The Misconceptions of Dovewing by Kindheart

dovewing_by_vialir-d7dr9djIs Dovewing really a mary-sue? Kindheart defends her. Hello blogclan, it’s Kindheart with another article in this one i will look over dovewing’s character and try to get rid of a certain misconception that has been floating around. Dovewing is NOT a Mary sue. first lets see what a mary sue is: a mary sue is someone who is perfect they can do no wrong and have absolutly no flaws! this is not true. if she were a Mary sue she would not have gone against the code and met tigerheart. she would have done the right thing and say NO! also if she had no flaws she would have accepted the fact that she no longer had pwoers instead if mope about it! so there she is NOt a Mary sue.

point 2. people don’t like her because how she “Played” 2 toms. well she was young and unsure of what to do. she didn’t really want to. but sometimes in life thats what happens. it’s not like she could tell anyone and the only other cat who knew was her sister and its not like they really talked about it or talked at all for a while. as for bumblestripe she tried it but it didn’t turn out well. what i don’t like here is that squirrleflight pretty much did the same thing with ashfur and brambleclaw yet people don’t point THAT out now do they?! not only that but what dovewing AND squirrleflight did happens in real life a lot. so its not really that big a deal! and for all we know other she-cats and toms might have done the exact same thing…

point 3. Yet another reason that people didn’t like her was because how she complained about her powers being gone. The best argument supporting this
is that Lionblaze and jayfeather didn’t complain that much however they still complained a little. we saw that they found it a little annoying. and lets not forget that dovewing is a lot younger than them. She also doesn’t have as much expirance as them. Also imagine that you have a superpower that makes life easier and you get super used to it. then poof its gone and you have to try to get used to doing things without it! it would be super hard not only that but we see in dovewings silance that she feels that if she had her power she could be doing MORE for the clan. if you ask me thats a pretty good reason. so you might still hate her and i know there are people that do and thats up to you but you can’t say that she’s perfect and you gotta admit i put up a good defense just try to keep it down cause some of us like her k? now this article has come to an end so let the great debate in the comments begin!!!! until the next article cyo!!! 🙂

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