The Tigerstar Nursery Tale by Briarpaw

Briarpaw is inspired!

Artwork by unknown. If it yours, please comment below.

So, today I’m going to do something a bit different. Let me just explain the ideas and give credit to the original creators of this poem. Okay, so I was thinking about BlogClan article ideas when this poem from a ‘Doctor Who’ audio drama titled ‘Zagreus’ popped into my head. After doing a bit of research I found the complete poem and it turned out it was a lullaby! So, I sat and thought for a moment, and here’s what basically popped into my head, “I could tweak this poem to make it about Tigerstar! I mean, why not? If people can rewrite songs to make them about Warriors characters, why not just go a little bit further and rewrite the creepy lullaby from ‘Zagreus’ to make it about Tigerstar?” So, I sat down, studied the stanzas/lyrics or whatever you like to call them and tried to make them work for Tigerstar’s character! I am pleased with what I did, so without further ado here is ‘The Zagreus Lullaby’ originally written by Alan Barnes and Gary Russell rewritten to suit Tigerstar, by me, Briarpaw!

Here is ‘The Zagreus Lullaby’ if you want to listen to it while you read ‘The Tigerstar Nursery Tale’:

Tigerstar sits inside your head
Tigerstar lives among the dead
Tigerstar sees you in your bed
And corrupts while you’re sleeping.

Tigerstar will bring the end of days
Tigerstar lies all other ways
Tigerstar returns to play
With the weak minds he has been seeking.

Tigerstar tearing the Clans apart
Tigerstar fears the Fire’s heart
Tigerstar looks for the Bramble’s heart
The one he will always be seeking.

Tigerstar laughs when all is lost
Tigerstar takes all those he’s crossed
Tigerstar wins and all is cost
The Hawk’s heart he is keeping.

Tigerstar seeks Thunder’s kits
Tigerstar needs the code to rip
Tigerstar sups pain at a drip
And life aside, he’s sweeping.

Tigerstar waits at the end of the stars
For Tigerstar is the end of the stars
His time is the end of Fire
And his moment, Fire’s undoing.

Explanations of each Stanza:
1 – The First stanza introduces you to Tigerstar and what he is able to do.
2 – The second stanza explains that Tigerstar is a powerful, lying, piece of dirt who sees the minds of other cats as his play things
3 – The Third Stanza explains that Tigerstar, although he believes himself to be fearless, has a fear for Firestar deep inside of him. It also explains that Tigerstar will never be able to completely win Brambleclaw over.
4 – The fourth stanza tells us about some of Tigerstar’s victories, such as winning over Hawkfrost, what the emotional effects are on other cats when he does win, and how Tigerstar feels when he wins.
5 – The fifth stanza explains Tigerstar’s nature. Always looking for new recruits, always breaking the Warrior Code, always putting others through pain, and killing those who dare to resist him for one reason, power, complete, and total domination
6 – The Final stanza is supposed to look like a prophecy. A prophecy that foretells how Tigerstar’s final battle with Firestar will end.
Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you today! Until next time, this is Briarpaw, signing off!

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