus, and not let some petty little mistake get to her. Sylph may not be as fast as Decidueye, but two can play at that game. “Moonblast!” Offense is the best defense, Luna, she thought. As Sylph launched a blazing pink orb at the opponent, Locust kept his image of calm. “Did you read about me in the news?” Luna had finally decided on her question – the real question was whether or not she wanted to know the answer.

    “Dodge it!” He ordered. “And yes, I did.” Luna winced. Of course he had. What had he thought? That his ex was nothing more than a troublemaker? As if instinctively, Decidueye leapt up into the air, spreading his wings. “Spirit shackle!” Decidueye quickly drew back his bow and arrow, and a glowing purple streak came flying towards Sylph.

    “Dodge it!” Luna said quickly. Sylph jumped to the side, the arrow narrowly missing her swirling pink ribbons. “Hyper voice!” A rippling current tore across the entire arena, hitting Decidueye, who screamed. “And now, shadow ball!” Luna was getting into it. The quick combination was too much for Decidueye to register, and the combination from the two attacks sent it spiraling into the ground. Luna held her breath, and then gritted her teeth when she saw him struggle and stand up once more.

    “Brave bird, Decidueye!” Locust ordered. The bird Pokemon launched itself into the sky, glowing in a sharp yellow light before charging down at Sylph. The Sylveon braced herself. You can’t take that, Sylph. Shoot… what do I do? Luna thought quickly. “Did you actually not expect to see me here?

    “Swift, at Decidueye!” Luna yelled, struggling to think clearly. She’s been so stupid to play this game. It was going to make her lose the battle, wasn’t it? Plus, Decidueye’s speed and Locust’s reckless battling was messing with her as well. The golden stars flew at the opponent, who merely flew right through them, sending sparkles throughout the arena. Sylph was hit when her attack failed, and she crumpled to the ground as Decidueye swooped right by her. The Sylveon struggled to her paws, her legs shaky. Luna winced. “I didn’t,” she replied finally.

    “Spirit shackle.” Locust nodded in consideration of her answer. Somehow, Decidueye was already prepared for yet another attack, and sent a glowing purple arrow flying towards Sylph. Before the Sylveon was able to stand once more, the arrow hit her, and she crumpled to the ground once more. This time, there would be no getting up.

    She should have known. Never underestimate Locust. Luna was so, so, stupid. Of course she was losing. It was the Elite Four, who was she kidding? No. What the hell am I doing here? I can’t even beat the first member of the Elite Four, and there’s no chance I’ll make my way through the entire league at this rate, she thought. Gritting her teeth, Luna clenched her last remaining Pokeball tightly in her left hand.

    “You’re going to lose, Luna,” Locust spat. “Give up.” Luna glared at him. “Here’s my question: Do you think you can beat me?” She flinched. Lie, Luna. Just lie. It’s not that hard… right. Of course you can win. Who does Locust think he is? That’s so stupid. Just because you’re down to your last Pokemon and he has two means absolutely nothing. Shred him, Luna, she told herself. Casting a long glance at Gladion, he looked at her briefly with expectations in his emerald eyes. Of course. Gladion wants you to win. You better, Luna thought. Silv and Ottie’s gazes were more encouraging and hopeful, and Luna pursed her lips.

    “I don’t know, Locust,” she said finally. “But you can bet I’m going to try as hard as I can,” she said determinedly. “Fleet, time to shine!” Luna yelled. Fleet. Her last hope. Of course. Fleet was her ace – her strongest Pokemon, the one with her since the beginning, and she knew there wasn’t a single Pokemon she could trust more than him. The Absol landed gracefully on the battlefield, and met Locust’s eyes with the same determination as his trainer.

    “Cacturne!” Locust called out his next Pokemon as well, after the draw in the last round. The spiky grass type Pokemon stood confidently on his side of the battlefield, and Luna bent her legs in a battle stance. “Needle arm!” Cacturne lunged forwards, its arm growing terrifyingly long and sharp spikes. Dodging instinct, Fleet, remember? Luna thought.

    “Dodge-” Fleet was already one step ahead of her, and Luna let out a sigh of relief. He remembered. The needles whizzed past his white coat, the wind rippling through his fur. “Fleet, let’s go!” The Absol nodded, his narrow eyes fixed straight ahead. “Beyond your power-” Luna raised flipped her watch face open. “Speed-” She raised her wrist to the sky. “And strength-” The keystone glowed in an iridescent light. “Become your best self, and mega evolve!” Fleet’s anklet was suddenly glowing with blindingly white light, and he threw his head into the air. The beams from Luna’s wrist connected with Fleet’s from his mega stone, and the Absol became enveloped in a rainbow light, wings sprouting from his back. The light evaporated in a flash, and Fleet roared again. His twisted, dark blue horn had grown, and his white fur hung regally over his face. Locust snorted.

