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Wings of Fire characters and their warriors twin(sort of) by Streampaw

_unfinished__spottedleaf_by_rainingskittles013-d53qyf0Streampaw recognises old Warriors friends in WoF

HEY BLOGCLAN! this is my THIRD ARTICLE! WHOOP WHOOP! btw I made this because I was bored. IF you haven’t read Wins of Fire yet, Read it! It’s awesome! ok so let’s just get straight into this-

Clay- Graystripe/Bumblestripe/ Gray Wing( a bit) – their characters are very similiar, and all three of them love eating (not Gray Wing). they’re all loyal friends, and basically they’re very alike.

Tsunami- Squirrelflight/Tawnypelt- again, character similarity. I didn’t put Sandstorm here because I think she is more Glory- a touch more feisty and easier with toms. Tawnypelt just has that quirk and that spark like Tsunami has and ABSOLUTELY NO REFERENCE TO BEING A KID OF THEIR LEADER

Starflight- Gray Wing( a bit)/ Ravenpaw(after TPB)/ Crag(where eagles nest)- I have absolutely no idea why. I just think of them as very similiar characters.

Glory- Sandstorm/ Bluestar- again the character. no more needs to be said

Sunny- Spottedleaf- I had trouble finding a match for Sunny. I decided on Spottedleaf because they both love making friends etc and are both never wrong(sort of)

Fatespeaker- you guys choose. tell me in the comments

Queen Scarlet- Tigerstar- similiar backstory, etc. do you guys see the connection?

Morrowseer- Thistleclaw- I couldn’t really find anyone. if you guys have a better match

Darkstalker- Blackstar- good-bad-good(sort of)- bad similarity.

Moonwatcher- Turtle Tail/ mothflight/ Leafpool/ Bluestar(sort of)- again the character. while turtle tail doesn’t have powers, the others certainly do. Out of the three, Moon and Moth Flight are the most similiar to me.

Winter- Crowfeather. There’s no one else more like him.

Peril- Russetfur- I don’t know why, but I find these to just similiar.


Quibli- Oakheart- Mainly for the easiness with the girls. And the Character similarity. And…I dunno

Kestrel- mapleshade. they both did incredible things for their kits/dragonets. (kestrel burned her palms to save peril and mapleshade… well we know what she did)

Fathom- Gray Wing- they’re virtually twins. Plus I so ship Fathom x Indigo!

well that was harder than I expected. tell me what you think in the comments and if you have more matches tell me in the comments too! *Stream egg rolls off*

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  • Great! I think Fatespeaker is Icecloud or Squirrelflight. Icecloud because they both are friendly, bouncy and energetic but Squirrelflight because they’re mischievous, think they have “powers/chosen”, are ready to fight, and funny + energetic!
    Clay – Mudstripe – goldish ginger-brown coloured tom with amber eyes
    Glory – Rainstorm/star (or Gloryflower) – colourful tortoiseshell she-cat with bluish green eyes
    Starflight – Shadowsight (I know already a name but it’s so much like him!) – black tom with tiny white spots, green eyes, now blind.
    Tsunami – Riverclaw – greyish blue she-cat with blue eyes
    Sunny – Sunnyheart – bright but darkish yellow she-cat with lime-green eyes
    Great article! One of my favourites.

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