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Why I like Or Don’t Hate Some Cats People HATE By Maplekit


Maplekit discusses the good sides of some hated warriors


Okay, So, the cats in the center of attention in this article are

Okay First let me say why people hate some of these cats

Ashfur-He tried to kill Squirrelflight and Leafpool’s kits. He wouldn’t get over Squirrelflight

Goosefeather-His omens/prophecies/other random medicine cat stuff got cats injured and killed.

Firestar-He was too ‘perfect’.

Sandstorm-Annoying, turn around just from Fireheart not letting her fall after teasing him and hating him and stuff

Leafpool-Running off with Crowfeather, being annoying, having kits, all that jazz

Squirrelflight-Helping Leafpool, lying, being annoying, being like a Sandpaw 2.0 but worse

Ferncloud-Kit machine did no work for her clan

Daisy-Another kit machine that doesn’t work for her clan, padded after Cloudtail when she FIRST joined the clan

Millie-Neglecting Blossombae and Bumblebae to be with Briarbae, got Greystripe over Siverstream sortofish

Hollyleaf-Her love for the warrior code, being annoying, killing Ashfur, revealing the secret

Bluestar-Her insanity, her being annoying

Mapleshade-Her only love for her kits, her killing cats

Dovewing-Her relationship with Tigerheart, she being all annoying, a little bit of a Mary-Sue

Okay…now that I’ve told you why people hate these cats, I’ll put my argument against it.

Okay, first thing-Your saying you wouldn’t be heart-broken if your crush said right to your face they don’t love you and go with a another person and later have kids with them? -_- I can agree he shouldn’t have tried to KILL Squirrelflight and Leafpool’s kits but he should’ve said something, not just roam around-Sorrowful, Regretful, depressed, heart-broken, angry, He should’ve tried to get over it, look for a new mate, or something like that. Ignore Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw, try to be happier.

GOOSEFEATHER- (I’m prepared for Jayie hate 😛 )
Ya know, I did hate him before I read Goosefeather’s Curse. But he had a tough life. He had a power to deal with seeing StarClan cats everywhere, Having no friends and being hated by other cats, hear the mentor he loved say she had to die to help the clan, and have his sister’s mate be his enemy, Man, I’d be grumpy too. It’s not like he TRIED to HURT or KILL the cats that were affected by his omens/prophecies/medicine cat shtoof.

I think the reason his flaws went away to some people is because we didn’t get his POV anymore, he still has flaws, and would a oh-so-perfect character die? The answer-NO. He still definitely has flaws, we just can’t find them out by reading a chapter. You have to anilyze, theorize, and guess, put it together you might find out what his thoughts are and find more flaws.

Okay, first, why is FirexSand sometimes hated when it’s very, very developed and SpottedxFIre is sometimes loved, when they only really interacted once, normally, and SPOTTEDSTALKER FLOPPIN’ ONLY LIVED FOR LIKE 90 PAGES. >:( RAWR. Two, she grew out of her annoyingness, why still hate her? She’s a wonderful mother and a great cat. Three, Fireheart saving her isn’t the only reason she fell in love with him. The slowly, and normally, developed love for each other.

Okay so, if you REALLY REALLY REALLY loved another cat, and wanted to follow your dreams and be with them, instead of being in a medicine den healing cats, which would you do? Leafpool followed her dreams and went with Crowfeather. She came back, no big deal, at least she came back and ThunderClan wasn’t medicine catless. So, yeah, It’s not like she could stop her self from having kits when she found out, how was she supposed to change that? So she had to lie, or something could happen to her, her kits, or both. Yeah.

So, your saying if your sibling that you’re best friends with needed help and could’ve gotten hurt or worse you wouldn’t lie to help them? -_______________- -_-
Really? REALLY? REALLY?!! And, you need a character with quite a bit of flaws sometimes. Flawed characters are cute, and funny to read about, as was Squirrelpaw. And she grew out of it, became mature, an excellent mother like Sandstorm. Even deputy.

She did plenty for her clan, she provided them with four excellent warriors, and Birchfall and Spiderleg had kits so she technically provided the clan with eight warriors. We’ll have to see if Dove, Ivy, or Rose have kits to find out if she provided more. When she wasn’t in the nursery she was a normal warrior, hunting, and doing warrior stuff. She protected the kits of the clan and died bravely defending Brightheart and her kits.