    “Mega evolution isn’t going to save you, Luna,” he spat. Luna merely glared at him, her fists clenched and jaw tight. “Cacturne, sandstorm!” Suddenly, a strong gust of wind rippled through the chamber, sand flying in front of Luna’s gaze. She squinted, barely making out her own Pokemon. “Needle arm, again!” Locust ordered. Luna was able to make out a green blur lunging towards Fleet, and she thought quickly.

    “Jump up, and catch the wind in your wings!” She yelled, hoping Fleet could hear her over the violent gusts of the storm. He did, and caught the air current in his white fur, wings outstretched. Sure, they didn’t usually make him “fly” persay, but for now, gliding would have to do. “Fast as you can, Fleet, and then night slash!” Luna ordered. Fleet tucked his wings in closer, forming a more streamlined figure, and sped in circles around the opponent. Cacturne glanced left and right, and Locust gritted his teeth.

    “Watch out-”

    “Now!” Luna screamed. All she heard was a scream from Cacturne and the crumple of a body against the arena footing, and the sandstorm subsided.

    “Cacturne, needle arm!” Luna bit her lip. That was stupid. There’s no way you could have defeated it in one hit – what were you thinking, Luna? Still, she couldn’t help but wish that had been it. Especially when she saw Cacturne, lying motionless on the ground, suddenly come to life and slam Fleet in the stomach with his needle ridden fist. Hee Absol screamed, and Luna winced as he flew across the battlefield, dirt flying.

    “Fleet!” Luna looked up to meet Locust’s eyes, and immediately wanted to wipe that smug grin off his face. One landed attack doesn’t mean anything, she thought angrily. Fleet stood once more, and circled Cacturne like a predator stalks its prey. “My turn – did you ever consider breaking up with me before you did?” That question stung, at least to Luna.

    “Yes,” Locust answered bluntly. “Cacturne, needle arm again!” Does he have any other attacking moves? Luna thought distastefully. Even somebody like Locust wasn’t quite that stupid.

    “Dodge it, Fleet!” Luna commanded. The Absol leapt over the charging Cacturne, landing behind him. “Night slash!” Quickly, Fleet swung his horn at the opponent, and Cacturne was sent flying towards Luna, Fleet standing calmly and proudly behind his fallen rival. Two night slashes from the Mega Absol was too much, and Cacturne fainted. Luna had a feeling the next battle would not be so simple.

    “Return,” Locust spat. Cacturne disappeared in a flash of red light, and Locust clenched his last Pokeball in his hand. It was all even, and Luna’s heart raced. This is it, Fleet. Now or never. Time to kick his ass, and give him just what he deserves, she thought. “Here’s my question – were you jealous of Angelica?” Luna flinched. Was I? Sure, I hated him for a while – still do, in fact, but did I actually love him at that point? In her heart, Luna knew the answer was yes. The question was whether she’d admit it. “Sceptile!” Luna focused her attention back on the battlefield for just a moment, and clenched her fists. Sceptile. If she’s thought any of Locust’s past Pokemon were rough, she knew she was in for a surprise. Sceptile was his partner – just like Fleet was hers, and Luna was definitely not looking forward to what she knew was coming.

    “No.” Swallowing the guilt in her throat, Luna lied. Sure, it was against the rules, but who cared? “I feel sorry for her, you know. You’re a jerk, Locust, and you know that,” she spat. Locust rolled his eyes.

    “You’ve mentioned it,” he replied snarkily. “Sceptile, use dragon pulse!” The trainer ordered, issuing the first command. A beam swirling with colors raged towards Fleet, and Luna tensed.

    “Dodge it!” Sceptile’s fast, but Fleet’s faster, she reassured herself. The Absol above the attack easily. “Psycho cut!” Luna commanded. Fleet roared, tossing his head and set a purple blade rippling through the air.

    “Protect.” Luna cursed under her breath, while Locust remained the perfect image of calm. The psycho cut harmlessly bounced off the blue shield his partner had put up, and Fleet landed back on the ground a few lengths behind Sceptile. “Leaf storm!” Sceptile whipped around, sending a swirling hurricane of razor sharp leaves at Fleet.

    “Razor wind!” The two moves collided, Luna’s orders precise and clear. Luna took a deep breath. I’m going to regret this, aren’t I? Shaking herself, she asked the question. “Do you regret ever dating me in the first place?” The chamber went silent, and Locust looked down. He didn’t reply for a moment.

    “No,” he said finally. Luna was surprised. You actually have a heart, I suppose, she thought. Whatever. The battle is still on, and I’m going to destroy you.

    “Night slash!” Luna commanded. Breaking the pause in action, Fleet surged forwards.

    “Dodge it!”

    “Jump up, flip, and night slash again!”

    “Stop it with leaf storm!”

    The battle became an onslaught of attacks and dodges, misses and the occasional hit. Luna gritted her teeth. Do something, Luna. This isn’t working! She thought, frustrated. Turns out Locust beat her to it.

