Reasons Why I Like Warrior; by Brightpaw

With spoilers included, Brightpaw takes us through why they like Warriors.

Hello, BlogClan! This is my first article, I hope you enjoy!

I will be stating reasons why I think many fans like warriors. There is no particular order.

why I like warriors

1: It is about cats!

Not many books are about cats. Especially not fighting, hunting, and border patrolling ones at least. This series gave many cat-lovers happy because they could give their cats Warrior names, and pretend to make their house a Clan territory. It gave everyone a reason to love their cat even more.

2: It is relatable!

Even though this series is about cats, we cat relate to the things they go through. When Greystripe left Firestar to be with Silverstream. They were still friends, but they both had that little voice in their head that wondered if the other was putting something else before their friendship. We’ve all had problems, personal or not, but so has the Clans. When Briarlight got crushed by the tree. Everyone babied her, but she knew she could fight it. She knew she didn’t need Millie doing everything for her. We can all relate to the Warrior cats.

3: It is funny!

It may be serious most of the time, but the Erins usually throw in some subtle jokes, and every one who spots them cracks a small smile. I can’t help but notice when some one trips on a border patrol or gets mouse bile all over their paws. Hey, it’s funny! So, thanks for the comedy.

4: It is intriguing!

I don’t know about everyone else, but I find it very interesting that the Clans have their own version of Heaven and Heck. I think it is very smart that the Erin’s added this into the story. I think it was a small detail at first, but then the idea came alive, and every one loved how it all came together in the end. It added a little *pop* to the plot, and it made everything a bit sweeter.

5: It grabs you!

At first, I thought ‘fighting cats? I’m never gonna get into this.’ But my viewpoint changed when I read it. I liked from the moment I started, and I became emotionally attached to the characters. I literally teared up when Feathertail died. I couldn’t stop reading the books, I was so in love with the characters.

I hope you liked this!

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  • I know
    My sister, my brother, and my cousins used to play Warriors.
    I was Oceanpaw of RiverClan
    My sister was Lightningpaw of WindClan
    My cousin was Guardkit (He was four at the time) of ShadowClan
    My other cousin was Gingerkit of ThunderClan
    My brother was Jaykit of WindClan

    • I played with my friends too!! And my sister!!! My sister and I used to have TONS of kits and my friends and I had apprentice and warrior ceremonies!! Actually, it was me and my friend who both love warriors and my other friend who had no idea it existed until I came along!!