My Top Five favorite Medicane Cats by Sunheart

BarkfaceSunheart returns to a favourite topic – medicine cats. Who do you love best?

Hello Blogclan! Today I am going to share my Top Five fav Medicane cats! Let’s get started!
Honorable Mentions- Yellowfang, Mudfur, Featherwhisker, and Cinderpelt.

5- Barkface
I have always loved Barkface as a Medicine cat, he served his clan for a LONG time. He was kind, and caring. Ever since Tallstars Revenge, I have loved him. His was a cute kit, a good Medicine cat, and deserves to be on this list.

4- Spottedleaf
I love Spottedleafs character, so I had to put her on this list. We didn’t see much of her Med cat abilities, but what we could see was amazing. She was dedicated to heal her clan mates, and let’s not forget that she got the Fire Alone can save our Clan omen. It’s a shame that she died so early into the series, I would have loved to see more of her.

3- Leafpool
I really enjoyed Leafpools character, she WAS a good Med cat, even if she broke the code. She couldn’t help falling in love. She saved many cats lives and was a good mentor to Jayfeather. I am happy that she is back as a Medicane cat in the new books ^^

2- Littlecloud
Ahh Littlecloud, I have loved him since the very beginning. He will always be one of the best Med cats in all of Warriors history. I really like how he actually ACCEPTS help from other Mediciane cats. They ARE supposed to help each other. He went from a warrior, to being inspired to become a Mediciane cat. He is caring, kind, and probably the softest Shadowclan cat I have ever seen! xD

1- Jayfeather
Jayfeather! Is meh overall fav Mediciane cat because, well I barley have to explain. He did SO much for his clan, saved so many lives. He may be grumpy, but he shows us that being blind can’t stop you from being a normal cat. He was an adorable kit, and he is the best Med cat in Warriors history in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed my article!

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