    “Sceptile!” He yelled. His Pokemon whipped its head around, and nodded. Locust smirked, and raised a wrist to the sky. His hoodie’s sleeve slid down, revealing his wrist, and Luna froze. Oh no. “Mega evolve!” The light between Sceptile’s Sceptilite and Locust’s key stone was bright and blinding as Fleet and Luna watched. Sceptile roared as the light disappeared to reveal his new form, and Luna cursed under her breath. On the side of the arena, Gladion did too.

    “Jump, and use psycho cut!” Luna commanded. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, Luna, she told herself. Fleet leapt into the air, sending a purple blade at the opponent once more. “And again!” Luna yelled, when her Absol landed on Sceptile’s other side. Fleet soared through the air, firing attack after attack. Sceptile dodged each one.

    “And now that it’s my turn, I’m going to ask you the same,” Locust said. Luna flinched. Do I regret dating you? Hell yes I do. You ruined my life. But at some point… I loved you, Locust. I can’t be sure if you ever felt the same, but I sure as heck did. And yeah, I did love calling myself your girlfriend for a year, until it fell apart. Am I being honest here, or am I trying to hurt you the same way you hurt me? Luna thought. She pursed her lips, and settled on the latter.

    “Yes.” Luna spat her answer, meeting Locust right in the eye. Something flashed across her ex’s face, but then he was back to his usual dismissive self and shrugged. “You screwed up my life, Locust, and I can’t forgive you for that,” she snapped. The boy merely rolled his eyes in return.

    “Dragon pulse! Stop it in its tracks!” Locust ordered, bringing Luna’s attention back to the fight at hand. The multicolored beam raced towards Fleet, who had launched a psycho cut automatically. The dragon pulse tore right through it.

    “Sucker punch!” Try this, Locust, she thought bitterly. Sucker punch – it hits first, always, and Luna usually hid it from her opponents until the last moment. As expected, Fleet spun right past the dragon pulse. Sceptile put out its arms in a cross in front of itself, and slid backwards across the battlefield in an attempt to defend itself. The attack did almost no damage, and Luna cursed under her breath. The two Pokemon stood facing each other, each in a battle crouch, Fleet’s teeth bared and Sceptile’s eyes narrow. “Night slash, once more!”

    “Protect!” Locust countered quickly. “Leaf storm!” Leaves were sent hurling at Fleet once more, and Luna bit her lip. Then she got it.

    “Slash through it with night slash, Fleet!” That was part one of her plan. It executed perfectly, and the tornado split in half down the center, scattering to the side. Fleet flew over Sceptile, spinning around to face his opponent as he neared the ground. “Jump again, and razor wind!” Supposedly, that was part two of her plan. It backfired.

    “Follow it, and charge straight in!” Locust countered. Shoot. I didn’t expect that… he’s reckless, Luna thought. Sceptile launched itself right into the midst of the razor wind attack, and Fleet’s eyes lit with fear. “Leaf blade!” Locust commanded. Sceptile swung its right arm back, glowing green.

    “Fleet, meet it with night slash! Then flip up!” Luna ordered. It’s contest time again. Thank you, Silv, she thought. Locust watched in surprise as Fleet charged forwards. At the last moment, as the blades clashed, the Absol flipped upwards, controlling his movement with his wide spread wings, and spun upwards into the air. Luna’s heart jumped. This is going to work, Luna. This is going to work, she thought desperately. “Fleet! Duck, spin, and finish this now! Night slash!” Luna screamed.

    It hit, and Sceptile was sent crashing down to the ground. It landed with a thud, dust flying around it, creating a thick cloud. Fleet landed on the battlefield calmly, waiting to see if his opponent would rise once more. Luna didn’t breathe, and the chamber fell completely silent. Then Sceptile twitched, showing consciousness. Fleet was there in a flash, standing at his opponent’s throat, his horn raised. He cast Luna one glance, and she understood. She could end this right now, if she wanted. Just one more command would have done it.

    “Before this is over, Locust, I have one more question,” Luna spat. Locust looked up, surprised. What makes you think I’m done? His gaze said. Luna glared at him. They both knew it was over, and it was a matter of when Luna wanted to finish things.

    “What?” He responded, shoving his hands in his hoodie pocket. Luna tensed up. You don’t want to know, Luna. Finish this now, and be done, she told herself, scolding her own reckless behavior. She shook her head to herself. Do it. Silently, Luna took a deep, shaky breath.

    “Did you ever love me?” She asked finally. Locust froze. His green eyes darted down, avoiding her gaze purposely. Luna stood tensely, waiting for him to break the silence. If Luna had looked over, she would have seen every one of her friends go perfectly still. She would have seen the sense of betrayal in Gladion’s eyes, and her heart would have shattered. Instead, she focused merely on the other boy in front of her, her palms growing sweaty and her jaw clenched.

    “No.” Locust’s voice cracked, and Luna’s breath stopped. She looked at Fleet once, and that’s all it took. His twisted, elegant horn glowed black, and he sliced it across Sceptile’s throat. The opponent fell unconscious. Luna won.

