Warriors with Pictures by Gigglepaw

Gigglepaw questions Warriors memes.

Some of us wonder…are the Warriors real? I’ve googled this many times and each time I came up with new theories. Let us explore what we know,what we don’t know,and enjoy our journey…Into The Wild.

What we know:

Cats are usually considered solitary animals.But is that always the case?No.Some cats form colonies,or groups,called Clowders.Sometimes a group of siblings will hunt together till they find a territory of their own.No colony is as large as the Clans,at least typically,but there are some similarities.

Obviously the Clowder will have a leader,but I doubt it will be chosen as a deputy first.No cats have nine lives,either.Still,there ARE wild cat sightings.For example,

One person reported a ginger cat walking with a smaller white cat through an alley way.Remind you of a certain cat?Probably not Firestar and Cloukit,of course,but mighty peculiar.I go to school with a kid,he says his cousin owns a cat who wonders off into the forest a lot.Remind you of some cat?Uh huh.

So,what we know is cats do form groups.They do have a leader and will hunt together.And,finally,cats do have a form of communication.Wait,did I not mention that?

Some say cats can’t talk.Well,they are wrong.They don’t talk like us,but they have a “language” of some kind.

They make noises,not to form words but to make the sound itself.Ever hear a cat meow in different tones?The volume and tone both have meanings for cats.Why not picture little kitties telling each other where to hunt?It’s possible.

Ok a cat cannot ask a younger cat to bring it a mouse.But they can appear hungry and use a tone that the other cat would understand.Is there communication there?Definitely.

What we don’t know:

Do cats ever meet at a certain spot?You’d probably say no,and that may be accurate.I’m no expert on cat behavior and I don’t pretend to be,but think: cats usually do group around old barns when in colonies.Ok,they may live in the forest but an abandoned barn (such as Barley’s barn) is more accurate.Maybe they would group there.As far as I am concerned,this is the What We Don’t Know category.

Do cats have apprentices?Probably not,at least,they would call them that.Truth be told,in a way a cat is the apprentice of another cat…their mother.But in a colony,would she be the only one to teach them,or would another cat help out?

Let’s enjoy some memes now.Some may support my theory of real warriors!


Part of this pic got cut off,but I can finish it.
…whose sister was Brightheart ,whose mate was Cloudtail,whose mother was Princess,whose brother is Firestar.Bluestar would be Graystripe’s aunt-in-law,I think,because she was Silverstream’s aunt.On the other half of her family,Bluestar is related to Firestar through Cloudtail who is related to her by marriage.Interesting.


What does this even have to do with Warriors?I should rewatch Toy Story….


Good job Barly!You caught a mouse!


Totally amazing,little apprentice!


Watch out, Carlstar!


So that’s where Snowkit went off to…I see he still can’t hear.


Well….that’s a warrior cat,but that’s not the kind of warrior I was talking about…

Enjoy posting your own theories below.We’re mine good? Incorrect? Was the presentation boring? We’re the memes funny?

I think we all know what question was most important….

The memes.

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  • I love the Carl one 🙂

    Plus great article! It would have been great even without the memes. (Of course, it would be awesome anymore) 😛

  • Interesting article! However, as much as I wish Warriors was real I still don’t quite believe it is. Maybe there are groups of cats somewhere that might resemble the clans, but there is still way too much unrealistic stuff in the books (for example: medicine cats) so if there are “clans” in real life they’re not exactly what they’re described as in the books.

  • Great article! This really got me thinking! I think some cats might form groups similar to Clans, but a little different than described in the books. Great pictures too!

  • Cool… I just looked up the collective noun for wild cats, and it was a destruction! So you’d say: here comes a destruction of wild cats. Strange…

  • In the book “Me and My Cat Amazing and Endearing True Stories” there was a story about a person who was driving home from work on a dark winter’s night, and in the doorway of an abandoned house saw a circle of cats. The cats were all sitting facing inward towards the circle and didn’t appear to be making much noise. All the cats were sitting upright in exactly the same position and had their ears pointed forward as if their business was with each other. Maybe it was a real life clan meeting? If told from the cats perspective this would make a good fanfic on what these cats could have been doing if they were real warrior cats. 🐈🐈🐈

  • I think there is a chance the Warriors cats could be real. Maybe there really are Clans.

    Even if there’s not, it’s fun to imagine what it would be like!

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