Russetfeather’s Top 5 Favorites and Least Favourites by Russetfeather

2__sandgorse_by_jadepaw13-d78jxgeWho are your most and least favourite cats? Russefeather shares. (Beware. SPOILERS)

Big spoilers for most books so be warned!

So recently I’ve seen lots of articles about either people’s favorite or least favorite cats. I’m nothing if not efficient so I decided I would do my top 5 favorite and least favorite in one article! So let’s go!

First let’s start with least favorite…

5. Sandgorse – The main reason I hate him is because of how he treated Tallstar after he was named a moor runner. He was horrible to him. He ignored him and made Tallstar feel like it was his fault that Heatherstar named him a moor runner. All he wanted to do was make his father proud. All he wanted to do was make his father proud of him. He had such a need to satisfy his father he was willing to commit murder to “make him proud” or avenge him. I don’t know why he bugs me so much but…ugh!!!!!

4. Tom – This cat is an idiot. He took his kits from Turtle Tail and believed he could care for them by getting his Twolegs to give him more food. He joined One Eye’s group because he thought it would be fun. He thought he could fight One Eye! And win! He’s just an idiot. I can’t even express how stupid he is. My least favorite character flaw in someone is just blatant stupidity and Tom is the very definition of that. I’m surprised he didn’t die by going up to a badger and trying to play with it. Natural selection at its finest. Thank StarClan that his kits were not as dumb as him.

3. Frecklewish (ThunderClan) – She is so two-faced. She said she would help raise Mapleshade’s kits and that she would love them but the moment she found out they weren’t her brother’s, (which Mapleshade never said they were in the first place) she lets them drown in the river. I can see being upset with Mapleshade because she didn’t lie to her but she didn’t tell her the truth either, but you don’t let three innocent kits drown in a river. I don’t care if she thought they were going to be saved, the warrior code says you need to save any kit in danger, whether it be from your Clan or another. Okay…deep breaths, Russetfeather.

2. Stormtail – Oh man. Oh man, do I hate this cat. Not only was he a horrible mouse brained bully to my Goosey-baby, but he only like Moonflower because of her looks, and dumped her the moment some other pretty she-cat came along. He didn’t care about Bluestar and Snowfur, and showed little to know emotion when Moonflower died. He acted like he was StarClan’s gift to the Clans and he left Goosefeather, a medicine cat with little to no battle training, to fight a badger. This little stunt almost killed Goosefeather and Moonflower! Gosh…I wish I could just punch him in his stupid conceited mouse brained little face. (If you think I’m mad know just wait for #1)

1. Millie – AAACCKKK!!!! *punches wall* *screams into pillow* *throws Millie into the lake* She is sooooooo infuriating. People defend her and try to say she was just upset that Briarlight was hurt but she completely ignored her other kits, so much so that Blossomfall didn’t even know if she would care if she died. She was constantly all over Briarlight and would freak out on the medicine cats if Briarlight so much as birthed to slowly. And she ignored her other children and didn’t seem to care about them at all. Just because one child is hurt/sick doesn’t mean the other ones don’t matter. I’m going to end this because I can’t even begin to explain how much she frustrates me without screaming and using explicatives. 👍

Honorable Mentions
– Breezepelt
– Reedshine
– Clear Sky
– Red Claw

So moving on to my top 5 favorites…

5. Jayfeather – I don’t think this one needs a lot of explanation and I don’t really have a good one either. I think I just love how he is so quick-witted (Alas, I admit it. 😜) and so persistent and determined in everything he does.

4. Russetfur – I love Russetfur so much. She went through so much when she was young but she was still able to become ShadowClan’s deputy and I know she would have been the best leader. I think I actually cried when Lionblaze killed her. From the moment we met her I instantly fell in love with her. She was a great deputy and would have made an even better leader.

3. Goosefeather – I know, I know…but he’s just so misunderstood and he was bullied by Stupidtail and rejected by all of his nursery mates for being different. I don’t agree with how he handled being different and how he acted later in his life but I still love him and it makes me sad when people say they hate him. I think he’s a really complex character and had a lot a weight to bear, and it just got to be too much for him. Again, not condoning his actions but I can see what made him believe the things he did were right.

