34fbe4c3abe95cea987bf71ca04b6c6fA fascinating Spanish perspective on Warriors

Hi!,I am CedarHeart and this is my first post,well since I am from Latin America,I have to read the spanish version of the books…(But I read the original version :v) But Rising Storm wasn’t in english so I have to read this one in spanish…So I analyse the two versions and I was really really mad with the spanish one so here are the problems with this version
First issue:
The Maps
Here is the Twoleg map in the spanish version
As you can see is poor compared with the original version,I was really disappointed with this map because the artwork is not good at all (It looks like my first grade of school map in my social studies book)
Second Issue:
The names
Well,everyone is used to the apprentices names (Bluepaw Firepaw etc) the suffix paw is added to the name.In the spanish version apprentices names like Ashfur is changed in a very very big way
(his name is Ceniciento just like Cinderella but in a male version imagine that you are a warrior and you have that name!) In my opinion this is a terrible name,and only a few apprentices have the suffix paw after their names,and this thing really confused me when I read Rising Storm beacause the names were really different.

Well I hope you have enjoy my first article. Sorry for my grammar mistakes
English isn’t my native lenguage
Bye bye!

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  • Speaking of different Warriors translations, the french title for the Warriors book series doesn’t actually translate to Warriors, it translates to ‘War of the Clans’ which I think is a nice alternative.

  • I agree,the Spanish warrior names are COMPLETELY different!my friend has some Spanish warriors books,and since I know Spanish,I’ve read a few pages.awesome article and great job on the English !😜

  • Also I noticed that the books aren’t called warriors they are called ” Los cuatro clanes” (I’m pretty sure)which means the four clans.I don’t think it should be called that though because there are five clans including SkyClan.

  • I agree, things can get lost in translation alot! They be good (see Briar’s example) or bad (see map example) Your english is good, by the way!

  • hi Chedarheart. I too have read the spanish versions of the books and most of the names were just one word unlike the original books!

  • ok, I have a few points to make
    1.thats the original map when the books where first printed, it’s similar and i personally prefer it, in the new one it can be hard to figure out what something is on there it is clearly labeled.
    2. thing soften get lost in translation, keep in mind,the erins aren’t writing this in spanish, it’s been translated, and things often get lost in translation
    3. If you order them online you would probably find it in english

  • I had the same issues!!! when I was first reading warriors, the only books I could find in english where 1,2 of the prophecies begin and 3,4,5,6 of the new prophecy. I read one in spanish and absolutely hate it. I ended up reading all the rest in my iPad because ordering online was really expensive. i imagine the troubles the translators would have had with these books because you just can’t name them like.. ashfur=cenisapelage or sandstorm=arenatormenta or fireheart= fuegocorazon because that sounds way to weird.

  • That map is the same as the US edition…..
    As for names,often it depends on the language and culture.Someone on Warriors fanfic wiki says that in one language a male leader has the suffix moon while a female leader has the suffix star,and apprentices dont end with paw and kits dont end with kit.Leafpool in that language would be Leaf,Leafy,Leafpool.How awkward for Bluestar!Bluey!
    And in that language,Spottedleaf is called Leafspot.It depends on translation.