    Was actually tempted to make her lose her but decided that would be too cruel 😛 Thoughts and feelings, especially on Locust? You’ll learn a little more next Chapter as well 😀 Anyways, I really loved writing the whole deal with Locust, and his interactions with Luna are so fun – just don’t let Gladion anywhere near him, or somebody is not leaving the room alive 😛

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      yayyyy 😃

      locust seems i don’t know we don’t know much about him…yet 😛

      a kind of magic

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      Oh my I think that was the best chapter so far…

      i see moky

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      I am SO GLAD you had her win I don’t think I could deal with the heartbreak if she didn’t 😛

      • December 2, 2019 at 7:34 pm

        I’m glad to hear that, actually 😛

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    Oof here is a little part I had to add before chapter 3! So ya, I hope I will be finished with chapter three soon!

    Chapter 2
    “I saved your life, thank me,” Ash said as he stepped forward, “And now, you can still compete. So be thankful,” Ash exited the elevator, as the elevators closed, Eclipse did nothing, but think. She thought about Robin. She thought about Raven. She thought about her battle against Iris. And she thought about Ash. China and Flood still rested in her pocket, kept in safety by the heal balls.

    As she arrived at her room door, she opened it slowly, it was 2 am, she would have to wake back up in 7 hours. She quickly brushed her teeth and put on her pjs. She laid in bed thinking. Would she win tomorrow? Who were Raven and Robin? Would they come back for her?

    She turned to face the window, it was dark, the stars shone like beautiful diamonds hanging on strings. Eclipse’s eyes went watery, she knew she could do it, she just had to believe. She had to believe in herself. And before her next thought, she slept. The moon fell down and the sun rose, the sky illuminated with sprinkles of purple, red and orange. It was the day. It was the start of the Harmonix School League.

    i see moky

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    Depending on your timezone and when this gets modded, I guess who could consider this a double posting day? 😛

    Chapter 16: Intermission – We All Have Our Secrets

    Luna should have known. One day, Gladion was going to know. One day, he was going to find out. One day, she’d tell him the whole story. But Luna didn’t expect it to be so soon, let alone in the middle of the league. If only Luna had done her research. After returning Fleet to his Pokeball, she turned on her heel, stalking out of the chamber. Luna didn’t want to talk to anyone.

    “Good battle, Luna,” Locust called after her. Luna gritted her teeth. Are you being genuine, Locust? She questioned.

    “Thanks,” she finally replied. Luna soon found Silv and Ottie on either side of her, her twin looking at her nervously. Luna avoided her gaze. Gladion was walking off to the side, refusing to speak or show any emotion. Wordlessly, the group exited the chamber, the doors opening automatically. Luna stopped. She looked around the hallway nervously.

    “Luna.” She flinched at Gladion’s touch on her shoulder, and refused to turn around and meet his gaze. “Luna, we need to talk,” he said coldly. Luna bit her lip and remained silent.

    “Gladion, leave her alone,” Silv said quietly. She turned back to her sister. “Are you okay?” Luna looked down. Do I look okay, Silv? She thought. “I’ll take that as a no,” Silv sighed.

    “Luna, talk to me. You won. You’re going to be okay,” Gladion interrupted. He tightened his grip on her shoulder and spun her around to face him. Luna had no choice but to look up. His emerald eyes were disappointed, almost, and a mix of worried and cold. She stopped breathing. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He demanded. Luna didn’t reply.

    “I didn’t want to see how you’d react,” she said finally, biting her lip. “We all have our secrets, Gladion, and this was mine. I was going to tell you at some point, I promise. Please don’t get mad at me. It just… it never felt right,” Luna said, her voice wavering.

    “Oh,” Gladion replied. He bit his lip. “I… do you think I could talk to you alone for a second?” He sent a quick glance at Silv and Ottie, and Luna looked down. “I mean, we can always talk later if you want, but like…” he added hesitantly.

    “No, it’s fine,” Luna stammered. “We’ll just, uh…” She turned around, and Silv looked at her questioningly.

    “Luna, are you sure?” Ottie asked. Luna looked down and nodded. Ottie walked up to her, and forced Luna to look up to her. “Be careful, Luna. He’s going to want the full story. Are you going to be okay?” She asked. Luna bit her lip.

    “Yeah, it’s fine,” Luna replied. Fine. Are you really going to be fine? Shaking herself, she turned back around. The girl gave Gladion a small nod. He grasped her arm, and pulled her over to the side. Luna flinched at his touch. She cast a glance at Silv and Ottie, and they looked at her worriedly.

    “Luna, it’s going to be fine. You’ll be fine,” Gladion muttered. His eyes were cold. “But why? I know I’ve been a jerk lately, and I’m sorry, but you could have told me. I said you could talk to me. I don’t understand why you didn’t.” Luna looked down. “Look. I know I sound mad – I’m really bad at this, and I feel terrible, but just tell me right now,” he said.

