The Most Developed Characters by Winterpaw

1e672f0b660834f2023a7cae7a5fff0cWho are Warriors’ most fully-rounded characters?

Ello. I’ll be explaining kinda which characters in the series, from any arc, were developed. Which means they had strong personalities, strengths and weaknesses, complex emotions and stood out from the others. These are just my opinions, tell me which ones you think are developed, or which you think are right, in the comments. Also, these are in no particular order, just separate cats that I feel are developed. Mk? Well, I might as well stop dragging this on and start.

Ivypool- Ivypool is strong. She is determined and sometimes confusing, she is brave. But most of all she has more layers deep down, which many characters don’t have. Some characters, I’ll use Oakheart, were just love-interests or one dimensional. To me, Oakheart was both of those, and was more of a plain, predictable character compared to his brother. He, along with other obscure characters, are just used for dialogues and continuing bloodlines, to be honest. Anyways. We see Ivypool struggle with being noticed or being in the shadow of her sister in the start, and then as she grows she becomes braver and more confident, and stops fighting with herself and struggling with how she feels and finally addresses things. And of course, her bravery stands out as she went into the most violent place in Warriors multiple times–the Dark Forest, of course. She was overall not your typical save-me-I’m-pretty-and-perfect type of cat. She had to find her place in the world, just like many of us.

Crookedstar- I just mentioned him below when comparing to Oakheart. Unlike his brother, Crookedstar isn’t loved and perfect. He started off that way, but then of course injuries made him reconsider. And he isn’t totally confused and lovable, either. For slightly selfish reasons, which we all have, he made a promise with Mapleshade. He wanted to change things too, and he was more complex than just a depressed and unhappy character. He wasn’t just one emotion all the time. As leader of RiverClan, his past experiences made him wary but also caring and good-hearted, unlike some characters like Firestar who was always “nice” and “helpful.” Crookedstar liked to protect others and keep his Clan safe, not just always evil, or always good, more of a mix. And I liked that. There were so many more experiences from his Super Edition and other books that I could use, and reason with, but I think that’s good for now.

Blackstar- Blackstar is here, of course, for being the redeemed villain. We all know he started off vicious and powerful, one of Tigerstar’s feared followers. But then, when Tigerstar’s brutal empire ended, Blackstar changed. He wasn’t pure villainous and evil, he actually turned into a cat who wanted a good Clan. He wanted to be a good leader, and in my opinion, was more smart than Firestar at times. While Firestar wanted to always risk cats and help others, Blackstar was smart to keep his Clan to themselves, and yet when times were super desperate and not just a little bad, he would get them to help. Whereas Firestar would go rushing at every little danger. Blackstar made more tactical moves and was overall not just cruel and unforgiving, but realistic and smart. *SPOILERS FOR BRAMBLESTAR’S STORM* When he died it was dramatic and sad, yet a good ending.

Dustpelt- Once again, we all know the start of Dustpelt. His development later on was similar to Blackstar, a major difference being he didn’t start of evil–just obnoxious and a bully. The major moment in the series where we see his development is where he falls in love with Ferncloud. There he becomes sweet and quiet and caring, and almost took a break from being a tough fighter. After he and Ferncloud became official, his personality only changed more. He was always loyal, which I respect, but then he became a fiercely kind loyal. He finally accepted Friestar, and instead of continuously rebelling against what he didn’t believe in, he joined it. Just like the saying: “If you can’t beat them, join them.” That sums up Dustpelt’s character, besides the multiple times of bravery and overall his *SPOILERS FOR BRAMBLESTAR’S STORM* completely brave and heartwarming death of him giving up his life for his one true, beloved Clan.

Clear Sky- Yes, in my opinion, this usually fan-hated character is the most developed character in the ENTIRE series. Throughout the entire DOTC arc, we see Clear Sky’s differing sides. He can be cocky and rude and controlling, and once he arrives at the new home he already establishes his character. Yet there is his hidden, but very realistic caring and insecure soul. This was first shown when Bright Stream (was that her name?) died, and he felt like something was lost. He wasn’t just controlling and that annoying brother, he was an actual cat with emotions. And in each book later on, we see him first grow as a villain and selfish leader. But then, what I realized, was that he was so fiercely and immensely loyal to those he trusted, that it almost became too much. It became so strong it turned him evil, and only love from others melted his heart of ice and showed his warm side, which I couldn’t have loved more. He eventually ended up a sweet cat after all those moons of ups and downs and problems. He had a mate he loved, two beautiful kits (Tiny Branch 🙁 ) and a powerful and strong Clan. The only error was in Mothflight’s Vision when he returned to being cruel, but that was just a mishap of that book being written before the finale, so we know his true form. The sad part is that he spent so much effort and time to put into his Clan, yet later on it only crumbled and became forgotten. At least he tried.

Well, that’s all. This was fun, something nice to write when I was bored. There ARE more cats I can think of with good development, maybe a future part 2? I don’t know. I also have very good ideas for the most UNdevloped characters, so that’s possible too. Until next time, have fun and hope you enjoyed. BYEBYE.


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  • Great article! I agree with Blackstar the most, I’ve always found him to be the most interesting character. In the end, he wasn’t good or bad – he seemed the most real to me. The most balanced cat.

  • Good article! I definitely agree with you about which characters are developed. I haven’t read DOTC, but from what you said, it sounds like Clearsky is one.

  • I can’t believe I found another fan of Clear Sky, oh wow!

    The thing I hated the most in Moth Flight’s Vision was how Clear Sky reverted to how he was at the beginning of DOTC, but maybe it was because of Grey Wing’s death.

  • This is such a great article! I like Crookedstar too, after reading Crookedstar’s Promise. I don’t think that Foxleap is as developed as his awesome sister, but that just might be my opinion.

  • I agree with ALL of these. Especially Clear Sky. He was a really developed character, and doesn’t deserve the hate that he gets, especially from people who don’t even try to back up their opinions.