What would have happened if Ivypool had Stayed in Darkforest? by Shadepaw (Shadefeather)


Shadepaw imagines a different future for Ivypool

Hi guys this is my very first article so it won’t be so good. I will be talking about an event that never happened but could have (my future articles will be like this too). So let’s get into it!!
First I will tell you the beginning:
When Dovepaw was showing Ivypaw her powers Ivypaw would refuse to listen and would leave Dovepaw alone. Dovepaw being the nice cat she is would feel awful about her sister. She would then become angry at Jayfeather and Lionblaze because she would believe that if she told Ivypaw from the start everything would be OK. Being her mentor Lionblaze would try to understand but it would be Jayfeather who sided with Dovewing. This would drive the 3 apart and weaken their powers. Having the opposite opinion to Dovepaw Lionblaze would train her harder than ever and push her to do things she is not ready for.

If Ivypool stayed in dark forest Flametail would have been killed under her claw so Jayfeather would never be able to get the clans to treat him as a medicine cat. Tigerheart (who saved Flametail in real Warriors) would have also been killed by Ivypool because he was in her way. This would cause Dovewing to block herself out of the world untill a certain Bumblestripe pulls her out of the hole she dug herself in. Ivypool would be accepted as a true Dark Forest warrior and get all the inside info but this time keeping it to herself.

The 3 would not have the inside info on the war so Lionblaze and Jayfeather would push Dovewing to get close to her sister again, of course Dovewing would get really mad. The 3 would not be able to prepare the clans to fight therefore the clans would lose many warriors. I don’t believe that they epwould devise their forces because they would be angry at each other because they wouldn’t know the strange scents were dark forest. Jayfeather wouldn’t figure out Firestar was the 4th and not forefill the prophocy the clans would be doomed. Lionblaze wouldn’t die in battle of course, he would die of worry of Cinderheart, Jayfeather would survive but only just and would have serious damage and Dovewing would have one last attempt to bring Ivypool back but she would fail. Ivypool would strike and that would be the moment Dovewing would know her sister wasn’t coming back. She was corrupted by the Dark Side!!!! Ma Ha Ha! Ivypool would then kill her own sister. Firestar and Brableclaw would die and many more warriors too. Squirrelflight would have to raise Sparkpaw and Alderpaw alone so they would never meet their farther.

After the battle the clans would rebuild but they would be weak and they would need to help each other to hunt and do patrols. Squirrelflight would be the new Thunderclan and she would choose Spiderleg as her deputy (maybe). In dark forest Ivypool would be mad that she can’t really be a true dark forest warrior so she would ask Hawkfrost to kill her. They would live together in dark forsest doing (??????) evil stuff? Yeah I know I ship Hawkpool!😝

So that is the end of this article how did you think I went. Give me advice please😆 I hope you all enjoyed even if you do not agree. If you don’t agree tell me what you think would happen! Untill next time Bye😆😉😆😉😉

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  • Wow. My brain hurts. Awesome article! It could go that way, but I see that variable going other ways too 🙂

    This is a good article 😉

      • Wow really? Hawkfrot actually loved Ivypool?! I never saw it liked that I thought it was Tigerheart who liked her for some point (I know he later ended up liking Dovewing but at first he liked Ivypool I’m pretty sure)!
        I don’t ship Ivypool with any one, but then again I haven’t read all the super editions or AVOS yet. waaaaaaa!!!!!

  • Oohhh nice article! Ivypools my cat, and if this happened, it would be very sad, and then no AVOS. That would suck. Anyways, love the article!

  • I don’t know, I think the way it originally went was better, mostly because not a lot of cats die in bloody murder. I don’t think Hawkfrost liked Ivypool like that, he just wanted to train her for the Dark Forest. I also don’t think that Spiderleg would succeed as Squirrelflight’s deputy, in mentioned in The Last Hope that he would soon be going to the Elder’s Den.

    SO DARK!