    “I…” Luna started. She sighed. She had no excuses anymore. “It was bad, Gladion. Really bad,” she whispered. “I… I found out, and we fought. It hurt a lot. Soon enough, there was a shattered lightbulb on the floor and I couldn’t stop crying… I gave it back. I wore it every single day, and I gave it back. I told him to give it somebody he actually loved.” Luna’s voice cracked. She was rambling, and Gladion tilted her chin up at him.

    “Luna, can you please start from the beginning?” He said. Luna took a shaky breath, and nodded.

    “I had just turned 15 when I met him,” she said, her voice quiet and wavering. “No dating until I was 15 – that was the rule, but I still started too soon. It was stupid. I was so stupid. I saw him at the Pokemon Center, and we started talking. He gave me his number, and that’s how it started. A year flew by, and I never suspected anything. He gave me a silver chain necklace with a little crescent moon for our first anniversary. I was so stupid to think my first relationship would last that long, and go that smoothly. It was all a trick – of course it was. I-” Luna choked. Gladion looked at her worriedly and she quickly continued.

    “We were watching his favorite football team play on his sofa one day, and he ran to the bathroom. He left his phone there, and it rang. I didn’t pick it up, but after it finished ringing, I couldn’t help but take a look. I read the messages. All of them. I didn’t even notice when he came back.” A single tear ran down Luna’s cheek, and Gladion wiped it away. She felt her cheeks heat up before continuing. “I knew, and he couldn’t hide it anymore. I just… I lost it, and so did he. You know me. I lose it, and then everything just goes downhill so quickly. We’d lasted 17 months, and then that was it. Most importantly, I couldn’t understand how I didn’t realize. His earliest message with Angelica was over 8 months before then. 8 months. It was so, so stupid. I unclasped the necklace, and I shoved it into his chest before storming out. He didn’t love me. I guess he never did, did he? It was all a game to him. Love’s a game, he practically said.” Luna hiccuped, another set of tears flowing down her face. She didn’t say anything for a moment, and neither did Gladion.

    “I could say more. I could say so, so much more. I just hate talking about it. I just… I’m scared, Gladion. I’m scared. If that happens again, I don’t know what I’d do,” she said finally. Luna cast a teary eyed glance at Silv and Ottie, who looked at her sadly. She refused to look up at Gladion. She didn’t want to see his face.

    “It’s not going to happen again, I promise,” he said, anger tinting his tone. “I’m going to protect you, Luna. And I’ll be honest, always. I can’t promise you how long this will last, but I won’t hurt you like he did,” he swore, clenching his fists. Luna turned, and met his eyes for once. They were filled with anger and worry. Luna swallowed, trying not to choke on the tears. She shut her eyes briefly and then opened them again in an attempt to stop any more tears from coming. She quickly ran her left hand over her eye, drying it for a brief moment. “This is why you didn’t want to date me, isn’t it?” He asked. Luna bit her lip and nodded. “I get that, Luna. I’m sorry I’m not the best at this whole comforting thing, but please don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you like that.” Luna took a shaky breath, and Gladion wrapped his arms around her. Quickly, he pulled her in, lightly shaking her back and forth in an attempt to console her. Luna choked once more, and followed his gesture. They hugged for a long second, and then pulled apart. She tilted her head up again, and met his eyes. A moment of silence passed.

    “If you’re done, kiss and let’s get a move on!” Silv yelled teasingly. Luna gave a weak smile, turning to her right to roll her eyes at her sister. Thank you for interrupting the moment, Silv, she thought, slightly amused. Turning back to Gladion, he quickly kissed her forehead, and then grasped her arm, pulling her towards the rest of the group. Luna’s cheeks were flushed red, but she tried her best to ignore the fact.

    “Coming!” She broke free of Gladion’s grasp, and jogged the rest of the way. Silv had a teasing glint in her eyes, which was thoroughly wonderful, but Luna had to focus. The next Elite Four Member was coming up, with a row of purple lights leading down to a chamber on her right. Ghost or poison, most likely. Luna was tempted to pull out her phone and look it up, but shook the thought away. She was prepared for anyone at this point. If she could beat Locust, she would hopefully be able to win this battle as well. Hopefully.

    You’re not gonna see a lot more of Locust, not gonna lie, but hopefully this helps explain a few things 😛 See you all next time, with even more battles!
    Note: Listed some series names in an earlier comment, please let me know which one/ones you like, it’s much appreciated!

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    Chapter 17: Raine – Toxic

    Luna was not a fan of poison types. She was definitely not a fan of poison types, and neither were Sylph or Delcetean. She shouldn’t have brought two fairy types – what was she thinking? Despite that, Luna was winning. Thankfully. She hated to say this, but this battle was definitely easier than the last one. Whether it was the little game she had been playing with Locust, or just because Raine wasn’t as strong, Luna couldn’t be sure. All she knew was that she had three Pokemon left to Raine’s two, one of which was exhausted already.