2. Blossomfall – Again this one doesn’t really have a good explanation. Some of my liking of her might come from my dislike of Millie but Blossomfall was also a great character. I think was majorly misunderstood. She joined the Dark Forest because she felt neglected and these cats told her she was great and she hadn’t got that attention from anyone in who knows how long! And when she realized that these cats weren’t the “good guys” she fought on the side of the Clans with the rest of ThunderClan. And after she re-pledged her loyalty she was looked down on by her Clanmates, whispered about, and rejected, yet she still went in search of catmint to save those same Clanmates who looked down on her. You know why? Because that’s what good cats do. And she was a good cat that was just led astray by promises of glory.

1. Yellowfang – Ah, yes. How does one begin to describe Yellowfang? She’s just the best cat. She was so brave, compassionate, and had a tongue that could slice your ears of. Not to mention, she went through so much. She had a terrible burden, and was somewhat forced into being a medicine cat. She had to give birth to three kits alone, two of which died, and had to watch her surviving kit grow up being taken care of by an abusive queen who didn’t want her own kits in the first place. She watched as her son became leader by killing others who got in his way, and then sending kits into battle that shouldn’t have even left the nursery. Then, she was accused of murdering her own siblings by her parents! Then she was kicked out of her home but she never gave up. She became ThunderClan’s medicine cat and gave her life to save elders of a Clan that was once not her own. She was a great character and was so brave. Why did she have to die?

Honorable Mentions
– Mousefur
– Thornclaw
– Brackenfur
– Icecloud

So that’s that. How did I do? Do you agree with me or not? Thanks for reading!

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  • Don’t like

    5- Clear sky
    4- annoyingflight (firestars daughter)
    3- Ashfur
    2- Mille
    1- Bluestar *doges keyboard*

    5- Thisleclaw
    4- Gray wing
    3- Goosefeather
    2- Lionblaze
    1- Crookedstar

      • Basically, a member of TypoClan was talking about Sandgorse, and then they accidentally wrote Snadgorse instead, so then everyone in TypoClan started calling him Snadgorse, and then someone randomly decided to make Snadgorse Snadstar, leader of TypoClan. Or at least that’s what I think happened, I don’t know, I’m not in any Secret Clan 😛

  • Don’t like
    1. DoVeWiNg!!!!!!!!! *dodges thrown bird*

    2. Leafpool *smothered by leaves*

    3. Bluestar *dodges tsunami*

    4. Clearsky *starts raining*

    5. Squealpaw *walks of with brambleclaw*


    5. Snowfur

    4. Mapleshade

    3. Cinderpelt

    2. SquirrelFLIGHT

    1. IVYPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.😻😸

  • (SOME) FAVOURITES (in no particular order)
    Clear Sky – I have my reasons for loving this cat, and I can explain why.
    Gray Wing – For very obvious reasons.
    Ravenpaw – For obvious reasons.
    Brackenfur – For obvious reasons.
    Pebble Heart – He was great.
    Jayfeather – I just don’t like him.
    Hollyleaf – I never really liked her either.
    Hawkfrost – Never liked him.
    Scourge – Never liked him either.
    Spottedleaf – Never liked her either.

  • (Note: This is commentary on your list and I fully respect your opinion. I personally don’t have top five hated and loved cats, because I never gave these kinds of lists much thought.)

    Sandgorse – Yes, he was a really bad father for not accepting his son for who he really was.

    Tom – I think Tom was written to be a hated antagonist. He is just one of those characters that you love to hate. But yes, he is dumb and a jerk for the reasons you stated.

    Frecklewish – This one I disagree with. She was a little harsh on Mapleshade, but I don’t think she let the kits drown because she was angry. It was probably because of how unsafe the water was at the time and that swimming would be better left to a RiverClan cat. If she tried to rescue the kits, she could have drowned. It was selfish and a violation of the Warrior code, but understandable. I, personally didn’t hold that against her.

    Stormtail – While he was a pretty neglectful father, he did do some nice things, such as silence Thistleclaw after he was making Bluefur feel bad about Snowfur’s death. Bluestar was also proud of him even after she was a warrior, so he could not have been that terrible. Although, he was still a superficial jerk, especially when it came to Moonflower and Dappletail. And he was really never seen interacting with his kits, so that moment with Thistleclaw doesn’t change much.

