Top 5 once-great/would-great cats that had been ruined by other cats by Silvertail

breezepelt_by_onexwarrior-d5yieum.pngSilvertail defends some of Warriors most despised cats.

She just fell in love with a RiverClan cat and had his kits. Seem ok? Well it’s not. Her clan kicked her out after finding out, then she tried to swim across the river with her kits. They drowned, sadly. While all of this happened, her mate, Appledusk, was cozying up with some other she-cat. I mean really! He blamed Mapleshade for the kits dying, and then Mr. I-Don’t-Care-I’m-Gonna-Let-You-Die (Oakstar) shows up on the scene, not letting Mapleshade stay in RiverClan. How rude.

It wasn’t his fault he turned evil. He was raised by a cold and aggressive cat who thought of him as useless, unnecessary, and a waste of milk. She even told him that! Yellowfang just had no choice. It was either give Brokenkit to Lizardstripe, or be (most likely) exiled from ShadowClan, where she would (most likely) die. How heartbreaking.

He just loved too much! He should have just accepted the fact that Squirrelflight didn’t love him. They might have even become friends. But no, it wasn’t enough for him. He wanted all of her love. No Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight, but Ashfur and Squirrelflight. He still was a good warrior, though. He might have even become clan leader.

2- Breezepelt
So Crowfeather didn’t love him. Doesn’t mean you have to turn evil. I just can’t understand why Nightpelt would speak up for him and fill him with hatred. So she’s mad because her mate didn’t really love her. It doesn’t mean you have to fill your only son with anger and hatred! He even attacked Jayfeather and Poppyfrost! First of all, Jayfeather was a blind medicine cat. Second of all, Poppyfrost was an expecting queen! And in the great battle, he even attacks Lionblaze! He could have been a great warrior.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Tallstar? Why is he on this list? He was great!’ well, that’s not what I mean. He had a rough start. His father Sandgorse died in the tunnels, and Talltail(star) went after the cat he thinks did it. He ends up saving the cat and learning that his father saved the cat. Talltail went home in peace. But that’s not all. His mother, Palebird, got another mate. (Too lazy to search his name) She had kits with him, and pretended Talltail wasn’t her son. She never talked to him or acknowledged him! That’s just horrible!

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