    “Gallant!” Luna called out her Gallade, who landed on one knee on the battlefield, crouching. She knew this Crobat was fast – it outsped Fleet, and that was saying something. Luna and Gallant would never be able to hit it with a melee attack, which left her with a single option – and not a bad one, at that. “Psycho cut!”

    “Spin up, and dodge it!” Raine countered, twirling and raising her arm to the sky. Crobat dodged the psycho cut with ease, spinning through the air and tucking in its wings, creating a more aerodynamic form. “Cross poison!” She yelled. Crobat crossed its wings, sending a purple x at Gallant.

    “Slice through it with leaf blade!” Luna yelled. The Gallade’s arm shone green, and cut directly through the middle of Crobat’s attack, the move rendered useless. “Psycho cut, repeatedly!” Gallant leapt into the air, sending blade after blade towards Crobat, who successfully spun around and dodged each and every one. As it twirling past another psycho cut, Raine called out her next move.

    “Brave bird, Crobat!” The opponent darted forwards, a psycho cut whizzing past one of its wings. Back on the ground, Gallant braced himself. His trainer had different plans.

    “Dodge right, and use psycho cut at a short range!” Luna commanded. Even though Gallant clearly did not agree with the order, he followed it without hesitation, Crobat whizzing by him as he sidestepped it to the right as ordered. He quickly sent a psycho cut at the opponent, who was hit from behind and spiraled into the wall behind Luna. Much to her disappointment, it was back into the air in just a moment, scratched, bruised, but still able to fight.

    “Brave bird again!” Raine yelled. Crobat became a golden blur of light as he shot towards Gallant, who stood in a defensive fighting stance.

    “Dodge it-” Oh shoot. The Gallade was too slow this time, and was sent skidding across the dirt. He held his arms out in front of him to shield himself. When Crobat darted up, Gallant staggered once. Luna held her breath, and he collapsed to the floor, unable to battle. “Gallant, return.” Luna held out a pokeball, and he disappeared in the light. “Well fought,” she whispered, looking down at the sphere in her palm. She closed her fist, putting it away, and pulled out another one.

    “Fleet, time to shine!” She yelled. Last time, she’d pulled Fleet out against this very same Crobat and replaced him with Gallant. Acknowledging how well that had gone, Luna was bringing him back. Yet another speed battle had begun. But this time, Luna had an advantage. “Fleet, let’s go!” The Absol roared. “Beyond your power, speed, and strength, become your best self and mega evolve!” She commanded. The watch face swung open, and Luna raised clutched her wrist out in front of her as light beams flooded towards Fleet. The light on his Absolite met it, and he transformed. Fluffing his newly grown wings, Fleet crouched in a battle stance.

    “Ooooh!” Raine exclaimed, giggling. “I like this!” Luna rolled her eyes. Let’s just battle, Raine, she thought. “Anyways, back to the battle! Crobat, start with cross poison!” She ordered. Luna clenched her fists, and Fleet dodged it automatically. She exhaled, not even realizing she had been holding her breath.

    “Use razor wind!” Fleet leapt up, swinging his head. White blades rained down from his horn, landing all around the battlefield. Luna was hoping at least one would hit… Crobat successfully spun past each and every one, leaving a cloud of dust behind him as he emerged, flying up.

    “Brave bird!” Raine yelled. Fleet panicked, frozen in place as the Crobat drew increasingly closer at a ridiculous speed.

    “Dodge it!” Luna screamed. Quickly, Fleet focused once more, and Crobat narrowly whizzed past him, his white fur rippling from the air current. “Night slash!” She added. Fleet raised his horn, slamming it into Crobat’s side. The opponent was sent crashing to the ground, but caught himself on his wings before soaring back up again. Luna cursed under her breath. Fleet landed back on the ground, his wings spread and legs bent in a defensive stance. The trainer didn’t breath as Crobat dove towards her Absol. Right. Just a moment longer, Fleet, Luna thought.

    “Crobat, use cross poison!” Raine yelled. Close range. Absolutely perfect. As Crobat crossed its wings in front of itself, preparing to attack, Luna bit her lip. 3, 2, 1…

    “Now, Fleet! Jump around it, and use night slash!” Fleet leapt up, whizzing over Crobat’s head. He slammed his horn into opponent, and it slammed a short distance into the ground. The poison type remained still for a long second, and was unable to continue. “Yes!” Luna said, grinning at her partner. The Absol purred, tossing its white fur out of its eye. “Well done, Fleet!” The Absol nodded. Raine returned her Crobat to its pokeball with a thank you, and called out her next Pokemon.

    “Showtime, Gengar!” She said, catching the pokeball neatly in her right hand after throwing it up. The ghost type stood confidently, bouncing back and forth on its feet. Another speed battle, huh? Luna thought. This Gengar was agile, she could tell. Luna wasted no time it beginning the battle.