    Millie – She was a pretty bad parent; I won’t deny that. But the whole scenario with Blossomfall was not entirely her fault. Blossomfall was a warrior. Mothers don’t usually look after their kits as much when they are warriors. And she did have a point when she said that it was immature for her to be adventuring in the tunnels. Blossomfall joined the Dark Forest on her own accord even though she knew they were evil. Despite this, her treatment of Blossomfall was still bad. Blossomfall genuinely thought that Millie didn’t care if she got severely hurt or maybe even died, and that’s bad. I think a lot of it was a family communication issue. Millie failed to communicate her love for Blossomfall (and probably Bumblestripe), Blossomfall failed to confront the issue and discuss her feelings with her mother, Briarlight failed to tell her mother to stop smothering her, Bumblestripe failed to acknowledge her sister’s growing feelings of neglect because he was paying attention to Dovewing, and Graystripe was nowhere to be seen. Had everyone sat down for a family talk, the issue could have been resolved much faster.

    Jayfeather – I agree with you. I liked his quick-witted nature.

    Russetfur – I like her as well. Although she was a bit of a hypocrite when she left Berrynose in the fox trap because he wasn’t clanborn when she, herself, wasn’t clanborn, either. She was also snappy at times on patrols and stuff. However, most of the time she was a really cool cat. I especially liked her treatment towards Sasha.

    Goosefeather – I like Goosefeather and think he’s an interesting character.

    Blossomfall – I do like Blossomfall. She’s an interesting character, but as far as the whole thing with Millie went, she was partly to blame. As I said in my Millie paragraph, I believe the conflict to be a huge communication issue. Blossomfall actually did know that the Dark Forest cats were evil. She joined because she thought she deserved to be there because she felt bad for being jealous of her crippled sister. It was a form of self hate. And while I do feel bad about her, I think she should have confessed her feelings to her family instead of joining an evil gang. But while I don’t agree with her choices, I still think she is a deep and interesting character for which I like her.

    Yellowfang – She was great when she was in ThunderClan. She was brave, sarcastic, and funny. However, in StarClan, she was kind of a hypocrite. She tells Jayfeather to tell Cinderheart about Cinderpelt and then yells at him for doing so and she is against lying when she lied and encouraged lying herself. So while Yellowfang was cool when she was alive, she was not so great after she died.

  • I agree with all of them..except for one…Millie. Did you read The Lost Warrior trilogy? She was so sweet and supportive! And get this: no cat is perfect. Is it all that bad for Millie to be super protective? Of course not! But I have to admit, she was pretty nasty at that one point…But is it really necessary fro her to be your least favorite cat when she did ONE horrible thing….?

    • Thank you for reading and yes I have read that trilogy. And before Briarlight got hurt I had no strong feelings for Millie, I actually thought she was a good character,but when Briarlight got hurt she changed and ignored her other kits. Which was not just “one bad thing.” Also, I realize no cat is perfect, none of the cats on my favorites list are perfect and no other cat in the series is perfect but being able to shrug your shoulders and say “well no one’s perfect” is not a good argument. And I’m not trying to tell anyone to hate Millie I’m just explaining why I hate her. Plus people feel different ways about things. You might see her actions as excuseable where I don’t. We all have our own opinions. 😊

      • I do feel super bad for poor Briar. But what I don’t get is why Bumblestripe was hardly involved. xD And I recent;y found out that Vicky said on her Facebook that Millie had always felt bad about the way she treated her other kits, and wished she could have spent more time with them.

        • I believe that if she really wanted to spend more time with them, she would have. There was absolutely nothing stopping her. I think that fact was made to stip people from asking if she loved her other kits. But I see why you like her and I respect that.

  • Omg, I have the exact same feelings with these cats! Especially Millie and Goosefeather! Everyone says Millie is just worried, but she didn’t even care about Blossomfall when she came out of the tunnels (she could have been KILLED FOR STARCLANS SAKE MILLIE)!!!!! And, she kept arguing with my favorite Three character, Jayfeather, who is also a medicine cat.

  • I agree with everything you said Russetfeather. Though on my list Tom would be my Number 1 but that’s me.

    DEATH TO APPLEDUSK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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