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apprentices_sss_warrior_cats_style_by_annamon54-d6lk3peEveryone loves apprentices, don’t they?

Heyooo BlogClanners! This article will be about few fellow favorite apprentices / former apprentices of mine 🙂 And by former, I mean when the warriors were apprentices. Not counting when they were an adult, so lets start on the list! (You guys might be guessing what my number one of all is, probably obvious.)
One thing…
Spoiler Alert if read a small amount of books >:)



5. Squirrelpaw (Flight)

I just love eager apprentices! I think she was funny as an apprentice too! I’m not a fan of Squirrelflight , but I do love Squirrelpaw ! I loved her apprentice personality so much! She never annoyed me! unlikeivypoolshesoannoying Squirrelpaw would probably be my third favorite out of the questing cats group 🙂

4. Hollypaw (Leaf)

Of course, she was obsessed with the code, but for me, that is another reason why I love Hollypaw! She was being really obedient to the Warrior Code (also as a warrior), which means she was really loyal to the code. She might have been also avoiding chances of punishment from Firestar or StarClan firestarisn’tamarysuehearmeeee Still on today, Hollyleaf is on my top ten list, for her warrior and apprentice personality!

3. Leafpaw (Pool)

I still love her as a medicine cat, but also as an apprentice. She was so silent and obedient, hardly any or no trouble at all. She was always trying to help Squirrelflight – then Squirrelpaw when she disappeared. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Squirrelpaw managed to find or remember Burdock Root when Tawnypelt needed it. Leafpaw was a really awesome and wonderful medicine cat apprentice of ThunderClan! Right now, including herself as Leafpool , she is my third or second favorite medicine cat (Seriously, I can’t decide who is first between Moth and Cinder.)

Deadpaw (Foot)

I kinda dislike Heaterstar (I hadn’t really read all of Tallstar’s Revenge, I just took a sneak peak on a random page) because she renamed Hopkit to Deadpaw at the apprentice ceremony. But Deadpaw accepted it, he didn’t care about the name at all. He seems to be good-spirited! He definitely deserves to be in this list. Now to the honorable mentions and first place.


– Bluepaw (Fur / Star)
– Dovepaw (Wing)
– Cinderpaw (Pelt)
– Shrewpaw from TNP
– Lilypaw (Heart)
– Foxpaw (Leap)
(Quite a lot… 😛 )
Now to the number one!

1. Swiftpaw

He really deserves it. He died to get his warrior ceremony, because he had been an apprentice too long. He didn’t do it for no reason, so he attacked the dog so he could show Bluestar that he should be made into a warrior now, but he died and his partner, Brightpaw, had her eye scarred. I was sad for the rest of the day after reading his death… Don’t think I’ve done a ‘Saddest Death’ article, but he would be in that top ten list. Poor Swiftpaw… I really hope he has a warrior name now in StarClan. He even gave a life to Firestar… I’m always going to respect Swifty for his sacrifice to ThunderClan. I’d name him Swiftheart or Swiftspirit, after his courage and sacrifice.

I wonder if anyone had ever done a list of favorite apprentices…

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  • Quick note; yes, Squirrelpaw found burdock root in Midnight for Tawnypelt’s rat bite because the hyper connection between the sisters let Leafpaw send “Burdock root for rat bites!” to Squirrelpaw.

  • 5. Squirrelpaw – I liked her better as an apprentice, too! She is still one of my favorite characters, though.
    4. Hollypaw – I felt that I could really relate to her because I like to follow rules, too. She is one of my favorites!!
    3. Leafpaw – I don’t like Leafpool or Leafpaw all that much. I don’t like how she left her Clan and everything.
    2. Deadpaw – He was a good cat.
    1. Swiftpaw – He was okay. I felt he didn’t make a very good decision, and I didn’t see enough of him to really feel strongly one way or another.
    Bluepaw – One of my favorite cats!
    Dovepaw – She’s okay.
    Cinderpaw – She is my third favorite cat and I LOVED her as an apprentice and felt so bad for her when she had her accident!!
    Shrewpaw – I liked him okay, we just didn’t see him much.
    Lilypaw – I really like Lilypaw/Lilyheart!! She was a good mother and I love how she still was determined to become a good warrior, even after her sister, Seedpaw, died.
    Foxpaw – He’s okay. Don’t really have a big opinion on him.

    And…Ivypool is my second favorite character…

  • Yaas! I love Squirrelpaw (I loved her both as an apprentice and a warrior. She was also a great mother), Cinderpaw (she was so adorable as an apprentice), Deadpaw (great cat!), Hollypaw/leaf (best cat. Love her!), Seedpaw……all those apprentices 😁

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