    “Fleet, night slash!” Fleet sprinted at the opposing Gengar, ignoring any possible pain he may have felt from the previous battle with Crobat. Swiftly, Gengar leapt up, dodging the attack. Luna gritted her teeth. And I thought Fleet and Crobat were fast, she thought.

    “Gengar, mega evolve!” Raine yelled. Seriously? Is every Elite Four Member going to have a mega evolution? Luna thought. She watched as Raine raised one of her wrists into the air, her keystone glowing from one of her large, purple bracelets. The Gengar grew spikier, with a third eye on his forehead, the light disappearing to reveal his bottom half slowly fading into a beautiful shade of magenta. “Use shadow ball!” Raine commanded. The Mega Gengar sent a crackling purple orb towards Fleet, who leapt to dodge it. Both mega evolved Pokemon were in the air, Fleet helping suspend himself a moment longer with his wings.

    “Fleet, use psycho cut!” Luna yelled. Her Absol roared, and a blazing purple blade sliced through the air towards the opponent.

    “Dodge it, Gengar! And use shadow ball again!” Raine countered, her voice excited. She gave a small twirl, her bouncy purple skirt spinning around her. Suddenly, Gengar’s figure flickered once, and moved so incredibly fast he was immediately behind Fleet. The Absol whipped around, and was met by another shadow ball, sending him crashing into the ground.

    “Fleet!” Luna screamed. “If you can go on, use sucker punch!” Fleet shook himself, standing shakily to his feet. Baring his teeth, he leapt into the air, one front leg outstretched and shadowy. It hit, slamming Gengar in the stomach. It fell to the ground, but got back up shakily. Luna clenched her fists. “Night slash!” She commanded, refusing to let Raine get a move in. Fleet shot forwards, a white blur across the terrain. Raine’s team was fast, and so was Luna’s, but Fleet understood the stakes.

    “Dodge it, and finish with focus blast!” Raine yelled. Gengar once again flickered once, Fleet sliding to a stop as he narrowly missed his opponent. He spun around in search for Gengar, and the ghost type appeared directly behind him. It launched a deep orange orb that shone with immense power, and crashed into Fleet’s back. The Absol slid across the battlefield, dust flying, and didn’t get up.

    “Return, Fleet,” Luna said bitterly. The Absol returned to his normal state and disappeared into his Pokeball, and Luna clenched it tightly. If Fleet’s speed wasn’t enough, she’d have to go for brute force. “Jet, time to shine!” She yelled, throwing an ultra ball into the air. Her Garchomp landed on the ground with a thud, his blade like arms at the ready. He roared. “Use dragon dance, quickly!” Luna ordered. Recently, she’d taught Jet dragon dance instead of draco meteor so he could easily raise both his attack and speed at the start of the battle. It was time to see if it worked.

    “Gengar, get behind Garchomp and use shadow ball!” Raine commanded. Her Gengar disappeared once more, flicking behind Jet.

    “Jet, fly!” Luna commanded quickly. Gengar launched a shadow ball, and it narrowly whizzed past Jet’s tail as he darted into the air. “And use dragon rush!” She added. Jet dove back down, shining with a blue light, a dragon head and fangs forming in front of him.

    “Dodge!” Raine ordered quickly. Jet whizzed by as Gengar disappeared, and then soared back into the air. The opponent appeared unharmed on the other end of the battlefield.

    “Stone edge!” Luna yelled. Jet darted down, slamming his arms into the ground. A row of glowing blue stones appeared, the top of the battlefield shredding apart. Debris flew through the air, and a blue stone hit Gengar, sending it flying. “And dragon rush, again!” Jet raced forwards, glowing once more. This time, Gengar did not dodge it, and was hit hard. It flew through the air, crashing into the arena wall. Luna held her breath. It did not move, and was unable to battle. Two down, two to go.

    There you go 😛 It’s a battle, nothing too exciting or twisty, but it is what it is. Hope you enjoyed it anyways!

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        I remember when that Britney Spears song was popular and people were playing it all the time on the radio and music channels when I was younger many years ago.

        (I think the song is about the Poison-type Pokemon called Toxicroak. 😛 )

        Why won’t you play the game?

        • December 2, 2019 at 7:56 pm

          Honestly, it’s still a hit 😛

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          • December 2, 2019 at 8:00 pm

            Your comment made me think of the song ‘Hit me baby one more time’ also by Britney.

            My country also had a TV Gameshow named after that song, and guess what the theme tune was? 😛

            Why won’t you play the game?

            • December 2, 2019 at 8:57 pm

              Well, if it wasn’t “hit me baby one more time,” then I’d be severely disappointed in England 😛

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        those fricken chickens

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      manga moon is still going to kill you and no i will now stop reminding you

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      Yay I like battles and their simple clarity, like you know exactly what the goal is and it’s cool to see how Luna thinks through all of her actions 😀

      ✧ vouch for foxie! ✧

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      noice new battle 😀

      a kind of magic

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      Haha Raine is the name of my sister😜 but she would probably like ground type pokemon the most i think

      i see moky

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        Haha 😛 Raine was made by Rainshine way back in the day, actually!

