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Space-BlogClan-CatsRosefur gives welcoming advice to our newest members

Hello everybody! There are always so many new members joining the clan, and I thought, ‘Why not make an article to help them out?’ I know there’s the new member tab, but I’d like to go a little more in depth/explain it in my own words. So here it is!

COMMENTING AND LIVE CHAT – Commenting is when you leave a comment on one of BlogClan’s pages. Always make sure your comments are kind and constructive. Comments are moderated by our fantastic mods, which makes sure that we have a safe and supportive environment. Unfortunately, this also means it takes some time for our comments to be shown. Live Chat, on the other hand, is in real time. It’s similar to commenting, but your responses show up almost immediately. Live Chat can be opened and closed by one of BlogClan’s moderators.

BLOGCLAN TAVERN – The BlogClan Tavern is a place where you can chat with other Blogclanners, hang out, and get support from your fellow Blogclanners. You can meet new people, and discuss pretty much anything you want (that’s appropriate, of course) . I’ve been on for almost a year, and I’m still meeting new people! When the page becomes really flooded with comments, a new tavern will be made. 🙂

NAME THAT APPRENTICE – This is a game run by our wonderful moderator Flame where we get to name some apprentices. Flame will give us a list of apprentices needing names, and whoever comes up with the best warrior name wins that round. Note: This is NOT the place to post your own warrior names that do not fit the current theme. There is a tab below Feeling Creative? called Warrior Names where you can post your warrior names.

ALLEGIANCES – The allegiances is where you can have your fursona up with the other warriors of BlogClan. Jayfrost runs the allegiances and updates them once a month. Jayfrost works super hard, so let’s appreciate her efforts by not nagging her. Jayfrost has a very efficient system, and you can find the allegiances under the New Member tab.

Have a great time exploring BlogClan!

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