She also provided her clan with warriors. She provided five excellent warriors. And since Berrynose had kits she technically provided the clan with seven warriors. Though she could provide more if we see if Rose, Cherry, or Mole have kits. We’ll have to wait. But she helps the queens and kits, which brings more warriors into the clan. Also, she realized that Cloudtail had a mate and didn’t love her, she didn’t do anything bad so. Yup.

Okay, first I’m gonna talk about people hating her for being Greystripe’s second mate in like two sentences. Apparently fans didn’t want Greystripe to get over SIlverstream and not pick a new mate and be forever alone cause apparently that’s how love works. Like, really? You want Greystripe to be alone. And it’s been said that she wishes she could spend more time with Bumblebae and Blossombae, so, yeah. She doesn’t want to neglect them, she doesn’t try to either.

So she liked the warrior code, so what, once again characters need to have flaws, they can’t be perfect, but they can’t be completely bad either, they have to have flaws and good qualities. Like Tigerbutt was a good fighter and good at convincing cats to believe his lies, but he was downright evil, and mean, and a killer. Good balance. She knew she had to stick to the warrior code and tell the clans about the secret, it stressed her out too, she had to get it out. And she wanted to protect the secret before she knew how bad it was, and she was horrified that the other clans would make fun of ThunderClan even more because of her heritage. So she killed him.

So, once again, you’re saying if a member of your clan was a traitor and tried to kill you, your former mate that you loved died, and you found out your kids hated you you wouldn’t be a bit crazy? She made it up for her clan in the end, sacrificing herself to kill the dogs to save her clan. Her kits forgave her, she and Oakheart became mates again, and she was normal again in StarClan. She was a great cat and had a hard life too. Don’t hate her.

She was a great cat, she wanted to avenge her kits, she was upset that her kits died, she was exiled with her kits and her kits did nothing. She didn’t get to see them, Appledusk did nothing to help her. and she wanted to save her kits. So she killed the cats who ruined her life and her kits lives to avenge her kits, so her kits could make it safely to StarClan and enjoy there lives there.

I don’t like her but I don’t hate her either. Though I wish she would’ve stayed with Bumblestripe. It’s not her fault the prophecy chose her, not Hollyleaf, she didn’t want want her powers, I bet if she could she would’ve gladly given her powers to Hollyleaf. She ended her relationships with Tigerheart and Bumblestripe, she lost her powers, she isn’t really that special or important or Mary Sueish anymore.

So yeah, these are my arguments against the people who don’t like these cats. Yup. 🙂

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  • Great job! But… Dovewing isn’t mates with Bumblestripe anymore because she felt like he was too good for her. She felt bad when she lost her powers, she felt like she couldn’t help the clan anymore. I personally feel bad for poor Dovewing. And Ferncloud, when she was an apprentice, could have gotten eaten by a dog, when she was running towards the gorge. There’s some helpers for ya! 😉 great job on the article, can’t wait for the next one!

  • This was a very interesting article. While I agree with most of your points, i.e. Squirrelflight and Sandstorm, there are a few I disagree with you on.

    Ashfur- I don’t care if he was heart broken, he still tried to kill four innocent cats. The innocent cats include his leader and medicine cat. Yes I agree he should’ve moved on, however no matter how heart broken or depressed someone is, that doesn’t excuse them for attempted murder. I mean, if someone broke up with another person and let them down easily, but they’re still clinging onto the relationship

    Millie- I use to hate her, but now I have mixed feeling for her. I don’t hate her, but I don’t exactly like her either. Even still, I hate how people hate her for being Graystripe’s second mate. That’s just a stupid reason to hate a character. As for her neglect, eh she probably doesn’t mean to neglect them, however she is. One thing I don’t like when people use this argument, is that they forget Graystripe in all of this. I mean, at least Millie acknowledged her kits were there. Where was Graystripe though? When his mate and his kits were having problems, I didn’t see him trying to help out. In my opinion, if people are going to badger Millie about that, then Graystripe needs to be brought up as well.

    Bluestar- I never really like Bluestar. I don’t know, there’s just something about her that rubbed me the wrong way. As for your argument, I must disagree with it. I understand that there was a lot of bad things going on for her during that time, however she’s the leader. Leaders are supposed to put their own thoughts aside and care for their Clan. Leaders don’t just sit around feeling sorry for themselves while bringing their entire Clan with them. Imagine if one of the leaders like the President of the USA or the Prime Minster of France were going through some tough times. So, instead of caring for their country, they just sit around all day acting all depressed. If only the VP/second in command(I have no idea how it works for Prime Minsters) were in charge, imagine how things would be. There are things a leader can do that a deputy/VP/second in command can’t. If Bluestar was a good leader, then she would put her Clan first instead of herself. I can feel bad for her, but I can’t agree with what she did with her leadership. It was selfish and ThunderClan deserved better.