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    i hAtH a rEqUeSt
    can someone please explain the basics of EVs, IVs, natures, and that stuff for competitive battling and what specific pokemon it would be best on to me
    i tried playing pokemon showdown and failed 😛

    those fricken chickens

    • December 3, 2019 at 2:28 am

      As far as I can tell:

      1. IVs
      IVs stand for “Individual Values” and are the equivalent of genes 🙂 They’re the stats your Pokemon is “born” with, and then with the base stats of the Pokemon’s species (and level), their nature, and EVs to determine the actual stat your Pokemon has. The stats are HP, attack, defence, special attack, special defence, and speed.

      2. EVs
      EVs stand for “Effort Values” and they’re basically like the extra muscles you get when you work out 😛 You can raise your Pokemon’s EVs by battling Pokemon and each Pokemon species will give your Pokemon a different kind of stat effort point and a different amount (they usually go from like 1-3). The maximum points in one stat is 255 (I think) and the maximum points the Pokemon can gain as a whole is 510 EVs.

      3. Natures
      Natures are a randomized personality that your Pokemon is given at “birth” and they all have their own little stat boosts and stat downsides. Click this link to read more about natures and find the list. You can lock down on getting a specific nature by having one of the parents in the daycare hold an Everstone, which guarantees that that parent’s nature gets passed down to the child.

      Side note about breeding: I believe the destiny knot can be used to make sure that five of the parents’ combined 12 IVs (there are 6 from each parent) get passed down to the child. So, the higher the IVs of both parents (or close to maxed out), the better the IVs of the kid.

      Extra: Egg moves
      Egg moves are moves that a Pokemon can learn but are not gained through levelling or evolving. Rather, this move is passed down from parent to child through breeding. Say you want to get Ducklett to learn Air Cutter (it’s one of Ducklett’s egg moves); you’d have to get a zubat/goldbat/crobat/farfetch’d/skarmory/wingull/pidove/tranquill/unfezant/woobat/swoobat/sigilyph/noibat/noivern/oricoria who knows Air Cutter to be one of the Ducklett’s parents. Once a Ducklett that knows Air Cutter has hatched, you can go back to breeding pure Duckletts because Air Cutter will continue to be passed down the line, but you have to make sure that the parents are in the same breeding group in order to actually produce an egg 😛 It gets complicated really fast. Bulbapedia and the Pokemon Database are both really useful for checking egg moves and PD in particular is great for figuring out the best path to get an egg move onto the species of your choice!

      ….I used to do competitive breeding 😛

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      • 🎄 Pineblossom ❄️
        December 3, 2019 at 2:32 am

        only kind of breeding I do is ditto + wanted clone 😛

        ✧ vouch for foxie! ✧

        • December 3, 2019 at 2:32 am

          I actually enjoyed it 😛 It was a little strange tbh

          Moderator, BlogClan's Deputy

          • 🎄 Pineblossom ❄️
            December 3, 2019 at 2:33 am

            it seems really complicated but anyways I catch most of my pokemon so 😛

            ✧ vouch for foxie! ✧

            • December 3, 2019 at 2:35 am

              Yeahhhhh 😛 I only did it because I wanted to get higher in the Battle Tree in sun/moon 😛

              Moderator, BlogClan's Deputy

              • 🎄 Pineblossom ❄️
                December 3, 2019 at 2:38 am

                I literally couldn’t care less about battling in my game on the other hand 😛 really just trying to catch ‘em all 😉

                ✧ vouch for foxie! ✧

      • December 3, 2019 at 3:32 am

        thank you this is actually really helpful i can say that i know something about preparing for competitive battling now 😛
        so just one more thing, when trying to raise EVs and doing breeding and all would i want to try and raise the lower stats or does the stat that you’d want to raise depend on the Pokemon? (I’m sorry for spamming questions 😛 )

        those fricken chickens

        • December 3, 2019 at 4:42 am

          When it comes to IVs, you can max out all 6 stats if you’d like 😛 I’ve done that multiple times! It’s a wild trip. As for EVs, which is more active in how you get it via battling Pokemon, I’d say play to your Pokemon’s strengths or what role you want them to be; if they have a lot of HP and a good/decent defence, try upping their defence with EVs so they can tank more hits; for a Pokemon that can last a bit on its own and is primarily an attacker (ex: Salamence), upping its attack and special attack/speed might do more good for you 🙂 It really comes down to how you want your playstyle to be when in a battle!

          Moderator, BlogClan's Deputy

    • December 3, 2019 at 4:05 am

      Embix beat me to it 😛

      💗 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 🖤

    • December 3, 2019 at 12:53 pm


      a kind of magic

  13. Mistystream
    December 3, 2019 at 2:30 pm

    i swept two people’s teams with one salamence i’m happy lol

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