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Instagrams-most-famous-cat-Nala165604f5fc88e5fLupinepaw courts controversy.

Lupinepaw is ready to have poisonous pies thrown at her.

Sooo the title explains it. I’m going to write some cats some of you might love that I hate, better watch out for flying spoiler signs 😛 (Spoiler Alert) Just doing it in random orders anyway, so I’m going to get started.


Goodddd this cat is so annoying ughh I hate her so much… She was really, really annoying as an apprentice for me. More annoying than Berrynose as warrior. Most annoying cat of all time. Yes, she was jealous and wanted recognition, but seriously, she annoyed my mind out. I also think her as a ‘Dovewing replacer’. I love Dovewing a lot, who would be ranking along my top ten favorite she-cats, and favorite out of the three. And I feel that Ivypool just replaced her. Of course, she did go through Dark Forest risks, and Dovewing had a relationship, but Dovey also had a hard time breaking up and getting used to not having her powers. I don’t really blame the forbidden relationship cats, since they are just in different Clans. (oi I’m going into Dove saving again) But yeah, I hate Ivypool a lot. (Can’t say as annoying as Squirrelpaw or Hollypaw since I loved them as apprentices, for their personalities too.) I just have a massive grudge for this she-cat. Really. I just made this article because I hate her so much.


I kinda hate her as a warrior. I loved her so much as Squirrelpaw, and her personality. But all this Ashfur-Snatch-Brambleclaw-Takeover thing just ruined her for me slightly. I think Squirrelash would have been good. Ashfur was being really kind to her but then when she took Brambleclaw as her mate, he just became like a psycho for revenge. Honestly, I don’t hate Ashfur at all. Only disappointed me with the revenge, but he was incredible before vengeance.


I loved her and her personality but at the end of TAQ, she seemed like she didn’t care at all about Twigkit and Violetkit being seperated. Not at all. That is why I kinda hate her. If she did seem to care, she wouldn’t be in this. Bleehhh.

So I guess most of it was Ivypool rant. Done. -Bites popsicle stick- (:V)

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  • I agree about Squirrelflight (Though for different reasons!)! I didn’t actually like her as an apprentice, because she was just sour and hard to be around, which was just bleh. But the tipping point for me was when she refused to tell Brambleclaw about the kits. It just made her seem like such a bad mate.

    • I have to disagree with that. Everyone has secrets and not every secret is told to loved ones. Imagine if Leafpool and Squirrelflight told anyone else about the kits. What do you think would happen? Let’s looks at the possible scenarios:

      Telling the Clan:
      If the entire Clan knew, how would Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze be treated? For a moment, think about how half-Clan cats are treated. In the first series, Stonefur died because he didn’t kill Featherpaw and Stormpaw. Not to mention those three and Mistyfoot were kept prisoner because of their heritage. As oppose to warrior who proved themselves and had their Clanmates trusting them, they would be seen as mistakes. They wouldn’t be trusted and would most likely been seen as warriors who could turn on their Clan at any moment. They wouldn’t be respected and most likely never even accepted officially into the Clan. To make matters worse, not only would they be half-Clan, but they’d also be the kits of a medicine cat. Adding that to them, who knows how things would change. Perhaps Lionblaze and Jayfeather would’ve both joined the DF. And perhaps Hollyleaf may not handle the pressure well and run away. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a good way to go.

      Telling Brambleclaw:
      Brambleclaw was the deputy during this time. The deputy is going to be the next leader and has an important job. When the leader is unwell, the deputy takes over leader duties. Now, when the secret came out, remember how Squirrelflight and Leafpool, were, unreasonably, treated? Leafpool was stripped of her rank, they both lost the trust of their Clan, the three hated them and Brambleclaw hated Squirrelflight for a stupidly long and unreasonable time. Heck, he’d say rude things to her and avoid her at all costs. If you ask me, he over reacted. However, if the two sisters had that happened to them, what about the deputy? If the deputy kept a secret that big with him, he would be stripped of his rank because the Clan wouldn’t want him as deputy. His Clan would probably compare him to Tigerstar and none of his Clanmates would trust him. His kits would also hate him and treat him like they did Leafpool and Squirrelflight.

      Telling Firestar:
      If Firestar knew when the secret came out, many things could happen. For one when Hollyleaf revealed the secret, he could do one of two things. Come clean, or pretend he didn’t know what they were talking about. If he came clean, his Clanmates would loose trust in him. Firestar is their leader. He’s someone you’re supposed to trust and relies on. If his Clanmates can’t do that, then why should he be leader? What happens if he gives an order and one of his warriors hesitates because he didn’t tell the Clan about the three’s secret? That hesitation could cost a life or a needed victory. What about the other Clans? If Firestar can’t be trusted, that would give them another, petty and forced reason for them to “hate” and attack ThunderClan. Not to mention, perhaps Firestar would be demoted. If Tunderclan can’t trust their leader, why should he still have his position? Not to mention the three would probably hate him for keeping a secret like that.

      Now, if he pretended he didn’t know the secret, that would lead to problems too, even if it’s unlikely. His daughters would distrust him and his Clan may question authority and even, like the last scenario, distrust their leader. Firestar would most likely shatter the bond her had with his daughters and who knows with Sandstorm. Also, if Brambleclaw found out that Firestar knew in either scenario, perhaps he’d treat his leader like he did Squirrelflight.

      Also, put yourself in their shoes. Imagine a close friend/family member had an illegal child/children. She asked you for help and if you told anyone, the child could be mistreated or killed.(Yes I know more extreme than what happened in Warriors, but still) Would you leave him/her/they to die? Or would you take him/her/them in and raise them as your own? Even if it meant lying to a loved one to keep them safe? That’s exactly what they were doing. Of course Firestar would never have Leafpool’s kits killed and might even order his Clan to treat them right, but even with that there’d most likely still be bullied.

  • I can’t agree with ANY of these.
    Ivypool was well-developed. She was DEFINATELY NOT a Dovewing replacer. She risked her life for her Clan! She spied! She could have died! She is thrice the cat Jayfeather, Lionblaze, or Dovewing(especially) will ever be.
    Squirrelflight is bright and awesome. She has developed so much. So you hate her because she chose Brambleclaw. SO WHAT???!!!!??? It’s her love and her choice. You can barely even find anything wrong with her, it was mostly rambling about how her decision of mate was bad, blah, blah. You should judge her by personality, not….her mate and choices!
    Needlepaw did care about Twigpaw and Violetpaw. She agreed to let them meet up and cared about Violetpaw – in a sisterly manner.

  • I completely disagree with the Ivypool section.

    In the part where you were defending Dovewing, you said she had to get used to not having powers and not having a mate…


  • Wow. I love all of these cats. DovEwing sucks. She screeches at her sister, telling her how great she is. Ivy pool does all this dangerous crap, and doesn’t get any reward.

  • omg you are right!ivypool is the worst cat ever!but needlepaw and squirrelflight arent that bad (I love dovewing!shes my favorite)

  • Everyone wanted her to replace Dovewing. Dovewing doesn’t deserve that kind of hate. The worst thing is, people say that Ivypool had a right to be jealous and train in the Dark Forest, but did she really? There’s no reason to be jealous of someone because they catch prey better than you. If Ivypool had powers instead of Dovewing, Dovewing would not have gone to the Dark Forest from jealousy that Ivypool was a better hunter. She even tried to comfort Ivypool but Ivypool brushed her off.

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