    Can I just say how much I agree with you on Sandstorm, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Daisy, Hollylleaf and Ferncloud? I don’t like how people hate on them, it always bothers me, especially Daisy and Ferncloud.

    • About your point in Bluestar, I think it was more complicated than you’re letting on. She was old, she had suffered a lot of grief and had just been betrayed by someone she trusted a lot. I think she was genuinely going through something mental, depression or paranoia or something, that kept her from being able to do her job. I don’t think she was being selfish and choosing to focus more on herself than her Clan. I think Tigerclaw’s betrayal so destroyed her faith in her Clan, and made her so paranoid, that she couldn’t be the great leader she used to be anymore.

      • Eh, that’s true, but then again I see it as selfish due to some…Well a…Selfish and rude member of my family…It’s complicated…

        Anyway, I get where you’re coming from and what point you’re making, however I still don’t like Bluestar. Thinking it over, from what little I remember of the first arc, you do have a point on how’s it’s genuine. I don’t know and frankly I may not be thinking straight. After the day I had yesterday and not being able to fall asleep until about 4:30 this morning, I’m just out of it 😛

  • Awesome! 😀 I don’t really hate most of the cats on this list, but I HATE Ashfur and dislike Dovewing and Millie, but I quite like Mapleshade to the point where she’s one of my favorite cats <3

      • No offense to you or anyone who likes Millie, the following rant is just my opinion 🙂

        I must say that I don’t approve of her giving Briarlight extra attention over her other littermates. Sure, she’s partially disabled, but she can pull through it. Think of what Blossomfall and Bumblestripe are feeling: they’re being neglected by their mother while Briarlight is getting all the attention in the world, and the only times when Millie ever does pay attention to her kits, it’s usually when she’s yelling at them. They probably feel like their mother is ashamed of them and wants nothing to do with them, or that they’re not as important as their sibling. Briarlight is doing perfectly fine, but Millie is still fussing over her for no reason. What Millie could be doing is apologizing to her kits for how ignorant she was of them!

        • I think you are very right. Millie does have time to spend with Blossomfall and Bumblestripe, she just doesn’t make the effort. When Hazeltail told her Blossomfall looked ill, she could have spared a moment to check on Blossomfall or responded in a more caring way such as suggesting Hazeltail take her to the medicine cat den. Millie also has power over what she does when she interacts with her other children. She could choose not to yell at them. When Blossomfall came home injured after being on patrol, she could have responded in a caring way. In Bramblestar’s Storm, we see Millie spending time with one of the loners who takes shelter with Thunderclan during the flood. That shows she has time to spend with her other adult children. She could also have another cat sit with Briarlight if she feels that she cannot leave her alone.

          I think Millie is stifling poor Briarlight. She would have a better quality of life, if she spent time with her other clanmates; instead of just Jayfeather and Millie all the time. Briarlight can crawl pretty well and thanks to her exercises her chest is clear. She could help with simple tasks around camp like checking kits and elders for ticks, sorting moss, looking after kits, and clearing out old bedding. She could become a permanent queen or a medicine cat apprentice. From what we have seen with the Warriors series, cats with disabilities have a better quality of life if they are allowed to excel. Take Cinderpelt, Jayfeather, Crookedstar, and Deadfoot for example.

  • I agree with everything. ESPECIALLY LONGFACE. I AGREE WITH LONGFACE 210%.

  • ALWAYS LOVE HOLLYLEAF NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -the #1 Hollyleaf lover

  • i dont know why ppl hate dovewing just cuz ivypool couldn’t be in the prophecy and why would they make some rumor that she broke up with bumblestripe cuz she didn’t like his name that wasn’t the reason and dovewing isn’t a mary-sue

  • You actually make great points! I didn’t even know people hated Sandstorm 😛 It’s actually made me see a couple cats in a different way 🙂 Great article Maple!!

  • I don’t hate Millie either!

    In the one hand it was revealed that Greystripe wants to go with Silverstream in StarClan and on the other hand Millie was only that rude to her kits because she wanted to care for Briarpaw and (a speculation I found on the Internet) because she got to know about Greystripe’s intentions…

    So why should someone hate her?

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