Is Darkstripe Really That Bad? by Starstripe

Starstripe puzzles over the character of Darkstripe and what made him who he is.

This character has always puzzled me and I can’t help but feeling that there might be more to him than the books suggest. I shall be debating what made Darkstripe into… Darkstripe.


1: Darkstripe’s father died before Darkstripe was born and he never had a father figure in his life and when Tigerclaw came along I believe Darkstripe was so happy and looked up to him like a father. Who wouldn’t do the same. I believe Tigerclaw offered to help him and show him that he was better than what he was and never even needed a father! Darkstripe must have been so happy, feeling like he was wanted again, because his mother Willowpelt certainly didn’t show any love for him! There is evidence that Tigerclaw trained Darkstripe, who else would’ve made him who he was! But! Later on when he’s dead and is in the dark forest Tigerstar and all the other Dark Forest Warriors treat him really badly, Darkstripe by now must be feeling like he made a mistake, that he should’ve ignored Tigerstar. If he had, he could have kit’s, a mate (who? Maybe Goldenflower?) and a better life. A happy life.

2: Willowshine went on to have two other mates and kits with them too! In the books, Darkstripe has never seemed to like Graystripe, he treated him and Fireheart cruelly. As well as showing his hate for Sorreltail by almost killing her with deathberries. Well guess what they were his half-sister and half-brother! He must have taken it really badly! Maybe that was the reason for his unexplained anger towards the characters. His mother leaving him for another mate, leaving him without a father or a mother!

3: He never had a mate or kit, we have seen in the past how these things have changed annoying warriors, like Berrynose and Tigerstar (No offence Tigerstar and Berrynose enthusiasts!) maybe the treatment could’ve worked on Darkstripe, I think Darkstripe and Goldenfolwer would’ve made a perfect Combo and perfect kits! In my perfect world I can see them growing up to be amazing warriors. Go Goldenstipe (or Darkflower). I mean, Tigerstar wasn’t the best mate in the world was he?

Overall, let’s just say Darkstripe wanted a father. Tigerstar became that father, he tricked and manipulated him, and now Darkstripe is stuck in the Dark Forest with nobody to love him. I believe all Darkstripe wanted was love, and he never got it.

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  • Darkstripe tries to be hip and relatable with Tigerstar and the senior warriors in DF, but they always ignore him. The tipping point is when Darkstripe said somewhere in The Last Hope that “Ivypool tries too hard to please Tigerstar.” Are you kidding me Darkstripe? You’ve been doing that for the past 4 ARCS!

  • There’s a VERY good reason why he’s in the DF. He’s very twisted, and he tried to…. um…. force mate….with his apprentice, Fernpaw! Yes, that might have been encouraged by Tigerstar, but Darkstripe was still in control of his body! Thistleclaw had a good reason, also. I can’t find Spottedleaf’s Heart, but I watched Moonkitti’s video. I’m not angry at anyone, I’m just trying to correct some of you.

    • I think Darkstripe actually shouldn’t be in the Dark Forest, I mean, yes, there are things he did that were…. QUESTIONABLE… but he was honestly just trying to be like the cat he valued more than anyone. Also, if Fernpaw and Darkstripe HAD been mates, then at least it wouldn’t be INCEST.

      I really hate Ferncloud and Dustpelt. No offense, FYI.

  • I completely agree with you and I believe that Darkstripe would totally have a better life if he had not chosen to follow Tigerstar! (P.S. Darkflower is a better ship name in my opinion!🥰)

  • I was just reading about Darkstripe first meeting Tigerstar in the Dark Forest, and he sounded like he actually wanted to be in StarClan. So I looked up is darkstripe bad and this came up. Honestly, I feel like he could have possibly been a good guy. (But wasn’t)

  • I really hate Darkstripe he’s literally my least fav character and I still hate him but you have good points

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